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  1. Yupp. Your problem is the end of the world. Fortunately Alliston is still pounding out CRV's
  2. Every vehicle I've ever driven will have a situation where driving direction/time/sun angle can have this issue. Sometimes its the hood, sometimes it's a piece of trim somewhere. Super annoying when it happens -- especially if it's a regular occurrence on a daily commute.
  3. I regularly drive on a couple roads that do not have speed limit signs (so the default speed for rural 2 lane is in effect). On these roads, my '21 doesn't not show speed limit signs either. Speed limit on pre-refresh is is a database in the nav. There are a few places (with signs) I travel where the speed limit has changed -- and the truck displays the previous speed limit. If I turn of a road with posted limits onto one without posted limits -- the sing display disappears -- even it the posted speed was the same as the 'default' speed on the road now being driven. No sure how it is done with the 'google' system on the new trucks. Perhaps it is a similar situation? I rarely fire up the phone based nav. I do use the truck based nav sometimes. I do have the dash (and heads up) display settings set-up so the speed limit, current speed and set cruise speed are all displayed.
  4. I've accumulated a 'collection' of different oil filter wrench brands and styles. (including several of the ones show in post above.) I'm still using the 'pre-paid' oil changes... (So I'm not positive it will work on the current GM's) but this is my preferred / go-to oil filter wrench. I have a couple of them, as each works for a range of sizes. The handle can be swiveled and/or angled, if needed for some difficult locations. https://www.lislecorp.com/specialty-tools/standard-swivel-grip-oil-filter-wrench Pretty sure mine came from 'Princess Auto', which is sorta like a Cdn version of 'Harbor Freight'
  5. A vehicle that is giving warning lights and loosing power steering when driving, needs to go to the dealer asap. Failures aren't always widespread enough to warranty a 'recall' or even a service bulletin. It's giving warnings. Next time it looses steering it might not come back....
  6. How did we ever parallel park pickups and the massive sedans we used to have in the years before electronic sensors and camera assist? As I recall, being able to parallel park ( without all the new electronics ) was a requirement to get a drivers license in Ontario
  7. Caution using the above list for other model years. Items 'included' with a given RPO code can and do change.
  8. Yes, referring to the single speed box, although the comments about auto vs 4h vs 2h don't change with the 2 speed box. Pretty unlikely that anybody would run one for long periods on the highway in 4L Both boxes have autotrac. Since OP didn't indicate which box and box version doesn't impact the auto/4H/2H discussion -- I chose to ignore it.
  9. Dealer service adviser is wrong 4Hi shouldn't be used on hard dry surfaces. 4Auto should be OK - but will have slightly reduced fuel economy 2021 LT only has the single speed transfer case - so doesn't have 4Low to consider (is 2020 the same?) 2021 OM says: The settings are: 2 Hi - (Two-Wheel Drive High) : Use for driving on most streets and highways. The front axle is not engaged. This setting provides the best fuel economy. 4 Hi -m (Four-Wheel Drive High) : Use this setting when extra traction is needed, such as when driving on snowy or icy roads, when off-roading, or when plowing snow. AUTO (Automatic Four-Wheel Drive) Use when road surface conditions are variable. When driving in AUTO, the front axle is engaged, and the vehicle's power is sent to the front and rear wheels automatically based on driving conditions. This setting provides slightly lower fuel economy than 2 m. 4wd owner/user continuously since 1995 when moved on from 2wd pickups. I'm not a fan of 4wd Auto (I never use it, but understand why some do) -- but agree with the other responders that, 1800 miles in auto shouldn't be causing it to need extra service. I guess the only other question is have they done an inspection and found something damaged?
  10. For 2023 1500 factory installs: Standard on Pro, SLE and both Elevations D31 Mirror, inside rearview, manual tilt Available on Pro, SLE, 3SB Elevation, standard on SLT, AT4 and Denali (not available on 3VL Elevation) DD8 Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming Available on AT4 and Denali, standard on AT4X and Denali Ultimate DRZ Rear Camera Mirror, inside rearview auto-dimming with full camera display UG1 Universal Home Remote On SLE and 3SB Elevation - Included and only available with (PDQ) Preferred Package. On SLT - Included and only available with (PDY) SLT Preferred Package. On AT4 - Included and only available with (PDO) AT4 Preferred Package. Std on AT4X, Denali and Denali Ultimate Not available on Pro or 3VL version of Elevation Rearview mirrors and universal home remote have similar availability/restrictions on silverado
  11. As of Oct 31, GM removed the 'unavailable to order' notes from (RPO UKL) option in the order guides for sierra and silverado.
  12. This fall GM has announced/published that the 'map' of available roads is getting a significant increase. Not sure where I saw it.
  13. Nope, but I thought I had seen a video of it being used before the Feb post. Perhaps I'm mistaken, or perhaps there are several versions/brands of the tool I've only ever changed 2 serpentine belts. Both used the spring loaded idler system that was used with serpentines until recently. One was a 7 or 8 y.o. belt that was changed as a preventative in about 2002 or so (kept the old belt behind the seat as a spare) The other was on a farm tractor. On it the belt tensioner failed and damaged the serpentine. (did remove / install serpentines a bunch of times on some prototype stuff, but I guess that doesn't count....)
  14. There are multiple modes available. Description given seems to indicate OP has been using the ACC mode, and that it is functioning as programmed. If the button is not held long enough, the truck will go to ACC mode rather than service mode. ACC mode is supposed to shut off after about 10 minutes. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting OP's description of problem? If not give service mode a try and let us know how you make out. Anyway, from Operators manual: ACC/ACCESSORY (Amber Indicator Light) : This mode allows some electrical accessories to be used when the engine is off. With the vehicle off, pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button one time without the brake pedal applied will place the vehicle in ACC/ACCESSORY. The vehicle will switch from ACC/ACCESSORY to off after five minutes to prevent battery rundown. Service mode is achieved by holding the start button, with foot off the brake, until the accessories fire up (about 10 sec). Retained Accessory Power (RAP) When the ignition is turned from on to off, the following features (if equipped) will continue to function for up to 10 minutes, or until the driver door is opened. These features will also work when the ignition is in RUN or ACC/ACCESSORY: . Infotainment System . Power Windows (during RAP this functionality will be lost when any door is opened) . Sunroof (during RAP this functionality will be lost when any door is opened) . Auxiliary Power Outlet . Audio System . OnStar System Service Mode This power mode is available for service and diagnostics, and to verify the proper operation of the malfunction indicator lamp as may be required for emission inspection purposes. With the vehicle off, and the brake pedal not applied, pressing and holding the ENGINE START/STOP button for more than five seconds will place the vehicle in Service Mode. The instruments and audio systems will operate as they do when the vehicle is on, but the vehicle will not be able to be driven. The engine will not start in Service Mode. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button again to turn the vehicle off.
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