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  1. If you wanted to, and didn't mind dismantling a transmission, you can convert the trans from 2WD to 4WD by swapping the output shafts and extension housings.
  2. AC Delco Quality Sucks!

    I'm confused....did they warranty it or not? Also, you either have terrible luck with crappy pumps or are doing something to aggravate premature failure (hammering on the fan hub for example), or the clutch is defective and putting undue stress on the pump. I've generally had excellent luck with AC Delco stuff and will pay more for better parts made closer to home. Regarding AC Delco parts categorizing, I'm done some homework in the past and I've found that it goes as follows: - AC Delco OE/ Original GM equipment: Made in one of the Americas typically (most commonly Canada, sometimes Mexico), and sometimes South America. - AC Delco Professional: Made overseas (typically), but good or on par with most any quality aftermarket/ parts store premium lines. In my opinion, these are perfectly acceptable substitute for the above OE parts if budget is a concern. - AC Delco Advantage: Guaranteed coming from overseas/ Big Rock Candy Mountain. OK quality, comparable to Economy lines found in the aftermarket/ parts stores. Can be hit or miss sometimes, depending on the type of part, but generally a bit better than aftermarket economy line/ cheapo parts. I wouldn't explicitly say to avoid these parts, but perhaps considering splurging for the above if you plan on keeping your vehicle for awhile.
  3. 4.10s will make an appreciable difference, though ultimately you're limited by the powertrain anyway. Also, it looks like a 93 Suburban towing capacity is only 6500lbs anyway, which puts you way over your safe, legal limit. Only the 2500 Burb shows a 10k towing capacity, albeit with 4.10s. Make sure you're within your limits to begin with, otherwise you may have to upgrade rigs anyway.
  4. Just to confirm, if you turn the key to on and leave it sit, does the Security light go out? Also, when it starts up, does it run perfect for about a second and turn off, or does it seem like it is stalling/ stumbling?
  5. Non-OE tire pressure sensors?

    Aftermarket is just fine. If you can get OEM/ AC Delco for cheaper, then go for it, but anything you'd get at the parts store is decent. I've used them numerous times with zero issues.
  6. Let us know how it goes as I'm looking into the idea of installing one too. I know, MN doesn't get that cold typically, but my truck still struggled back in January, despite with a newer/ good battery, when we had high day temps of -35* and -67* with windchill.
  7. This is a great idea that I think I'll need to try next time I service power steering. Is your vacuum setup anything like the "Air-lift" tool for cooling systems? That's what I use for cooling system work and it works great. It does have a cone-shaped universal adapter as well, which is why I thought of it.
  8. Problems with my 4l60e

    I'm going to try here.......it sounds like you're describing one of two things: Either you're experiencing a "fish bite" misfire (which will typically unlock the torque converter when the PCM detects multiple misfires), or you're getting "hunting" at highway speeds. If the RPM isn't fluctuating much and the torque converter is staying locked with close to 0 RPM slip, then I would try inspecting and cleaning the MAF sensor, as it is a common culprit for TC hunting.
  9. Are you using the factory 7-way or is there one wired into the box? If you confirmed that your actual trailer fuse is good, then you have a wiring issue somewhere as I don't believe there are any more junctions between the fuse box and receptacle at the rear of the truck.
  10. First Time Transmission Fluid Change

    If you take a pry bar and gently pry the shifter bracket to the side, the pan will slip right past it. You won't even be bending the bracket, just enough to deflect it very slightly.
  11. I believe it's like the cars, where there is a fill/ check plug in the pan. With the vehicle level, and the trans at a specific temp (the 6L80/ 90 cars are something like 100-125*) you pull the plug with the vehicle running and watch for a little trickle to come out. If none comes out, add fluid until it does.
  12. A couple things can cause it, including a worn 2-4 band, and bad VSS. Is your speedometer working? Also, how does it drive or does it shift at all when you try the other gear positions (1,2, D)?
  13. 4L60E Interchangeability

    Yes, they will be the same and interchange.
  14. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    It's about time they make some performance affordable. Not everyone wants or needs every last bell and whistle, just to get a couple more cylinders. Now if they'd offer packages like this for trucks I think a lot of people would be happy.

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