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  1. Sounds good to me. What grade gas do u use?
  2. Good afternoon, guys.... I have a question for you knowledgeable wrencher about my 2017 Silverado, 5.3L V8, 6 speed transmission fully equipped with MAX Towing Package. I noticed with this package, and maybe with all other models, that when going downhill, when computer senses this, I will get the message on the dash that the "GRADE BRAKING" is engaged and the transmission down shifts, 1 or 2 gears. I understand this & know how to disengage if I want to. What my question is...once the RPMs reaches about 3500, the oil pressure automatically jumps to about 60 PSI. If i brake & slow the truck down, once the RPMs reduce to below 3500, it goes back to normal (40-45 ish PSI). Does anyone know why the engineers designed this input feature into these trucks? Does it have anything to do with DOD/AFM? or is it just to get more oil to wear items? As a retired engineer, I know there's a good reason why some team put this feature into the ECU, just curious what the thinking or logic was behind it or if it's because of the DOD/AFM? BTW, I run the RANGE DOD delete, which turns this feature off, just in case it means anything. Thanks for any info....
  3. Yes, there is. 1. Do the Transmission Thermostat "pill Swap" or add the new device out there from Shift Tech. Several links in this video for the information. 2. I'd change the fluid. You didn't mention how many miles on it. I did the Pill Flip & transmission runs MUCH cooler. Sort of like the older generation transmission that didn't have this device.
  4. I've seen post before on battery life & it seems to be a hit or miss. My '17 Silverado with a built date of 12-2016 original AC Delco battery lasted till Aug of this year, which was about 5 1/2 years, and it went DEAD, no warning. I replaced it with a Walmart EverStart Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H7 12V, 850 CCA from WalMart $169.84 4 year replacement. Well see how the AGM does. Our BMW '15 X5 came with (2) AGM batteries, a 90Ah & a 50aH, as BMW rates them by aH instead of CCA. They are going on 7 years old now & still check & function well. The reason for the (2) batteries is for add'l battery hungry options & the 'start/stop' feature that all cars/truck seem to be going to. When due, I'll replace them with AGM's. I noticed that BMW is now gone to Lithium batteries on their high-end M cars. Replace ment on those are like $1400, out of my price range. Our '05 330Ci convertibles original battery lasted about 8 years, the 2nd was an Everstart from walmart lasted about 5 years & I replaced it this year with a "special" from RockAuto FVP 94R AGM $113. I had to try it for that price & that's with shipping. On my '01 540i, the last Everstart battery (Flooded Acid) from Walmart lasted 8 years...Go figure With the ability to ship AGM batteries versus Flooded Acid batteries, you can now shop online for the AGM's & with some stores, shipping is free. (Walmart, Amazon prime) Rock Auto's shipping for a 50# battery isn't outrageous.
  5. I agree with you on the metal issue. He may be getting some of the 'old' stock of inventory. I read somewhere that they have changes the materials on tge lifters so they are harder &less susceptible to damage.
  6. Interesting report on the oil. Please keep one thing in mind. The Viscosity spec. that they show for "should be" is higher than what Pennzoil comes out of the jug. Pennzoil calls out 8.6 for the SUS @ 100c where UOA calls out a range of 8.8-11.3. And Pennzoil does meet & exceeds the GM dexos 1 Gen 3 spec. and I'm not sure of what the tolerance for this value is I'm not trying to dispute UOA but wanted to clarify their (Value should be) numbers
  7. Interesting....my chevy dealer recommended OCI every 4k even under the Certified warranty when they were paying for it. I personally don't feel even 6k miles oil change is an issue with the new full synthetic oils. My oil isn't that dirty at 6k. I feel that it's more of the mechanical design issue than oil failure.
  8. Sorry to hear your issue, especially with such low miles. I recommend, if you so desire, to educate yourself as to the "main reason" (IMO) for these failures. As a tooling engineer for over 40 years, I have seen & understand how these lifters fail on these DOD AFM. Ther's one guy on youtube that shows how he sees these failures all the time & it really make sense to me. The "lock lugs" in those lifters end up causing a burr inside & cause the system to jam. To me the only fix, short of deleting the AFM parts, is to add a Range DOD AFM delete unit to the OBD2 socket. This stops the engine from going to the 4-cylinder mode. I've done this & don't really see that much of a fuel mileage difference. Here's the video where he explains how it works & the cause for most failures. (Stuck lifter & bent push rod) Disabling the DOD will eliminate the collapsed DOD lifters from getting stuck on that burr/pennied edge shown in the video. It's my understanding that GM changes the steel alloy material to make it harder, so the penning was less likely to occur. I hope that makes sense.
  9. That happened on my '17 Silverado when I bought it as GM Certified Used Vehicle @ 32k miles. Dealer had to replace the whole top ass'y.
  10. I'll take a wild guess & suggest "ground" issue. Is the '14 electric steering?
  11. I don't have a good answer for you but there have been several posts in the resent past about issues with the touch screens.you might do a search here.
  12. Yes, it is. I coated it with plumber silicone lube. I'm not sure how long the silicone lasts but it's still not leaking.
  13. This is what I did after reading about the "leak" history....I removed light to add LED lights, then took some Silicone Lube & applied to the gasket. Makes it "slide into place" when tightening down & repels water. Mine's '17. that was about 2 years ago. Maybe time to reapply.
  14. Lot's of possibilities here. How old is the battery? Check grounds? Radio issue came up a week ago,again, on the forum. Check those posts.
  15. I believe they call this a front Bumper Valance Trim Chrome & some call it a 'skid plate'. This was only standard on the LTZ package & didn't come for other models, IIRC. I'm sure someone will reply if I'm wrong on this. Front Bumper Lower Valance Trim Chrome For 2016-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | eBay
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