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  1. 1) He’s had enough chances. 2) They know how to get to the owner. Even if you don’t get to see him, keep asking. His name is on the sign and by politely but firmly asking to see him it will make it clear how unacceptable this hole situation is. Just so we’re clear. I’m not sure if this is the first time you’ve ever been screwed, but you have been. Stay calm, but demand that this ****** gets fixed properly and quickly. If they can’t get you a truck, expedite the headliner. This is bull crap and they need to know you’re not some chump who’s just going to take this. Just k
  2. Unless I was very comfortable that the dealer was going to get it right, I’d be escalating this now. Given all you’ve been through, I see no reason to believe they will get it right this time. I’d start by asking the service manager for the contact information of the regional GM rep. Whatever that person is called is irrelevant, the point is that you’re putting the service manager on notice that you’re escalating this. I would also find a way to meet with the dealership owner while the truck is still in its current state. Keep your cool, but let him know that this is very upsetting. I alw
  3. The Jim Cap is $3.50. Curious how much the genuine GM part is. ETA: So, I looked it up. MSRP $40. On sale at the first place I looked for $22. I think I’m good with the Jim Cap.
  4. Unbelievable. Time to get to the next level or even one above that. I would contact GM directly. There must be some sort of regional manager over all of the dealerships. I’d demand a truck to drive as they sort their crappy (negligent) work out. They are obviously not taking this serious.
  5. I know this doesn’t solve the problem, but when I run Waze (probably all map apps), my actual speed is displayed. With Apple Play and Waze, it shows my speed right on the infotainment screen. Seems like you could use that. Also seems like after awhile of using it, you’d get a feel for the difference between your speedometer and your actual speed and just be able to do the conversion in your head on the fly.
  6. I bought this for my 2018 and it works fine on my 2021. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Fernco-2-in-PVC-DWV-Flexible-Cap-PQC-102/100372303 I took the clamp off and just use the rubber cap. Maybe the engineers know what they’re doing, but I like a cap over the opening.
  7. I would think that with the crew cab, you'd want one with a larger "pillow" underneath the mattress. There's so much room between the seats that you'd want something to fill that space up. I do like the idea though. And, as AlaskaErik points out, one that fits and works well will likely cost a few more $$. Though, if it fit well and held air, it would be a nice addition for road trips and solo camping.
  8. Of course if you cared a bit less about the bikes, you could just toss ‘em, stack ‘em and strap ‘em in the bed and carry quite a bit more . OTOH, that tailgate bike rack is pretty cool.
  9. We have hazardous waste days put on by our county a couple times a year. They take flammable liquids at that time. Check to see if you have anything like that around you. Any chance it’s ethanol free or stabilized? If so, could check with a neighbor or family member that still uses a 2 stroke engine. Even if not stabilized, it would probably burn just fine. I’d just put a small amount in a larger fresh batch and use it up.
  10. Wow. That's hard to believe. Is there any way to escalate that decision to a higher level? I know once, a long time ago, there was something like a regional manager that was the next step if the dealer wasn't getting it right. Probably don't exist any longer, but unless the cracks are just cosmetic, which I can't see how that could be, I can understand why they won't replace the assembly. Unless, maybe they have none?
  11. Generally, I agree with this. However, I have a pool installed last year so where I want them to dump it is not really in great shape anyway. Plus, it's right off the road. They shouldn't even have to have wheels on my property.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts. It ends up being $50 to deliver it. They’ll deliver two yards for that, maybe more, but that’s all I want. So, that takes renting a trailer out of the equation. Even if I could rent one for $25, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of going to get it and dropping it back off, not to mention a trip to pick the material up. For $50, it come down to saving me from having to unload my truck twice. Plus, no clean up. I liked the thought of getting the compost for $30/yd, but I guess $55 isn’t that bad, combined with no unloading, I’ll just end up having it delivered.
  13. I found a local place and will give them a call tomorrow about delivery. I'll also call the rental place and see about an hourly rate on the dump trailer. All I could see online was a full day rate. I'm thinking the delivery might be close to the same as a trailer. We'll see. I am intrigued by the comments to get a trailer. The dump trailer makes some sense because it can dump. But, I wonder why so many suggestions to get a trailer. Isn't this what the back of a pick-up is for? To be clear, I've never hauled anything in my bed besides a few large things for friends and my g
  14. Not stupid at all. If it looks like too much or like it’s bringing the truck too low, I’ll ask them to stop. There was one review that said they refunded part of the cost because it didn’t all fit. They didn’t say what they had, but I’m sure I can buy less than a full yard. A yard just seemed like close to my max so I’d rather just do one trip if possible.
  15. Thanks. A dump trailer would be sweet, but at that point, I might as well just have it delivered. It’s actually not dirt, but compost. It’s $30 a yard if I haul it. Just checked and a dump trailer is about $170 to rent for a day. I don’t really want to pay $200 for a yard of compost. Of course I could haul more, but I don’t really need more than one yard. Maybe two at the most. No doubt that unloading would be a lot easier though. I’ll call on Monday and see if I can get a good rate for a couple hours versus the daily rate. I was hoping I could close my tonneau cover. I fi
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