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  1. I was the registered owner on both. GM buys the truck from you, pays off your balance, and if there is equity, you can apply it towards your next loan. GM then owns the truck outright, will come and get it, then sell it at a local auction, which your current dealer can then buy.
  2. I have been part of both a "Trade Allowance", and a full "Buy Back". They will give you fair market value for the truck, with a few deciding factors how they come with the figure. I would ask for specifics and details in writing before I pulled the trigger. I came out in better shape both times on how much I owed, and total for monthly payments. If you do trade yours in on a new GM product, you can use all current rebates, and any incentives available (I was able to), so you can get a pretty sweat deal on the overall trade.
  3. Call the second phone, see who answers. Have you had the truck in for service recently? Any time away from you when someone could have paired up a second phone?
  4. JimCost2014


    9.5MPG? I see you are driving with your left foot and using cruise control around the city Maybe use the NASCAR method and shut the engine off while coasting in traffic and you might hit 10.0.
  5. No express up is a safety feature, along with the design of the switches. The older versions that had the express up on all windows was more of a "flat" switch, so pets and children could step on it and activate the function in either direction. Now all of your windows require to "lift/pull' up on the switch to use it. All up still a safety concern, even if controlled by one switch/person, can't see all windows at one time.
  6. Really like the sunroof in my 18, think I will always have one in my trucks. GM figured out the gasket on the 16 models. My 14 leaked, 16 never did and 18 has had no problems. There was a noticeable difference on the 14 and 16 models' appearance of the SR gasket. They are a feature that is designed to leak, but in a controlled manner so water does not enter the cab.
  7. Welcome to the site. Have you tried playing with the fader to see if you can adjust the sound to your liking?
  8. Very nice truck, congratulations!!! Can you share Mary's number, pretty sure there are few members on the site who would like to speak with her on some of their ideas.
  9. replace it real quick without you driving around looking like a pirate! You say that like it is a bad thing
  10. JimCost2014


    Over $5.00 a gallon in the Seattle area.
  11. Welcome to the site. Batteries from the factory are prone to not have a long life, it just happens. You will receive messages from On Star for a period of time, until they clear out of the system, even though work has been done and completed, just an annoying flaw in their system. If you do have a draw, why do you think that it would not drain two batteries? How low did your tender say it was? Did you try starting at that level to see if it would? Two batteries are usually set up when you have numerous accessories that are going to be a huge draw on the electrical system, not just for a daily driver.
  12. Think the color was the Stripper Limited Edition version. Included glitter in the interior that you can never get rid of. Lots of explaining to do when you bring home your new truck and show the wife
  13. How many times a week does his wife remind him of this
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