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  1. Parts department just scored on some free stuff. Just be pushy, ask for the parts, or some sort of discount, they do this crap all of the time with wheel and tire packages, charge you for the new ones, and then keep the ones that came with the truck that you pay for also.
  2. Have any pictures? I am imagining a Tiger Woods incident????

    GM Parts Direct is who I use also.
  4. 2017 Silverado 1500

    Welcome to the site, what were the codes that were present?
  5. 2017 Silverado 1500

    Punctuation makes every else's ones life so much easier..... Was having a hard time following too.
  6. What did GM change?

    This is from the post in the troubleshooting section, So I have had my truck into Dealer on multiple occasions for what sounded like a lifter tick. This ticking noise was loudest in the morning first thing when starting engine. With the hood open it sounds like a lifter sticking and coming from under valve cover. You also can hear it through the drivers side wheel opening. Since the dealer has recently replaced all lifters I decided to go ahead and replace the vacuum pump. I purchased one from Amazon for $128.83 and a Lisle Stretch belt tool 59370 for $15.00. ACDelco 12669488 GM Original Equipment Vacuum Pump and Lisle 59370 Stretch Belt Tool Upon start-up the loud ticking noise is gone. I can still hear the injector noise but it is not very loud compared to this noise I have been chasing for some time now. We will see how long this new designed pump lasts. It does not look as beefy as the original but if there is no noise I will be very happy.
  7. What did GM change?

    What is the "sound" that yours makes that is different? Wonder if you have a bad vacuum pump, or one that is going bad?
  8. license plate fee

    $749.00 for our 16 Tahoe, was almost $700.00 last year for my 16 Silverado. Thinking I might be close to $800.00 on my 18 Silverado this year. Regional Transit Tax in Seattle area for a light rail system that will not be done in my lifetime. This state is elbow deep in my wallet, and getting deeper every year.......
  9. Black Widow 2019 Silverado

    I think the Black Widow LED “Puddle” Projector Lights and Black Widow Speedometer Gauges are pretty cool for the 16-18. Wonder if they sell items individually, or if you have to buy the whole "just robbed an Auto Zone and put every gaudy thing I stole on my truck" package?
  10. Pretty sure my 14 had them, know for a fact that my 16 and now my 18 have them. All 3 LTZ Z71 trucks.
  11. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    What brand of sealant, and how do you like the Nitto's?
  12. Territorial pissing never gets old, but I am offended by the rocket scientist remark, seeing how I consider myself to be a "brain scientist", or depending on the day a sort of "rocket surgeon"...….
  13. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Who owns' the car wash? Is it a national chain, or just local?
  14. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    What is high tech about the car wash? Is it a "touchless" system?
  15. Welcome to the site, and Congratulations on the new to you truck! Too old to be certified, would not worry about what could happen, just enjoy the 6.2!!!

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