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  1. I have the Range installed and also have come concern about the AFM lifters not getting exercised occasionally. So, I leave the Range installed most of the time, but if I take a long trip on the highway, I will pull it to both exercise the mechanism and to get the better mileage.
  2. The passenger side only does swing out when the door is opened. It does not rotate back when the switch on the end is kicked as it should. The driver’s side works fine. I am thinking it must be the switch.
  3. Thanks, got it off, now just have to figure out how to free the connector. My board on pass sided doesnt articulate, going to try ordering a new end-cap with switch. Bob
  4. 2016 High Country My passenger side articulated running boards will not move backwards when the kick switch is pushed. Anyone know how to remove the end cap to check the switch? I tried prying but met with more resistance than I was comfortable with to continue prying. Bob
  5. Averaging 27.1 MPG in a Silverado. I am throwing the BS flag unless all your driving is downhill.
  6. Maybe you need to rotate the air in your tires, it get's pretty smelly if you don't.
  7. Interesting. Did you try just disabling on the phone temporarily instead (“Hey SIRI, stop Bluetooth”)?
  8. Bed lights

    Sorry I didnt see your reply, I have the Extang Solid Fold 2 and their light. Nice thing is that it can be removed for a flashlight also. I decided to mount on the side instead of on the tonneau. I keep the charger in the truck, every few months i'll just bring it in to make sure it's charged. Has 3 brightness settings. Bob
  9. I have found this topic of disabling AFM quite odd. I am a fairly new (8 months) owner of a 2016 High Country. Sweet f’ing ride, none of the vibrations issues discussed. On a recent long distance drive (over 1000 miles total) I achieved a tad over 23 MPG (actual measured) and saw the display switch to 4 cyl often while cruising, Engineers at GM (I assume) worked hard to create this feature, why disable it? In late summer in 2018 after buying this used truck, I had no issue towing 6500lb boat, launching etc.... Why would I spend 100s and risk screwing up what was designed into the truck to improve fuel effiency etc? My truck may be different as it was sold in Canada which has a few differences like no E85 etc... Bob
  10. On my 2016, I see up to 1.5A on the USB port charging iphone.
  11. My only issue, unrelated to Carplay but iPhone related I think, is that when I have an incoming phone call, the iPhone rings but the ring doesn't come through the truck speakers. The Mylink screen shows the incoming call and I can answer by pushing the button on the screen and the call proceeds normally via Bluetooth. I do hear the phone ringing, any way to make the ringing come through the truck speakers? Works normally on my 4Runner.
  12. IOS for iphone is now 12.1.3, not sure how you upgraded to 10.3.2?
  13. That's concerning. I am considering doing the other I like it so much! Mine works great. AJT shows a year warranty on the website, did you follow up? I spoke with the owner, seems very concerned about his designs. Bob
  14. Do you mean on the OEM fob or the AJT fob? Not clear which you are referring to. Bob
  15. I needed to replace my FOB as the buttons had become too worn and I actually damaged it a bit myself. I went with this product https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/online-store/Injection-Fob-2014-Chevy-GMC-Truck-BLACK-p119404439. I decided to color code the buttons. RED for the panic button and unlock and WHITE for the lock & remote start. Need to push the lock before the remote start so I made them the same color. Some observations, but buttons are larger than the original and much easier to push with man fingers. The size of the FOB is almost exactly the same as original. There are many color options for the buttons and the body. It was a bit on the expensive side but what isnt on these $60K trucks now. Material seems very durable, designer has a nice video showing how to remove the PCB and install in this one. I wouldnt bet on waterproof, but it is gasketed and press fits pretty tight with a nicely fitted rubber inner lining. Exchanging the guts is pretty easy, but the process does destroy the original. I can now see the buttons I need better and dont need to try to push sideways with fingernail like I had to do on the original. It is a pretty cool solution if you need a replacement but the guts are still working, no need for new programming etc... Kudos for the design.

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