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  1. OK, I am ready to get flamed. I bought one of these about 3 months ago. I have a 2016 HC Crew Cab, 45K miles. I drove with the Range on and off. Around town I notice no difference at all in performance. On a recent 500+ mile each way round trip to upstate NY 95% highway 70-75MPH, I got 21.2 MPG with Range OFF and 17.3 with Range installed, just a light load of luggage in truck. These are actual MPG calculated, not the display although it was very close. I believe it does what advertise because I watched the digital display. Honestly, I cannot hear any difference in the exhaust. I see no real reason to disable the AFM system based on these results. No codes, no undesirable experiences on or off except reduced MPG. Bob
  2. Can you expand on that or a link? Hate to lose my defroster!
  3. I got this recall notice on my 2016 HC (Made in CA) in the My Chevrolet app about a possible defroster shorting out on the sliding rear window. The fix is to remove the fuse for the defroster. WTF? Anyone know more about this? Bob
  4. What is the opinion about fender guards (around the wheel wells)? I had a 2003 Tahoe and this is where chips caused rust and eventually rot. Will these protect? Recommendations on brands? Bob
  5. You say yours was delivered to GM to Canada and the headlight switch will rotate to OFF when NOT in Park? If so, it does not operate as the manual states on page 178
  6. Mine was purchased in Toronto. I guarantee that my truck was initially sold in Canada and the headlight switch operates exactly as the owners manual says. It will not rotate to the off position unless the trunk is in PARK. I can also guarantee the dealer confirmed E85 is not recommended and therefor the yellow sticker is not there. All exactly as the owners manual says. Bob
  7. Friend, Where people get that info is from the Owners Manual. Vehicles sold in CA must not be able to turn the headlights off while the vehicle is moving, so the switch is designed NOT to rotate to the off position in that case. Here is cut/paste from owners manual P 178 "For vehicles first sold in Canada, off will only work when the vehicle is in P (Park)." I never said E85 was illegal, what I said is that the trucks GM exports to CA for some reason cannot use E85. Here is another cut/paste from the owners manual P 324 and is why those trucks are not labelled for E85. (they dont have the yellow E85 badge). Engine must be tuned differently I suppose. "E85 or FlexFuel should meet ASTM Specification D 5798 or CAN/ CGSB–3.512 in Canada. Do not use the fuel if the ethanol content is greater than 85%. Fuel mixtures that do not meet ASTM or CGSB specifications can affect driveability and could cause the malfunction indicator lamp to come on." "Vehicles that have a FlexFuel badge and a yellow fuel cap can use either unleaded gasoline or ethanol fuel containing up to 85% ethanol (E85). See E85 or FlexFuel ." I look forward to your apology. Bob
  8. Correct, this is one of the differences in trucks initially sold into Canada. The round switch to turn OFF the headlights will not rotate to the OFF position while the truck is moving. Otherwise it will rotate to OFF. Canadian safety law. Also, Canadian sold trucks cannot use E85, My 2016 High Country is the same way.
  9. I have the Range installed and also have come concern about the AFM lifters not getting exercised occasionally. So, I leave the Range installed most of the time, but if I take a long trip on the highway, I will pull it to both exercise the mechanism and to get the better mileage.
  10. The passenger side only does swing out when the door is opened. It does not rotate back when the switch on the end is kicked as it should. The driver’s side works fine. I am thinking it must be the switch.
  11. Thanks, got it off, now just have to figure out how to free the connector. My board on pass sided doesnt articulate, going to try ordering a new end-cap with switch. Bob
  12. 2016 High Country My passenger side articulated running boards will not move backwards when the kick switch is pushed. Anyone know how to remove the end cap to check the switch? I tried prying but met with more resistance than I was comfortable with to continue prying. Bob
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