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  1. Having had an engine replaced in my 16 incorrectly, and actually speaking from experience (shocking on this site), I would demand it, what does he have to loose at this point, they do not own his truck, he does. If they broke it, why should he settle for whatever they feel like telling him, it did not even go there for warranty work in the first place.
  2. Added some dirt to the exterior. 100 at the Pacific Ocean over the weekend.
  3. Welcome to the site. All 3 of my K2's have done that after washing them, especially when it is cool outside. Seems like the water gets trapped in the nooks and crannies by the radiator, then turns to steam as the truck gets warm and escapes through the front of the grill.
  4. Remember, you are the customer, and it is your truck. Demand to know what happened, if they refuse, report them to GM, and tell them you will take legal action against the dealership for hiding information about YOUR truck. If they did break it, I would want to know everything done, not sure I would trust it going forward, and don't let them pull the, "it will be OK because it is under warranty speech"!!!
  5. Welcome to the site. Have you pulled up the codes that are setting off the CEL? They will lead you in the right direction to fix your truck.
  6. Check out this thread here on the site, Door ajar, looks to be a somewhat common problem.
  7. Welcome to the site. Think I would leave that Cowboy's tool box where it is, drill a few holes through it for practice from the bottom, and then set it anywhere a new hole will be drilled.....
  8. Welcome to the site. Does the lock feature work, or any of the other functions on your door panel switch?
  9. Cordless Makita Sawzall did the trick for me. If you do not mind, how much to powder coat them, and what type of finish will it be?
  10. The small separation at the back of the antennae is actually their first attempt at a drain. You might pull down your headliner to see if the wires have not started corroding on the shark fin.
  11. Life is full of regrets, your truck does not need to be one of them, you can control what you do with it. If you do not trust the truck , get rid of it, or keep it and try not to worry about what could go wrong. You still have the bulk of your warranty left, use it if you need to. You have to read between the lines on these forums, some complaints are very valid, others are just unrealistic, just something to complain about.
  12. Welcome to the site. Sounds like you have tail light that is going bad. No replacement parts for the LED's, contact Frankielozano214, the parts king of the site. He has used sets quite often, at good prices.
  13. Welcome to the site. Anytime you are pulling the trailer would be a good time. Merging into traffic, going up a hill, starting off on flat land, it is there for pulling things attached to the truck.
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