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  1. Hey Paul. Welcome to the forum. You have quite a job ahead of you my friend. Yes, that nipple is exactly what you need to cut off to get the wire through. Are you sure you need that jumper wire? Most people I've helped don't really need that circuit ran. PM me and I will give you my phone number and I'll help walk you through it and send you pics to help you out.
  2. Correct. You would have to buy tow mirrors from a 2020 HC 1500 (order them from the parts department.) Higher end tow mirrors with cams & blindspot warnings are not available on the accessory site.
  3. Yes. I did get them working 100%. I posted in detail on the Facebook Group 2019+ Silverado/Sierra & 2020 HD Trucks. Here's the overview: Here’s the circuits you have to tap into: X4 pin 3 - right turn signal X5 pin 2 - left turn signal X7 pin 4 - cargo lamp LED’s X4 pin 13 - running/clearance lamp PM me and I will send you all the pics and procedures in detail.
  4. Negative. I do not. I never even seriously inquired. Only asked the parts guy as I don't have a top tier trim model. I'll do what I can to help you find them though.
  5. Yes. I have. Working on it today and I have the accessory tow mirrors fully functional on a 2019 model no less. Now remember, there are different levels of tow mirrors. The ones that are purchased on the accessory site are basic. They include rear facing LED courtesy lights, parking lamps, turn signals, heat, and power adjust. They DO NOT have 360 cam's, power fold, power extend, etc. You CAN get those. But they are on backorder. You'd have to order from parts department.
  6. You have a lot of work ahead of you my friend. I just got done this project. Have fun removing that UEC (underhood electrical connector.) The instructions don't give you half the info you need to take that thing apart. Regarding your missing wire - it was supposed to come in the kit. I have one. I didn't need mine as I already had the wire from the BCM to the UEC. Don't waste your money on the tool. Two safety pins work fine. Hit me up in a PM and I will give you my cell and walk you through any help you need.
  7. Yeah they forgot to program them. When they bought the mirrors for you a code number came in the box on a sheet of paper. They have to use that to call GM and get the mirrors programed too. And as others have said you need harnesses too to make them work.
  8. So I wanted to update my original post, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Anyway, after much research and with help and collaboration from TNT799 - We have figured out how to get the 2020 Tow Mirrors fully functional on a 2019. It's actually kinda simple, you just need to tap into the following wires on the BCM and, run them to the mirrors and tap into the corresponding wires in the mirrors: X7 - PIN 4 - Cargo Lamp Switch Control X4 - PIN 3 - Right Turn Signal X5 - PIN 2- Left Turn Signal X4 Pin 13 - Running Lights I have tested and confirmed this in "spaghetti mode" on my truck. However I don't have it hard-installed. I'm going to be working on that this weekend. When I'm done I'll post pictures as well as the color codes of the wires inside the tow mirrors. I just wanted to get the info out to those of you who have been wanting the tow mirrors to function on your 2019. I have these 100% working and functional now.. I've posted in detail on the Facebook 2019-2020 Silverado's group. I'll be updating the full walk through here soon. Here's my original post on the tow mirrors:
  9. I feel your pain. When I got mine back after two months they didn't mount the roof console all the way, the sun visor was hanging off, C pillar trim scratched, and the seat belts on backwards.
  10. Also I've seen someone post their dealer swapped a pair out for them with another truck off the lot. See what your guy says.
  11. No worries. Figured as much. Yeah you are going to pay out the rear for standard mirrors with those features. Try car-part.com or junk yards for a wrecked high-end truck.
  12. I have a set of regular mirrors I would trade you for. I have them extra too, so I can ship to you before you have to take off yours. Not sure you would want them. Manual fold, power adjust, chrome capped, heated.
  13. I did. He said all I would do is make him rich, we would get nothing. And what we would get we wouldn't see for 10 years.
  14. For all you guys that have been posting recently (after page 80 or so....) Can you all post your build dates and model years as well? I (and my lawyer) who monitors this page would like to keep track of how bad the problem is (is it continuing into the 2020 model year.) I think it will help us all eventually. I know some people have said they have a 2020 leaking, and I know there's even a couple 2500 2020's leaking too.
  15. Oh and by the way - pretty funny, last time I was on this thread two weeks ago or so it was only on page 103. Crazy....
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