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  1. Agree 100%. That’s the first thing I looked for when I saw the new screen.
  2. Yes. Just happened that way after the install of the new iOS.
  3. I don’t have an under seat box and my seat goes all the way down, but when it’s down, it rattles. If I lift it up, no rattle. I’m going to try this. Any additional information on how to get the trim piece off would be appreciated. I always struggle with those things. Never sure how hard to pull and am afraid I’ll break something. Thanks!
  4. I’ve had this happen twice. I don’t recall the sequence so I don’t know if it was tied to the AC, but no sound. When you hit the volume, no indicator (like the one over the steering wheel). Same thing, only fix was to shut off the truck and open the door. Basically a reset of the system. Though, last time that didn’t even work. It didn’t come back on until I got out of the car and left it off for awhile (ran into the store), then it came back on.
  5. The problem is that we drive a truck. When I drove a car (most of my life), I did not notice all the people on their phones like I do now that I drive a truck. I just really wish for one thing. When you’re at a left turn and it has its own arrow, can you PLEASE be ready to go when it turns green? Even better would be to be so awake that if there’s an opening in the cross traffic that you’re even awake enough to “go for it”. But of course that’s a lot to ask.
  6. I tried the manual light trick on my 2018 and it did not work. Is it year specific or am I missing something? i would definitely like the all lights on mod. It may only be once in great while that I need it, but sometimes, it’s really dark, the dear are out and the more light the better.
  7. Ugh. I'm retired. Of course, that advice makes perfect logical sense, however, it conflicts with my constitution.
  8. I’m wondering if it would be better to just wash it however and then come back and hit it with some detailing spray.
  9. How do you guys handle trying to wash your truck on a sunny day? I have a black truck, so that makes matters even worse. I don’t have any natural shade so my only thoughts are a canopy or a cloudy day. Canopy sucks because it would be just one more thing to deal with setting it up and taking it down, plus, it would have to be pretty big to be meaningful. Cloudy day works, but clouds are a harbinger of rain. Don’t really want to spend a few hours cleaning the truck knowing it’s going to rain. Just live with it? I was washing today and working on one door, buy the time I got from the top of the glass to the bottom of the door (not long), the top of the door was already dry.
  10. I have an ‘18 and have a similar problem. Thanks for the idea to push in on it and see how it works then. I’ll probably just take it to the dealer, but having that knowledge will be interesting to me.
  11. I just got this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NPS6S41/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 So far so good. It grips the cup holder pretty good and puts it right where I need it. This was bought for my wife’s Equinox, but I think it would work well in the truck if you’re willing to give up a cup holder. There are ones with longer flex tubes so give some thought to how long you want it to be. I looked at the Weather Tech, but it was too expensive for what it is.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. I’m not sure I would get under any truck they hoisted.
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