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  1. He actually called you a pompous ass, but I like The Pompous King much better!!! And it was a nice write up, we need more on the site, especially with pictures.
  2. Welcome to the site. I would go ahead and set up an appointment with the dealer. Mode $06 is one of the nine diagnostic modes that is part of the OBD2 onboard diagnostics system on all 1996 and newer vehicles… which can be easily scanned with professional OBD2 scanner. As originally created, Mode $06 was not designed for use by technicians. It was supposed to be “hidden” data used by the OBD2 system to find faults and configure fault codes. It was not supposed to be a readily accessible scantool data for evaluating the operation of various components in the engine management and emission control systems. Consequently, many older scan tools lacked the capability to access and display Mode $06 data. But as time went on, some very tech-savvy technicians discovered that Mode $06 contained a plethora of useful diagnostic information. It turned out to be the ultimate of diagnostic information — provided you can figure out how to read and use it. Before we go any further, we should say that few counter professionals will ever use Mode $06 to assist a customer analyze a Check Engine light. Most of the scanners that parts stores employees typically use to perform plug-in diagnostic checks on customers’ cars are basic code fault readers or entry-level scanners. So many of these diagnostic tools can’t even access Mode $06. But even if you have a scanner that has Mode $06 ability, it’s doubtful you would ever have the need to delve that far into the on-board diagnostics. That level of troubleshooting is best left to a professional mechanic with a lot of experience and know-how in scantool diagnostics arena. With that said, it’s helpful to be aware of Mode $06 and how a mechanic can use it to troubleshoot a Check Engine light that comes back on after repairs have been made. In fact, if a technician knows how to use Mode $06 to look for specific types of faults, they can usually keep the MIL (Malfunctioning Indicator Lamp) out and prevent unnecessary comebacks.
  3. It does not, but you sounded pretty confident with your quote, so I will go with what you said.
  4. Maybe just for the heck of it, flip the bulb 180 degrees and see it works that way. I am just not sure, maybe the plug is "directional" and only like the bulbs inserted one way.
  5. What type of bulbs do you install? Learned the hard way that the LED's only work one way. Are all of the other bulbs working in your tail lights?
  6. Is this what you are looking for/experiencing?
  7. You need to set them up in the settings menu on your radio, convenience and comfort (I believe) and turn on the function to work with the RKE. You will not see any lights, but seats will be working, and yes you will have to turn them back on after you turn the ignition with the key. Turning on the function also will use the "cool" feature during the summer months.
  8. Pretty cool, looks like they reinvented the mouse trap. I really like the idea, I could leave my hitch on and close my garage door with my K2.
  9. Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your new truck. Can you provide a picture of what you are describing? Worse at day, or at night?
  10. That would explain a lot about the tires that came with my truck.....
  11. And never, ever let your wife/girlfriend drive it anywhere except for an empty parking lot, almost 100 % guarantee fenders will be missing otherwise.
  12. You know, when you start getting into the HD series, they are going to ride like what they were designed to be (if that makes sense). The new ones will be head and shoulders above previous generations, but it is still a big heavy truck designed to pull and haul. Drive them all, then make your decision, but like I said, I think the 3500 is the most bang for the buck (SRW).
  13. Drives like a normal truck, as where the dual rear wheels can be more challenging because of the width. Very easy to rip off a rear fender on the DRW, or not realize you are in the lane next to you. If you have the chance, find a dealer you like, and see if they will let you take each on an extended test drive, maybe even overnight, so you can see the difference for yourself. Plus you can take "mental ownership" of the one you like with it sitting in your driveway.
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