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  1. Thanks for the reply Jim.......and the share. These GM/Chevy extended warranty is almost as expensive as what BMW wanted on our X5. Looks a little pricy to me. Nor sure it's worth it as long as I still have the CPO Powertrain coverage for a couple years.
  2. The CPO warranty for my 2017 Silverado (1-31-17 in service date) just ran out for the Bumper to Bumper part, but I still have the "PowerTrain" for a couple years.(till 1-31-2023) I was thinking about looking into an extended warranty and wanted to know what you guys thought about them. Does GM offer anything after the CPO? (36+12=48 months) If so, anyone hear of the cost & coverage? With the add'l Certified Pre-Owned Powertrain LTd Wty for 100K or 6 years from original selling date, which goes to 1-31-2023, do I want to bother with anything else? What about warranties from any of the independent ones advertised on TV? I'm a little gun shy to ask for online quotes because of the never ending robo calls of "Buy my warranty", so I thought I'd ask the question here.
  3. Are you guys talking about the large towing mirrors or the smaller standard mirrors? Or does it matter. I have a 2017 Silverado Double Door with the MAX towing package, which comes with the large tow mirrors, with about 35k on it. I have on occasion a "miss" folding on mine when I push the inside door mounted button to close or open the mirrors. Occasionally I'll find that both didn't completely fold or when unfolding, one may not move all the way to the home position. If I pull out on the road & then notice it, the mirror will not respond to the button command when moving.
  4. I'm curious if this generation of Chevy Silverado's (K2XX), mine is a 2017, have grease fittings for the steering components? My last truck, a '96 Z71, did have grease fitting on upper & lower ball joints, the steering pivot areas and the front drive shafts spline area. I could not find anything in the owners manual except "grease if it has fittings". Any help on this? I use to try doing it at least yearly on the '96.
  5. That's correct. I did that because you made reference to it & I just wanted to point out that the 72k was kilometers & not miles. I was just replying to let you know what I did. The owners manual doesn't give any incremental changes for the ATF on NORMAL use. I just use what I'm comfortable with. A lots of owners never change any of the fluids...at least until something starts making noise or quits working as new. In your case, you probably don't need to change any. Sorry for any confusion on my part.
  6. @AE1M....just to clarify the sever maintenance schedule, mine (2017) says to change automatic transmission fluid at 72 kilometers or 45k miles. That also goes for the Transfer case fluid. On my '17 6 speed, that's Dexron VI for both. On the transmission, I just suck out the fluid from the fill tube. I usually get about 4.5 to 5 qts, which is about half of the total fill. I do this about every 10k miles. I personally replace (drain & fill) both both front & rear differentials at 30k miles, along with (they take a 75W90 & 75W85 syn gear oil) FYI, I use the same weight in both (75W90). Everyone has their own preference of miles for these changes. I just like to be safe than sorry.
  7. I'm wondering if you could have a bad BODY ground. I'll put a couple videos below to check out. Hope this might help. AND be sure to check your fuses. GM Truck Electrical Ground Issues & Preventative Maintenance (Silverado, Sierra, SUVs) 2014-2018 Silverado/ Sierra Ground Upgrade K2XX (Prevent Electrical Issues) 2014 Silverado Intermittently Will Not Crank Fixed I Hope How to Fix many GM Truck/SUV Electrical Problems
  8. No accidents, done visually & via carfax. I know carfax doesn't always show accidents but I've been all over this truck. There's no evidence of any body work or paint.
  9. Tread wear is nice, smooth & even on all tires. The road noise is entering either from the door seals or other areas of cab, whether it's from poor sound insulation or some place that needs some sound insulation.. I may have to remove the rear seat on passengers side to investigate further
  10. Thanks for the reply. No I have not but what I hear is more road noise than wind. I probably should of clarified that better. Sounds like coming from rear passengers side
  11. Tim...Thanks for the reply. Can you help me a bit more on the location of the plastic? Is this on the out side of the truck? I see something located between the bed front & Cab, not sure what they are.
  12. Thanks for the reply SgtThor....I have been working on the seals but nothing that I've done seems to help. I have adjusted the door lock anchor as much as it will go in toward the cabs, both front & rear. I've tried adding some of the "3/8" foam" crack fillers in the inside of the door seals but have not been successful to get it but in more than about half around the back door. May look for some rubber tubing that will fit that I can pull thru. My CPO warranty is up the end of Feb & since I have messed with it, don't think the dealer will do anything, so won't pursue that, but thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Nope. All is standard equipment, even the tires are the original Goodyear's. It does have the factory side steps. It has the factory MAX tow package with the towing mirrors, no sunroof. Truck only has 35k on it. Not coming from the shark fin. My hearing isn't the same as when I was young but does sound like it's coming from the passenger side rear. Could be from the front door but I don't think so. I know there's a factory "pressure vent" on the back wall behind the back seats.
  14. I've had this truck about a year now & notice a "wind/road" noise which appears to be coming from the rear passenger side. Has anyone lese experience this noise or is it just me? Any suggestions on "fixes"?
  15. You might try a couple things. 1st, check your tire pressure up front & swap the front tires. That's what my alignment guy tries when this happens.
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