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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Took my '15 (2WD) up there, no problems, but then there wasn't any snow/ice. The last time that I went up to Big Bear, with snow, they wouldn't even let 4x4s up there without chains/cables. Still have my cables from that trip, was for my '10 Ridgeline, which was before my '15 Silverado LTZ Z71, now I have a '18 Silverado LTZ Z71. Haven't been up there since about a year before my wreck ('15). Maybe one of these weekends, I'll take the wife and kids up for Alpine Slides.
  2. $50 and under modifications

    I used Amazon, to save me a 80 mile round trip. Most definitely make sure that it’s 23285090. Worth the $52 I spent, far less than the cost of the item, and two round trips to the dealership (one to order and the other to pick it up). https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-GM-Molding-Pkg-Part/dp/B00TA7UUM2?keywords=23285090&qid=1547714442&sr=8-1&ref=sr_1_1
  3. $50 and under modifications

    Swapped out the drivers A-frame cover for a Driver's Assist Handle, last Sunday. $52 for the part thru Amazon Prime, and about 30 minutes total to remove the original cover and install the handle. The close up of the upper end, was cause some of the guys were complaining that it didn't lineup. Once I got the leash from the original cover tucked away, it mated up flush.
  4. Midnight Edition Mods

    Sunday Night in the sprinkles...... Caught myself a couple times still using the steering wheel to pull myself up into the truck. Only took me about 10 minutes to complete this mod, I had started it the week before, and realized that I had the wrong color, when I pulled it out of the box. (was ordered thru Amazon)
  5. Just replaced the cover on the driver’s A-Frame with a Driver’s Assist Handle. $40+S/H.
  6. On 15 September 2018, we finally replaced my TOTALED 2015 Silverado LTZ Z71, RIP: 01July2018. This album will be to show its original state, and any changes or mods that I have done and plan on doing to it over the course of its “lifetime.” Planned changes/mods (completed items will be moved to the top & CAPs/BOLD/ITALICS): 2x12 BED CARGO DIVIDER (MAR17, from previous truck) PUDDLE LIGHTS ON with DOORS OPEN (GRY1-GRY8 – truck does this already) (SEP18) AM/FM ANTENNA DELETE (SEP18) TOW HITCH BRAKE LIGHT (Bully CR-007A, Tail Light feature REMOVED) (OCT18) FOG LIGHTS ON with HIGH BEAMS (BRN18-BRN10) (NOV18) CARGO LIGHTS ON with REVERSE (PNK26-BRN26) (NOV18) FRAME PLUGS (NOV18) LED REVERSE/CARGO LIGHT BULBS (JAN19) RED LED BULB IN HIGH MOUNT BRAKE LIGHT (JAN19) DRIVER’S ASSIST HANDLE (JAN19) *Install Hidden AM/FM Antenna(s) *Nerf Rail Lights, tied into Puddle Lights *7-Pin to Tailgate Light Bar and Tow Hitch Brake Light Adapter *4 USB Ports on Back of Center Console *Install CB & Scanner *Front Tow Hitch w/ License Plate Holder *Classic Black CA License Plates (DSRTRVN) Tailgate Light Bar Phone Holder Grey USA Flags on both Front Doors Dash Camera (Front/Back) Tonneau Cover Replace Center Console with One That the Cup Holder Moves Phone Holder Replace Chrome Lug Nuts with Black Ones Locking BLACK Lugnuts Illumated Bow Tie Sports Bar/Headache Rack (?) Grayout Chrome On Front/Back Bow Ties (Dark Gray Plasti-Dip) Blackout Keyholes Blackout Door Badges Gray Trim Black “71” Red “Z” Blackout Z71 Grill Badge Gray Trim Black “71” Red “Z” Blackout Steering Wheel Badge
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Monday, I replaced the standard bulbs in my reverse, cargo, and high mount brake lights. I installed RED LED bulb in the high mount, and white LED bulbs in the cargo/reverse spots. I then went to install the Driver’s Assist Handle, but they had shipped me the wrong color (tan). So, I returned the wrong one, and ordered the correct one (grey). I threw it all back together, without reconnecting the lanyard to the cover, made it quick/easier to swap them out tonight. The correct one came in Friday, as I was heading off to work. This evening, I swapped out the original part for the handle. D1174A23-1AEA-4945-9BFE-F67D6DABA101.MOV
  8. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Where do you usually go "sailing" at? I've gone with a few groups from Edwards AFB out to El Mirage Dry Lake. They've recently (last few years) started using Roger's Dry Lake (on Edwards AFB) to do their land-sailing, I haven't been out there since they switched, especially since my accident, back in July.
  9. Tehachapi Willow Springs Crash

    UPDATE: IDIOT had his arraignment on 12/11/18, and pleaded "NOT GUILTY." REALLY?!!!! On 12/21/18, my wife got a copy of the accident report. It stated that CHP was actively looking for IDIOT's car, and wondered if he frequented TWS, where the crash happened, so a patrol officer sat in the dirt patch that I thought about ducking into, and sure enough, he rolled through there. CHP lite him up, pulled him over, and cited him for not having a front tag on the vehicle, "fix-it-ticket." While the officer was writing him up, he noticed that IDIOT still had the dealership streamer hanging on the keys. They still did NOT have enough to go on, so they let him continue on his way. From there, they pursued him as the Hit/Run suspect. On 1/8/19, we went to IDIOT's Pre-Preliminary Hearing. DA asked to postpone, "a continuance," it because CHP didn't deliver their photos until the day before, and the judge and DA are good friends. Wife and I sat in the back corner of the courtroom, when the DA walked in, she advised the court that 12 (TWELVE) of the deceased driver's family were there. When IDIOT was dismissed and left the courtroom, ALL 14 of us stood up. Out in the hallway, my wife and I introduced ourselves to the DA, and I made sure that IDIOT could hear me, as I introduced myself. "Joey's" family was glad that we were there, and we talked with them for a good 30 minutes, 20 of that was my wife and Joey's mom talking/crying. Hoping that Joey's mom got some closure from talking with my wife.
  10. WTB: Short Bed HARD QUAD/Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (CA)

    Thanks, but I'm looking for something a little closer to home.
  11. Dude, this borderlines on not funny, since I was in a head-on collision, back in July, and the guy, that hit me, died on impact. It's also bad enough that my wife and kids swear that our NEW house (moved in the week prior to the collision) is haunted.
  12. I washed my truck a couple times since then, and it hasn't done it lately.
  13. Intellibeam headlights

    With the headlights in AUTO (when it's dark out), push your turn signal forward (to lock on the HIGHs), and then instantly pull it back to its neutral state. This will turn them ON/OFF. OH, and they do NOT work if the fogs are on, with LOWs.
  14. I'll have to give this a try, next fill up.
  15. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Ask the guys, they know him.

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