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  1. I had a Silverado that didn't have a sunroof, so I had a reputable aftermarket business install one. It had some nice features that the OEM sunroof didn't have e.g. when you lock the truck, the sunroof would close automatically. What I was not impressed by was the headliner that they installed. They couldn't use the OEM so they put some cloth material in. It sagged somewhat and would billow around when the windows were open while driving. My advice would be for you to see some actual vehicles where your company installed a sunroof. Check the quality of the installation and ask the owners if there have been any leaks. And check the headliner to see if they reused the OEM or put in something else. Just my thoughts.
  2. I have these in my truck - https://www.weathertech.com/door-protector/ They have tabs that slide in between the window and the door. The only issue I have had is after rolling the window down for the dog, rolling it back up sometimes pulls one or two of the tabs up with it. If I don't roll the window all the way down, they will stay in place when rolling them back up.
  3. Have you tried driving around with the cover open or removed to see if that is truly what is causing your mpg loss? 4-5 mpg is a lot IMO. You will need to try a process of elimination to find the root cause. It could be the cover or it could be something else that just happened to appear at the same time.
  4. I had the issue with the auto stop/start not working about 1 1/2 years ago. I took it to the dealer. They found that the battery had a bad cell. They replaced the battery under warranty and it has been functional ever since.
  5. My Putco Blade light bar works as intended. I have not looked to see if the tailgate gap cover has scratched my paint. I have not had any issues with the bushings.
  6. I have the tailgate gap cover and Putco light bar. The tailgate gap cover does not interfere with the light bar.
  7. The Onstar wifi in your truck uses a cellular modem to connect to a ATT LTE. Your truck also has a router to send the internet signal over wifi to whatever you connect to it. After the 3 months trial, your ATT data plan was discontinued. If you connect your laptop to your truck wifi now, you will get nothing. In THEORY, your truck will get a better cellular signal than your phone will. If you get a data plan with ATT, then you MAY have a signal in the truck when your phone has a weak signal. There are different data plans, I think, so you could use up all of your data plan using Waze. Waze is data intensive because it is sending your location to the cloud in real time. Do you need to use Waze? Are you using it for navigation, or are you always letting others know where you are when you are driving?
  8. PhilB

    Fuel prices

    Another interesting article - this one on CNN - with some facts about the record high gas prices. https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/10/politics/record-gas-prices-wont-be-solved-by-drilling-more-oil-climate/index.html Here is a snippet for why the US imports crude oil: There's also the fact that the US consumes a different kind of oil than it produces. McNally likened the kind of light crude the US produces to champagne, and the heavy crude it imports to coffee. Importantly, US oil refineries are built to refine this "heavy and gunky" imported crude -- akin to separating out coffee grounds, McNally said.
  9. PhilB

    Fuel prices

    Interesting article on msnbc.com about record high gas prices. Take from it what you want... https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/record-high-gas-prices-are-not-joe-biden-s-fault-n1291238
  10. Check this youtube video. This is for the Chevy performance exhaust on a 2019 Silverado. The part number is 84173601, which was replaced by 84964738. This kit has the Chevy logo on the exhaust kit. The GMC version of the same kit is 84173608 which was replaced by 84964742. Same exhaust, just different exhaust tips.
  11. You can go to youtube and search for GM Performance Exhaust. There are plenty of videos out there.
  12. GM, like Apple, has their software as a closed system, meaning that it can't/shouldn't be altered by unauthorized parties. Apple iOS used to be hacked, called "jail breaking", by hackers to turn on functionality that was in the operating system but not turned on by Apple. When Apple sends out a new update for iOS, it wipes out the jail break. In a similar sense, GM does not know that additional functionality has been added to your truck. They only know what they know by what is assigned to your VIN. So when they reflashed your module, it was what they have marked down to your VIN. When someone gets official GM accessories added by the dealer, and it involves flashing some software, I think it gets added to your VIN so that in the future, any reflashes should have that change included. IMO - when MVI updates the module for NAV, they should either "lock" the change, or let GM know that the change occurred so that it can be added to your VIN. This would avoid future issues with software updates or reflashes.
  13. If you look closely at the black trim piece under the bumper, you will see what looks like caps/plugs on the front side of the trim. Hard to really see in the picture that is posted currently. There was another picture that had a close up of the bumper and trim where the OP circled the holes.
  14. 84428905 fits 2019 Silverados. Definitely the wrong one was sold to you. Even the packaging says Chevrolet.
  15. This is the diagram for the lower front bumper for the Denali and AT4
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