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  1. Only thing worse than the 5.7 (350) diesel was the V6 version they put in some cars in that era.
  2. After a couple years running adaptive cruise, I've found that the camera blinded by sun or a 'flash' reflection has been the usual reason for it to be 'temporarily' unavailable. I've never ( so far?) needed to cycle ignition or disconnect battery for it to become available again. Regular cruise has always remained available in these situations.
  3. GOcustoms joined and made the post August 21, 2022. Last visited site Aug 13 2022 -- the day after the original post.
  4. Interesting how some say the refresh is much better and some say it is much worse. I've gone from '21 to '23 - both Denali. (not Denali Ultimate, which has a 12 speaker Bose vs the 7 speaker Bose in 'regular' denali I've only run a 100 miles or so in the new one, but first impressions were that it was better. Not 'night and day' different, but improved. So far just listening to my usual FM 'classic rock' station, and a little bit of SiriusXM. Perhaps it is just the eq settings? Maybe just placebo effect? Haven't bothered to investigate settings too much yet. UQA Bose Sound System, premium 7-speaker system with Richbass woofer UQS Bose Premium Series with 12-speaker system with CenterPoint, Richbass woofer and AudioPilot
  5. Standard, no-lockable, non-covered under seat storage in my crews is smaller front-to-back that what is in the picture. Perhaps about the size of the one in the link above for the double cab. If you don't need lockable it might be a better solution for pets and/or larger containers that you want to carry on the floor.
  6. Camera review mirror and the bedview camera are separate cameras. So if you want both you need the assembly with TWO cameras
  7. Decided to see if there was any info about this in the fleet order guide. It shows the 12V outlet is only installed/available on low trims. On sierra First column is the 'pro' trim. On Silverado it comes on the WT, Custom and Custom Trailboss So it would be in the Owners Manuals -- and not be on the high trim trucks mentioned in other posts. Perhaps also explains the OM section discussing fuse location changes -- and the lack of available connection on higher trims that will not have the 12v pot. Guess I'm won't be running the 12v cooler with the new truck when it arrives
  8. Interesting. My 21 has 12 v power ports. (and the 120V shared 400W outlets) 2023 owners manual shows 12v power ports. I have a '23 being shipped. I'm curious to see if it has 12v port(s).
  9. Good idea. I hear ford's never have any sort of quality issues.
  10. Are you saying 2023's have no '12V power outlet' or 'no cigar lighter'? (ya, I get that the power ports are sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as cigar/cigarette lighters) Diagrams posted were from the 2023 1500 Sierra Owners Manual... Didn't check for 12v outlets in the one I test drove.
  11. When it was parked? Indicates security system on. The assembly also contains a light for the auto function of the headlights (to switch DRL's to headlights when dark) Vehicle Alarm System The indicator light, on the instrument panel near the windshield, indicates the status of the system. Off : Alarm system is disarmed. On Solid : Vehicle is secured during the delay to arm the system. Fast Flash : Vehicle is unsecured. A door or the hood is open. Slow Flash : Alarm system is armed.
  12. 100,000 mile engine warranty being thrown out the window?
  13. Around town, especially with lots of stops and starts will always settle at higher transmission temps than when at steady speed on the highway. Airflow is required to make the cooler work. Torque converter during starts and lots of shifting at low speeds all create more heat.
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