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  1. Not sure if this is what you mean, but it doesn't give a beep for step one, which is press and release the 'set' button. Beep (should) happen in next step which is holding the '1'. '2' or 'exit' ...whichever is being changed. Are you pressing the 'set' button first? Pushing the set button tells it you want to change the programming, rather than have it move to the memorized location. The 'beep' after holding the second button tells you the current locations have be saved.
  2. The trucks in the shots above are in a TFL video as well. (apparently they had to agree to not post 'driving impressions' yet. There is also a similar video of the 3.0L 1500 (still no epa rating for the 3.0L either)
  3. I saw the poll too....and it's similar to polls and comments on other truck enthusiast forums....but I'm standing by my statement. fwiw, I'm a long time gmc fan. There won't be a silverado here.
  4. And they will sell more chevys than gmcs, just like they always do.
  5. If ride i important, get wheels/tires with taller sidewalls, no matter what brand you pick. In the GM world, the sizes available all have the same outside diameter -- so not speedo calibration required for the 'factory' sizes. This means that when the rim diameter gets bigger the sidewall gets shorter. Same is in the sporting car world, shorter sidewalls will be stiffer, and give a harsher ride.
  6. Are you correcting for tire size in the mileage calcs?
  7. 2016 DENALI 4.10 GEARS?>?

    Huh? You've got it backwards.....
  8. If it's the alternator you're after, you can order it without getting snowplow package. If it's a Dmax, it's included on 2020's.. Applies to all trims: KW5 Alternator, 220 amps 1 - Included with (L5P) Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine or (VYU) Snow Plow Prep Package. Free flow on (L8T) 6.6L V8 gas engine.
  9. 2016 DENALI 4.10 GEARS?>?

    By 'spec' sheet do you mean the window sticker? The window sticker lists the 'standard' equipment. The LH side of window sheet lists the options, which can/do override the standard features. 3.73 diff option that is included/required with the Duramax option. As others posted, if it's a 2016 Dmax, it was born with 3.73 diff ratio
  10. Yes, that would be paranoid.
  11. Way back, I worked in a fuel station, and when the tanks were dipped to verify inventory there was paste put on the stick that would give an indication of how much water was settled in the bottom of the tank. Presumably that can still be / still is done.
  12. It would be good to know if they were dropping diesel. Might have been a gasoline only delivery. Of course, they should have a record.
  13. I've heard of contamination in fuel problems occurring when filling up soon after a load of fuel was dropped and stirred up the water and/or other contamination in the underground tanks. Also heard of gas being dropped into a diesel tank, but that doesn't sound like the problem you are having. OTOH, in about 15 years of diesel pickup operation I've never had a water-in-fuel issue. (or any other fuel contamination issue, for that matter).
  14. Your vehicle must be above 25 mph for it to work. (to avoid nuisance alerts at low speed) It works with moving objects -- like when someone pulls out in front of you, or changes lanes in front of you when the available space is 'tight' -- AND at your current closing rate you will hit them. It should ignore parked vehicles (as long as they aren't parked in your lane). Sometimes they false alert when meeting traffic on a curve.
  15. What distance do you have it set to?

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