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  1. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Drove over 700 miles, was surprised that I didn't have to fuel up more often than I did. With my '15, had to refuel just south of Tracy, CA, going up and again coming back, used more fuel with a smaller engine (5.3).
  2. On 15 September 2018, we finally replaced my TOTALED 2015 Silverado LTZ Z71, RIP: 01July2018. This album will be to show its original state, and any changes or mods that I have done and plan on doing to it over the course of its “lifetime.” Planned changes/mods (completed items will be moved to the top & CAPs/BOLD/ITALICS): 1. 2x12 BED CARGO DIVIDER (MAR17, from previous truck) 2. PUDDLE LIGHTS ON with DOORS OPEN (GRY1-GRY8 – truck does this already) (SEP18) 3. AM/FM ANTENNA DELETE (SEP18) 4. TOW HITCH BRAKE LIGHT (Bully CR-007A, Tail Light feature REMOVED) (OCT18) 5. FOG LIGHTS ON with HIGH BEAMS (BRN18-BRN10) (NOV18) 6. CARGO LIGHTS ON with REVERSE (PNK26-BRN26) (NOV18) 7. FRAME PLUGS (NOV18) 8. DRIVER’S ASSIST HANDLE (JAN19) 9. CLASSIC BLACK CA LICENSE PLATES (DSRTRVN) (JAN19) 10. BED RAIL CAP STAKE HOLE PLUGS (Hand Grabs) (APR19) 11. CB ANTENNA INSTALLED (APR19) 12. *Install Hidden AM/FM Antenna(s) 13. *Nerf Rail Lights, tied into Puddle Lights 14. *7-Pin to Tailgate Light Bar and Tow Hitch Brake Light Adapter 15. *4 USB Ports on Back of Center Console 16. *Install CB & Scanner 17. *Front Tow Hitch w/ License Plate Holder 18. Tailgate Light Bar 19. Phone Holder 20. Grey USA Flags on both Front Doors 21. Dash Camera (Front/Back) 22. Tonneau Cover 23. Replace Center Console with One That the Cup Holder Moves 24. Black Lug/Lock Kit 25. Illumated Bow Tie 26. Sports Bar Package 27. Grayout Chrome On Front/Back Bow Ties (Dark Gray Plasti-Dip) 28. Blackout Keyholes 29. Blackout Door Badges 1. Gray Trim 2. Black “71” 3. Red “Z” 30. Blackout Z71 Grill Badge 1. Gray Trim 2. Black “71” 3. Red “Z” 31. Blackout Steering Wheel Badge 32. 2.250 x 1.500 STD Black Cap (fuel) 33. Momentary Switches 1. Brakes 2. Reverse 3. Trailer Lights 34. Forward Facing Camera/Mirror System 35. Amber Strobes 36. Floor Liners 37. Swing Out Toolboxes 38. Mud Flaps
  3. 10 & 11 - Antenna & Plugs.jpg

    From the album Ravenkeeper's 2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 (4WD) Midnight Edition

    Installed my CB antenna and the rear stake hole plugs, not too long ago. Going to install/route the antenna cable some day soon. Would have loved to have had my CB on our road trip last weekend. I may take the mount bracket off, paint it black, and reinstall. Picture was taken in the San Ramon, CA area.

    © 2019 Ravenkeeper

  4. I was thinking about the same thing, whether the customer is with me or not, making Home Depot or Lowe's runs with/for them. Or even Sears, WalMart, etc, appliance pickup/delivery via Uber/Lyft.
  5. If your looking into colourmatch your other vehicles with the whip antenna I replaced my wife’s Ford Focus antenna with one of these visual garage



  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I'm looking at doing the same to my daughter's Cruze and my wife's CR-V, and getting rid of their flimsy wire antennas. Theirs is also their AM/FM antenna. How's the reception with it? (If you want to wait a week or two before answering, that's fine) Where'd you get it?
  7. My '15 Silverado never did that. Then again, I had to mod my lights to come on with the doors open, only way that I could get them to come on.
  8. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Whether the night clerk was helpful or not in finding my phone that was left on the counter.
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Did a overnight, out/back, turn-around trip up to San Ramon (Bay Area) on Saturday afternoon and last night, for our neice's graduation from CSU East Bay. Saturday's drive up wasn't bad, other than needing to stop, and the on-ramp to get back on the highway being closed for construction. (I-5 NB @ SR-46) The next 30 miles ended up SUCKING!!!!! Went straight to our hotel, accidentally left my phone at the desk, went back to get it, GONE, activated "Find My iPhone" app, tracked it down to their dumpster, where the "customer," that was behind us in line, was "digging through." When we checked out, the day clerk said to make it reflect, so I DID!!! Sunday, the ceremony was supposed to be at 10AM, but Saturday night (VIA EMAIL) we were notified that it was postponed to 5PM. Most of the family that came up to see her graduate, had to leave by 6PM. We were looking at leaving around then, BUT decided to stay for her. Ended up leaving around 8:30PM, our initial/original ETA home was 1:30AM, ended up being 3:15AM, cause Siri wanted us to go a direction that we didn't see why, until we came to a STOP 3.5 miles from the next available detour. Come to find out, I-5 SB was CLOSED for a 10 mile stretch and everyone was being rerouted by CalTRANS. As we were getting to the off-ramp for the CalTRANS detour, they reopened I-5 SB. Going from Grapevine to Gorman was HELL, 2 Peterbilt trucks crawling up the mountain, with 2 luxury cars beside them, in the next two lanes, AND Mortimer slowly going past all of them in the passing lane. SO, I passed Mortimer on the left, moved in front of him, re-engaged my cruise, and was GONE!!!! Trip B started at 18.3MPG for the life of the truck, ended at 18.8, and now almost has 13K on it. My Fuelly was 17.3 AMPG, now 17.4 and I have to refuel tonight. Fuelly says that I had averaged 18.93 MPG on the way up/around Hayward, computer was showing that I was in the 20s. Computer is currently showing 21.7MPG since Hayward, even with idling on I-5 for almost a hour. I topped off after work on Friday ($3.999), on the way home again, in Hayward, CA ($4.399, when we started heading for home), and I'm refueling tonight after work (probably still $3.999). I estimate that it will be in the 19s according to Fuelly.
  10. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Looks great!! Now, I want to drop a boulder on my truck. Can't wait to finally get my radio installed in mine. Maybe we'll connect via a really great skip, one day/night.
  11. Foglights On With High Beams

    It didn’t stop me, as you could see in the photo. My ‘18 doesn’t violate that law, single hi/low bulbs.
  12. Rear Stake Hole Covers

    My plugs survived and remained in place during the 350 miles up to the Bay Area (San Ramon/Hayward), and the same 350 miles home.
  13. WTB/WTT: Black Full Length Center Console 2014-2016

    Not looking for another '18 center console, looking for a '14-'15 center console.
  14. Not only temperature dependent, but also weight dependent. With no one in the seat, the heater(s) will not seem to heat the seat. As for "cooling," even on HOT days, I don't ever hear them running during remote start.

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