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  1. I actually did that, needed a bit thicker piece so ended up with postage stamp size piece of cardboard for now, thanks.
  2. Yours is OK, here is the offender:
  3. Bingo, that has a video of how to do it, looks kinda delicate. Thanks, Bob
  4. I have the silver-metal sided FOB for my 2016 Silverado. On my OTHER fob, I accidentally broke the small piece of plastic that retains the battery. See pic below. Without it, a spring below does not allow proper contact of the battery as it pops up even with the cover on. I would like to buy a replacement fob on Ebay and just swap the guts however I cannot figure out how to open the fob beyond this point to swap out the motherboards instead of paying a re-programming fee. There are several sellers selling this p/n in the $35 range. It was my first time replacing the battery and didn't realize it was being pressed in by this part, so I busted it off prying it up. Anyone have tips how to get the guts out of this thing? Tried some minor prying the sides near the metal etc, but thought I'd ask before fubar. Removing the battery doesn't seem to offer any clues. Thanks,
  5. Bed lights

    I screwed my Extang bracket into the truck wall near the tailgate, never comes out.
  6. Bed lights

    I installed this rechargeable/removable Extang light in in my bed. I have the Extang Solid Fold 2 and it lights up the whole inside under the cover fine. It snaps off it’s holder so it doubles as a pretty bright flashlight. It can be recharged inside the truck with the included 12V cable. For an outer light, I replaced the high mounted third light bulbs with very bright white LEDs. https://extang.com/e-light-truck-bed-light Bob
  7. What is this bracket for, I dont recognize it.
  8. I have been thinking about replacing the factory bottle jack, don’t really care for this type. I also carry around a 3-ton jack stand for added safety if ever needed. Something that would fit in the under-rear seat storage bin would be best. What are folks using? Putting the small bottle jack top under the round rear axle (as owners manual recommends) seems a bit unstable. Bob
  9. Yes, I ordered the update for my 2016 after i tried to navigate to a location that wasnt in the database of my truck (business built in 2017). I did have to provide my VIN. The new database was about $100 and came on the USB thumb drive and installed perfectly. Had to leave the truck running for 45 mins for the update to load which killed my MPG.... Instructions said to leave running, not with key just in ACC. I have had systems like this fail if an upgrade was interrupted so I didnt want to do it on a drive. Anyway, new business WAS on the upgrade. I find it amusing that folks with $50K+ vehicles complain about $100 and also complain about Chinese stealing IP but are upset that the data is tied to your truck so you cant then stick it on eBay. You have an option to use Google Maps with Car Play or Waze etc if you dont want to rely on the built in feature you paid extra for in the first place. I am sure I’ll get flamed for this opinion.
  10. Yes, the My Chevrolet app allows you to unlock the doors, start the truck etc.... BTW, I also have the Chevrolet skill for my Echo Dot so I can start, unlock, etc.... by voice in the house! ‘Alexa ask Chevrolet to start my truck” etc.....
  11. Thanks, I did. I have a concern about the clearance of the rubber part of the product and my hard splash guard. In my episode up north, it took a full size pickup yanking on the front hooks pulling the truck forward and another on the rear hitch pulling to the passenger side to get me out of the ditch and associated rock..... Made me load up on rescue material in my toolbox.
  12. My question is a result of getting stuck alone in a ditch (1 ft of fresh snow hid the danger) at a driveway of a hunting cabin I'd never been to before. So, it's just an emergency issue. I have good tires etc, but sometimes good tires, 4L, and all the work you can do alone in the woods sometimes isnt enough. Bob
  13. For some reason, the owners manual says no chains for my tires. “If the vehicle has dual wheel s or 265/65R18,P265/65R18,P275/55R20,LT265/70R17,LT265/70R18,LT265/60R20,LT275/65R18,P285/50R20,285/45R22,orP285/45R22 size tires, do not use tire chains. They can damage the vehicle because there is not enough clearance. “ I am talking for emergency stuck in ditch etc only, quick use then off. Bob
  14. Any thoughts on keeping a set of these for being stuck in snow wth no help around? https://secretplane.net/products/anti-skid-emergency-tire-straps
  15. I recently posted a message here asking how to determine the version of maps on my 2016 High Country MyLink NAV. I also sent a message to the site where they sell the updates, www.gmnavdisc.com using their web form. This was over a week ago. Today I receive this, pasting verbatim. They have a pretty sophisticated system to track their versions. Hello Robert, Thank you for contacting General Motors Navigation Center. To check the version of the navigation system, please follow the instructions below. If the given address does not pull up, then you can place an order for a new map update online at www.gmnavdisc.com. Please select "Detroit, MI," select ✔, THEN select and confirm "Detroit, MI" again before typing in and entering "Shake Shack." Please do not input the full address. If Shake Shack at 660 Woodward Ave is on the list, but not at the top, the your nav system is up to date. If you need additional assistance, please send us your feedback by replying to this email. Kind regards, General Motors Navigation Center P.O. Box 1588 Orem, UT 84059

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