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  1. Got mine at Lowe's. Keep the worm clamp for a future project or pitch it. Measure your fill port diameter first, so you get the correct size. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Fernco-2-in-x-2-in-x-2-in-dia-Cap-PVC-Fitting/1000075369
  2. Idiot was released from SAN QUENTIN just before or over Easter Weekend, after serving about 12 months.
  3. No worries, about the wrong location for this. Flywheels will do as you described, try using the stethoscope on your transmission, see if you hear the ticking there.
  4. Rythmatic ticking sound? In gear? Out of gear? The only "ticking/clicking sounds" that I've ever heard, in my lifetime, have been cracked flywheels (transmissions) or lifters (even with the engine being cold).
  5. Have you done anything to the radio, recently? Mine was "blinking" for a long while, then quit working (no display, but still played music). Took it apart, again, and found that the "display data cable" was not pushed in all of the way.
  6. "Available on Silverado LT, LTZ, and High Country trim levels, the High Desert package combines refined exterior styling, an all-new cargo system that is lockable and water resistant and available Magnetic Ride Control suspension on High Country."
  7. About $2 at Lowe's for this 2.5" cap with worm/hose clamp. Don't need the clamp.
  8. @handyman58 Also, there is a j-box under the bed for plugging them into the Cargo Light circuit. Maybe one of those is "hot."
  9. Some states have laws that make it illegal to have your cargo lights (rear-facing white lights) on while driving. The cargo lights don't require parking lights to be on to operate, BCM Pink-26.
  10. It's the same ones from 2015 (Picture if from my 2015). Uniden PC122XL & Radio Shack (Realistic) Pro-2026. As they (currently) sit in my garage.
  11. True, but I don't see cars getting >60MPG to offset the fuel guzzling of trucks and large SUVs.
  12. (Saturday) Finished: - Hidden Antenna install - Dash Cam installation During Hidden Antenna install, I noticed that I didn't connect the XM Antenna, so I did that. Still need to finish: - CB Antenna Coax into cab (in bed for now) - Reverse Camera Display brightness mod (too bright at night, figuring out a way to release the pin from the connector) - CB/Scanner install
  13. Had a similar problem about a year or two ago. Only way that I could get heat/cold for a few days was keeping it in defrost. After a few days, it just started working, no problems since. Stupid gremlins!!
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