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  1. Sorry, the blue one is exhaust #1 and two over is intake #3 the looks broke.
  2. One on the left is the one replaced at 60K. You can tell because of blue paint. Intake side. One on the right I think is now broke which is exhaust #3, along with intake cylinder #5.
  3. After closer inspection I think that other spring in question is broke too! See how close the springs are from the head?
  4. Just wanted to share what I've found. After taking the broken valve spring out I was looking over the others. I think I know why this is happening. The springs sit low in the head so there is a machined area around it like a pocket to provide space for the springs. Looking down the springs I noticed most of them have a gap between the spring and head. I found one tonight that is super close and looks like it could make contact. Eventually I see it rubbing through the spring. No shavings, marks on the spring I can see at this point. I think as the spring gets weaker or it wasn't truly round, or placed in wrong from the factory. I think it could rub up on the head surface at some point and break. I'm not 100% sure that is what is going on but it doesn't look right.
  5. Ok, so here is the story. Sorry in advance for the long post. At about 60K was on a road trip I was going about 75 took it off cruise control and truck skipped and then flashing light and TC light on. Started running rough and pulled over to nearest gas station. No matter what I did the truck would barely start and barely idle, ticking and missing like crazy. Under warranty, get it towed and 3 days later because it happened on a Saturday broken valve spring and on my way. Around 30K later I'm driving and all of sudden light flashing and TC again. No stumble or warning besides lights. It seemed smooth at higher speed. I get it home and check all the wires. So, because it happened before pull the covers. Everything looks ok running. No bad lifters and no noise. Had the coils plugged in so couldn't really get a detailed look at everything. I change the plugs and wires still the same. Buddy brings me a cheap code reader and get the P0300 code random missfire. That is all that would come up. Like I couldn't tell that already. lol. After a few attempts with reader I finally get a P03005 code. Cylinder 5. I swap coil packs and same code. Now this code only came up twice and would go away no other code, so I cross out coil. What's left? Injectors right. I should have gotten a better code reader because I replace all 8 injectors. After this, now I start getting all intake codes from the MAF, TPS, and MAP and again Cylinder 5. So, now I'm like what is the last step? Has to be a valve. Sure enough, pull the valve cover really get down and look. Broken intake spring. At first I was thinking just replacing one but I think I'm doing them all. I don't trust this truck anymore. I've driven nothing but GM my whole life but this one has put a sour taste in my mouth.
  6. I got them off with multiple pry bars. It was a pain. They were in there pretty good. Would have been way easier with the tool. I was worried I was going to bend a rail. I'm glad I replaced all eight. All is good now.
  7. The repair instructions call for it. Part number EN-49248. It actually calls for two sets of them. There are aftemarket types from OTC but that one is $150. I can tell you I have all 8 bolts out and those injectors are in there pretty good. I don't want to damage anything.
  8. I'm replacing all 8 of my intectors on my 6.2l. Can't seem to get the fuel rails and injectors out. I really don't want to buy that expensive puller if I'm probably going to use it once. Has anyone done this without it?
  9. Also, I swapped cylinder 5 coil pack with a different cylinder and still ended up with a cylinder 5 miss.
  10. So as the title states. 2014 Sietra 6.2l with flashing CEL and TC light on. 94,000 miles. I had this problem before and it turned out a broken valve spring but I had a ticking noise. I could tell last time sonething happened because the truck skipped in was noticiable something happened. This time didn't notice anything except the lights. At 70 mph everything seemed ok. Pulled over it didn't start right away and had a bad miss. Got it home only a few miles and checked all the wires. Seemed ok. Took my other truck into town and changed all the plugs and wires still acting up. Plugs looked all golden brown and not wet. For the hell of it pulled both valve covers and ran it. Everything seems fine. Checked each rocker nothing loose. Had my friend loan me a cheap code reader. P0300 and I have had the cylinder five P0305 but it doesn't come up constant. Sometimes it does sonetimes it's not there. Had the rough cold idle one too but again it's not constent. I'm leaning towards injector or injectors. It's weird because if I let it sut overnight when I start it, it seems to feel like one cylinder but the longer it runs it gets way worse feeling like multiple cylinders. Also it runs better at higher rpms with a slight miss at times. Any ideas besides injector or injectors?

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