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  1. UPDATE: There was a good/strong sonic boom, a few weeks back, set off my truck's "alarm," and would not let me remote start without unlocking the truck first. Once again, it beeped three times, when I unlocked it, BUT there was a message displayed on the DIC, "Theft Attempted." I haven't had any issue with the remote start since this event. I'm thinking that I may have not noticed the "Theft" message on the other remote start failures.
  2. Is the sensor on the dash covered? Did you do any work under the front panel, around the light sensor?
  3. Lights still work from across the parking lot, so battery is good. Don’t know that it’s trying to relearn the fob as it works most often.
  4. Did it again yesterday when I was heading to work and again tonight when we left the restaurant. Yesterday, the was a BIG sonic boom, set the horn off. Tonight, no one bumped it, horn beeped three times, and I had a “THEFT ATTEMPTED” message, this time.
  5. Brown plug. Non-striped end goes in 10. I have my cargo lights jumped off my reverse lights (brown 26 - pink 26, don’t remember right off which one gets the striped end).
  6. Still have your center console? Or did you trade that for the jump seat?
  7. 18-10 is Fogs with Highs (I have) 22-10 is Fogs with Running/Parking Lights If you strictly want Fogs on with low beams, jumper the diode with non-stripe on 10 and the striped end on either 1 or 2.
  8. I have not figured out what is causing it, yet, but over the last couple weeks, I've tried to remote start my truck as I'm walking out to the parking lot, with negative results. Press LOCK, and then hold START with lights as normal, but NO start. I unlock the truck and the horn beeps three times. I'm able to remote start after unlocking the truck first. Most often, remote start works as advertised. No error messages of any kind on the DIC. I'm going to pull the card from my dashcam tonight and review the last couple weeks of footage.
  9. I had replaced my antenna with a painted to match, not to long ago, and it didn't leak. Either replace the gasket or put some RTV around the opening and smooth it to match the contour.
  10. Following, I'm fixing to add USBs (power only) to the back of my center console/armrest. For the one inside, I think you have to disassemble the box. I would try prying (GENTLY), if it goes, cool; if not, you will have to disassemble.
  11. Diode jumpers. There's at least one in the "Mods" group, and it's pinned to the first page.
  12. A bunch of people have cleaned their bow ties really well and used PlastiDip, in the color (or close to the color) of their truck. You could do the same for your GMCs on the grill and on the tailgate. The only ones that I have seen on the accessories website is black or gold bow ties.
  13. 51,500 when I fueled up yesterday. Christmas weekend (Thursday - Tuesday), I drove down to San Diego (delivered stuff to & picked up MIL), back to my house, up to Bay Area (picked up my sister-in-law & a bunch of her stuff), back to my house for Christmas, and then down to San Diego and back (took MIL/SIL home & all of SIL's stuff that we had brought down from the Bay Area).
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