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  1. James, you are a very nice man, thanking all comments when some are just The 2500/3500 is a good plan, just for the fact swapping gears, will still put you at your trucks limits with the trailer. Then factor in the truck itself, passengers and gear, full tank of gas, and the trailer, which will have propane tanks, water tanks for fresh and sewer. It all adds up fast. Better to have more truck than you need, mainly because you can not replace passengers like cargo if things go wrong on the highway.
  2. Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your new truck. As the above post asked, what you trying to achieve?
  3. Just guesses, rock trapped in the heat shield casing, or maybe truck is in AUTO, or 4WD.
  4. I think this one would look better with the factory GM silver.
  5. Try using the Tow/Haul feature on the transmission to see if it makes difference on the driving portion, not sure why it is rolling back in gear. Could just be the weight and miles on the truck.
  6. Welcome to the site. VIN should be visible through the windshield, bottom left corner, drivers side. What will be in the trailer, need to add that to total weight behind you.
  7. Both normal. Truck will let you know when they reach an unhappy temp.
  8. Welcome to the site. These are just guesses, unpair the phone from the truck, then pair it back up, or try a different USB cable, they do wear out.
  9. That quote is spot on ^^^^^^ Put them on our Tahoe with MR suspension, 22" wheels and the ride is great.
  10. Congratulations on your new car! If you are ever in the truck market, you know what to buy again.
  11. If they can not even provide the actual name of the part, I would personally find another lot who is not just trying to take advantage of you. Ask for details, where is it located, what does it control, is it covered under any warranties, can they show you where it is, so you can take a picture?
  12. Yes, needs to be reflashed, can buy one good to go, and sorry, no idea on price for either. I would check with these guys, they are a vendor here on the site.
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