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  1. Welcome to the site. Can you provide any information about your truck? Bulbs not working, how long have they been out, does anything else work around the CL plug?
  2. Welcome to the site. Take it back to the dealer, that is what the CPO warranty is for, ask them how it passed certification, if the headlights do not work.
  3. No, it will not. They are completely different.
  4. Sounds like your oil pump is failing. Your idle pressure should be about half of what you are saying, they are a two stage pump, more pressure when needed, less when not.
  5. You are very welcome. Shared ideas are good to have, but it is your truck, do what makes your eyes happy.
  6. Truck looks really good as it sits. I would leave the nose as is, stripes may look good, red Z71 looks good because it matches your tow hooks, and the 4x4 emblems are a little too much, your truck is pretty classy looking with the silver color.
  7. We may be on the wrong page, I am not sure exactly what the "load leveling" parts are, but this is what I ma describing for the shocks.
  8. No paperwork given to you? Strange, but thanks for the reply. Glad to hear your truck is doing better.
  9. Can you share a picture of the TSB for the update?
  10. Welcome to the site. You might want to direct quote the original OP, or start a new thread. You are asking for a response from a 3 plus year old post. Any details you can share about your truck would help too.
  11. Welcome to the site. You do not have clutch fans on the K2's, they are electric. This may help you.
  12. I know it is not a truck, but would think it has to be close to the same way to open it on your truck.
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