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  1. I for one still want to know if anyone has converted a 2500 to appear like the '16-18 1500's. I haven't had the trucks side by side to compare, but I do know that I owned a current style HD that I would certainly try to go that route.
  2. Well, our Freightliner M2's at work have a 6.7/ Allison combo (aside from our MT versions). Does that count, haha
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    That string of gauge cluster pics is very Christmas-y.
  4. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    How do these differ in quality/ price from the white X27's floating around everywhere?
  5. My HD grille fix

    I guess this is what I was expecting underneath the camo the whole time.
  6. Gauge swap

    No, you're not missing anything. Mileage is stored in the cluster on all 99+ trucks. The dim PRNDL display is fairly common in ageing clusters, and is fairly easy to fix if you're familiar with soldering. Otherwise, any gauge cluster repair service should be able to fix it too.
  7. Ya, you have one of the less common failures of the 2003-2006 gauge clusters, but it should be fixable by most any gauge cluster repair service. In the meantime, you can pull the IPC fuse from the underhood fuse block if you don't want the battery to drain every night. Kind of a hassle, I know, but at least if you don't drive the truck for awhile it will save you some grief. Edit: Just saw your location....whereabouts in IA are you? I travel to Mason City weekly and do basic gauge cluster service as a side hobby.
  8. 2002 Monte Carlo

    No doubt, I agree with your sentiments about the site being accommodating, but first post right out the gate about a unrelated car on a truck site seems a little spammy to me. It's been happening frequently on other forums I visit. I'm a owner of a Monte Carlo as well, and as such, am a member on an actual Monte Carlo forum, among others related to it. I guess if it were me, I'd check there first.
  9. 2002 Monte Carlo

    Well, firstly, this is a dedicated GM truck forum. Also, there are specific GM car and even Monte Carlo forums that would be better suited to your concerns. That said, I think you should have it properly diagnosed instead of just guessing at the problem.
  10. See, I don't know why they didn't just do the tried and true method and just make a beefier version of the half ton, similar to this rendition of the GMC. Nobody would be completely surprised, but it would still be a refreshing and welcoming design instead of what we have so far.
  11. *Not a corporate shill I'll admit, I'm on the fence about the front end, but much like the 1500's, I'm sure they'll look better in person. Also, I remember thinking that when the 2003 Silverado refresh came out, that the "cat eyes" look was the dumbest thing ever. It took like a year of seeing them driving around for me to appreciate them.
  12. Transmission not shifting into overdrive

    It could be shift solenoid "A' / 1-2 shift solenoid. Can you verify that it is taking off in first?
  13. Well it can be sprayed over whatever, but the warning straight from FF is that it CAN soften factory undercoating, not that it absolutely will. In the case of NWI Denali, it looks like it didn't exactly work out, however, I did my truck a month ago and have since washed it a couple times and the remaining wax coat is holding on just the same as it has. It seems to be hit or miss what it removes. Bottom line is that one has to pick one or the other to keep any rusting at bay.
  14. I suppose if one kept up with the wax coating from brand new, it would make better sense. This is my first experience with FF, so perhaps my opinions will change with time, but I figured with my truck, at least, I don't have much to loose.
  15. So the alternative is to do nothing and watch the crappy factory wax flake off in a year or two anyway, exposing bare metal to the elements? I bought my '12 in 2015 from MO, (I live in MN) and 3 winters later 80% of that wax is gone and in it's place the beginning of rust. I wash it weekly, even in the winter and it still has done that. I would think that if FF was bad, it wouldn't be so popular, even in this thread.

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