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  1. CB Radio in the jumpseat console

    I ran mine (on my '15) off the DC outlet in my (full) center console box (up through the "cutout" to the radios), CB/Scanner sat in the deep "pocket" just forward of the center console box, external speaker just forward of the cupholder (which was in the forward-most position), and my antenna was on the forward right stake hole (in the bed). My antenna cable went through a hole I drilled in the center console, to where my radios were sitting, under the carpet to a drain plug (which I punched a hole in), through the drain plug to the right "longeron" (long frame), back to the forward support tube/rail for the bed, and up through the stake hole to the antenna/mount. My mic was magnet mounted to the driver's center vent.
  2. We have a 2500 Silverado CC/long-bed at work. I seem to be the only one willing to drive it, on my shift. A few of the guys, at work, have long bed CC trucks, and are ALWAYS double parked, so they don't stick halfway out into the drive lane. Which is why I didn't go with a CC/long bed, like I wanted to, when I replace my '15, after the collision. I back into every parking space that I park in, with my '18 CC/Short, and she still sticks out about 2' into the drive lane. It's especially bad with the idiot in the spot, on the other side of the aisle, is parked into the only open spot. I back up to where my back bumper is almost touching their front bumper. Growing up, I always wanted a lifted long bed, with a shell, mattress, plus a few home comforts, and was going to get personalized tags on it, "HIRSAPT."
  3. Brush guard, good or bad???

    '15 Silverado v '99 Corolla, without at "cattle-killer" on the nose. I'm thinking that he would have done just as much damage with it. He hit me more from the side, anyways.
  4. console disassembly

    So, at total of 6 T15s to remove for this?
  5. That's something that came out on the '19s. Thought that was a cool option, especially if you do a lot of trailer hauling. The couple of '19s that I looked at back in September, had the option to activate the rear camera, without being in Reverse. But, I'm content with my '18, without those options.
  6. Needing to sell my short bed cover

    If you still have it, can you send me some pictures of it. I'm going to be up that way in mid-May (San Ramon & UC East Bay areas). How much?
  7. Chrome? Color matched, what color?
  8. Lund Genesis Torneau cover

    Sorry for the late reply, didn't get a notification. SoCal, I'll PM you my zip. For a 6.5 bed? I have a 5.5.
  9. Believe that it is switched via the ignition, in at least ACC position. @pgamboa, got any words of wisdom for Ron, since you've torn several of these apart?
  10. Tailgate LED light bars

    No, too many home projects, birthdays, etc. I have the harnesses & parts in my backpack to work on in my spare time, at work.
  11. Welcome to the forum!!! One of my co-workers has a license plate holder in the top right corner of his Camero's windshield, beats just letting it lay on the dash to cut your head off during a wreck. Plus, ("no CA plate displayed on front of vehicle") that's how CHP caught the moron that caused the head-on collision that totaled my '15 Silverado. Bought my '18 Silverado ME in September, and have completed a few mods that I did to my '15 (and loved). The "bullet items" are repeat mods that I had done to my '15, and the numbered items are original to this truck. AM/FM ANTENNA DELETE (SEP18) TOW HITCH BRAKE LIGHT (Bully CR-007A, Tail Light feature REMOVED) (OCT18) DIODE MODS: PUDDLE LIGHTS ON with DOORS OPEN (GRY1-GRY8 – truck does this without the mod) FOG LIGHTS ON with HIGH BEAMS (BRN18-BRN10) (NOV18) CARGO LIGHTS ON with REVERSE (PNK26-BRN26) (NOV18) FRAME PLUGS (NOV18) 2x12 BED CARGO DIVIDER (Was in my garage, from moving) DRIVER’S ASSIST HANDLE (JAN19) CLASSIC BLACK CA LICENSE PLATES (DSRTRVN) (JAN19) REVERSE/CARGO LIGHTS 6K LED (JAN19) HIGH MOUNT BRAKE LIGHT RED LED (JAN19) Near future (planned) mods: New Tail/Brake adapter for Tailgate Light Bar & Tow Hitch Brake Light Tailgate Light Bar ("Fire/Ice") CB & Antenna Scanner Hidden AM/FM Antenna(s) Nerf Rail Lights 4 USB ports (power only), replacing DC outlet, in back of center console Front Tow Hitch w/ License Plate Holder
  12. Heated seats on remote start

    I posted pretty much the same question as the OP, for my '15, when I had it. A bunch of the guys in this forum told me the same thing as your comments above.
  13. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Does it only come in Blue or Red? Got to looking at mine last night, it looks "Green."

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