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  1. Saturday, I installed a 7-PIN to 5-PIN adapter (which I added a 4-PIN connector to). Connected up my Tow Hitch Brake Light to it, instead of being routed to/thru the license plate slot to the trailer connector.
  2. So Monday (last week), we had had a sandstorm roll thru, brand new CR-V was DIRTY, as was the rest of our vehicles. Yesterday, Saturday, my son and I washed the CR-V and my truck. After that, we installed a trailer harness that I had built up, bought a 7-5 harness and added a 4-Pin to it, and then connected my Tow Hitch Brake Light to it, it was connected to the trailer connection via an extension up thru the license plate slot. During this week, I’ll be modifying the tailgate light-bar with a 5-Pin connector on it, and installing it later this week or next weekend. Roger's Dr
  3. Here are some links to get you started. Here's what I've done to mine, it has a list as to what I've done, about to do, and plan on doing.
  4. Bringing this one back to the top, since I keep seeing people asking what they can do to their trucks.
  5. Yes, sometimes, we even go out, get dinner somewhere, come home and eat it. For the most part, wife and/or daughter cook. On Saturdays, my son and I cook breakfast. Not sure, it hasn't acted up since then. I'm going to illuminate that gremlin, when/if it rears its ugly face again.
  6. So, I did all of this, after finally running the gas out of it, and it's running 1000x better (idling, and walking it around the driveway). @davester, I've been running some carb cleaner with my last fill-up of my gas can, it helped some, but it was still choking on the turns. I'm going to put it to the test Saturday, when I mow my yard again. If it acts up still, then I'll try that, in addition to running carb cleaner in my gas. I'm more than likely going to sell it after that. We have a rechargeable one, got it from Sam's Club about a month ago. My son has no problems pushi
  7. The XM antenna? Got a leak? Inject some same color RTV. All of these antennas have a break in the seal/gasket, on the front side.
  8. @Andrew Saenz, when's the last time that you changed the battery? Coworker had similar issue, his battery died shortly later. Just a thought.
  9. Agreed! If the axle mount(s) and bed mounts are broken, more than likely they’ll total your truck. If they do fix it, be sure to get your cab fixed too, sometimes the repair places forget/overlook it. Looks like his car is totaled.
  10. Saturday, I finally got and installed my BullRing Tie Downs in the bed of my truck. I had them done within 20 minutes, without watching the video. Can't wait to actually put them to use. A week ago yesterday and today, I had four patio heater torches and two fire pits for the chapel on Edwards AFB, getting ready to do outdoor services this winter, since they are still not meeting indoors, nor planning on it in the near future. Left/Front: Right/Front:
  11. I'm running 285/65R18s on mine, stock. I drive conservatively (for the most part), use the cruise (RELIGIOUSLY, set at the speed limit, absolute MAX speed of 65), I even use my cruise to slow down or speed up as needed, don't hard brake, don't jackrabbit take-off, and avoid long excessive idling situations. Added a tonneau cover a few months back, barely improved my MPGs.
  12. Vehicle settings and programming something in to those. If you have XM Channels programmed in, and your subscription is expired, they will remain greyed out until you renew your subscription or XM is doing FREE service. Not sure how AM/FM presets work, but I imagine that they may work similarly, depending on what's in range. All of mine are greyed out, with XM channels in them, I don't listen to AM/FM, mostly MP3s.
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