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  1. Oh great, another oil thread. Have it changed when the meter on the truck gets to 10% with factory recommended oil & filter. Keep away from designer oils, etc... and spend time enjoying the ride. Ready to get flamed......
  2. I did that and it’s working now. Since the break is near the hinge, there was not a lot of wire to work with, and if it falls behind I’d never get it. I soldered and shrink-wrapped the connections. I am looking at it and thinking of a modification to get it away from the hinge. It is so odd that the sunroof and the sliding rear window ALSO have another fuse (green square slo-blo I think). The F2DL fuse must have popped while I was working with the frayed broken wires leading the to charger. I replaced the charger with the new gm replacement part for the modern iPhones allowing with their adapter harness which connects to the original for the new pinout of the new module.
  3. I found this post searching for a similar problem, I was upgrading the wireless module to the new one for newer iphones. Wires pinch where they enter under the console lid near the hinge from opening and closing the top. I need to replace that now,, where does the OTHER end plug into something. I can repair the wires, too close to the hinge.
  4. I have replaced the existing Qi wireless charging unit with the new one capable of charging the new iphones and adapter cable from GM. I am getting no voltage at the pins to the connector, before I start ripping things apart, does anyone know which fuse controls this device which is mounted on the center console (2016 HC). It doesn't seem to be labelled anywhere, Thanks, Bob
  5. Might be hard to answer unless you bought both!
  6. I dont know the answer to your question, but the Extang Solid2 fold has worked great for me, very simple installation and has not leaked or moved.
  7. I’ve had the Extang 2 solid fold and it has been great.
  8. After all these comments, I need a bottle of Jack instead of a bottle jack.
  9. Not an option when traveling, especially on hunting trips where nearest garage is nowhere near.
  10. This was recommended by my service advisor, if lift by the frame element the tire hangs down and so you have to extend the bottle jack very high.
  11. I have the under-rear seat storage organizer and it fits in there laying on it's side.
  12. So when looking at the front end and the jacking process of putting the jack under the control arm (which I prefer so the tire doesn't sag down) to change a flat, there is not much metal to get the top of the bottle jack secure IMO. I decided to use a hockey puck but wanted to make sure it was centered on the bottle jack. I built this centering adapter. I cut two wooden 3" disks from 3/4" plywood. Then I cut a 1.5" hole in one of the two making a plywood donut. Now arrange them with the donut one on the bottom, solid in them middle, hockey puck on top. Used wood glue for the disks and industrial adhesive between solid disk and hockey puck Finished product sits perfectly centered on the bottle jack to which I also attached a larger base for stability Now a bit more confident to jack up the truck with the bottle jack. Rather have a bottle of Jack. This arrangement adds about a total height of about 3" with the base, solid disk, and hockey puck. Feel much more secure. Bob
  13. I bought this and it worked fine. https://www.amazon.com/VXSCAN-El-50448-Pressure-Monitor-2010-2013/dp/B06XVR85N7/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3R9DSNGSULWXJ&keywords=silverado+tpms+relearn+tool&qid=1570028491&sprefix=silverado+tpms%2Caps%2C151&sr=8-7
  14. I didnt recall seeing Settings or Webex. The split screen maps is new, if you click on the lower left icon SIRI starts. Dark/light mode or auto is new.
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