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  1. Not sure if this is exactly the issue I had, but I wanted the radio to stay on longer, without cutting off every 10 min. The answer given was to hold the start button (without foot on brake) until the green light comes on. Seems to work.
  2. Having a 21, I sure hope so, but I keep checking this thread anytime there’s a new post. I think I’m pretty well prepared if a leak does happen thanks to all the input here.
  3. Thanks. Yeah, I was just hoping someone might have heard that before and just know “hey, that’s the thing a ma bob - don’t worry about it.” I’m pretty sure that it’s not internal to the engine do to the timing but can’t seem to isolate it. Oh well.
  4. Mine definitely starts off way high and it does come closer after I get moving, but it still reads high compared to the weather app on my phone. Not a big deal until winter. We'll see how it does when it gets closer to freezing since that's about the only time I really care that the truck temp is accurate. I've only had mine since March so I haven't had to deal with icing roads yet.
  5. Wondering if this knocking sound is identifiable through a video. This is a 6cyl in a 2017 Equinox. The sound seems only to be there when the engine first starts. After a short trip, there is no longer a sound that I can hear. Thanks.
  6. I put it in 2WD today and it did feel a bit lighter for steering. Hard to explain, but it does seem different. I’ll leave it there until winter.
  7. Is there really any difference in driving in 2WD versus Auto as long as I’m driving on dry pavement? I’ve always driven in Auto mode, but to be honest, I don’t really understand what it does. I understand the other modes. Reason I’m asking about Auto, beyond just understanding it, is that I’m wondering if I’ll get better gas mileage in 2WD versus Auto - again, on dry pavement. Thanks.
  8. Couple questions for those who have covers. I have leather seats and appreciate the ability to slide into my seat rather easy (as opposed to cloth seats). Do any seat covers come close to having that ability? I don’t want to adjust myself or the seat covers every time I get in the truck. Also, one thing I can’t stand with cloth seats is getting a static shock when I get out of the truck. Do any of you notice this with the seat covers? I do like the idea of the CalTrend as they are made in the USA.
  9. Actually, I like it a lot. I drove for a ten hour trip and probably only had my foot on the gas for a couple hours, if that. It made the trip a lot less stressful. I’ve driven the trip many times and I’m sure I could feel the difference using the adaptive cruise control.
  10. Typical update. Since updating I’ve had two instances where Apple Play doesn’t work correctly. Had to use my phone to get Waze to work. After putting in a location, it has locked up. Needed to use phone to get out of Waze and back in to get it to work. Ugh.
  11. Figured out the update and went ahead and installed it. Now I have version V155.3.8.
  12. I have no idea how to verify my version. The build date of my Sierra is 3/1/2021.
  13. I got a message today on my info screen that the truck has an update. I’ve never had this before. Is this common? Are there any pitfalls I need to be aware of? I’m just thinking how often updating my phone or computer causes problems that I really don’t want to deal with. I really don’t want to deal with it with my main mode of transportation.
  14. As a few others have said, nice, but nothing that would make me want to trade my 21 in for and nothing that makes me wish I would have waited. Also, the shifter looks cool, but as far as I can see, it took the place of the driver’s cup holder. Not worth it.
  15. Got my faraday pouches today from Amazon. Maybe not even worth the $15 I spent for two pouches, but at least it’s one less opportunity for an easy grab. May look into a kill switch if I can find someone that knows what they’re doing. I’d be a little worried about it voiding my warranty. But I think a kill switch is more likely to stop the average thief. I did put my remote in the pouch and tested it. I could not unlock my doors with the fob in the pouch.
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