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  1. As a side note, it is one of my pet peeves when I get my tires rotated and the shop doesn’t relearn the sensors. I’m guessing it saves them some time not to do it and most people will never notice but it really ticks me off and I always notice it because I keep my tire pressure pretty tight to the recommended levels and weather changes will have me adjusting the air in my tires. Now, when I get my tires rotated, I make them aware I’ll be checking it. At first, I just stopped going to those places, but I ran out of shops to get the work done.
  2. I use this cross reference. https://www.oilfilter-crossreference.com Put in a filter that works for the CR-V and see if the PF66 cross references to it.
  3. I change mine every year. I buy a cheap off brand and usually get one with charcoal. Not sure it does much good, but it’s easy enough to change out so I do it.
  4. Just a thought, but I think that with all the heating and venting going on with these seats they just can’t put the cushion in them that they used to. Still, it sucks that these seats are not comfortable. My ‘21 Denali seats are not as comfortable as my ‘18 Silverado. Worse, I just bought a ‘23 Cadillac XT5 and took it on a trip and both my and my wife were complaining about how uncomfortable the seats are. The XT5 is meant to be our road vehicle so that really sucks. Thankfully for our day to day driving neither vehicle is bad, but I don’t see us having any choice but to buy a cushion for road trips in the XT5. I come from a GM family and haven’t (and won’t) own any other brand but I wonder if this is typical from all manufacturers or just GM saving a few cents on foam.
  5. That’s why it’s good to know and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Not the same as what the dealer might recommend. The maintenance schedule may be a starting point for many car/truck enthusiasts, but it will go a long way to keeping your vehicle running well and to get to the 100K mile range the OP is looking for.
  6. I don’t think maintaining a vehicle at the manufacturer recommend level is dumping junk on the unsuspecting and any purchaser would have access to any maintenance records to validate the treatment of the vehicle. If that’s a moral judgement, it’s a positive moral position.
  7. Nothing moral about my response. If you want 100K from a truck, using the oil monitor will get you there.
  8. You said you’re only planning on keeping it until 100K miles. In that case, I would change oil based on the oil monitor in the truck. You’ll get 100K out of it with no problem. If you wanted to do a little better than that, I’d go with the every 5K mikes like you’re used to doing. That’s what I do. I find it easy to remember to do it every 5K and I find that I’m usually between 20% and 30% life lift per the monitor - so I’m a little on the conservative side.
  9. I’ve never used my truck for gravel/dirt, etc. but when I do, I will go to Harbor Freight and get a tarp. I have a spray in bed liner but I put a BedRug over that. However, I don’t have the full liner, just the flat bed cover so anything could/would end up in the tailgate. That would drive me nuts. I’d probably get a big movers blanket too just to lay down before the tarp to be double sure.
  10. How do you have them set so you can see your rear tires?
  11. Yeah, I was hoping it would let me see my tires for parking assistance but they do not help with that. Maybe if I point my mirrors down but I haven’t tried that yet. I was hoping the mirror alone would take care of it.
  12. I bought and received a pair. I used some double sided tape on the passenger side mirror to install one of the mirrors temporarily until I could see if I liked it. It has a good fit. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks but for me it’s taking some getting used to. It does not block the blind spot indicator light so typically, that light is on when I’m looking at the blind spot mirror. I kind of have to train myself to trust the mirror and ignore the light. I’m pretty sure I’ll do the more permanent install on the passenger side. Then I’ll try out the driver side. I don’t think that one will be worth installing but we’ll see. Overall, I think it’s a well made product for a fair price.
  13. I did visit and I went ahead a purchased. Thanks for the referral.
  14. Following as this is something I’ve thought of doing also. One thing to add to the list of questions, would the fact that the mirrors are heated affect anything in terms of sticking on a third party mirror?
  15. Excuse the dirt. I’ve not done my spring cleanup yet. However, this is the GM mat on my ‘21 Denali. In my experience, the fit is better than the WeatherTech. Though, my WeatherTechs were in a different vehicle. Also, the GM material is softer that the WeatherTech material. There is a small amount of scuffing in the left where it it rises up from the floor, but it’s not digging in or scratching the surface. I had an Equinox with WeatherTechs and just traded it in on an a XT5. It didn’t come with factory all weather mats like the Denali did. I went ahead and bought the GM mats from Cadillac and am very happy with them.
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