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  1. Yes, the torque converter failure is common in the 6 speeds, not so much in the 8 speeds, but that does not matter for your truck. You are right in the mileage range when they start to go bad, so I would go with your second opinion in this case and have it replaced, hopefully the cost will include a whole service of the transmission. If you have a 2014 (K2) your trans temps are fine, can't compare them to the previous models.
  2. What doe the sticker on the passenger's side say, looks like it is telling you check your OM for specs of some sort.
  3. There are a few of us, we just don't make it public....
  4. That is a good looking truck Uncle Rico, how much did they give you for the van on trade? How much "Tupperware" can you fit under the tonneau cover?
  5. I am a big fan of chrome too, just not excessive amounts on the nose, grill, bumper combo. I like mirror caps, door handles, wheels, and modest amounts of interior trim. You always need some.
  6. Let's hope it is just some hidden treasures form the prior owner.... I admire your courage to rip everything apart and being able to fix it, hopefully the problem is fixed for good.
  7. CAN I TAKE MY GMC TO ANY GM DEALERSHIP FOR WARRANTY REPAIRS? Repairs must be performed by an Authorized GMC dealer, except in a situation where you are significantly inconvenienced and when a covered part or a GMC dealer is not reasonably available to the vehicle owner. It’s in your best interest to take your GMC vehicle to a GMC dealer for all repairs since they are the most knowledgeable about your vehicle. This is from the GMC website. Sounds like you a have a good relationship with the dealer, I would just check with them ahead of time to be confident on what you might have to do.
  8. Do believe it is a Canadian law that it works like that. I remember other posts from Canadian members asking similar questions.
  9. Good to know. Reason I asked is because there have been a couple of post on here with members seats looking like they had been submerged in salt water, rust everywhere under the seat. I live in Washington state, so there is a lot of humidity and moisture from the rain, but I have not noticed any rust on my frame or anywhere in the interior.
  10. If it were a "second vehicle", I would take it. As a daily driver, no way, too big of wheels, and the set up is just going to wear out and break parts to fast.
  11. Honestly, the build quality on my 18 Mexican made crew is just as good as our $75000.00, 16 Tahoe which was built in the USA. Both LTZ, which should not make a difference how they are put together, but maybe?
  12. Yes sir, and your new truck should start with a 1, 4. or 5 (not likely the last 2) if built in the USA, 2 for Canada. Second digit will be a G, for GM.
  13. Is GM themselves offering the 20%, or is it the dealership offering it trying to hide what they should have done long ago? Pretty sure that the windshield does not need to be removed to get the headliner out. Do you have a case number with GM? Remember GM just builds the trucks, the dealerships, who are independently owned, are the ones who maintain them. GM can help you with this if you choose to pursue it.
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