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  1. That's just crazy to me that they'd cancel basically sold vehicles. They must make a killing on the higher trim trucks. Did they cancel any crewcab trucks? I've seen people post in the 2020 HD forum that they're only building CC HD trucks at the moment
  2. He speculated GM is going to start producing 2022s early. He also said something along the lines of things at GM are bannanas right now. I wanted the advanced trailering package, but its no longer available on the LT TB. He also thinks it won’t come back until the 2022s drop. Nekit, I would understand no longer accepting fleet orders, but cancelling one seems dumb.
  3. I ordered a 6.2 CCSB LT Trail Boss today. Dealer said 3-4 month wait most likely. He also told me GM stopped all fleet orders of 2021s. Maybe that’s why yours got canceled? With 5 trucks would it be a fleet sale?
  4. We‘ll probably do this for a bit. We‘re going to trade for a crew cab, but can’t find one optioned how we want. Looks like we have to order
  5. In my CTB the steering column manually tilts but doesn‘t telescope. And it was an option in the convience package I believe.
  6. I was looking into these, but saw a lot of posts about insurance not covering accidents if they discover this
  7. Not a problem I completley understand. My wife wife works a lot of hours and takes emergeny call. The two closest dealers have no trucks in stock at all, not just no Trail Bosses. With my pending deployment neither of us has a ton of free tome for a 4 round trip. But we think if its 2” high with power it will be plenty for her. Thank you!
  8. No, its only $200-$250/mo. COLA should be way more than that. I know Air Force guys that got it when they were posted to an Army base
  9. Thank you! Glad to hear she’s not to Camp Lemmonier. That place sucks. I’m getting an all expenses paid European vacation. We’re actually getting a substandard living allowance. Which I didn’t even know the Army did, so we’re going to the crap part of Europe
  10. Good to here on the crew cab. I’m Army, was active until last year, now Guard. I wish your wife luck and hope she’s not going to Djibouti. Thank you for your service
  11. That’s a good rule. I rushed quite a bit getting the CTB because my truck before it died on the side of the highway in a hurricane
  12. If we were going to regularly switch driving the truck I’d consider that. But I’m deploying for the third time, and I’m going to be gone for the better part of a year. I want my wife to be able to drive the truck so if her horse has an emergeny and she needs to trailer him she can. When I get back, I’ll be driving it 98% of the time anyway. I definitley regret the double cab vs crew cab, that’s the other big reason for trading up. My son fights getting in the car seat and there’s just not enough space in the back anymore
  13. The lack of power seats and lack of space in the back with the new car seat and my much larger son are the two issues with the truck. If its not too much trouble would you be able to measure the distance from the point where the seat and back cushions meet to the recessed part of the roof with the seat all the way forward and up? I measured mine there earlier and got 39” but I think I need to double check
  14. I have a 19 double cab Custom TB that my wife can’t drive because the seat doesn’t go high enough fro her to see over the hood when all the way forward. I want to trade for crew cab LT TB to get more room for my son/car seat, and power seats. Does anyone know how high up the power cloth seat goes vs the manual seat? Non of the dealers near me have any trucks in stock to try out
  15. I like to think of my self as a grown up. I’m 30 and bought a red hot Custom Trail Boss, because to me Chevy trucks are bright red. My ‘57 is red. my ‘83 is red, my dad’s ‘94 is red, and his ‘84 was red.
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