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  1. I had the recalls performed on 12/31. When I left the dealership, I didn't notice anything not working correctly as I was more concerned about the brake module failure and any unusual warning lights on the dash. On 01/02 on my way to work, I noticed that my Intellibeam wasn't working. Then I noticed that the Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning were not working. I checked this thread and found the post about having to do the relearn process. Went back to the dealership and informed them of the issue. They were all "First time we've had this issue". Yeah, whatever. They said they opened a case with GM on it. GM said that they needed to do the relearn process, which they did. Everything related to the front windshield camera works now.
  2. I don't know if it will work. For my dash cam rear camera, I ran the power wire from the dash cam on the left side of the mirror, under the headliner all the way to the rear window where the camera is mounted. I have not had any issues.
  3. I have the FAC on my '19. Yes it sits higher due to the rails for the cover sitting on the bed rails, not on the inside of the bed. I haul loads of hay and other stuff so I don't want the rails for the cover to be damaged by whatever I'm hauling. The lock mechanism is covered up underneath to prevent the use of devices to pop the latches open. I got this cover because I liked the feature of being able to open the front panel without having to open the entire cover.
  4. OP is correct. It is a Tahoe SS. Here is a posting on cardomain.com back in 11/2013 from a user with a 2000 Tahoe Limited SS http://www.cardomain.com/ride/477337/2000-chevrolet-tahoe/
  5. FYI - LMPerformance.com has the Corsa exhaust system model 21033 for $1125 on sale right now. Free shipping.
  6. I think you have to use the module to deactivate the tow package. You would still plug it in to the CURT adapter. Using the CURT adapter is the way to go to avoid hard-wiring the LED strip. On my '14 I did what Ravenkeeper did and went with the 7-pin to 5-pin connector.
  7. OPT7 has a tow package module to deactivate the tow package when not towing. http://www.opt-7.com/tow-package-module-for-redline-led-tailgate-bars/
  8. I took the ones from my '14 when I traded in and put them in my '19.
  9. Since my truck started doing this, it has been sometimes working, sometimes not. I started noticing that when I leave for work in the morning it doesn't work, but when I leave work the app is working. The only difference is that I lock the truck at work and not at home in my garage. Yesterday, I locked my truck while it was in the garage. When I left for work, I unlocked the truck and the climate app was working. I need to experiment with this some more. I'm going to try some combinations of leaving the truck unlocked, starting it, if the climate app is not working, stopping the truck, locking it, unlocking it, start the truck and see if the app is working. Just to note I do have the passive locking feature turned off.
  10. Or you can turn your hotspot off in your vehicle to prevent your phone from connecting to it.
  11. Didn't drive the truck on Sat. Got in this morning and it was working. We'll see how long it will last....
  12. But for a new girl, she sure is a smooth ride
  13. I just noticed this issue a couple of days ago. The first few times I thought it was telling me that the climate system was off because I turned it off. But now it appears every time I do anything with the system. I opened the Climate app and it just says Climate Off. It has the ON/OFF button displayed. When I tap it, I can hear the fan turn on or off so I know it kind of works. But it does not work at all to make any other changes to the system. I tried this on my profile and the Guest profile - no luck.
  14. I haven't order it - yet. It is high on my list of mods. I would also like to hear a sound clip. I had the Corsa Sport on my 07 Silverado and loved it. Right now for me it's a toss up between the GM Performance exhaust and the Corsa exhaust.
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