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  1. I need to replace this kick switch on the articulated running boards on this 2016HC. Anyone know the actual name or source for this. I have browsed GM sites but cannot find it. I think image got rotated 90 degrees sorry. Thanks,
  2. Were you able to fix this, I need to order a new kick switch, cannot seem to locate the part, any help?
  3. I purchased the Speed Turtle for my 2016 HC. I am wondering if it uses power when the truck is off and parked. I emailed the company twice with no reply and there is no phone number on the website. https://speedturtleengineering.com/ Anyone happen to know?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Notice you are using the SEVERE chart. In my Owners Manual, the NORMAL usage chart is on the preceding pages. I am not a SEVERE user in my opinion. I put 7-10Kmi on the truck, it's not my daily driver. It's for hunting trips up north and times when I need a pickup for hauling. I doubt if I use 1000 miles/yr in 4WD. If bad snowstorm etc...
  5. Thanks for the reply, I do have copies of the glove box stickers with codes. It is a 2016 HC with 8speed. Does that help with the question?
  6. Forgive my ignorance on 4WD systems, I understand the principles but want to be sure I maintain the parts properly for this and the truck For normal usage, the owners manual says transfer case fluid every 72K mi For normal usage, the owners manual doesn't give a time to change auto transmission fluid, for SEVERE usage is says every 72K miles. How often should the front and rear axle (differentials I assume) lube be changed/services at all? The owners manual doesn't seem to say anything. For Normal usage, what's the suggestions for auto transmission and differential services? Thanks,
  7. It’s bullshit. My carefully measured MPG on a 400 mi round trip (on one way, off going back) on highway was about 4MPG better without the Range. Not substantial but there nonetheless less.
  8. Agree! The GM Nav is the only thing on this truck I actually hate. Anytime nav is needed I rely on my Garmin GPS or WAZE using Car Play.
  9. Exactly! Just measure height so there’s some tailgate clearance when it swings open.
  10. I installed one of these, love it. https://www.amazon.com/UnderCover-SwingCase-SC100D-2007-2018-Chevrolet/dp/B001B7TSSQ
  11. Took 2016 Silverado HC 1500 in for service and dealer found a software update for ECM and TCM Code#08YN50455501 (what my repair order says). Anyone know what this is for? Truck seems less responsive to acceleration. Bob
  12. Exactly! You can roll the windows down, open the rear slider and the flow is great.
  13. I do not have those extra wires on my truck, just the stock ground wire. I cannot identify how the ground wire would move separately from the battery. What do you have the ground wire tied to with the Zip tie besides your extra wires that must be grounding some accessory. Would zip tying it to the black enclosed bundle behind where you have it now insure the ground wire stays in place with respect to the battery?
  14. Yes I saw that when I ordered mine for pickup. I guess now that I successfully installed it I am a "professional". They should just post the link to the You Tube video instead of scaring people.
  15. Yeah, I get it. THis one's off the table. I like the UPR product previously suggested. That's a benefit of the forum.
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