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  1. Since you mentioned the power slider, my geuss is going to be a broken wire(s) in the loom that runs through the console. Kind of a common problem. The loom is visible in the hinge on the drives side with the lid open.
  2. Do you have the full floor center console?
  3. Same. It is very easy to access to see what the problem may be.
  4. As far as backing up, I have always had a lot easier time with longer trailers, so much easier to keep straight and in line. Rent a trailer for a day, find an empty parking lot and practice, you will be suprised how easy it really is.
  5. This may help with the trailer brake part:
  6. Think they are (Factory caps) a one and done deal. At least by the looks of this video, I know his are trashed, but they do not come off easy.
  7. Think you will need some of the factory bed caps, otherwise you are going to just have the exposed bed tops. Maybe a tailgate cap too?
  8. Yes please, always like to learn new things about the K2's. Thanks for your offer.
  9. Why does the engine need a 50% increase in oil pressure above 3500 RPMs In Laymans terms, It is spinning really fast and needs all the lubrication it can produce so it does not blow up.
  10. She last posted 3 years and 7 days ago. Thinking problem solved or truck sold.
  11. Welcome to the site. Who are buying the truck from?
  12. Welcome to the site. Did you ask if the dealer could possibly expand on their very vague statement about the driveline? At this point all you will get here are random guesses and stories about what was wrong with other trucks, which may or may not apply to your situation.
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