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  1. Are my CVs toast?

    Not an expert, but from past experience with FWD cars, go under your truck and grab the front drive shafts and see if there is any play/sloppiness in them. Even if you are still in the powertrain warranty range, think you will have a hard time, seeing how it looks like you have a lift on the truck. I would just call your dealer, and get an idea on what you can expect when you take it in.
  2. That's why I suggested if he knew someone he could trust at a dealership, he could get a "ballpark figure" and then decide what he wants to do in the future, or maybe right now.
  3. First, thanks for questioning a question, and yes I understand what SeanSmith was asking. If he has a good relationship with the dealership, he can reach out to the used car manager and see what their thoughts/practices are on vehicles that have had this type of damage. Insurance companies have no interest in what happens after they have paid their part, dealership can give you a realistic idea of what it is going to be worth if SeanSmith decides to trade it in.
  4. Where did you buy the truck? Did you buy it new or used?
  5. 2018 Denali cluster

    My 16 LTZ Tahoe has the Off Road screen, not sure what type of rig pops up, wife primarily drives it.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Frankielozano214 wants to know, Where did u relocate the antenna too?
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome to the site. Good looking truck, very sinister, especially if you drive around making the face like in your avatar…..
  8. Great plan, just don't mention that you have used any type of cleaners/chemicals ever on your interior. it rained and now your door is stained....
  9. Good call, that was going to be my reply. Good relationship with the dealer can "fix" a lot of issues/problems.
  10. Yikes, that just dawned on me now that you mentioned it......
  11. So to update and try to keep up all of the suggestions and questions: Wheels had been put back on, and torqued down, so truck "fell" 8" - 12", which is a guess. Happened 07/12/2019, truck returned to me 07/18/2018. Repairs look good, they installed my metal GM skid plates at no charge since they we working under the truck anyway. And, they are going to be proactive and replace the vacuum pump on our 16 Tahoe under warranty before it possibly goes out. I receive free oil changes and car washes because I am a loyal/veteran buyer of their lot. Overall, they made a bad situation into one with a good ending, I will check, but pretty sure it won't be listed as an actual accident, so should be good there. Here are new photos of the repaired areas. will post pictures of the skid plates when I take some, should have when it was up on the lift, but that would have required me to be thinking at the time.
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome to the site, very nice looking truck!!! What part of Washington are you in?
  13. I agree, think he is kind of stuck with them at this point. Plus they kind of blend with the aftermarket front bumper.
  14. Don't worry, there is never a shortage of replies like that on the site.....
  15. Taillights

    Welcome to the site. OK, some oblivious questions: have you checked the bulbs in the tail lights? Do your brake lights still work? When you say front markers, where on the truck are you referring too?

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