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  1. Maybe, but the back up camera is way better than what I had in my 2018 Silverado. Especially at night.
  2. So today I noticed that my rear window defroster is not working. The middle section, the slider part, did not clear the ice from the window. The rest of the window cleared just fine. Of course now my dilemma is whether or not to get it fixed. I got my 2021 in March and so far my window is not leaking. I don't like the idea of not getting something fixed, but I really, really don't want them replacing the window given the issues with the leak that we all know too much about. My thought has been that if my window ever did leak that I would get the solid window even if I had to pay for it. Now I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and get it now. Or, should I wait for the window to start leaking and then deal with it. FWIW, the middle of the window (the slider) not defrosting is not a big deal, but something being broke on a new truck that's under warranty is hard to just ignore. What would you do?
  3. I can see both sides on this. It would be nice if it was owner selected (I.e. free). I had an Impala with push button start. I took a family member to the hospital. Dropped off at ER and then went to park my car. In my hurry to get back in the hospital, I did not shut off my car properly. I did notice that when I hit the button to lock the doors that I didn’t get the right “beep” but I didn’t realize that meant the car was still running and, like I said, I wasn’t fully in my right mind. Well, after 6 hours in the hospital, I came out to my car running. I guess they didn’t have that feature back then (2015). I think the option is well intended, but it shouldn’t cost money to knowingly override it.
  4. This will be my course of action if I get a leak. I might give them one shot at it if I get a good sense they know what they’re doing or even have a glass company (specialist) handle it, but there’s no way I’m going through what some here have dealt with for the sake of saving a few hundred bucks. And there’s no way I’m giving up my truck for this, especially in the current environment.
  5. So do we know exactly what the design flaw is? The service bulletin seems to indicate that it’s a production mistake (not properly sealed). Pictures here seem to indicate that it also can be the frame on the slider, which indicates poor materials used in the production of the windows. Both of these seem to be remedied by putting in a non-slider and sealing it properly. Do we have any better understanding of the actual cause of the leaks at this point?
  6. I would look for a dealer now. Leaks don’t just go away. They may be small enough that you don’t notice while that just a little water does more damage.
  7. You mean in frustration, you didn’t try pulling the handle repeatedly? That’s how I figured it out.
  8. Just put it on your list of irritating things to set before each drive. 1. Turn off auto start. 2. Turn drive mode to sport. 3. After car is in drive, hit the unlock button. I'm sure there’s a few more, but it would be nice if auto manufacturers (GM) would allow for very specific customer setting to be made permanent. Though, in this case, pulling the handle twice isn’t too bad. But, yes, an irritant is an irritant, no matter how small others perceive it to be.
  9. I feel the same way. I got an extended warranty, but I think it very unlikely that I will keep the truck beyond the warranty period. Unless you know a good mechanic that will give you a break, I just think the truck has too many problems.
  10. Not sure if this is exactly the issue I had, but I wanted the radio to stay on longer, without cutting off every 10 min. The answer given was to hold the start button (without foot on brake) until the green light comes on. Seems to work.
  11. Having a 21, I sure hope so, but I keep checking this thread anytime there’s a new post. I think I’m pretty well prepared if a leak does happen thanks to all the input here.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I was just hoping someone might have heard that before and just know “hey, that’s the thing a ma bob - don’t worry about it.” I’m pretty sure that it’s not internal to the engine do to the timing but can’t seem to isolate it. Oh well.
  13. Mine definitely starts off way high and it does come closer after I get moving, but it still reads high compared to the weather app on my phone. Not a big deal until winter. We'll see how it does when it gets closer to freezing since that's about the only time I really care that the truck temp is accurate. I've only had mine since March so I haven't had to deal with icing roads yet.
  14. Wondering if this knocking sound is identifiable through a video. This is a 6cyl in a 2017 Equinox. The sound seems only to be there when the engine first starts. After a short trip, there is no longer a sound that I can hear. Thanks.
  15. I put it in 2WD today and it did feel a bit lighter for steering. Hard to explain, but it does seem different. I’ll leave it there until winter.
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