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  1. Welcome to the site. Congratulations on your new truck if you pull the trigger! If you do buy, you will figure out how to make it fit.
  2. Bad news that this is happening, But, what did you think of the 2.7 when it was running correctly. Don't think I have seen anyone post their thoughts on the new engine on the site yet (I could be wrong).
  3. From experience, the crankshaft sensor will disable the engine completely, so it will do no further damage. Unfortunately, that code could be as easy as the plug on the sensor has come loose, or multiple things inside the engine have failed. Good luck.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome to the site. Great looking truck!!!
  5. One thing I can help you with is that all emblems are held on the truck with the stickiest double sided tape you will ever encounter. The GMC in the grill would be the only one that is actually "fastened" to the truck.
  6. Can you post a picture? Lot easier to guess when you can see the problem. Is it a factory installed, or aftermarket?
  7. Congratulations, great looking truck!!!
  8. Welcome to the site, And congratulations on your new truck!!!
  9. If it is not a faulty Sharkfin, common areas to check would be drain tubes for sun roof, seal on glass of sun roof, more extreme places would be a leaking windshield, and most extreme because of location would be third brake light housing, which it could be with a wet seat belt, water will travel forward.
  10. Yea, looks like he ripped the top of it off, 14,15, and I think 16 are a whole unit, bottom does not stay in the console like the picture.
  11. Tailgate lock

    you are very welcome. Did it work?
  12. New Whip

    Welcome to the site! Congratulations on your new truck, be careful though, looks like the Topic Title Police are out in force.....
  13. Catch Can/Oil Separator

    Check out one of the many posts on the site. There seems to be no middle ground, either you believe they work or you do not. It gets pretty heated with the back and forth for supremacy of who is right.
  14. Is it the vacuum pump, or the brake booster? just received a letter for our 16 Tahoe about a potential problem with the vacuum pump. Lot's of posts on here about that problem.

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