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  1. Now the question becomes........is this too cool for our 6 speed transmissions?
  2. @2kwik4u...Good input here. You sound like an engineer with good logic.
  3. Good idea Cheverado. I do this for one of my BMW's BUT it came with a nice compact plastic key small enough to fit in my little pocket knife's pouch, which I carry on me all the time. However, the Chevy key is a little big for that. Maybe I need to look for a bigger wallet!
  4. Yes it does. However, I use a home made vacuum pump that runs off my compressor. With warmed up fluid, I can suck about 5 qts out of my '17 6 speed. I buy (2) gallon jugs of AC Delco's fully synthetic Dexron VI ATF at Amazon, do the transmission & transfer case. (Also us it to remove the old brake fluid from the brake reservoir and I also remove the rear differential fluid that way)
  5. Eddie 70.....I just did the "flip" today. Took the truck out for a 30 min. spin & temp got up to 145F. I saw it get up to 147F once buy drop back down to 145 within seconds. This is about 40 degs. cooler than the 185 that it would normally run. I too will be doing a drain (vacuum actually) & fill of 5qts through the dip stick hole every 15-20k miles. (as well as other fluids)
  6. PROGRESS UPDATE:.....I just did the transmission thermostat flip as above that eddie70 did. Pretty simple change. Had to clean the snap ring area on top as it was corroded. Flipped the thermostat & put it all together. Just an FYI, my '17 has the small retainer plate holding the 2 transmission lines in & a small screw holding the retainer plate to the thermostat housing. This retainer plate is not symmetrical. The screw hole is offset to one end so if the screw wont start in the threads, rotate the plate 180 deg. The transmission fluid temperature was reduce to 145*F. It did go up to 147 once but immediately went back to 145F. Out side temp was 80F and most driving was backroads at 45 to 55 MPH. Normally it would have been about 170 to 185F. so about a 40 to 45 deg. reduction in fluid temp. I'll keep an eye on it to make sure this is the normal. From what I've read, this is about the new normal with this modification. Hope this helps others.
  7. Welcome. Hope this group can be of some assistance if you need it. Tell us about you new truck.... Miles, options, likes, dislikes, some to be modifications, certified or not. What ever you want to share.
  8. Thanks again.....That was a sweet nice fathers day gift! You've got a keeper!
  9. Thanks....I've never seen this on a GM vehicle. Nice to know. What did they charge for this? I will assume, with this, you could just hide a spare key inside the cab, you your code to open the door, then find your hidden key & start her up. Very interesting & would have solved my "hiding a spare key" concerns. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I ordered it from Amazon with free shipping. I think it was the same as the one in the link. I actually have a nice hitch cover that the key fits in & it's relatively hidden. The combination hitch pin just adds a level of security (even though it can be picked). I actually found another good hiding place while surfing Youtube but because of the eyes of thief's are here as some have mentioned, I'd have to kill you! the hitch will do for now.
  11. I've only seen this on FORDs. I didn't know GM offered this. Can you post a picture of yours?
  12. Me too I just ordered a new comb type hitch pin lock. The spare key has found a home!
  13. Thanks for the reply badge171.....I feel exactly the same way. It's cheap insurance. FYI, I used that same silver tape on my last truck. The front plate holder on my '96 would allow you to just slide the plate in from the top. No screws holding it in. I just taped a spare key to the back of that plate and slide it in place. Easy peazy! Saved me from breaking a side window one time. Well worth it.
  14. @Black02silverado.....I hadn't thought of this either. Good Idea. Simple & doesn't draw too much attention. I knew there where some great minds on here. Thanks for a good constructive idea.
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