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  1. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    with/without it being covered, you can go into vehicle settings and disable those lights.
  2. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    1. I went into the settings on my '18 truck, and turned that particular feature OFF. As I recall, it's in the "Convenience settings." ALTHOUGH, my Puddle Lights fully work with the doors open, no MOD necessary, like was needed on my '15.
  3. Real world city MPG?

    I think the computer is showing 18.8 AMPG since I bought it, but you can see that my Fuelly log is a little lower. My '15 was showing like 20.4, but Fuelly was showing it around 19.3. Most of my driving is highway, but I saw a huge jump in MPG when I drove up to San Ramon and back. Believe that everyone's differences are in the way that they drive. The computer in my wife's CR-V shows 25 for the current tank, but when I drive, it climbs to about 30, before I'm done with it. She brakes late and jackrabbits on her takeoffs. I also use the cruise more religiously than she does. Our daughter wants to start using Fuelly with her Cruze, going to have her officially start using it at her next fill up.
  4. New Silverado Owner

    Welcome!! It's a long read, but there are quite a few inexpensive mods in this thread. Here's what I've done to mine. If our OT gets called off, I'm going to get a few more items on my list KO'd.
  5. Wife and I drove to San Diego on Sunday night (3/31) for the funeral of the father of one of my best friends, and then home again later that evening (4/1), where some road-rager almost caused a wreck of my truck, luckily, I was vigilant to his stupidity. If OT gets called off for tomorrow, I'm going to do some mods on my truck, AM/FM hidden antenna(s), finish CB install, nerf rail lights, and tailgate light-bar harness (for when I get it, soon). UPDATE: OT was not called off, put in 10 hours.
  6. I know that there is a setting for "Maximum Startup Volume," and you can set that to ZERO. As for the radio being off all the time, you may have to have the dealership service department go into the firmware/software and program it that way.
  7. Foglights On With High Beams

    As for Fogs/HIGHs, the intellibeam system works fine on my truck. I know that if the fogs are ON with lows (manually), the intellibeam system will not work. Have not seen anything from anyone that's done the Fogs/Lows mod.
  8. As long as it does not blink, IE turn signals, then no resistor is needed. I replaced my cargo and reverse lights with LEDs, back in January, no issues.
  9. That's been my frustration, but I'm not giving up.
  10. Obituary of my ‘15 Silverado LTZ Z71

    FINALLY, GOING TO TRIAL!!!! Date: TBD, probably near/around the end of the summer.
  11. WTB: Short Bed HARD QUAD/Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (CA)

    Still looking.
  12. FS: Driver’s A-Pillar Cover GREY

    Still available.
  13. FS: AM/FM Antenna Mast- $15

    Still available.
  14. WTB/WTT: Black Full Length Center Console 2014-2016

    Still looking.
  15. Tehachapi Willow Springs Crash

    I found out that February's date got postponed, March's got postponed (plus he failed to appear), April's went forward to Preliminary, May's Preliminary got postponed until yesterday. UPDATE: Fast-forward to yesterday's preliminary trial, the case is GOING TO COURT. May be around the end of the summer, or shortly later. My wife went with me, as I had to testify, the driver of the Ridgeline was there, he had to testify, and about 20 of "Joey's family" was there. Idiot had about 10 or so of his family there, including his girlfriend that he officially gained the night of the accident. His dumbass PDA tried to discredit my testimony by asking if I had been drinking that day ("Not even during communion at church that morning."), if I wore corrective lenses ("No."), if I wore contacts (like that was different than the previous question, "No."), if I had taken drugs that day ("Not even over the counter, nor prescription."), and a few other stupid ass questions that I kept volleying back at him. From the way it was sounding after court, idiot has to either get an actual attorney or another public defender in Bakersfield, which may add more time to when the trial will be.

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