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  1. Question, do all of the accessory's still work? USB ports, SD slot, "cigarette lighter" outlet? Both in where the light is and under the dash. Pretty sure the light would be tied into a fuse that controls many things. Good looking pooch!
  2. You could be right, but if you are I think you have a problem. I think as long as you are in manual mode 1-7, it disables the V4 mode, shifting to 8 enables it again even in MM.
  3. 6 or 8 speed? And which gears, all or just the 6th or 8th depending on which one you have.
  4. You should be good on the miles, just be persistent, they extended the mileage on the extended warranty to 60000 miles I believe. Make sure you tell them the brake pedal is "very hard" to depress at times, and how loud the pump has become.
  5. If you are within mileage and you have a good relationship with your dealer, they should. Take your truck in complaining of the symptoms others have, and see what happens. We did this with our 16 Tahoe, and they replaced it without any questions asked.
  6. Welcome to the site! Where are you mileage wise? You can open a claim with GM customer service to see if they will offer assistance on the repair cost.
  7. Welcome to the site! You are describing the "Grade Braking" system, are you seeing the message flash on the DIC just before it starts this? You can disable it by holding the "Tow/Haul" button for 5-10 seconds each time you start the truck, or anytime while driving, but it has to be done each time the truck is driven.
  8. Looks like in the bottom picture, the black tab needs to be depressed, and then the white "keeper" needs to be pulled back/rotated away from the loom.
  9. Welcome to the site. They changed them after the poor design in the 14's. There is a "track" on the edge of the bellow, you have to slide it along the edge of the sunroof glass, and if memory serves right, they will never stay in place, unless you "adhere" them back in place. I would honestly see if you can order a new set from a 16 up, much better fit, they hide all of the inner workings of the sunroof tracks and stay in place. The ones you are dealing with are almost and after thought for a design.
  10. They should, as long as the batteries are still good.
  11. Two questions, you know there was not a factory SS option for 2000 Tahoe's, correct? Which body style do you have, I thought that they changed the SUV's in 2000, which would have the 5.3.
  12. Most on here will suggest Moog products.
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