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  1. Broken push rod in my 6.2 at 23100, engine being replaced, have you seen this before?
  2. Snug, thanks on the insight on how my engine failed. I will be sure to give insightful advice when your truck fails you.
  3. Been in a Chevy Cruze for 2 weeks now, the car that fits you like a condom, free of charge. Hope to have my truck by the middle of next week? Just have not had time to go get a bigger loaner.
  4. I agree, I am very conscious when it come to maintenance and overall care of my trucks. It is very frustrating putting so much effort into taking care of a vehicle and then this happens without anyone knowing why.
  5. Almost same thing as far as the symptoms on my 16, except mine broke a push rod. GM wanted the cylinder walls inspected and the dealership reported enough abnormal wear that my engine was pulled and sent back to Chevy R&D to be checked out. The new engine should be put back in the next couple of days, not real excited to see how my truck is going to look after this much major work being done on it. 23100 miles. 62,500 dollars for MSRP, had a 73 Vega with a 150000 plus miles that burned oil, but was still running when I sold it without any type of failure like this.
  6. Direct injection is very noisy, compared to a normal fuel injection system. If you have a collapsed lifter or something stuck, you will have a very rough idle and probably see the CEL soon. If the engine is smooth at idle and at exceleration you should be fine. Go to a dealership and listen to another Suburban for comparison.
  7. Thinking exhaust should be covered under power train warranty, should be ok there. Awesome, my truck is having the engine replaced at 23000, now the Tahoe will in the shop for a week or more.
  8. This is a replacement of a buyback.
  9. Flapper valve in the exhaust system, our 16 just started making the noise. You will notice it happens when the engine switches from 4 to 8 cyclnders. Or vise versa.
  10. Started truck with remote, engine sounds like it has no oil, so I shut it off. Start again, sounds a little better, so I take off and it stars missing/running rough. A second later CEL is on and it is in limp mode. Have it on a flat bed to dealer next morning, they get to it a day later with a report that it has a broken push rod, nothing else. I question this, but they are good with their findings. Next day they call to let me know that Chevy wants them to check the engine further, where they find abnormal wear on the cylinder walls. Chevy wants the engine replaced and sent back to their R & D to figure out what happened. 23,100 miles and will be without the truck a month waiting for the new engine/install. Getting harder to own a Chevy or really any car these days. Thoughts on what could have gone wrong with the 6.2 in my truck?
  11. HD radio

    Listen to a non HD station, then a HD station. You will be able to tell the difference right away. It is like watching a TV channel that is HD or normal analog.
  12. Trade in now or wait for 2019???

    Good call. The centennials are great looking trucks!!!
  13. Pay a body shop, the bow ties are stuck on like grim death. Once you have it off, you then get to try and remove the adhesive that held it on. I used a pro grade adhesive remover and a "rubber" adhesive removal wheel to get it, but it took forever.
  14. Went through the same thing with my 2014. have them build one to your specs. You can use all rebates, GM card rewards, private offers, you name it, they want to keep you in a GM truck. Not sure what the offer is for you, but they came up with $8000.00 trade in allowance for me. I actually walked away with a smaller payment on my 2016. Make sure though that the numbers work for you, I had a big down payment (my 2008 that was paid for) on the 14, so they had to make the deal on the 16 close, so basically I basically "leased" (it was financed) and started all over with length of contract with the 16.

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