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  1. Fuel filter should be changed the earliest of: 22,500 miles (36,000km) 2 years 0% on DIC If you drive a lot it's likely to be miles. If you drive a little it's likely to be time. If you get some dirty fuel it's likely to be %. If you prefer to use the 'severe service' schedule the first trans fluid and external filter change is at 45,000 miles, then 90k intervals.
  2. Carplay or AA will get the GPS from you phone onto the screen.
  3. From posts here and other forums, I wonder if they are dealing with the block heater issue with two notices/recalls. First one, a safety recall, for the heater disable. A 2nd one, for the repair campaign, not getting opened/issued until parts are assigned to the dealers area. The rear window defroster was done with 2 notices. Safety 'recall' to disable it. Later (now) 'customer satisfaction campaign' with a different number, to install revised parts and re-enable.
  4. Did you try shutting them off in the personalization menus or just with the dash switch?
  5. Also depends on where you are located -- and the impact that has on delivery time after it is built.
  6. The pic appears to be the the 4" tube step, not the sport step the OP asked about. (does looks like it might be the same as the tube-type one that GM offers)
  7. LM2 (3.0) includes a block heater, just like it's big brother has always had. If it's like the 2020+ HD, the cord is now separate and connects to a plug somewhere on the front of the truck, instead of being coiled up inside the engine compartment. Hence the 'under the back seat comment. I'd guess he's suggesting to make sure the cord didn't get removed from the truck. Loose accessories sometimes seem to end up in the clean up department or in some sales persons office, or just swiped by someone. Especially if the truck was sitting on the lot. Assuming it starts like the 6.6L's, the block heater won't be needed to well below 0*F/-10*C. In media release, GM claims the 3.0L will start unassisted as low as -30C/-22F and assisted as low as -40C/-40F From: https://media.gm.ca/media/ca/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/ca/en/2019/Jun/0603-silverado.html Ceramic glow plugs used in the Duramax 3.0L heat up more quickly and hotter than conventional metal-based glow plugs, helping the engine start and heat up more quickly in cold weather. The Duramax 3.0L achieves unassisted and assisted starting temperatures of -30 C (-22 F) and -40 C (-40 F) respectively.
  8. 2018 Order guide show LED's optional on 1500 SLT. T4L Headlamps, high-performance LED headlamps with GMC signature LED lighting 1 - Included and only available with (PDT) SLT Crew Cab Premium Plus Package, (PDG) All Terrain SLT Premium Package and (STF) All Terrain X Package. Not available on lower trims. Std on 1500 denali.
  9. Doesn't help with the FOB question, but both task lighting and cargo lighting have several modes to select from: Exterior Cargo Lamps The cargo lamps provide more light in the cargo area or on the sides of the vehicle, if needed. The lamps inside the pickup box, in the tailgate handle, for the hitch, and/or the cargo mirror lamps also turn on, if equipped. If the vehicle is in P (Park), R (Reverse), or N (Neutral) the Cargo Lamp Switch causes the lights to cycle through the following states for each button press: - Initial Press: - CHMSL/Cargo Bed Lights - On - Cargo Mirror Lights - On - Cargo Switch Indicator (ifequipped) - On - Next Press: (if with in 5 seconds of the previous button press): - CHMSL/Cargo Bed Lights - On - Cargo Mirror Lights - Off - Cargo Switch Indicator (if equipped) - On - Next Press: - CHMSL/Cargo Bed Lights - Off - Cargo Mirror Lights - Off - Cargo Switch Indicator (if equipped) - Off Task Lighting (is also user selectable: If equipped, task lighting projects light from the outside mirrors away from the vehicle. While the vehicle is parked, press (bottom of light knob) to select one of the following options: . Left and Right Task Lights Illuminated . Left Task Light Illuminated . Right Task Light Illuminated . Left and Right Task Lights Off If the vehicle leaves a parked position, the lights will immediately turn off. If the vehicle is off, the lights will stay on for approximately 10 minutes. If any Task lights are on, if the button has not been pressed after approximately 5 seconds, pressing it again will turn off all Task Lights. (press bottom of switch a second time before 5 seconds and the selected mode will change to the next one in the list; press it more than 5 seconds after previous press and if 'on' they should will turn 'off')
  10. I think I read there is a tsb or recall to correct the issue of camera hole.....
  11. It won't notify you unless it is having troubles getting successful regened. (and gives the 'keep driving' message) You dealer can connect to it and tell you how many regens it has done. If the regen happens when you are on the highway, it's really easy to miss the signs -- unless you are running on a steady pull and happen to be looking at one of the fuel economy screens.
  12. 9L7 Upfitter switch kit, (5), Provides 3-30 amp and 2-20 amp configurable circuits to facilitate installation of aftermarket electrical accessories. Kit with all required parts will be shipped loose with the truck for installation by the dealer or upfitter at customer expense. Installation instructions and technical assistance available at www.gmupfitter.com. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI Bulletin 153_wip.pdf
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