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  1. Yes I believe it is. But you don't get as much detail as far as I've seen. Carfax for instance - just a "service record." Now had GM declared it was a lemonThere are legal ramifications of "declaring" the truck a lemon. It actually gets a branded title or salvage title or something like that (according to my lawyer.) But in general no. They certainly would never see all the detailed information I've posted here/Facebook. Reason 5,385 why I personally will never buy a used vehicle.
  2. Hmmm. Good question. Not that I know.........but I also never specifically asked that question. I doubt it thought. The attorney said that in general this was a "We did nothing wrong, it costs us more to fight it than to pay you, take some money and go away, we-could-care-less" type deal. I'm thinking I don't have to disclose it at all. Another thing the attorney said was that was one of the major points of this contract - GM admits no fault nor do they "admit the truck is a lemon" legally. So I guess if I think about it logically - why would I have to disclose anything? There was no "legal branding" of the title as a lemon........again, I'll have to ask my lawyer specifically.
  3. LOL. Lord I hope not. No, according to my lawyer it means that since one of the problems on my truck was brake issues - if one day I push the brake pedal and it goes to the floor, and my truck runs over a 3 year old, crashes into a pole and kills my kid in the back seat - tough sh*t for me. He says auto manufacturers use this "settlement opportunity" to cover their asses for life.....
  4. Here's the contract........ Again sorry for yelling at you hihosilverado.
  5. My apologies then. I'm sorry I shouldn't have jumped at you. I'm not in the best of moods after going through all this. You did scare me however.....lol. I went back through and re-read it. No non-disclosure.
  6. Yes cause you are the internet lawyer warrior who knows everything. I call "your a d**k" on your call of "BS". I don't F**king lie. Send me a PM and I'll send you a contract.....Better yet - give me 10 minutes to blank out your info and I'll post the contract so the whole board can see how much of an ass you are.......
  7. Hydro lock has been covered by my insurance company before (Geico.) Just tell them you drove through a puddle and not that you were "driving in the rain." The reason the dealer is telling you no is because they don't believe you - they think you took a TrailBoss for a swim in a local river. Lawyer up.
  8. I was waiting for someone to post this.......Isn't that hilarious. Yep I'm surprised too. (I'm actually not.) They could give a F**K less. They literally print money with these trucks hand over fist. Yeah my lawyer couldn't believe there was no non-disclosure requirement. All they cared about was "NO FAULT." Shows you what they really give a f**k about..........
  9. Well said. Well said. I am a hardcore GM guy. Like I said - I know all auto makers have problems. My coworkers have brand new $80,000 Raptors with engine oil leaks. The problem is when they rake you over the coals and make you go through what I had to go through just to be made whole.
  10. LOL. A 2020 or 2021 2500 Silverado. With any luck I'll be able to lemon that one too (they are still leaking and still documented cases on 2500's with build dates as late as 9/20.)
  11. Howdy fellow leakers!! Long time no talk! I last posted waaaaaaaay back on page 122 of this post. When I started posting this thread was on like page 80....wow just wow. Anyway, thought I would drop buy to deliver the news that my nightmare has finally been "compensated." After 483 leaks (joking - I think I'm on like 6 leaks), 14 windows (another joke - this is window number 4), 2 headliners, 3 replacement C pillars from drunk service techs, dented roof from them layin their tools on the roof, black tar sealant all over my Silver Ice Metallic truck, overhead consoles falling out, DIC failures, brake failure, SD card failure, radio freak outs, 90+ days in the shop, more miles on my rental than my own truck, and a partridge in a pear tree........GM is settling with me for $15,000. I get to keep the truck, it does not get "branded" as a lemon. GM admits no fault whatsoever, and the balance of my warranty is still in effect (2 years and 24,000 some miles left.) Only took 1 entire year. They finally called my lawyer to settle the day after they were served with a court date (which took almost 4 months.) One of the funniest parts of the settlement agreement is "GM admits no fault or wrongdoing WHATSOEVER." I can't even believe how disappointed I am with GM. I understand all man-made things are infallible. I understand all auto makers have problems with all cars. But to go out of their way to act like nothing is wrong???? Unreal. I especially love how the truck is "not branded as a lemon." As many of you can guess - as soon as I get the check I'll be trading this in and collecting my profit. Can you imagine the poor bastard that buys this thing? Keep that in mind next time your on the used car lot.........
  12. Sam, i messaged you earlier, but will try again.  i have a 2019 RST. I installed the towing mirrors and the harnesses.  i took the truck to the local dealer and they said that gm wouldn't flash the BCM because the mirrors aren't supported for the 2019 model year. I'm interested in how you wired yours in to make the lights work.  I would appreciate it if you could get back to me.




    [email protected]

    1. SamDSJR


      Carl, I am so sorry for the delay. Please feel free to call or text me and I will help you out.....443-299-9598.

  13. You’re welcome. If the dealer is installing and flashing for $160 - yes that’s worth every penny. And yes - getting the harness makes the lights work. If $160 is only the parts and no labor or flashing - then no. However doing it yourself is a good 6 hour wiring project. But on the plus side doing it yourself you don’t have to flash the BCM.
  14. Correct. If you have a 2020 LT Trail Boss the power adjust and heat will work out of the box. Plug and play.
  15. Hey Paul. Welcome to the forum. You have quite a job ahead of you my friend. Yes, that nipple is exactly what you need to cut off to get the wire through. Are you sure you need that jumper wire? Most people I've helped don't really need that circuit ran. PM me and I will give you my phone number and I'll help walk you through it and send you pics to help you out.
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