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  1. The only mods that I have done to my LTZ are: Fogs w/ HIGHS Cargo lights w/ Reverse CB/Scanner AM/FM Antenna Delete Rear Stake hole / Hand Grabs Plugs Rear Frame Plugs BRIGHT LED Bulbs in Cargo/Reverse BRIGHT RED LED in High Mount Brake Light & Tow Hitch Tail/Brake Light I have "in reserve:" Color matched XM Antenna Front Tow Hitch w/ License Plate Insert 2 Hidden Antennas
  2. I leased a 2006 (brand new) Ridgeline, and when I turned it in, it was cheaper to purchase a 2010, so I did. Both of them would run over the "washboards" (at 40+), and I would never feel them. Loved taking both of them off-road. The first generation of Ridgelines are LARGER than the current (second) generation, which is why I bought my 2018 Silverado ME, to replace my totaled 2015. I did go to both local Honda stealerships, and only one of them had any Ridgelines on their lot. I sat in their "midnight edition," and was not impressed by the smaller size of this "truck." I had better fuel economy with both of my Ridgelines (22MPG avg with either one) than I have with either/both of my Silverados (19MPG on my 15, & see my signature block for my 2018).
  3. I've been looking at getting some of "your befores," but I only have one 4ft 2-bulb shop lamps in my garage, plus two 4x8 suspended storage racks (1 each side). Even after adding two more 4ft shop lamps (either side of the garage door), it's still not lite up enough for my liking.
  4. I would love to do something like this to my garage. Where did you get them? Even your "BEFORE" has more light than mine.
  5. Pictures and Part Number(s)?
  6. I paid $3.53 for 91 on Edwards AFB on Sunday. Fixing to fill up tonight, after work. They try to match the FasTrip in Rosamond, who's usually the cheapest in Rosamond and in the Antelope Valley. $3.33 - 87 $3.43 - 89
  7. Looks great, I have to redo mine (Dark Brown), a lot of scuffs from having our hot tub in there (when we moved in), and a few "CHIPS" from putting up my racks. But I'm going to fill in the grooves in the floor on mine, so the floor is "flat" all the way around. I'm also debating on keeping the brown color or a complete re-do to a lighter color.
  8. Last night, when I got home, a little over 37MPH in the last (almost) 18 months.
  9. That's what I'm using. Grabbing a couple more for my wife's Benz, and daughter's Cruze. HA!!! Using a Cruzer memory stick in a Cruze.
  10. I've had ALL of our MP3s on mine, and recently deleted all of my kid's songs, all of the music on it (now) is mine. Haven't had any issues with mine, other than it seems to pull up some songs more than others, in random.
  11. Double check the "Child Safety Switch" for the windows to make sure that it's not set. Check fuses, and ohm wires from switches to window motor.
  12. "Corrected" mine Monday afternoon, on my way to work. Sat all weekend. If you leave it alone (in "AUTO"), it may self-correct in May, when Sirius/XM has their FREE Preview Weeks.
  13. Check your connections on the forward side of the bumper.
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