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  1. I wonder if you have a faulty light sensor (the one in the middle of your dash)? That wire does not like it came from the factory with that type of connecter, does your dealer have a wiring schematic you could take a quick look to see where it goes?
  2. The piece that has the holes in is referred to as a skid plate, you can just replace that section. May be an easier way to go. Truck does look good with the plate holder. Maybe hang onto it, there are members looking for things like that every once in a while.
  3. Yea, quality is kind of "grainy", almost looks like it put a Ford in the background, something is wrong
  4. Welcome to the site. Do not think so, different part numbers. Plug in the model year 18 for the 19 PN and it tells you no.
  5. If is is the same system as the K2's, you would replace the HMI module which is located behind the glove box(s).
  6. You are very welcome. Go to your audio settings, and move things around with the fader till only the dash speakers are working with music, you should be able to tell if they are good or bad. Good chance to check all of them while you are at it. Thinking you might have to unpair your phone from the truck, and then repair the two. Make sure you phone has all of it's current updates too.
  7. Welcome to the site. How does the stereo sound otherwise when you are listening to music?
  8. +? on the old school 500 mile rule of thumb, before doing anything major with the truck. On the first oil change, you will get different opinions, the assembly lube mixed with your oil from the factory is actually a good thing for the engine because of the properties it adds. So, personally, I waited till 5000 miles and have been on that OCI since. But, in the end, do what makes you sleep at night, and Congratulations once again on your new truck.
  9. License plate, 1HUNDRD for my Centennial, the emblems are part of the 100 anniversary package. Now I have one of one in the state of Washington with this plate. All part of the pride of ownership, as you well know with your show truck. Completely agree, there are quite a few on here that need to work on their delivery when responding to a post, channel the anger towards Ford and Dodge, the GM family should be a happy place! But it can be fun butting heads with some, and how worked up they become
  10. A good one can get that out, biggest problem they will run into is access to it. May have to pull inside door panel.
  11. Maybe disconnect the battery again, and leave for around 30 minutes, don't think 15 seconds is long enough to drain the energy out of the circuits.
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