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  1. Plastidip Grill?

    I have to save them on my computer, edit them by rotating away from upright and back to upright (sometimes 360º rotation), before uploading them. But, yeah, it sucks.
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    So my weekend was BUSY, so I'm posting now, while I'm waiting on parts for my aircraft. Friday, while I was at work, can't take my phone in with me, my wife texts me, and our message exchange went like this: "Can you wash the truck today, for a parade tomorrow?" (saw it at lunch) "UMMMM.........." (5 minute delay) "NO!!!!!!" "Thought they were using Tyler's truck/trailer?" Of course, I got no answer until I got home, and then "it's too dark out." Midnight, with DAYLIGHT bulbs lighting up the driveway, at 66ºF? Ended up waiting until 6am, my son and I went to the wash facility on Edwards AFB, spent about $5. Did an okay job for being the high pressure sprayer and "scrub/suds brush. (Picture will be posted/added at lunch tonight) Since we were on base, she wanted us to pick up a few things to borrow for the parade, which even furthered my late arrival to the "lineup area." Was supposed to be in Leona Valley by 0730, but arrived at 0815. AND TYLER'S TRUCK/TRAILER WAS THERE!!!!
  3. If I'm understanding you correctly, this is what Honda refers to as "Auto-Stop." When you come to a complete stop, AC is NOT max'd, E-brake is completely released, the engine stops, until you release the brake to continue on your journey. IT SUCKS!!!! If you're stopped, engine is off, and something comes up that you have to haul A out of there or get creamed/crushed, the delay in the engine restarting will NOT allow you to get out of the way. I understand that this situation is rare, but I'd rather "be able to get out of the way and not have to, rather than needing to get out of the way and CAN'T!!"
  4. Free XM Radio until May 29th

    We use to be subscribers to XM, but that was one of the first luxuries to go, when I retired from USAF. Honestly, we have NOT missed it one bit. I have at least one of our favorite XM channels on each set of 5 station memories. When the XM ones go from grey to white, I know that I'm receiving FREE XM. But, like Colossus, it's Pandora and I♥Radio, until the next FREE Preview. As long as you have a Sirius/XM radio, you can receive the FREE Previews.
  5. Got a voltmeter? Have you done any mods to your headlights just before it quit working?
  6. Black paint swirls

    Saw the swirls on my dad's green '86 Celebrity, we always thought that it was cause we used the sponges with nets on them, to get the bugs off. I always wash my truck with a soft dish cloth, then I wash the wheels/tires, with a different cloth (wheels) and a scrub brush (tires). Then, it's time to clean up, and rinse the clothes and brush. I change out my clothes every year or two, to keep from having anything stick to them and end up scratching my paint.
  7. Speedo question

    Agreed, I trust the PSI on the DIC more than the PSI on the pump at the gas stations. BUT, I do check them with a pressure reading stick.
  8. Puddle light wire?

  9. Puddle light wire?

    Actually, with mine...... My puddle lights come on when I unlock my truck, open a door with switch set to DOOR, or turned on the interior lights. They turn off after about 60 seconds (or so), and when you lock the truck. It's pretty cool to watch my truck unlock, puddle lights fade ON, while my mirrors unfold.
  10. Gas Tank - How low can you go?

    I've done it twice, that I can see on my Fuelly account, since the above postings, May 17th (432 miles) & 29th (437 miles), the gas stations I used, those times, would only allow me to gas up to $75. YES, I filled up this morning with "FUEL LOW" showing on the DIC. The crazy part of this last one, I pulled into Stater Bros, in Mojave, with light on and "49 MTE," when I started my truck to go home..."FUEL LOW." WTH?!!! I can understand the display going to "FUEL LOW" when the computer gets to 10 or less, but with an estimated 49MTE? REALLY?!!! That's as bad as going down a hill, with just over a 1/4 tank, watch the MTE roll down to "FUEL LOW," and then stays that way, sometimes until I refuel.
  11. Speedo question

    Your MPG has nothing to do with your MPH. Your fuel economy is a rough ballpark number anyways, so is your calculations, will vary by gas station and how you fill it up. If you know where there is a stationary radar, or several of them, set your cruise for that speed limit and see what it/they say(s). There are several around Edwards AFB, the trailers are calibrated, the one on the posts aren't, I think, or at least have never seen the ones on the posts removed for calibration. Also, make sure that your tires are serviced to spec. I've noticed that if I have them at 32PSI, speedometer is off slightly, usually .5MPH in my favor. Around 37PSI, speedometer and radar seem to match, on the money. The radars on the posts, some of them will blink when you're speeding, other/most of them will blink no matter what speed you're doing.
  12. The dealership checks them every time I'm in for an oil change and tire rotation. Last time, they told me that my right front pads were wearing "funny." The following weekend, my son and I changed them, both L/R fronts. (Picture: Front Right pads: upper one is the outboard side.)
  13. Saw a dually long-bed going south on SR-14, this afternoon, looked like he had a hard-shell, until he was starting to go by me. Best looking soft-shell I've ever seen.
  14. Aftermarket bed lighting with oem install

    Good call, forgot about that.
  15. Aftermarket bed lighting with oem install

    The tow mirror puddle lights point back, and may blind you, in reverse. My puddle lights point down, DL3 mirrors. GRY1 is interior lights, GRY8 is Puddle Lights. For your friend's truck, BRN26 to GRY8 (stripped end), may be "a bit of a stretch." For with the key fob, he probably has the vehicle locator settings ON.

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