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  1. I check in every couple days and peruse the site. Has anyone noticed the rash of seemingly fake posters on here? The questions are rather straight-forward and typical specific truck problems, but the wording is odd (to me), and they are comprised of "new members" typically (1-2 posts), and the user/ avatar info has a trend: [First name] [Last Name} Location: [US STATE] 1 post Anybody else seeing this?
  2. Indeed. These bots are getting good. Easy to weed out, what with their awesome grammar and 1-2 member posts. LOL
  3. This isn't breaking news. Since the debut of the '20 HDs, they've stated that the gas would only receive the 3.73 for now. Yes, it would be great to have more gearing, but I'm sure the truck will perform fine with the given power boost.
  4. So unplugging the main connector simulates a limp mode/ loss of power, which defaults the trans to third gear, which is what you have. Therefore, the 3-4 clutch pack is good, but since you have no forward gears in any other instance, I'm still concerned that there is a problem with the forward clutch or forward sprag, or poor line pressure from the PCS. Do you have a oil pressure gauge to check for line pressure on the trans?
  5. Does it move forward in 1,2 or 3/d range? If so, you have a problem with either the forward sprag or the low reverse roller clutch being broken or installed backwards. What was the initial reason for the transmission rebuild originally?
  6. If the oil sending unit is is reporting 0 psi oil pressure, you'll get a warning in the driver info center in addition to the gauge readout. Plus, it would be knocking/ ticking like mad. I will bet money that it is the stepper motor that is failing. I rebuild these gauge clusters as a side hobby and it's very common.
  7. Did you try just rolling the older wheel assembly next to the truck and see if they would sync during the relearn mode?
  8. This is odd, because the stop/ turn function are all the same circuit and control. The BCM decides when to trigger the relay for turn vs brake for the trailer. If you have one, but not the other function, it's ultimately a BCM issue.
  9. The transmission has dedicated grounds out the 20-pin connector, so it's not likely there was ever a ground issue, though it is plausible to have grounding through random parts if any of those were bad. See the attached video: It's not the same issue, but it's similar in nature. That said, I agree with davester above that the seal was either installed correctly, or that the pump bushing wasn't loctite'ed in place and staked properly, causing it walk out over time. Also, a bad TC is a possibility of causing excess runout or vibration that could blow the seal out too.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and like your video since the camera work is good, the fluff it edited out, and there's no talking and no music. Excellent!
  11. Actually, you just need the rectangular steel piece that the cable clips to. It is a ball and socket type attachment of the the cable. If you look closely, you can see the ball snapped off the steel piece and is stuck in the cable's socket. Pry that out somehow, and just get a new steel lever from a donor transmission and you should be good to go.
  12. It sounds like you have your problem narrowed down to the parking brake switch.
  13. Nothing in the newest iteration of valve body will benefit the older trans. The changes outlined in davesters link won't benefit any older versions of the 4L** transmissions. All the important stuff was last upgraded in around the 2003 model year, IIRC. Bottom line, assuming you keep your truck stock, is to maintain it regularly and don't go beyond it's abilities (and overheat the transmission, for example) and it'll last a long time.
  14. Since you have a v6, it's the 4L60/65. It sounds like it's going into a limp mode of sorts if it's suddenly, and sporadically shifting harsh through the gears. I would scan it for transmission/ trouble codes. I wouldn't be surprised to find a transmission component slippage code present or in history. Even if it's a worst case scenario of a hoopajooped transmission, the simple fact that you got 300k+ miles out of it is amazing since typical lifespan is 250k or less it seems.
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