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  1. That's fantastic. So instead of a $6 relay, a $150 fuse box. I was thinking it might be something like this (as I still could hear a relay clicking when all relays were out) but really don't know much about fuse box internals. Thank you.
  2. Me neither, I took out every relay i could see in the underhood fuse box and my issue was the same and none of them are the stop lamp relay. Even with every relay out (all I could figure, at least), you could here clicks like a relay was operating when I pressed and released the brake pedal.
  3. I'm having issue with my 2016 Silverado CHMSL and after looking at the wiring diagram I think my issue is the stop lamp relay being faulty. The wiring diagram says the stop lamp relay is in the underhood fuse block, but I can't find that in the fuse block or fuse diagram. Where is the stop lamp relay?
  4. I recently noticed the chmsl on my 2016 Silverado and the stop light on my topper stopped working. Found that the wires going to the topper were shorting together and the fuse was blown. I fixed both of those issues and everything worked... for 2 days. Now the chmsl and topper light are not working, the fuse is fine. Any ideas? Not sure if this is a coincidence but my back up camera stopped working correctly at the same time.
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