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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BOV8APK/?coliid=I1O1HXEFQX0AZS&colid=14VYYB67R3AZP&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  2. The soft cover that I had with my '15, constantly looked like the back edge was torn loose and flapping in the breeze, as I was rolling over 55. I was tempted to lay it upside down, long enough to lay some contact cement on the rails/frame, to keep the middle from floppingflapping up/down, but the middle of each section would most likely continue to flop/flap.
  3. I believe that etrailer.com has/had (or I may have found it on Amazon) a wireless camera that you can have project on your rearview mirror, but you have to buy a special mirror. You might be able to adapt it to the Infortainment/radio screen, but you will most likely have to switch back/forth between the two. My plan was to get the mirror adapter with this, have the camera connected to the 12V wire or tail light wire (plug pending), then I would be able to more safely change lanes. Plus, when I have the trailer on my front hitch (when I get it installed), I'll be able to see where I'm pushing it to.
  4. I also did the reverse/cargo diode mod, as well as the fogs/highs. I had also done the puddle lights with interior lights mod, on my '15. Some issues that I've seen over the last few years, getting the diode lead into the hole, diode installed backwards, diode plugged into the wrong hole. If you only want the cargoes to come on in reverse (cargoes will still work by themselves), pin the diode (1N4004) the way that @bwlaqua did, stripe end in PINK26 (NOT 27, it's empty on most of them) and the other BROWN26. Should you also want the reverse lights on with the cargoes, use a 14-gauge (solid) wire between the same two pins/wires. I used the smallest tip jewelers phillips screwdriver or awl to "make an opening" along side of the pin in one of the corners, after fighting with them for a while.
  5. @navybuff, I know it worked on my 2015. Like @mikeyk101 said, you'll have to turn it on in the vehicle settings under the convenience package. When you go to unlock the truck, and do not want the windows down, let go of the unlock button at the second flash of the turn signals. If you hold it past that, the windows will roll down.
  6. You're most likely going to find a bunch of driver's side covers, like mine. It is listed in "For Sale/Wanted."
  7. Looking at the front three tie down holes in the front of the bed, and not being able to tie my cargo net ANYWHERE along the back/tailgate, made me wonder if anyone has installed aftermarket tie downs to their tailgate. Has anyone done this? What did you use?
  8. Maybe one of you can do a write-up (with pictures) about how you did this, for the guys that have tried and were not successful. Personally, I don't mind the on-screen controls disappearing. ALSO, if you get the radio/infotainment system re-flashed, or firmware updated, be ready for it to default back to this.
  9. I haven't reset my Trip B since I bought it, it's showing 19.2MPG. I've also been tracking every drop with Fuelly, see below. Some guys, like me, use their remote start to cool/heat their truck up, before getting in and going anywhere, that will lower your mileage, so you can't use it to see if your truck/vehicle is degrading.
  10. You got way more snow that we did. BUT, there's more on the way, or so I've heard. The only snow around here was whatever the wind blew out of Tehachapi and melted before hitting the ground. From what I heard, some of it even blew into Edwards AFB, same results.
  11. I'll dig for it while I'm winding down at home tonight.
  12. According to the OM (Pg 163), it states that you can turn it 'off,' 'on,' or 'on with towbar,' in the vehicle settings.
  13. I'm the opposite, two-lane blacktop is where my head-on collision occurred. @VanguardK2, it was probably the thread that I started last night.
  14. I'm wanting to power my dash cam from the overhead console. I'm looking for suggestions. I have the same console as the one in the picture (this one is NOT mine, but one like mine).
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