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  1. Agree! The GM Nav is the only thing on this truck I actually hate. Anytime nav is needed I rely on my Garmin GPS or WAZE using Car Play.
  2. Exactly! Just measure height so there’s some tailgate clearance when it swings open.
  3. I installed one of these, love it. https://www.amazon.com/UnderCover-SwingCase-SC100D-2007-2018-Chevrolet/dp/B001B7TSSQ
  4. Took 2016 Silverado HC 1500 in for service and dealer found a software update for ECM and TCM Code#08YN50455501 (what my repair order says). Anyone know what this is for? Truck seems less responsive to acceleration. Bob
  5. Exactly! You can roll the windows down, open the rear slider and the flow is great.
  6. I do not have those extra wires on my truck, just the stock ground wire. I cannot identify how the ground wire would move separately from the battery. What do you have the ground wire tied to with the Zip tie besides your extra wires that must be grounding some accessory. Would zip tying it to the black enclosed bundle behind where you have it now insure the ground wire stays in place with respect to the battery?
  7. Yes I saw that when I ordered mine for pickup. I guess now that I successfully installed it I am a "professional". They should just post the link to the You Tube video instead of scaring people.
  8. Yeah, I get it. THis one's off the table. I like the UPR product previously suggested. That's a benefit of the forum.
  9. I dont understand your reply. I dont have any oil consumption issue. Catch can is to stop crap/oil from spewing from PCV back into the engine.
  10. Thanks for the reply, looking at UPR's https://uprproducts.com/14-18-gm-chevrolet-gmc-truck-5-3l-single-valve-oil-catch-can-separator-plug-n-play/ Big sucker. Is the check valve necessary? It appears to be an option on their order page.
  11. I have been convinced it's in the best interest of my 2016 HC to install a catch can, considering this catch can. It has the bronze filter and baffle. I have 2 questions about this and the Silverado install. Why do they provide 4 fittings for the can? Why do they provide only 2 hose clamps? Wont I need to use small hose clamps to attach to my PCV and head since I wont have the quick connects anymore? Is the hose size provided correct for our engines?
  12. The iPhone changed charging technology which is why the 2016 single coil wireless chargers don't work (plus actual different wireless signal). It isn't a defect. In 2018 GM introduced a triple coil module p/n 13521066 which is a direct fit drop in, but they did change the connector. You can buy the new GM part and wiring adapter from this guy https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2018-wireless-charging-module-kit-adapter/ Then it's a simple drop in, same form factor swap. None of this complicated F'ing around. The other issue the truck has is the wire to the module can get pinched by the lid, check to see it's out of the way. I put one in, works 100%. Bob
  13. I did this today and installed an H7 Diehard AGM from Advanced, about $200. I hunt in way northern NH and need a reliable batt when I need to start in really cold temps in a field in the woods! The best video I found was here for the job. My only difference was to remove the bracket center support instead of fighting with it. The hardest part was removing the back bolt holding down the coolant reservoir. It looked like too much to fight with a 50lb battery, used a bungie cord to hold it out of the way to remove and install. Total time was about 40mins including cleaning the tray etc... No settings at all were lost, compass came on with the CAL message but it cleared itself after about 5 mins of driving. Waiting for the temperature display to catch up, started with 32 deg when it was about 70 out. The old batt might still be enough to start the truck, so I may mount it in the tray on the drivers side and just charge it occasionally to jump start myself. Need to see what accessory I need, the existing empty tray doesn't have provision for the hold down clamp or I may just strap it there.
  14. Do you lose any settings in the truck after disconnecting battery? Radio stations, memories, etc... Window sync etc?
  15. Did you find the cause? Hard to imagine a batt change would cause that
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