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  1. Something made the messages come up and applied a speed limit. Would made sense if some sort of information stored by the computers. Curious to hear what a scanner discovers.
  2. Did the update reset the default for the Remote Left in Vehicle Alert?
  3. Mine pulls like a champ too. 14000 miles and lifetime fuel economy over 25.5 usmpg. I log every fill and track both dic numbers and hand calc numbers. I ran several 1500 V8 8 spds doing the same job and they got 20. I'd argue that the 'lemon' has/had an undiagnosed mechanical problem Turbo actuator mounted loose was one of the documented issues that would have caused similar performance issues. Lack of performance was one of the possible symptoms Ad Tj points out above, steady speed runs will give great numbers.
  4. They're also tired of fighting about warranty coverage for damage caused by stuff that owners did wrong. I'm not saying there aren't fully capable owners out there, but there are also lots of owners that should never be allowed to attempt any sort of maintenance.
  5. If you click where it says '17 replies' it should take you to the thread. (presumably if number replies changes it will give the new number )
  6. Sounds like some need to read the owners manual to learn what it is supposed to do and the warnings about what that it will not do.
  7. Sounds like maybe you need to creatively install a hidden disconnect switch.
  8. No need to be plugging it in at -18C (0F) anyway. And yes, in late 2019 there was there was updated programming released to deal with the fan running thing. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=12389 Cooling Fans Running for an Extended Period December 13, 2019 Some 2020 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models equipped with the 3.0L diesel engine (RPO LM2) (Fig. 12) may have the engine cooling fans running continuously for an extended period of time. The Check Engine MIL also may be illuminated. Fig. 12 Currently, an en
  9. When the adaptive on these trucks becomes unavailable if the camera unable to 'see', the system can easily be switched to regular cruise using the cruise control buttons.
  10. Haven't heard if that will be the case. It would make sense (to me) that after they got done sorting out a calibration to match the higher torque/hp level that they would go back and use what they learned to smooth out the earlier ones.
  11. I think you mean 2.7L turbo. A custom has all-seasons standard (all terrains as an option) If it has all seasons, swap them for a set of all-terrains. Might as well be a 'snowflake' tire like so they will be better in winter. If it's sandy or muddy and you might want wheel spin, shut-off traction control. I'm not a fan of 'auto' 4wd. If it's hard, it's in 2wd. If it's muddy or deep/loose it's in 4wd.
  12. In GM's wording: AUTO (Automatic Four-Wheel Drive) Use when road surface conditions are variable. When driving in AUTO, the front axle is engaged, and the vehicle's power is sent to the front and rear wheels automatically based on driving conditions. This setting provides slightly lower fuel economy than 2 m.
  13. Should work if you set you phone up to act as a 'hotspot' (same as you might do if you wanted to use for phone to link you laptop to the internet. (on android Settings>Network & Internet>Tethering>Wi-Fi hotspot> turn on The first time it'll need be set it up -- name, permissions, etc If your at home your truck will likely be able to see your home wi-fi (assuming you have home wi-fi, and assuming you can park within it's range)
  14. Iirc, 'Download later' will ask again before it downloads. You have to 'install now' at one of the times if asks.
  15. Order guide info for 2020 1500 silverado: UTJ Theft-deterrent system, unauthorized entry 1 - Included and only available with (PCX) Custom Convenience Package. 2 - Included and only available with (PCL) Convenience Package or (B59) Remote Start Package. Shows Not available on WT. 1 is for the 'Silverado Custom' and 'Sliverado Custom Trailboss' 2 is for LT RST, LT Trailboss, LTZ and High Countrry UTJ was standard. For 2021 and for current production of 2022 'Silverado 1500 LTD'
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