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  1. Not really. But of course, there are also those that leave a standard gate down and then have an 'opportunity' with the corner of the trailer they are pulling. And there are those that have opened a standard gate and hit a fixed trailer jack. The 'internet' isn't up in arms about either of those possibilities. I just figure most don't need protecting from themselves. OTOH, some will require an expensive lesson. For all the reasons in my previous post, the ball mount gets removed from mine when it's not hooked to one of the trailers.
  2. Great looking truck! I'm jealous of the shop space....
  3. Yes. You can only get 4 'with the truck' at the cheaper price, but can buy more thru accessories,. System can read 6 at once, so can be used work with 3 axle trailers. System saves 'profiles' for the trailers you pull. Each can have sensors it you want. (but you don't have to) You can also have a 'guest' trailer - so you don Same as 2019, my 2021 came with : GM p/n 84152501 433MHz Made in UK $150 per pair form GM accessories (as GM likes to do, there is a different part number for a 'package of 2 sensors' Part No. : 84338125 The oic with that part number show the parts, with the number posted for the 2019, and that came with mine. They look like this: https://accessories.gmc.com/product/trailer-tire-pressure-indicator-sensor-package-84338125?year=2021&make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&modelId=548&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=652&trim=Denali&trimId=577&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=3.0L L6 DIESEL&engineId=17881&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=106004 The black stemmed ones, also on the accessories site look like the ones on the truck. Tire Pressure Monitor (XL8 - 433 MHz) Part No. : 84413357 They are $40 each, so about 1/2 the cost of the trailer sensors. Perhaps because they don't do tire temperature? Anybody know for sure? They look like this:
  4. Continues to be quite a saga. Really hope they find a cause, and release the info, so we know what caused the issue.
  5. I think they figured their customers were smart enough to not need it...
  6. Some owners shouldn't be trusted with tools.
  7. They should start showing up anytime noew. Multi-flex was added to the 1500 silverado order guide mid-December 2020.
  8. There are always in-year changes too, but these were changes for start of 21 model 1500. (they can and do make changes all the time -- one of the reason why the advertising and brochures always say 'at time of publication, see dealer for details' ) Chevrolet Truck Silverado 1500 Deletions (G2X) Havana Brown Metallic (GPJ) Cajun Red Tintcoat (A52) Front 40/20/40 split bench seat (QT3) Tailgate (UVI) Trailer Camera Package (MCY) USB port (NZT) 20" x 9" painted aluminum with machined face and Gray accent pocket wheels (PDA) Texas Edition (PCQ) LT Value Package (PCR) RST Value Package (PDL) LTZ Texas Edition (B59) Remote Start Package (XFE) Fuel Economy Package New Features (GB8) Mosaic Black Metallic (GNK) Oxford Brown Metallic (GSK) Cherry Red Tintcoat (RGE) Safety Confidence Package available on Work Truck (1WT), Custom (1CX) and Custom Trail Boss (2CX) (PDD) All Star Edition Plus (PDP) Texas Edition Plus (PDY) LTZ Premium Texas Edition (QK2) Multi-Flex Tailgate (BKF), (BKE) Carpeted floor liners Wireless Phone Projection, for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (QFV) LT265/60R20 MT blackwall Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires Changes CC10743 2WD Crew Cab Standard Bed model is no longer available on Custom (1CX), RST (1SP), LTZ (1LZ) or High Country (3LZ) CC10753 2WD Double Cab Standard Bed model is no longer available on RST (1SP) or LTZ (1LZ) CK10753 4WD Double Cab Standard Bed model is no longer available on LTZ (1LZ) (PDX) Custom Value Package is now standard on Custom (1CX) and includes (PCX) Custom Convenience Package, (ZLA) Infotainment Package and (Z82) Trailering Package (PCX) Custom Convenience Package and (ZLA) Infotainment Package are now standard on Custom Trail Boss (2CX) (PDU) All Star Edition, (PCL) Convenience Package, (Z82) Trailering Package and (G80) Auto-locking rear differential are now standard on LT (1LT) and RST (1SP) (PCH) Convenience Package with Bucket Seats is now standard on LT Trail Boss (2LT) (PDF) LTZ Plus Package is now standard on LTZ (1LZ) and includes (PCZ) LTZ Convenience Package and (PQB) Safety Package (AE7) Front 40/20/40 split-bench seat is now standard on Work Truck (1WT), Custom (1CX) and Custom Trail Boss (2CX) (MCZ) USB ports are now standard on Work Truck (1WT), Custom (1CX) and Custom Trail Boss (2CX) (U2K) SiriusXM is now available on Work Truck (1WT) and standard on Custom (1CX), Custom Trail Boss (2CX) LT (1LT), RST (1SP) and LT Trail Boss (2LT) (UE1) OnStar is now standard on Custom (1CX) and Custom Trail Boss (2CX) (QT5) EZ Lift and Lower tailgate is now standard on Custom (1CX), Custom Trail Boss (2CX) and LT (1LT) (QT6) Power up and down tailgate is now standard on LTZ (1LZ) and available on LT (1LT), RST (1SP) and LT Trail Boss (2LT) (RD5) 20" x 9" Black painted aluminum wheels are now free flow on Custom Trail Boss (2CX) and LT Trail Boss (2LT) (RD2) 20" x 9" Polished finish wheels are now standard on LTZ (1LZ) (CF5) Sunroof no longer available on LT (1LT) (NHT) Max Trailering Package with (L84) 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine now requires a sold order type (BG9) Rubberized-vinyl flooring on LT (1LT) now requires a sold order type
  9. Whip antenna is better at receiving the wavelengths used for am/fm. (and a long one works better than a stubby)
  10. doozer is correct about factory order not currently available Order guide shows: SF6 LPO, Body color wheel arch moldings, (dealer-installed) Not available at this time. Requires exterior paint (GAZ) Summit White, (GBA) Onyx Black or (GSK) Cayenne Red Tintcoat. Not available with (VQK) front and rear Black molded splash guards, LPO or (PDH) GMC Interior Protection Package, LPO. Colours listed are for SLT trim. Others trims may be different (like white frost on a Denali)
  11. I'd take it back. First attempt was a different sensor. Second attempt might be the receiving module on the truck.
  12. Welcome! I picked up on the Superduty too -- or at least wondered if that was what it was. Kobota behind the truck? For those wondering about the '73/'74 455 https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/1973-74-pontiac-firebird-formula-and-trans-am-sd-455
  13. It's not urban legend. Depends on what type of ball and mount is plugged in, but on some the small gate can hit when opened. Some mounts have enough offset that the ball is below the centre section even if when open -- of course offset should selected to match trailer requirement. Otoh, I've pulled trailers that have a non-swivel jack that an traditional tailgate will hit. Curt makes an add-on interlock that detects if ball mount installed and interrupts circuit that releases the centre section. I've bashed enough shins/knees over the years that part of unhooking the trailer is removing the ball mount.
  14. This was the 2018 L5P just before trade-in
  15. Currently, the only way to get the 10 speed in an LT or an Elevation is with the 3.0. Currently, lowest trim with 5.3L 10 speed combo is the 4wd SLT. 5.3L 10 speed isn't currently offered in silverado, and is currently discontinued on lower trim sierra's. all 3.0's have the 10 speed -- LT, RST, LTZ, HC, SLE, Elevation, SLT, AT4, Denali all 6.2's get the 10 speed (also all 6.2's are 4wd) -- CustomTB, RST, LTTB, LTZ, HC, SLT, AT4, Denali
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