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  1. No, runs strong though. I understand what a compression check is, but I dont know how to do it. I assume you need to access the practically inaccessible spark plugs.
  2. Without going to the dealer, I am having some problems finding where to order these letters. I lost the “A” and it bothers me to have a Silver do. Any pointers on where to buy these OEM letters so I can just double side tape the A back? Thanks!
  3. Wicked expensive! How much additional were the lug nuts, TPMS etc…. Did you just bring new tires for them to install on the wheels? What did they hit you for calibration etc…?
  4. I decided that I want to replace my factory chrome rims with black rims of some sort. While researching, I see we need to know the offset, something I never considered. I cant seem to locate what the OEM rims are and order close to the same. Anyone know what that spec is, and maybe a recommendation of some high quality aftermarket rims? Thanks, Bob
  5. Finally someone answered the OP’s (me) actual question!
  6. Well this whole thread is pissing me off. After all the raving about catch cans, and now seeing 1/2 oz of oil in there that would have been directly injected past my valves, everyone seems to be ranting AGAINST their use. WTF is going on? Is it not beneficial to stop this blowby oil from gunking up the intake valves? Bob
  7. In MA, they dont even open hood, all done by OBD, lights check, ball joint check, tire check, wipers check. They might open hood if they suspect after market HIDs or something unusual. Not sure if CC is illegal or not.
  8. Just to verify, I’m not a mechanic. If you plug the intake port (I assume where the catch can output goes) do you also plug the PCV port? What happens to the blow by oil particles that would have ended up in the catch can? Will the truck pass emissions and/or throw codes?
  9. Broke down and installed a JLT catch can in 2016 HC with 60K miles. After 1,000 miles, mostly 60mph+ I had one half ounce (.5 oz) in the can. Is this what should be expected or better or worse? Also, despite some other posts and You Tube vids, I hear no hiss or other noise at all. Phone is close to engine, so engine sounds much louder than it really is! I added the small muffler clamps, just makes me feel better. I wish they were quick connects for ease of cleaning though.
  10. I’d like to install wheel well guards on my ‘16, had other trucks rust there due to stone chips. Any recommendations from the group? To be clear, the protectors on the outside around the fender wheel well and tire (if my terminology is wrong…) Bob
  11. You have a drain plug on your tranny?
  12. Dealer told me they don’t drop pan anymore, they have a machine that takes 1hr to flush. I like that better. Had it done.
  13. What it is the opinion about changing transmission fluid in a truck not used in "extreme" conditions? Daily driver, hauling stuff when needed, etc,,. Have a 2016 HC just hitting 60K miles. Having no issues and want to keep it like that. It would be done on a regular service visit (dont give me crap, I am physically unable to get under the truck and do this). Bob
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