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  1. Why not try taking your Walmart price to a place you like and see if they’ll match, or at least come close to matching their price? I bet Discount Tire would match it.
  2. Fix it. If money is tight, find the best acceptable least cost alternative, but fix it enough that you at least don’t automatically have your eyes drawn to it and mostly to keep it from rusting.
  3. So, you don’t think there would be a significant issue if you turned off your backup sensors and then (God forbid) you hit a person? Sure, it would be an accident but the lawyers I see on tv every night would have a field day with that information. Personally, I find some of the new stuff very helpful. The backup camera being one of the best. It’s not so I can be lazy and let someone or something else do the driving, but the assistance they provide is much appreciated. Much of the other stuff has limited benefit, like the blind spot indicators, but I can ignore them. I would not shut them off.
  4. Well, black IS the finest color, so I think you did great. I hope you’re happy with the new truck. I don’t think I could have been happy with a partially completed truck.
  5. Man, I understand that sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do, but I just can’t see myself paying for or accepting a partially built vehicle. Especially not at the level of dollars these trucks cost. I feel for ya. I am so glad I went ahead and got my ‘21 instead of waiting like I contemplated. Hopefully this crap will be sorted out before I need a new vehicle.
  6. You don’t have a friend in a State that you could ship the Diablo to and have that person mail it to you?
  7. With all the issues they have with infotainment in vehicles, you'd think they would install a reboot button. Something that would reboot the system while you're driving would be even better. Most of the time, whatever issue I have had will go away once I shut off the vehicle and restart it (given some time), so a reboot ability would be great.
  8. I live in S.E. Michigan 13 miles away from the airport. I think it unlikely that there would be a significant difference between the airport reading and my actual reading. However, I happen to have a couple very accurate thermometers and for the sake of discovery, I’ll hook one to my mirror and get a reading. Can I get a confirmation that the truck’s temperature gauge is in the driver side mirror? If not, where is it? I would want to mount my thermometer near the truck’s. Thanks.
  9. Just got a new phone and it has OS16. I don’t think I’ve got a call yet. I’ll try it tomorrow and report back. In the meantime, I would definitely do a reset on my phone. That works out a lot of the bugs in my experience.
  10. Same here. Doesn’t matter how long I’m driving, it never settles in at the actual temp like I’ve had with other vehicles.
  11. Does it matter that my outside temperature reading is off? It’s generally ready about 5 to 7 degrees higher than the outside temp. Of course, having OCD, this drives me crazy, but does it effect anything? I’m wondering if maybe the air conditioning/heater is impacted by the outside temp when in auto mode, or if anything else is. Not really worth taking to the dealer, but a bit irritating nonetheless. Is this common?
  12. No idea what the update was for, but I got it last night too. Always worries me. Worries me even more since I talked to a friend who’s wife works at one of the big auto companies and is responsible for sending out the updates. Apparently, it’s not unheard of to end up “bricking” a vehicle.
  13. Is there anything you can do to repurpose the switch that used to open the slider? Or, is that just a dead switch now?
  14. I take mine out and wash them when I wash the truck (hose, soapy brush, rinse). Getting them in or out is a bit of a pain, but never seemed too bad. If they’re not too dirty, which is often the case, I just wipe them down with a rag.
  15. Follow up question. Are any of these products problematic if they get on the paint. The main thing I want to do is my wheel well trim and of course, that butts right up to a pretty long line of paint.
  16. Follow up question. Are any of these products problematic if they get on the paint. The main thing I want to do is my wheel well trim and of course, that butts right up to a pretty long line of paint.
  17. I’m pretty good at making my tires look good (wet black). But does anyone do anything with the trim? I was looking at the fender trim and the mud flaps and thinking that should look “wet/black” too but I’m not sure what a good product would be to use and if there is anything I should be careful of.
  18. I’m sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but my comment was just to say that it was hard for me to understand how this happened. There’s just something about wiping off the contact area that I can’t imagine missing that. I’m not sure why. Just very satisfying for me to see that area all clean and shiny. Generally, I’m pretty good about step by step (checklist) types of procedures. I’m pretty particular. But, if I’m winging it, look out. If it makes you feel any better, the other day I was adding liquid chlorine to my pool. For some reason the seal on the gallon jug was not cooperating. Instead of going to get a knife, I just got all aggressive and tried to rip if off. It came off alright. But the jug sloshed and I got pure chlorine on me. I was lucky I didn’t get any in a sensitive area like my eyes/face. So yes, stuff happens. You can bet I have a new mental checklist for adding chlorine now that includes removing the seal before I take the jug to the pool.
  19. I can certainly understand that stuff happens, but it is hard to understand how this happened. Don’t you wipe the contact metal down with a rag? I’ve never done an oil change where I didn’t do that which entails visually inspecting the surface. If the old ring was stuck to the surface, it would be seen and corrected. Do you put a little oil on the new seal before you screw on the new filter? As for the drain plug, I’ve never had one where, again, I didn’t clean the oil pan where the seal connects and then clean the plug very well before install. Which, I’ve always snugged the oil drain plug down by hand. I would never take a wrench to a drain plug that wasn’t snugged down by hand. I get that someone in a high volume shop could skip these steps, but in my driveway, the whole point is to slow down and do it right. Of course the OP has learned that lesson.
  20. Wow, that’s not bad at all. Thanks so much for the insight.
  21. What type of company does this? Can you give me their name? Maybe they know someone local to me. Also, do you mind sharing how much that cost? Seems like a pretty big bill for labor on a job like that.
  22. That’s exactly what I want to do with mine. Let me know when you have time to do my Equinox. Thanks for posting. So you say it took the edge off. I was hoping more for a miraculously quiet interior. Any better way to describe how much it dampened the noise? Me and DW can’t even really have a conversation on the highway. And, if I want to listen to music, it has to be turned up at least 10% higher just to hear it. And of course the noise still takes a lot away from the quality of the music.
  23. I’m sure the tires could be improved, but comparing an Equinox to my full size truck just seems to point to there being little to no sound insulation in the Equinox. I think that’s one of the things they do to make Chevy’s cheaper. It’s one of the main reasons I traded my 2018 Silverado for my 2021 Sierra Denali. My Silverado only had 20K miles on it and I liked it a lot but I did not like the noise. My main car while working was a Buick LaCrosse. That was a very quiet smooth driving car. I guess I’m spoiled, but I gotta believe I can get the Equinox closer.
  24. So my wife and I took a drive this weekend in our Equinox (2017). Overall it’s a nice vehicle, but it is nowhere near as quiet as my ‘21 Sierra Denali. I did some research and there seem to be a number of products out there for DIY to install to deaden sound, however, I’m no good at DIY. It looks like to add some sound deadening you end up taking the seats out and installing insulation under the carpet. It also seems to go into the doors behind the door panels. In the engine compartment and under the headliner were also mentioned. My question is, what type of companies do this kind of work? I couldn’t even figure out who to call. The only company that came up was Ziebart and all they seemed to have is an undercarriage spray which I don’t think I’m really interested in. Any help to finding a company to do this work would be appreciated. Thanks.
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