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  1. I have the Carhartt seat covers through Covercraft, with the heated cloth seats. In my experience they still heat up just fine; it is possible it is slowed down slightly but not that I have noticed as the full effect is the same.
  2. I think I can feel it in the brake pedal when it creaks/rubs, I assumed it has to do with where everything comes through the firewall. Hopefully I won't need an entire new column like yours.
  3. Same issue here, first trip in (for an unrelated service) the dealership couldn't replicate the noise, according to them. It seems to be loudest when the truck is first driven and then less noticeable later on. It has increased lately so I will be taking it back in for them to have a second shot at finding the source of the noise. I am sure it is something simple, but I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the steering on a brand new truck to be as quiet as my 19 year old truck. Anyone else experience the noise and trace it to the steering boot or something else?
  4. As long as you are under there, might as well drop the spare tire down and grease up the pulley and mechanism so it works when you need it to.
  5. Similar issue. Installed the Range 005 on my 2020 Sierra 5.3 8 speed right after purchase. It surges at low speed with constant light throttle pressure, anywhere from 20-40mph when just cruising around town. It is usually subtle but often enough to sway my head forward and backwards as the RPMs jump around. Removed the Range device this week and it seems to have stopped. I'm going to drive it for a week or two and then re-install to make sure, but it is very disappointing to spend that much money and have it so degrade the driveability of the truck.
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