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  1. Believe that you will have to do both the HIGH/Low diodes to get it to work that way. Not sure if the Intellibeams will work with the FOG/LOWs diode mod, I know that if the FOGs are manually turned on, Intellibeams will not function.
  2. That's the same ones that I used, back in May, when I changed mine out, on my '15. Can't really say that I got my moneys worth out of them.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Clovis, NM got 3" of snow on Memorial Weekend, in 1994. Which is even more wrong.
  4. Accident today :(

    Looks close to be called "totaled," but if not, make sure that you get your frame straightened. My '15 was totaled because there was no way to repair the damage done to the front left suspension and frame. Axle, A-Arm, strut, were all still in the wheel/tire, under my truck. Left fender was accordion-ed into the driver's door jam. Door hinges had to be opened beyond their range, to get me out. I think even the left engine mount(s) were broken.
  5. I also had a tonneau cover, on my '15, I ran my CB antenna thru a drain plug in the floorboard, under/behind front seats (near inboard rails), up thru stake holes, with a stake hole extension bracket. Fishing the antenna cable thru the stake hole, down to the drain at the bottom, was the fun part, could barely get my finger in to pull the end of the cable to/thru that tiny little hole. I had to cut the connector off, run the cable where I wanted it, ziptied it, and soldered a new connector to it, in the cab. I had to switch from a heavy duty spring to the super duty barrel spring, cause it ended up with a slight bend in it. I eventually used a Steelie Phone Mount to hang my mic, see first pic and then third pic.
  6. Rear Stake Hole Covers

    That's the way my '15 was, the tonneau cover on it covered all but a small bit of each hole. I'm looking at getting a "Sports Bar and Tonneau Cover (to fit inside the rails), in the next couple months, part of my 20th anniversary present(s) from my wife, she's getting a new ring, $$$$$$$$$$$$$, and I'm getting a new toolbox/workbench, cabinets, tools, and some things for my truck. Yes, the ring was that much.
  7. Rear Stake Hole Covers

    I used a utility knife on my previous truck, after I used a drill and hand router to remove them, up to the "inner edge," where it got thin.
  8. Rear Stake Hole Covers

    Ran a quick Google for them, there are some on Amazon for Ram, but I'm sure that if you dig, you can find them for Sierra. If they are poorly cut too small, you'll have to clean them up before installing the caps. Or get new rail covers off of CraigsList or Amazon or wherever.
  9. Took my '15 in for service around 50K, and they said that I needed to change the right front pads. I told them that I would do that myself, they wanted about $200+ to do it. Got new pads and my son and I changed them. A few weeks later, she got totaled. Outboard is the lower one.
  10. When my '15 got totaled, over 52,000 miles, the cooled seats in it were still working. Depending on how mechanically inclined you are, I would either find a junked or parted out compatible truck to yours, and swap seats, or get a new blower (if that's the issue) and replace it myself.
  11. 5.3 Liter Engine Replacement

    WOW!!! Glad they are replacing the engine. I had the dealership transfer the extended warranty from my '15 (when it got totaled) to my '18 (when I bought it).
  12. Heads up Display Chevy vs. GMC

    ACTUALLY...., it's "Head-Up Display," HUD.
  13. I'll park my CC next to a buddy's DC, both with step rails, and take a picture while standing in one of the beds, looking down. Then I'll take a left or right side picture of both trucks, and superimpose one over the other.

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