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  1. In theory, your vehicle should get better reception than your cell phone would.
  2. The battery in the meter is for measuring resistance when in the ohms function or test continuity. You should not need a battery to test the truck's battery. You could have faulty testing leads or a bad meter. To test your leads put the dial in the continuity check mode (just to the right of the 6 o'clock position). Your test leads should be in the same position on the meter as when testing the voltage. Now touch the test leads together. You should get a tone, and the meter should read '1'. If that happens, then your test leads are functional. To test the DC voltage function, put the dial back on the 20. Get a good battery (AA, AAA, 9V) and touch the leads to it (red/positive, black/negative). You should read 1.5v or 9v, depending on the battery.
  3. On the Chevy Accessories site, there are three different performance exhaust upgrade systems. There is the one that is the GM Performance exhaust, pn-84527234. The other two are identical to each other except they come with Borla tips pn-19419433 and 19419437. I noticed that the GM Performance one is a single in/single out muffler, and the other two are single in/dual out mufflers. Is one system better than the other? Is anyone familiar with this Borla system from GM?
  4. On the screen where you confirm your info and place your order, there is a spot on the lower left for manufacturer's coupons. Click that and it will bring up the discounts that are running right now. I just ordered the 6.2l performance exhaust with the borla tips. It was only $50 more than the exhaust w/o the tips, $40 after the discount.
  5. I had my wifi through att for a while. My checked my speeds when I was in a good cell signal range. My speeds over wifi were similar to what was posted by the OP. My speeds on my cell without the wifi were around 112mbs down and around 10mbs up. I contacted Onstar about rebooting my wifi. They sent some signal to my vehicle that "supposedly" rebooted the wifi router. No real improvement. I cancelled my att service for the truck. I did get the free Onstar data plan they were just offering. Checked my speeds again and still the same slow throughput. Does anyone know which fuse the router is on? I think a full reboot of the system may help.
  6. Same here. Wifi speeds were slow. I contacted Onstar about it. They did some diagnostics and rebooted the system. The speed increased slightly but still wasn't as good as the speed on my phone. I cancelled my service as well.
  7. It has to do with being on the correct OnStar plan.
  8. My dealer in the STL area has a 2020 Silverado Northsky Blue, CC LT TB with the bucket seats, safety package, bed protection pkg, and some other stuff. https://www.elcochevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_Trail_Boss-Ballwin-MO/3536940513 If you want, I can hook you up with my salesman there.
  9. i'm also interested in hearing your opinion on the corsa exhaust.
  10. Not disputing that. Fitmech said it's in the owner's manual. I'm just asking where it says in the owner's manual that if the case of a dead battery in the fob, you can still start the vehicle.
  11. Then you must have a different owner's manual than I do. My manual doesn't say anything about a dead fob battery, just low battery. Can you send me a picture of the page from your manual that says if the battery is dead, put the fob in the pocket?
  12. I have a 15 Gb Family Plan with Rollover. I went to the ATT store and had them add my truck to my data plan. I think they used the vin to find the phone # for the truck. If you are on an unlimited data plan, you will not be able to add your truck to your existing data plan.
  13. I have ATT for my cell phone service. My data plan is a family plan so I can share my data with my truck. I added my truck to my plan for $10/month.
  14. I don't think Car Play will give you the hotspot. You need to turn on your phone's hotspot, then connect your vehicle to the phone's wifi.
  15. I had the recalls performed on 12/31. When I left the dealership, I didn't notice anything not working correctly as I was more concerned about the brake module failure and any unusual warning lights on the dash. On 01/02 on my way to work, I noticed that my Intellibeam wasn't working. Then I noticed that the Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning were not working. I checked this thread and found the post about having to do the relearn process. Went back to the dealership and informed them of the issue. They were all "First time we've had this issue". Yeah, whatever. They said they opened a case with GM on it. GM said that they needed to do the relearn process, which they did. Everything related to the front windshield camera works now.
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