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  1. Man this sucks, my 2020 TB also got hydrolocked. I have been fighting with GM for a month now, i got the insurance involved and will be seeking legal help if GM does not step to the plate. I hit a puddle that was literally 3" and hydrolocked my engine, bent a rod and cracked the block. Now GM is saying its my fault for driving in the rain, sounds crazy but true! Here is my email so we can exchange info if you'd like. [email protected]
  2. So GM finally got back to me yesterday after a month of nothing, not even a peep! They are going to “re-open” my case and see if they can get it right this time. I filed a claim through the BBB and that kind of lot a fire I believe but who knows. The point is I have filed a claim through my insurance and am waiting on approval because the cost is 13k to get a new engine. My truck had 9k miles and I had it only 9 months when this happened. What state do U live in? I’m in California (unfortunately)...
  3. I agree with most of what your saying, there was literally 3”-4” max of water at the time this happened. I took it to a second dealer for a “2nd opinion” and they agree with me that this seems to be an issue with the vehicle. Obviously no water damage in the sense that I was in 4’ of or anything close to that. Actually just got a follow up call from GM yesterday that they will revisit this case and is now working with the new dealer I have the truck at. I have filed a claim through the BBB so I’m sure that lit the fire too. I also ha e a claim through my insurance but because it’s costing 13k for the repair they have to get “approval” from a senior advisor so there is some delay. Either way I have had now 3 brand new Silverado’s in the past 11 years and never had an issue with anyone of them until now. I always had the 2wd trucks and the first “off-road” truck does this I’m 3” of water? Seems crazy!
  4. Yeah I can’t understand how this happened either. I got my insurance involved but will still keep trying to get a hold of GM. Sounds crazy
  5. For sure, I just had it towed to another dealer yesterday because the last dealer was useless. I’ll give it a day or 2 max to see what the response is here. This mew spot seems like they have it together but who knows.
  6. Hahaha, the problem is GM isn’t responding and they’re in Detroit. I’m in California (unfortunately) but I agree this is some BS.
  7. My question from day 1. How could this happen and no one at the dealer or GM has given me a definitive answer. New motor cost about 10k out the door they can simply replace this at cost and cut that down to half but they refuse to help in any way. Well they haven’t refused they just don’t respond to me
  8. Not sure the dealer has gone through it so I’m sure everything is loose now
  9. I have filed a claim with my insurance. Especially because GM has not got back to me with any definitive answer on anything.
  10. I did have the oil changed maybe 2 weeks prior to this. So the dealer original assumption was that this was under water from the amount of water. I literally was in 3” of water
  11. That’s a good idea either way to have, will be looking into that. Thanks
  12. I haven’t called just yet, that is my last option I will take. I want to see what they tell me, I’m staying optimistic I guess
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