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  1. GM Pickup with a Console Shifter ?

    For me, the open bin for 'stuff' is a LOT more useful than using the space for a shifter. Lot's of times I'm in and out of the truck all day, and want/need the handy temporary storage. I hope GM never makes the mistake of moving the shifter to the console.
  2. If the hitch hit the centre of the acura bumper, the car may have not bee wide enough to reach the exhaust outlet. Car bumper is likely also curved, so not as far forward at the sides of the car - again reducing chance of hitting exhaust. At the speeds you're describing I wouldn't expect there to be any damage -- to the truck.
  3. Dealer I usually use keeps a re-learn tool in the drive thru service reception area and will gladly take the walk around required to do the relearn for those that have rotated the tires themselves. If you do them yourself, and either rotate or are swapping winter/summer tires, and/or have multiple vehicles it might make sense to obtain a relearn tool to do them as they are being changed.
  4. New 2018 GAS 2500 HD

    There are a couple of different addons available thru GM for the arm-rest bos. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/2018/GMC/Sierra 2500 HD/front-center-console-tray-organizer-in-black-22817343?categoryId=12001 There are videos out there the new tailgate introduced for the 2019 1500 at the Detroit auto show January 2018. Presumably it will be available on 2020 HD's, but I'm not aware of that being announced.
  5. Under vehicle settings ->collision/detection systems>alert type>audible or seat can be selected Alert Type This feature will set crash alerts to beeps or seat vibrations. This setting affects all crash alerts including Forward Collision, Lane Departure Warning, and Parking Assist alerts. Select Beeps or Safety Alert Seat. No ideas how it got changed, but I'd wonder about a loose connector in dash causing both the problems
  6. A little emery cloth and some contact cleaner. Whenever I've had that type message it's been dirty connectors on truck or trailer or both. Di-electric grease is non-conductive. http://www.tech-faq.com/dielectric-grease.html
  7. When looking for a truck, don't forget that there can be huge difference in MSRP for 2 trucks of same cab/box and trim level. due to the options added to the vehicle. Getting a 'deal' is a wonderful thing, but a deal for a bunch of stuff you don't want or need is still a waste of money.
  8. Opinions on towing?

    Is the camper weight of 12,800 before packing/loading and water?
  9. Or you seeing 6.0 reg and DC's in the same locations?
  10. Intellilink

    GM limit or XM limit?
  11. Intellilink

    Prolly meant to link this one:
  12. Capless fuel fill

    Dmax still uses a twist on cap....
  13. Oil catch can:

    Some people read multiple forum sections and could spot your post here and provide help, but you're a lot more likely to get readers knowledgeable about your subject/question if posted in the correct section.
  14. 373 to 410

    Engine is still relevant. If it's a 6,0, the dealer should be able to do it, and use the factory 4.10 calibration. He posted the wouldn't, not they couldn't, and needs to see another dealer. (or another service adviser, since sometimes they have incorrect info, or have encountered this request) If it's a 6.6, there is no GM calibration available for 4.10., so can't would have been the correct response. I had/have ZERO opinion on whether he should or shouldn't change.

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