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  1. Have any of you experiencing this check to see if the vehicle speed is being reported to the ECM correctly?
  2. Can't help but agree to some extent. All of those with painted frames seem to stay cleaner, for longer than the GM twins; at least around here in MN.
  3. Maybe he's still trying to sort it out and in the meantime is under some sort of NDA. There was just recently, on another forum I frequent, a guy posting about an accident that happened 6 months prior. He was held to confidentiality until all the legal red-tape/ liability stuff was sorted out apparently. I'm guessing it could be something similar here.
  4. Oh $hit, never mind. Here I am running my mouth assuming it's another DIY repair person, when it was Jeff instead. That guy is a wizard. Admittedly, a lot that I know has been learned from him. If he says it's fine, it is. That would point us back at your truck, and probably the connector/ terminals being bad.
  5. Who's your "cluster guy"? He's missing a few of the key failure points on these clusters that fail, which include the intermittent power up/ power loss to the cluster, which yours is exhibiting. There is a slim chance that it's on your truck, but it'd only be the terminals in the connector (not likely). Where are you located? There are a couple people on here (myself included) that have repaired these clusters more in depth than just stepper motor replacement and the typical dim PRNDL display.
  6. The bots can't. Its easier to troll forums in an attempt to assimilate
  7. Glad you got it figured out. If the terminals just lightly rust colored I wouldn't worry to much. It's if they start turning green and crusty, then you have some serious corrosion/ moisture issues.
  8. I took that into consideration as my truck is a LTZ, and I checked all the options I could think of and there really isn't any more that are in the dash that I have that differ from the base model. When you look at the plug, are there any "witness marks" on it (scratches/ striations from being plugged/ unplugged)? From what I can see, it looks like a lot of it is dusty, insinuating that it's a leftover for another model/ option and was never plugged in. Here's hoping you can get it solved. Good luck!
  9. I tried looking at Alldata for you, but I can't discern where it goes either. My best guess according to the diagrams is one of the blend door actuators as they share some of the colors, but most of those are 5 wires (not sure on the actual pin count though). In lieu of that, run the truck and see what doesn't work anymore.
  10. Check your bulbs on the outside of the truck. One is likely burnt out.
  11. Shucks, I missed this thread until now. I know it's been pretty much answered in the mentions above, but though I'd comment. So, I discovered my 2014 SS sedan had what appeared to be pink coolant as well. I couldn't find anything online or in the owners manual mentioning this besides "USE DEXCOOL". Earlier this year at a local tool/ parts store expo, I spoke with a PEAK antifreeze rep and he answered the question as they are a supplier for some some/ all of GM's production lines. He stated that (in addition to above mentioning the dye blends), that some of their coolant reacts differently with the metals and rubber seals in the vehicles of some vehicles, altering the color slightly. He said that they are are aware of the the GM Dexcool blend being of a pink hue, and said it's the same composition as the regular orange that you are used to. So, suffice to say, Pink in a GM vehicle = Orange Dexcool.
  12. Thanks for sharing the extensive pics. I always find the owner pics more engaging than the promo/ marketing pics. This would be the first one of the new SUVs I've seen pics of that weren't advertising pictures. I also happened to see the first one in real life on Friday in the form of a Tahoe. At first I thought it was a SIlverado until it passed by me and I saw the sides.
  13. No I don't. And I hope you didn't think I was trying to say you were wrong; just offering my experience with older models of course. I'm surprised your 19+ trucks don't enable that feature. It seems kind of an oversight since they've always had it until now apparently.
  14. I agree with Davesters points. The only thing I have to add is that if the ECM is locked (from the tuner) then you are out of luck and you'd need a new ECM. That'd be the only instance of not being able to reflash it. I would verify that it is indeed OD that is not shifting into, and not just the TCC locking up. The TCC in the 4l80 through 2006 are known to have problems with the clutch piston cracking. Also, any type of misfire will cause it to unlock for 10 minutes at a time, so if it's randomly misfiring (doesn't have to be real either; can be due to crank angle relearn which is required after a reflash on these trucks), it'll do it. I chased my tail trying to diagnose a rogue P0300 for awhile after tuning my '03 I had. It turned out I had to do the crank angle relearn. The issues presented after I did my tune.
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