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Community Answers

  1. Used to be a different trim piece to put on in place of the front license plate mounting. We require front plate here. GM still forces this option for deliveries to front plate destinations. VK3 License plate kit, front (will be forced on orders with ship-to states that require front license plate) Presumably that means they still have the alternate trim piece available. Might be worth checking one of the on-line parts companies, or wander up to a nearby dealers parts counter.
  2. Did you try 'push and hold'? Most similar push button systems will scroll when button is held, and will also increase scroll speed as hold time increases.
  3. There is a step-by-step diagnostic procedure determine if the source of the increased parasitic loss. Clearly it shouldn't be dead after 48 hours. Anything been added / plugged in that is causing additional drain?
  4. They changed a couple years ago from the label in the glovebox to the QR code on the door post. Phone camera can read the QR code. Depending of phone, might need to download an app. QR code won't be a complete list of the codes. Any dealer can print full listing from the vin. GM social media might send you a complete sheet.
  5. I've always ordered without a deposit and without signing anything. Always with a dealer contact that knows me, but a couple of them we spec'd out over the phone.
  6. To my eye the effect of the chrome also depends on the paint colour it is combined with. Some colours it blends in, others it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  7. Sailor, there is also a long list of things that prevent auto stoop/start from stopping. Any of these apply with your ride? Auto Stops may not occur and/or Auto Starts may occur because: . The climate control settings require the engine to be running to cool or heat the vehicle interior. . The vehicle battery charge is low. . The vehicle battery has recently been disconnected. . Minimum vehicle speed has not been reached since the last Auto Stop. . The accelerator pedal is pressed. . The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature. . The outside temperature is not in the required operating range. . The vehicle is in any gear other than D (Drive). . Tow/Haul Mode or other driver modes have been selected. . The vehicle is on a steep hill or grade. . The driver door has been opened or the driver seat belt has been unbuckled. . The hood has been opened. . The Auto Stop has reached the maximum allowed time.
  8. Take it for the programming update to get the crank timeout / no start corrected.
  9. Is it on the tire size it was born with? What does the door sticker say for pressure for that size?
  10. And I've found roads that aren't in google maps. It happens. Of course if you do googles job for them and let them know, then they will add them.
  11. That's they they have always done those features in the trucks. Not user selectable. (or dealer either as far as I know) Like your caddy, our Acadia doesn't shut them off either. So it seems to be a truck thing, not a divisional thing. And if manually started (instead of remote) it will turn the comfort stuff on (and later off) automatically if it thinks it is necessary.
  12. Routing can change depending on settings selected. Shortest vs fastest can sometimes make unexpected changes. Avoidances/preferences can too. Doesn't matter what gps / mapping source is in use. Of course no setting fixes map that doesn't yet show a new road. Sometimes they don't add them til they are 'assumed' by the municipality.
  13. Imho, it sounds a lot more like a transmission issue that a brake issue.. Flashing 'N' should help with diagnostics.
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