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  1. No. Just the standard camper mirrors. My truck is a RST. Mark
  2. I just got my 20. The dealer changed the mirrors as part of the deal. They also had to change the harness and do a program. All features work. Mark
  3. Can't say the soot impresses me. Mark
  4. I like Seat Savers. Fit well, and on the truck since 09. 99.5k miles and are still looking decent. Mark
  5. I don't think the setup has changed from my 2000. The second battery is only being used when the truck is running. It is for high electrical loads like snow plowing. Any draw from the trailer with the key off, will come from the starting battery. Mark
  6. I didn't open the file, I probably found the same pieces in my truck. No idea where they came from but nothing seems broken or doesn't work. I'm not losing sleep over it. Mark
  7. If you stick to what you just discribed you'll be ok. Stay out of the mountains. You would be fine with an aftermarket brake control. You will likely be over your tow ratings. Now, look back to the 50s and 60s and see what people had to tow with. Then think how much better your truck is even with the 4.3. Mark
  8. I had an 89 and the abs module went bad. All that happened was the light came on and abs didn't work. Your problem is likely elsewhere. Mark
  9. What is currently in the truck? 4.10 is better for towing, 3.73 will give marginally better mileage. Mark
  10. I had mine done with Line-X when the bed was sprayed. The truck was displayed at the Cleveland Auto Show in 09. It had a real nasty scratch on the left rear sill. Mark
  11. It's a good place to start. Digging up 2 1/2 year old threads isn't. Mark
  12. No. You can see them the lower outside cab back on both sides. Mark
  13. Try NAPA, Correct fit and much cheaper than oem. Mark
  14. Those vents are how I ran my air lines to the bags. Mark
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