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  1. You’re welcome. onthereel has a good point though. You’re screwed either way though. Personally you know you’ll do a better job than they will. But at the same time....dealer giving you crap.....sucks coming and going. I guess I wouldn’t either. I mean - it does suck your dealing with this too. But at the same time - free miles on the rental. Me and my rental have been playing avoid the pavement for a while now.....;) And slowly building your case to a new truck the way delays are going with parts (headliner, window.)
  2. Mine called me today. She just now has "all the information gathered" for my case. She said I can expect to hear back from her on Tuesday. Little does she know they will be served on Tuesday from my lawyer.
  3. DUDE!!!! What the flying heck! It took me like 5 minutes to realize I was looking at OUTSIDE pictures of your truck. I almost died. ABSOLUTELY F**KING NOT. Take that crap back yesterday. They destroyed your paint. If they give you crap - just tell them what I told them about my caulk job that looks like an 8 year old fixed it - "Ok, so you are saying this is an acceptable repair job and I have been made "whole?" Alright then, so you are ok with me walking down to the lot and doing this to all your unsold trucks?"
  4. Yes. Most leaks form from cracks in the plastic housing that allows the sliding window to move side to side. The cracks happen at the extreme ends of the truck. You'll see people posting and they have leaks in the upper left or right pillar. Now, there are some solid windows leaking. But in almost every case I know of - the leak in that case is what is considered a more "normal" instance of the urethane failing (same rate as every and any other vehicle.)
  5. Here you go. Scroll down on the TSB, you'll see the crack in the frame: https://static.oemdtc.com/TSB/MC-10156903-9999.pdf
  6. Supposed to hear back from GM Customer Care Friday. They are just starting the process of gathering info and seeing what they can do about my unacceptable repair. They seem to be taking their time. Tuesday is 30 days, and I'll be calling my lawyer first thing in the AM. Interesting bit of info - so my dealer acts like "We want to help you, but we can only do what GM says they will pay us for. We agree - this is a shit repair job, but it's not us. It's GM. If they won't pay, we can't do it." So the GM Customer Care girl said one of the things she was doing was "Gathering the info, and talking to the dealer to try and get them to fix it how I want it fixed." So of course I told her they said they are waiting for you to say they can fix it how I want it fixed! LMFAO. Have to laugh so I don't cry.
  7. Good to know. Well then I would say it might not be a perfect match. I'm betting the best case scenario would be the surround vision "looks different" than it did - and worst case it doesn't work.
  8. That's a good point. I didn't think about the camera height. But I actually thought they (the camera lens) are at the same height on both mirrors, mounted on the actual mount of the mirror, and not the arm??
  9. Yes - your swap situation should work. Both trucks are top-tier trucks with all the features on both mirrors (minus the LED lights which regular mirrors don't have.) So all the circuits are going to be there. I would suggest each of you take pictures of the pins in your mirrors when you remove them, to make sure they match up - minus one for the LED backup circuit.
  10. My dealer told me I was "freaking out over nothing" and that "GM uses super duper high-tech materials that are impossible to grow mold."
  11. I did that. Did it on their big Yukon announcement. They could care less.
  12. No worries. I know I'm dying. Don't worry. I literally check and call around daily. As soon as I have it done I will post for sure.
  13. I've called everywhere. Still not in stock. I found one place in Florida that had one of the two harnesses, but only because GM has sent it to them to replace a defective one for someone who owned a 2020. Sigh.....
  14. I think your problems are "demo" related. "Demo" means "Dealer Loaner." Why just this very morning I drove my loaner through a field at 50mph in the snow for funsies.
  15. So we got our first rain since my "fix" and sure enough she's leaking. In for the second repair she shall go tomorrow.
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