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  1. See what they will buy it from you for, market is still high for used trucks.
  2. Did you just decide to not have your vision checked yearly
  3. Nah, think you were fine, was pretty long, I did get bored and stopped about a quarter of the way through. But, I will trust what you said was correct
  4. Very nice, especially with football less than a month away. Love watching the NASCAR night races on big HD TV's, tons of pretty colors
  5. Started reading your post, but was distracted by the TV box, 86", VERY NICE!!! That is bigger than one of my first cars (Fiat 128). Where did you find a flat wall with enough space?
  6. Good info, hope that helps solve his question if he comes back. Thanks!
  7. Remember, they are made in San Antonio Texas (yea, I know that does not matter)
  8. Welcome to the site. So, the shop repaired everything around it, but did they have any idea what is wrong with the transmision?
  9. Welcome to the site, congratulations on your cool new to you truck!!! Maybe call one of these dealers, give them your VIN and see if it was "born" there: Retro Big 10 Chevy option offered on 2018 Silverado Tom Quimby (HWT) Apr 27, 2018 At least two Chevy dealerships in the U.S. and two in Canada are offering a retro Big 10 conversion on the 2018 Silverado which is quickly gaining traction among fans of the iconic truck. Introduced in the early 1
  10. You are very welcome. It will move fast being a 4WD with fall/winter coming. Good time to sell. Sorry to hear about your father, always a tough time to deal with.
  11. Great job!!! Got curious about the Yellow Fog Lamp icon and found this: And, yes, there is a Rear Fog Lamp Indicator symbol, in yellow/amber. This indicator also is only active when the lamps are actually on. The lines point to the right in this symbol, indicating a rear-facing beam. They are rare in North America but required in Europe. They make a vehicle more visible in poor weather to trailing drivers. Either are switched on, so look for a similar symbol on the light switch or switches.
  12. Maybe, but they are by no means alone: Here’s what you need to know about the F-150’s transmission troubles. A Look at the F-150’s Transmission The F-150’s biggest transmission problems are in the 2017-2019 models with 10 speed 10R80 automatic transmission. Among other problems, these transmissions are known for riding rough with loud clunky, banging noises coming from under the hood at under 10,000 miles, and gears being slow to shift. The truck’s adaptive transmission shift explains a lot of these issues. The truck uses
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