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  1. Been following this thread, and waiting for some overtime to drop. It does come with a gasket for it, correct?
  2. I'll take one, if you can wait until Wednesday to be paid. Got a lot of overtime money coming in on Wednesday from this week.
  3. I took my smallest phillips jewelers screwdriver and pushed it in to make way for the diode leads, so that it was "easier" to push them in the needed length for good contact.
  4. Your reverse/cargo jumper is correct for cargo lights on while in reverse. Maybe push your leads in a little further? What diodes did you use, 1N4004? HOWEVER, your fogs on with HIGHs appears to be completely incorrect. Your striped end it in BRN24, mine is in BRN18 (next row up), and I can't tell where the other end is pinned, but mine is in BRN10. The attached picture if from my '15 LTZ. My '18 is similar, other than the third diode in the GREY block, because my '18 comes setup to have the puddle lights on when any of the doors are open.
  5. Could you please contact me. I have a 2016 GMC Denali dually. I have the ROSTRA / Echo Master cameras system. I have a wireless trailer camera, a front grill camera and 2 side view mirrors. My system also included a switch that allows my cell phone to be displayed on the 8 inch infotainment screen. My question is that I have a problem. When I back up the rear tail gate camera takes over the screen (I selected the wireless trailer camera) and displays the tailgate camera. It takes pushing several buttons to get the wireless camera to be displayed. Each time I pull up I have to be distracted with repeated buttons to switch screen back to the display I want. Is there any way to set the infotainment screen to hold the present display rather than automatically switching to the tail gate camera? Please contact me initially on my Email at [email protected] I would like to discuss it with you. When you email me I'll give you me cell number. I live in Las Vegas not to far from you.





    1. Gecko50


      Raven Keeper I miss took your for the vender that was discussing the tail gate camera. Please disregard this message.



    2. Ravenkeeper


      No problem Chuck.




  6. It's got to be an aftermarket alarm system installed in it. Did you buy it used? Going thru the vehicle settings and turning it off (there), should have disabled it. Mine only honks if I double-clutch the lock button.
  7. They say that accidents are more likely to happen within 25 miles of home, mine was 17 miles. But we've never had any issues going to/from work/school, on Edwards AFB.
  8. Accidents SUCK!!!! Wish I would have had one in my '15 Silverado in July of 2018. Still fighting this idiot in court, Kern County v. IDIOT, court date TBD. Definitely getting on for all three of our vehicles, leaning towards the Rexing V1 Pro. For now, we picked a $70 one from Walmart, and take it everywhere we travel, even down to Burbank Airport. We're not too worried about to/from work/school. Yes, definitely hard wire it in. Cheap SD cards suck, especially in the desert. I have a Wish List for each vehicle in our Amazon account, and have one of these saved for each vehicle. There was bad lighting? Didn't even notice.
  9. There are two different colors, grey & tan, be sure to order the correct color. I had the wrong color come in, even after ordering the correct color. Original A-Pillar Cover installed. Original A-Pillar Cover hanging by the tether. This one was taken during the day, cause I was having problems seeing/disconnecting the tether, the night before. Ended up finishing it up later that night. The tether is tucked out of the way, don't remember exactly where. Some of the guys removed it by cutting it off. When I install my "hidden AM/FM Antenna," I'll take/post a photo of where I tucked it in. You will either have to cut it from the pillar, or tuck it in, to get the handle to fit. A-Pillar Cover removed. You can see the tether, before I tucked it away, hanging down just below the airbag. Driver's Assist Handle installed Install COMPLETE!!
  10. GM Trucks only? Looking for one for my '19 MB GLC 300.
  11. Do they come with a gasket/seal? Also, wider angle picture of your install.
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