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  1. So is this something you just figured out or is this something bought from a third party? Looks like you figured it out. Great. I was wondering if there is anyway to do this on my Equinox and who I might go to for help. I have Apple Play in my ‘18 and it’s great. Using Waze through the truck’s screen is better than having navigation. I wish GM would just give up on some accessories and just concentrate on a great phone connection experience. No need for a navigation unit with Waze and no need for XM with Pandora. If I know where I’m going and listening to tunes, I’m pretty much all set.
  2. No. It was an '87 and it was intercooled. I just didn't really hammer it. I'm no race car driver, just had it for fun. At 13.69, you probably got off the line very well. That's a good run. Still, at 1-2 seconds difference for a truck, it's hard to call the truck slow.
  3. Agree. I once owned a Buick Grand National. In stock trim, I took it to the track and got mid 15’s for the quarter mile. Pros we’re getting it to just slightly under 15. Now a full size truck is getting into the 15s. That’s not slow.
  4. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    So, you guys actually spray water in your engine bay? Like literally over everything or, just a quick spray to clean the top? You get the whole bay (the walls), not just the engine? I’m thinking of all the electronics in there and all the connectors and I just can’t imagine that you can hose down your engine. I understand you can’t take a full on car wash pressure washer in there, but you can really take a light spray in there and get everything wet? Do you let it dry out for a couple hours before you start it just in case? Don’t mean to be stupid, but this just goes against my natural thoughts of keeping water away from all electrical. Making matters worse is that I just got my first new pressure washer that I’m dying to try out. Weather should be warm enough here in a couple weeks. It would be sweet to use that, on low pressure, to keep the engine bay clean.
  5. On a similar note, I have a 2018 that came with mud flaps from the dealer. They are screwed on and after only 3+ months of owning the truck, the heads of the screws are rusting. I’m thinking of removing them and using stainless screws. I haven’t removed a screw yet, but they look like a mini drywall screw. Phillips head, short, with a very sharp point. Might be hard to find an exact replacement in stainless. I guess since the holes are there already, I’ll just need to find something that matches the threads. I wish I’d realized. I can’t believe the dealer would drill a hole in that area of the truck. With the salt we use here and as exposed as that part of the truck is, rust is probably already forming in the wheel well metal.
  6. Not sure about android, but with Apple, it works different when plugged in versus Bluetooth. When using Bluetooth it works as you describe. Not sure but it sounds like something got screwed up. When plugged in, in can work like it does with Bluetooth but once it shifts to Apple play (Android play in your case?) then everything works different. As was said, then you need to hold the button down longer.
  7. Yep, my rear drivers side looks pretty bad. I only have 2000 miles on it and haven’t been back to the dealer yet, but I will be asking them about it. It does look like a joke on a vehicle this expensive. Of course it would look like a joke on a Cruze. It does appear that the seal is making good contact though. I swear, I don’t know how you guys keep your trucks for so long. Workmanship is getting so bad, there’s no way I’m keeping this truck beyond my extended warranty. And, it’s not just GM. My buddy just had to put a new engine in his Ford 250 with just over 125,000 miles.
  8. Detroit Wheel & Tire https://www.detroitwheelandtire.com/
  9. Best blower for drying?

    I have a Ryobi 18v blower and it wouldn’t work for drying a vehicle. Battery operated are good for cleaning up grass on the sidewalk after mowing, they don’t come close to a gas blower. I love mine for what it’s good at, but it wouldn’t dry a truck. Maybe if you get one of the 40v blowers, but you’d want to see it in action before you spend that kind of money. $500 on a gas blower back pack is a better value than $200 on something that won’t do what you want to do. I have this one and plenty of batteries. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to do a truck with it. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-ONE-100-MPH-280-CFM-Variable-Speed-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Jet-Fan-Leaf-Blower-4Ah-Battery-and-Charger-Included-P2180/206451819
  10. Does it have a door? It needs to be enclosed. Need some way to not have stuff spilling out of there. Otherwise, very nice. VERY ballsey for sure.
  11. I'm with you on eliminating the lock. Even If the key fob stopped working, OnStar would work. This is BS how easy this is to get into the truck. FYI - you're not going to get a new door. I feel your pain, but there's no way insurance is going to do that. Plus, if they ordered a door, they'd still have to paint it. It's not like they would order a factory red door and just bolt it on. Any time your vehicle is damaged, you lose. No matter how good the repair is, there just isn't anything like undamaged original. Sorry.
  12. Bluetooth question

    Last thing I know to try is the phone reset. Push the round button and the button on the top right simultaneously until the Apple symbol shows up and then let go. Phone will reset. That tends to resolve some quirky problems. Also, depending on how much you’ve done to the settings, you may not want to do this, but one of the options in the car settings is to reset to factory settings. Fresh start with the phone and the car might get things working correctly.
  13. Bluetooth question

    When a call comes in does the display unit tell you a call is coming in and give you the option to answer? I’m assuming you have steering wheel controls. I’m trying to figure out if those are working? This might come down to a quirk that, while annoying, doesn’t really impact your ability to use the phone. I mean, if you can see that a call is coming in and can answer it and then the sound (callers voice) comes through the speaker, at least you will be able to use the phone. Also note that having the volume up befor Bluetooth connects is not the same as having the Bluetooth volume up. After it connects when you increase the volume, the “Bluetooth” volume goes up. Still, I don’t think it’s volume because, as you said, the ring is coming through the phone. That shouldn’t be the case. I second the comment that the phone works much better if you plug it in.
  14. Bluetooth question

    It should ring through the speakers and the info unit should have an option to answer the call. Doesn’t sound like you have it paired. When it’s paired, you’ll be able to listed to music through your trucks’ speakers. Try that to test it.
  15. My All Terrain

    Because it’s a carpet type of look, the BedRug doesn’t look cheap like the plastic liners. It molds to the sides better. Don’t get me wrong, I had a spray in liner on a previous truck and it was great. If I was hauling a lot or didn’t have the tonneau cover, I’d have the spray in done. I just really like the big trunk look. Almost as big as an old Crown Vic

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