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  1. I know - Right? I'm so happy with the size of the iPhone 12 mini. I was going to get an SE and I'm sure I would have been happy with that too, but went for the 12 mini and very satisfied.
  2. You can rent an ozone generator. Careful, they can be harmful to people if used incorrectly, though I doubt it would happen in this case. In a home, you can’t be in the room when running one. You could also try charcoal. They sell bags of it specifically meant for oder control for things like cars and closets . . . One time we spilled milk in our van. Nasty. After our attempts failed, we took it to a detailer. His attempts failed too. Finally, the thing that worked was to seal the smell in. He used a Scotch Guard type of product that is meant to seal carpet from stains. Well it basically worked in reverse too by sealing in the smell. Good luck. Hopefully you won’t have to replace the carpet. You won’t have to replace the truck - unless you want to
  3. Well I got my phone yesterday and all went well. Took a small trip using Waze, listen to Pandora and made a call. No apparent glitches. Very happy with that. Thanks all.
  4. Never thought of that. Is it possible to add aftermarket sound deadening material to the Silverado? I would like that a lot! As for tires, I never go off road and run pretty smooth stock tires. I'm sure they make a difference but probably not the main noise I'm hearing. When I replace the tires, I'll make sure to get a tire that is made to be quiet. I'm sure some all season Michelins could run a bit quieter.
  5. Resurrecting an old thread. Turns out that this year I had the bug fluid in the reservoir and winter came along. It didn't freeze hard, but it was freezing and came out like a slush from 7-11. Well, between the time I posted this question and today, I had bought a small battery operated pump to water my plants with a drip tube system. So today, it was warm enough and I took that pump and some tubing and emptied the reservoir. Worked very well. Interesting how deep the reservoir is. Took a couple feet of tubing to get in there and pump it out. The pump allowed me to keep the left over bug fluid, however, there really wasn't much left so that really didn't benefit me. I made myself a note to change out the fluid in my fall cleanup checklist.
  6. That makes sense. I appreciate the input. I once upgraded my phone and lost the ability to use it in my car (bluethooth issue) for over 6 months. Of course GM and Apple both thought it was the other's fault. It took an update or two and it finally worked. So, I'm a little gun shy. Thanks everyone.
  7. Great. Thanks! I just ordered the 12 mini.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to drive both a Silverado and Sierra that could comment on the difference in the sound proofing in the Sierra versus the Silverado. I used to drive Buicks when I was working. They were very quiet. Then I got an Impala and it was significantly more noisy. Now I have a truck and find that the noise level is pretty bad and I'm wondering if I got a Sierra in the future would there be a noticeable difference in the cabin noise. Or, is the real difference in the trim levels. For example, would I have a quieter cabin if I'd have gotten a LTZ Silverado? Similarly, would I have to get the highest package on the Sierra (Denali?) in order to get a quiet cabin? Basically, I need to know how best to get a quiet cabin. Not just a little better than a base Silverado, but a truly quiet cabin.
  9. Does anyone have a iPhone 12 yet? I'm thinking about buying a iPhone 12 mini, but I really don't want to deal with it not working with Apple Play. I have an iPhone 11 now and it works great with Apple Play - especially the way it connects Waze to my infotainment screen. If I lose that, I'd be pretty upset. I know it's a long shot, but can anyone confirm that the iPhone 12 (in particular the iPhone 12 mini) works fine with Apple Play in a 2018 Silverado? Thanks
  10. Well I installed the LED backup bulbs today and tested them out tonight. I’m sure they’re not as nice as having the bumper mod lights, but the LED’s are a vast improvement over the stock bulbs. Not sure whether it will be worth it to do the modification given how much better I can see (through the backup camera) than with the stock lights. Very happy with the light output. Of course installing the new bulbs caused a problem (broke one of the posts that hold the light assembly to the truck. But, that’s another thread. The LED’s are nice.
  11. It will have to be flopping in the wind before I spend $280 on it. Maybe I can glue it. I know that won’t be a permanent fix, but maybe good enough until the next time I have to remove it to replace a bulb.
  12. So, no good idea goes unpunished. I thought I'd be better off putting some LED's in my backup lights. In doing so, I broke the post off of the lens where it anchors into the body. Hard to understand why something like that isn't more sturdy, but I guess that's what our "save 2 cents on every part" mentality gets us. It wouldn't pull out and I must have put just enough side pressure on it to crack it. Now I have to decide whether or not to replace it or just live with it. It does seem to be snug enough that it should be okay, but I'll be keeping an eye on it and looking out for a deal on a replacement. Maybe I can find someone local that replaced their lens and wants to get rid of the old ones. Ugg. $10 project turns into $100 - $200 project.
  13. Living in the rust belt, I guess no rust to me is that no rust appears through the paint. If there’s a chip in the paint, sure, there may be some isolated rust on the surface, but unless there is some rust or bubbling up underneath the paint surface, I would characterize my truck as no rust. I’m not sure why you think a 5 year old truck, even in the rust belt wouldn’t have no rust. I think the warranty is 6 years. Either way, sure, it’s starting in areas you can’t see, but unless it’s come through, I would say “my truck has no rust”.
  14. This is a great thread. Thanks for the information. I order the LED bulbs for the backup lights and will swap them out as soon as they arrive. I’m probably going to spring for the Rigid lights in the step, but went to Amazon and they’re $144. Should have got in on them when they were first posted. They were running $123 then and some deals were still to be found. If anyone who originally did this modification is still around, it would be great to get an update on your satisfaction with the mod and how the Rigids are holding up.
  15. Well I put the wipers on and as indicated, they didn't fit too well. Well, they operate even worse. Piece of crap. Not even wiping the entire windshield. Skipping a large part on the passenger side. They're going to be returned tomorrow. I'll try the Trico. I'd go with the OEM's, but they're just too expensive for a wiper. They list for about $35 each. I can find them on line for about half that, but then they hit you with stupid crazy shipping cost. I'll get the Trico's for now at NAPA with my refund and work on a source for getting the OEM's at a better price. It's a bit of OCD that I'm sure is shared by many here, but I can't stand a wiper that doesn't get the entire windshield. Though that usually only happens in the winter with freezing issues, not right out of the box on a 70 degree day. Regarding OEM parts. Once I ordered a part on line (for my Impala) and realized it was coming from a dealer very close to me. I called them and asked if they'd give me the online price. No, not as a walk in. However, they did let me order online and use the option to pick up instead of having them shipped. Worked like a charm. I'll have to see if I can get something like that again. ETA: At least NAPA took back the exact fit wipers with no issues. I did get the Trico wipers ($5 more for the pair) and they seem to work very well.
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