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  1. There's at least six other Silverado's/Sierra's just on my court. Think that I'm going to park nosed in for a while.
  2. Early birthday present. THANKS @OEDRO!!!!! Had to take my CB antenna off, for now, mount bracket screws lost their threads about halfway along the shank. It’s only removed until I find my mount bracket that I had on my previous truck. Also added one of the GM-Trucks stickers that I received in the mail today.
  3. I have GY Wrangler DuraTrac's with 33K, almost 34K, they're the original tires from when I purchased the truck. I feel like I can feel the treads at slow speeds, like you can with "knobies." But, yeah, these have lasted almost 3 years and 33K+. About 100 miles is NOT pavement.
  4. So did I, in November 2018, couple months after I got my new truck. I put BRIGHT whites in Cargo and Reverse, and BRIGHT RED in the Brake light. D1174A23-1AEA-4945-9BFE-F67D6DABA101.MOV
  5. I'm looking at taking my All Terrains off and installing All Weathers. I'm going to keep my ATs and put them on a second set of wheels, for when I do go off-roading. Looking for suggestions.
  6. I was born/raised in San Diego, as a USN brat. Occasional visit to Imperial Beach, to see the mother-in-law and mine/wife's childhood friends.
  7. I have a 1-gal gas can (about 1/2 full) of 2-stroke premix that has been sitting in my garage for at least 3 years. Looking for ideas on how to dispose of it, LEGALLY.
  8. Have you metered out the receptacle on the truck? Or get a receptacle tester. If the receptacle works as advertised, then it's the trailer.
  9. Hi, dear friend,  have you back from town? Are you still interested in buying Tonneau Cover? The discount will go away soon

    1. Ravenkeeper


      Yes, was looking at the ones with the LEDs, OUCH!!  WILL be purchasing either tonight or tomorrow, tomorrow night at the latest.

    2. OEDRO


      You can enjoy 15% off for all LED light at oedro.com

      15% off code:OEDRO15

      Wish you have a good day!

  10. I replaced both reverse lights, both cargo lights and the brake light with BRIGHTER LED bulbs, plus the brake bulb is a RED LED bulb. D1174A23-1AEA-4945-9BFE-F67D6DABA101.MOV
  11. My truck has the Cargo w/ Reverse Diode mod done, but I'm going to add a proxy switch at the tailgate to keep the bed lights from coming on while in Reverse.
  12. I ordered it, back in May 2020, for $19.98. It goes for as low as $11.98, now.
  13. Sorry, I didn't get around to looking at it last night, nor this morning. Some moron triggered my PTSD from my wreck a couple years ago by doing something intentionally or accidentally last night.
  14. Off the top of my head, don't remember. I'm thinking Amazon, but let me confirm that when I get home from work.
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