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  1. My only radio issue has been my radio randomly rebooting, during the first year of ownership, but I did a firmware flash on it and haven't had the problem since. <<knocking on wood>> Some of the reboots would be just once, and others were several times along my drive home. If I remember correctly, the most times that it rebooted as 15, that's when I scheduled it to be reflashed. I even had them check all of the grounds, too.
  2. Between the time that I bought my 2015 and the day it was totaled, I've never replaced that battery. With my 2018 (current), I had it 25 months (to the day) and the battery died on me, on my way home from work one night, and seemed fine the next morning, until it died again just a few blocks from the dealership. Called AAA, they came out, jump started my truck, drove straight to the dealership, and they replaced it for FREE (under warranty). Going on 4 years and 3 months (ownership) and just over 2 years on the battery, no other issues. The temperature swing throughout the year, here in the desert, usually wrecks havoc on batteries, usually. I've been lucky with most of them, lasting 4-6 years.
  3. Stock radios aux input may be inside your center console (inside the jump seat, if you have that instead of the center console), or inside the upper glove box.
  4. Does the data transfer still work? Fuse Location: My guess would be under one of the side panels to the dash. Should be listed on the inside of the cover panel.
  5. Almost 4 years, and mine hasn't died, yet. Only my cargos and reverse lights have died, since I bought it.
  6. Most likely, he used a 1/8" jack in the back of his CB (15) to the audio input jack in his truck (see his second picture in his post). The attached picture is the back of a CB similar to mine. With mine, I'm running small external speakers from the back of my CB and my scanner, and mounting them under the driver's headrest on the posts.
  7. The "experts" say that you should wire your CB Radio power directly to the vehicle battery, BUT so that you don't have to turn the radio on/off all the time, DC outlet has worked just fine for me over the last 30+ years. Not too sure that I would tap into the wires to the DC outlets. I think that @mikeyk101 may have the approach that you're looking for. Just like with my dashcams (and yours), they are ran straight from one of the fuse boxes. My radios (CB & scanner) are going to be back in my (full length) center console (soon), and that's a long run to the fuse box on either side.
  8. I've been looking for how to videos, haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. Everything is coming up change the whole assembly, the glass or the caps. Often, it feels like a locking pin drops in and I can't even fold the mirror manually. For a short while, it would work again, then I would have to pull/push on it when I pressed the fold button. Now, it feels like it's locked out again.
  9. Sounds like the sensor on the driver’s door latch is shot. I’ve never heard about the doors being “open” causing the windows to not go up. I’ve ran mine up/down with the doors open, did it the other weekend when I replaced one of the window regulators.
  10. My 2018 did that a couple years ago, next day it was fine, no problems since. I did have the stealership reflash/update the firmware on the radio to correct something else, shortly after that happened. When my radio did that, it would play my music, I just couldn't see anything, BUT reverse worked just BLINDINGLY fine.
  11. On my 2015, I used a brand new razor blade, cleaned the underside of #1, cut 1/4" slit, ran my antenna cable thru, and sealed underneath with black RTV. I'm going to do the same thing with my 2018, soon, whenever I decide to install my CB & Scanner.
  12. Last night, when I got home. mirror folding on driver's side was a "NO GO." But it worked fine a little bit ago at the BK driver-thru. I don't get it!! Might still tear into it this weekend.
  13. I'm thinking about opening my (home) garage on the weekends to etch VINs onto CCs. BUT, at the same time, recycling places need to quit taking CCs that have been cut out.
  14. When I locked my truck, at work, today, I inadvertently held the lock button too long, and BOTH MIRRORS FOLDED JUST FINE. Mirrors are folding just fine now. I don't get it, didn't do anything to them. Was going to rip the driver's side apart and see if maybe one of the gears crapped out.
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