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  1. So we got our 2020 3.0 Crew cab/short box denali in December and only had the chance to put a couple thousand miles on it. ‘This week we finally got to take it on our first big trip out west. We are half way through the trip and going through SD and WY we avg’d about 75-80 mph. We have 4 people in the truck and bed has luggage and supplies and we are getting about 25mpg. I realize if we went 55mph that we’d probably get closer to epa numbers but I’m pretty happy with this result. Additionally before this trip, with around town driving, we were getting consistently getting 24-25. We took this same trip a few years back with our suburban and averaged about 18-19 mpg. Overall truck is doing very well and no issues- Its a pleasure to drive and comfortable for all.
  2. I agree. We’ve had our truck now for 3 months and most trips are short. Haven’t had any issues with regen and mileage has been averaging 24-25 around town.
  3. We’ve had ours for a bit over a month now and 1200 miles. Only one issue with black screen which was fixed by dealer with update. No other issues but have noticed the coolant temp running up and down too. Our “around the town” mileage is about 24mpg so far and it drives so well with the suspension that makes it feel more like a car than a truck. We still have not tried remote start on it yet even with the temp getting down to -10, however when we crank it during the coldest temps, it starts up fast.
  4. This is a gmc 1500 duramax diesel. If you look in other sections on brake loss/entertainment/alerts/warning messages etc, you’ll see other owners seeing a potential link to using the remote start feature, mainly the app version.
  5. So we have a 2020 Sierra Denali Duramax. After getting the truck and reading all the board posts, i was concerned about using the remote start functionality due to the issues I’ve read about that seem to start after someone used the remote start. To this point, despite living in Minnesota, i have asked my wife to avoid using it. So my question is, am i being too cautious and are those cases Ive read about more one offs? I would assume with all the trucks that have shipped, many are using remote start with no issues? Thanks.
  6. Couldnt agree more. We never had any issues with our TDI's and even after the "fixes" they are pretty much as they were before. So all good. .
  7. We just picked up our 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali diesel today. For the 70 miles we've driven it, we are happy with the purchase. I really wanted the SLT with X31, but when we drove it and then the Denali with Ultimate (both diesels) my wife really liked the ride on the Denali better. Since she will drive it more than myself, I felt that was the way to go. This will be our 3 diesel in the family with the other 2 being Audi's. For some reason, I really like them (along with the vastly superior fuel economy).
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