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  1. GM accessories has a 5th wheel package that is aftermarket style, rather than using the factory prep system. Don't think they offer the factory version as a 'kit'. A good parts department person at a dealer should be able to help you order the parts needed to do it yourself. Seems like it would be a big project to 'home'. I think if I really wanted the system I'd find or order a truck with it on.
  2. 2020 L5P

    There is new trans driveshaft and differentials/axles to support it...
  3. For 2020 GM HD 2500/3500 Final Drive Ratio: 3.73 (6.6L gas) 3.42 (6.6L diesel)
  4. 2020 L5P

    No change to ratings, but take the time to watch Gale's video regarding the L5P changes for 2020.
  5. No AFM (cylinder deactivation) and no auto startstop on the 6.6 gas, according to another site that claims confirmation from GM. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/02/new-gm-6-6-liter-v8-l8t-engine-no-active-fuel-management-auto-stop-start/
  6. Assuming it was completely full at delivery (zero miles, for easier math) and took 4 gallons at 4200 miles, then it's getting just about 1050 miles per gallon of def. So with 3 gallons remaining, it still had 3000 miles til empty. Best to think of it a a DEF 'level indicator' rather than a gauge. (since it's not very accurate) I don't view the 30% message as a warning. That's just the level that the 'OK message' is no longer displayed and the message displays an 'indication' of how much is left. The first 'warning' is '1000 mile def range' is reached. From 300 mile range and less, it should give an 'xyz range remaining' message at every ignition cycle. If it gets to 0 remaining, it will then start warnings of distance to escalating speed limitation. From zero def remaining, another 500 miles til limited to 65 mph From 65 mph limit another 75 miles to 55 mph From 55 mph limit another 75 miles to 5 mph limit With 3000 miles til empty and then 500 miles til speed limit -- then there was about 3500 miles til speed limit. FWIW, it's not necessary to 'completely fill the def tank each time DEF is added. Nothing wrong with just adding a 2.5 jug each time. When filling and the sound changes, it's time to stop (sorta like sound change when filling fuel). Mines a little short of 13,000 miles. Shows 20% on indicator. The only time I've added def was about 6500 miles. It had given the 1000 mile warning at about 22%, so a little surprised I haven't seen it yet this time. It gets parked on a slope, sometimes nose up and sometimes down -- maybe that messes with the level indicator. Planning to wait til 300 miles warning.
  7. Remote Start Activation

    Yupp. Just have to give the vehicle update info has to be given to onstar. (presumably thru GM, rather than by the owner)
  8. I get OP's reason too, but the other side is it's an excellent feature for 'cool-down' purposes when working one hard. They are promoting similar as a 'cool-down' feature on 2020HD dmax update... but it will only run for whatever time is necessary to obtain target cool-down temps.
  9. I have no info in mag ride vs conventional on a 1500gmc. However, with my last 1500 sierra I got a set of 'take-off' GM 18's for winter use. At the time I switched back to the 20's for summer (didn't happen til late spring,) I was running a 60 mile round trip on 2 lane. Every day, same route. And not using the truck for much else. The increase in ride harshness with the 20's surprised me. But the 20's did give slightly better mpg over the route being run. With GM's tire sizes, the tire OD stays the same between the 2 rim sizes, and the sidewall gets shorter -- and apparently also stiffer. If ride is an important criteria get the 18's instead of 20's (or 22's).
  10. I get that, and wasn't trying to diss your comment. Just wanted to offer an alternate view made after watching other generations of new chev/gmc, listening to similar comments about the silverado, and then watching them outsell the sierra's. We've already seen a lot of softening of comments as more pictures, different angles, different lighting and more of the trim version views are available.
  11. We won't know if it's 'poor choice' until they have been available long enough to see how they sell. I've hated the look of most generations of Silverado, but they have always outsold Sierra. (yes, partly because of the fleet and commercial truck numbers) I expect that to continue to be true. 35 years of GMC's 'here'
  12. A guess, but maybe be a sensor or harness connection that once it's warm enough tightens the joint so it reads correctly?? Regardless it needs to get fixed. Especially if it's not the sensor or sensor circuit. I've had years of dmax 'starts' at those temps and lower, using 15W-40, and have never had one do that.
  13. Severe service recommendation is every 45,000 miles.

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