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  1. With the relay held closed I can start the truck and it will remain running until I release the relay. Good call, 5 days later one of the many 1000's of members actually ready what the OP said. I am guilty of grazing right over that comment.
  2. It has been that way for a while. Had to replace the whole fuse box in my 2008 to get the 3rd brake light to work. $500.00 at dealer, never had a problem again though.
  3. Congratulations on your sale, and soon to be new truck!
  4. Welcome to the site. I have no idea the answer to your question, but did want to say, Great Looking Truck!!!
  5. Sounds correct, there are relays that are actually part of the UH FB, and can not be serviced or replaced.
  6. Welcome to the site. This is what you need to do if it is the same problem as the above post: this relay is integrated on a circuit board in the fuse block assembly. To fix this issue will require replacement of the entire fuse block under the hood.
  7. Welcome to the site. No need to "rewire" anything. Move the 50 Amp fuse, up one slot, it will make sense when you see it in person. This is an image of the fuse box on drivers side.
  8. OP said his truck was a 2018 (K2). You listed T1 models, but he did post in the wrong spot. Never mind, think he might be looking a new truck.
  9. Completely agree, and your story is right on point with what I was asking the OP. Kind of off topic, but the Home Link in my 2014 would not open the door sitting right in front of it at times. My 2018 will open it down the street, 150 plus feet. There were a lot of "bugs" in the 14 and 15's. Just not sure if there is a solution for the range of anything on a 15.
  10. Just curious, not being mean spirited, but why do you need to start your truck from a distance greater that 30 plus yards? On Star gives you a pretty unlimited range, maybe better idea than tearing your truck apart on a fix "that might work".
  11. It only rains 6 months a day here in Seattle (think about it), if it were working, you would know. Took off from a stop light yesterday, the "nannies" kicked in, truck fell on it's face. Thought I had a Bow Tie impression from the steering wheel on the side of my head as I went forward at 3 or 4 G's when power was reduced to stop wheel spin.
  12. That is a very diverse (Brands of vehicles) garage you have. Could buy a couple (maybe 3) houses in certain parts of the USA with your stable. Congratulations on your (soon) new truck!
  13. Check #3 and #25, once again, this is just a guess, hoping to save you a trip to the dealer and some money.
  14. Welcome to the site. Check for the fuse to see if it is still in the under hood FB. If it is present (some people take them) make sure it is good. Just a guess as where to start.
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