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  1. It's my understanding that when the transmission thermostat is closed no fluid flows to the radiator. However, when "pill flip" is done, transmission fluid flows to radiator cooler all the time. Please let me know it this is correct.
  2. How many miles? And what transmission? 6 speed or 8 speed
  3. Does the compressor clutch engage when A/C is turned on? Is the high pressure line hot to touch & low pressure line cold to touch when compressor is running?
  4. I'd get rid of it too. I could never notice any additional power & it'll foul your AF sensor with oil. Noting wrong with OEM filter unless you listen to the sales pitch of K&N.
  5. Mine does it too. I think it's normal. BTW, that's not 1st gear. You can defeat this by pushing in the "tow" button on gear shifter for about 5 sec or so. It will rest at next start up. You'll also see your pil pressure jump from 40 psi to 60 psi
  6. You might have a weak motor or bad connection. I'd open it up & clean connectors & see if you can lube moving parts. Several videos on YouTube on these mirrors IIRC
  7. I'm curious how many miles on your truck. No, I have not seen a rise in FP failures here on the forum. You should have 2 pumps, a low pressure in the gas tank & a high pressure on the engine. I have heard of pumps going bad on the gas tank due to the corrosion at the top of the gas tank. Not sure if this is mostly in the salt belt or not.
  8. I believe it's the radio fuse on Passenger side panel. see this video
  9. see if this helps. Youtube is your friend..
  10. Try this link for fuses\ locations. I think that it could be #40 https://fuse-box.info/chevrolet/chevrolet-silverado-mk3-2014-2018-fuses-and-relay
  11. After watching the 1st 2 minutes of the below video, it blew my mind that you could get a transmission that hot. So, I thought I'd share it with you to further show you why you need to "flip the pill" on these GM transmissions. No need to watch the whole video but looks at how hot this one got. Post your comments.....
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