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  1. Hey Phil,


    Just wondering if there is a towing mirror for the 2019 Sierra available yet. Spoke to my dealer, and he has one for the2020, but nothing shows up as an accessory for 2019 model year.

  2. I checked the harness and I cant get light bar to work. The switch plug is a molex and the BCM are Tyco. Can you send me what cavities i would use for your harness? I currently have them based on your tags on the wires. I have a 20 Colorado Z71. 

    1. pgamboa


      So you bought the harness, installed it lime in the video by Tinkering Fox and it doesn’t work?  

    2. EddieAJ


      Yes I did. I even checked the placement of the wiring twice. My connectors are molex and tyco. X1 is white and X5 is brown. Thanks. 

  3. Here is a Single Cab I installed one in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes it will. I sell brand new consoles for $800 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 stares. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Might want to put price and location too . Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello Phil hope you can help.  First off this is my first time posting on a forum, So pardon the blunders and I did message you also.  LOL


    I have a pre 15 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD mfg 8/2014.  I had the original black mirrors with turn signal in them, then purchased newer ones with the marker lights(also purchased the harnesses).  Now I want to upgrade to the power folding mirrors. 


    I came across a great deal for a used pair from a 2017 SLT Sierra (I do have vin if you need it) and have installed them however, the passenger side mirror will not fold in.  Here is some additional information:  I have the right harnesses, #23387133, #84290982, and #84290965 and purchased the GM mirror switch. My truck has memory seats, heated mirrors,  blinker in mirror and puddle light.   So far, memory mirrors, blinkers, puddle light and heat all work.  Folding option works on Drivers side mirror but not on the passenger side.   


    Here are my questions, since I purchased these used 1.  Is there a way to test the motor of the passenger side mirror?   and 2.  Do I have to do something special in order for the passenger side mirror to work?  You help would be greatly appreciated.  John


    Anyone else have any ideas, please feel free to chime in. 

  7. Hey Phil, I’ve got a 2018 Sierra 1500 slt premium plus model. It has the factory Litte mirrors with power fold, puddle light, etc... I want to upgrade to the tow mirrors. I just ordered the stock gm tow mirrors part number 23372182


    after ordering I called dealer and they said I need new harnesses to do the upgrade. And 250 for the dealer to install and reprogram the mirrors (because of the memory function)  yet after all of this and paying for harnesses.. scheduling appointment they told me I’d  loose the power fold functionality...  

    so I googled this issue and found you... nice to meet ya... now please tell me what to do? I see you sell harnesses... and also sell complete mirror kits with the harness on already?  Are these stock GM? The black ones above part number 23372182? 

    help me please get what I need... do I need to cancel the order for the mirrors?  Do I need to cancel their new wiring harness? How do I go about buying your products? Help a guy out please and thank you 

    1. pgamboa


      Hey there,


      I will save you lots of wasted time and $ dealing with the dealer :).


      First - You will want to cancel the mirror order.  23372182 and 23372181 are MANUAL FOLD tow mirrors.  23372181 are chrome, 23372182 are black caps - but both are Manual Fold.  You don't want those UNLESS you're ok with losing power fold, memory, reverse tilt, key fob fold.


      Second - If you go with me on this upgrade, there will be NO reprogramming of any sorts.  I have seen this time and time again, where the dealer will sell you those manual fold mirrors and drag you along with reprogramming costs, wasted time, only to learn that they will say "it can't be done".  


      So - while those part #s are GM Part #s, they are not the mirrors you want.  


      I can get the correct mirrors from my GM Parts Supplier.  They are $1058 for the set, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.  The harnesses are $285 plus $10.95 shipping.  Outside of the additional paypal fee of $40.75, this is all you'll need.  


      Simply swap the mirrors, swap the harnesses, and you're done.  No programming, no flashing of any sorts.  The mirrors will operate as if you ordered the truck with them.  


      Lastly, I do refund $100 IF you decide to send me your factory harnesses once complete with the upgrade. 


      Let me know if you have any other questions.




      Phil Gamboa


    2. Sickness1972


      Hey thanks for replying


      so I will cancel my orders as soon as the dealer opens up.


      can you send me in the right direction to purchase your mirrors.. maybe email me the mirrors and harnesses in a cart that I can just pay? 

      also one question for clarification. The harness cost is that 285 plus shipping for both harnesses  or do I need two of those at 285 each? 

      please get me lined up on how to get this irdered and heading my way.... I just put a big lift on my truck and it looks so silly with the tiny mirrors 

  8. long time lurker, but i might have a 2018 silverado high country back in the family this week.  My question is, i would like to upgrade the DL3 mirrors to the power fold tow mirrors.  Can you please let me know what all i would need from you to make this plug-n-play.  thanks!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cwaters425


      Phil - thanks for the reply!  I think im getting the truck this weekend so i will be in touch.  Is the $1058 for the mirrors the OEM ones?  Will the after market ones work from a1?  Also, you have a core and i will be sending you back the harness i replace to you correct?  thanks!

    3. pgamboa


      Correct.  The mirrors that I can supply are Brand New, GM Factory Mirrors.  They ship directly from my GM Parts Supplier.  If you go with 1A Auto Mirrors, you would order those direct from them and have them ship to you.  I would need the model # so that the harness can be built correctly.  For their memory supported mirrors, there is a $25 upcharge for pigtails that are needed specifically for those mirrors.


      $100 does get refunded if you choose to send me your factory harnesses once the upgrade is complete.  Harnesses should be shipped within 60 days of receiving your harnesses from me.


      I'd have to send you an invoice IF you want to get the GM Factory Mirrors from me and/or you get get 1A Auto Mirrors.




    4. cwaters425


      If i get you my vin#, can you get me the part numbers for the drivers and passenger (DQS?) mirrior, with power fold, turn signal, puddle light.  I have a 2018 silverado high country

  9. @pgamboa I’ve got a 2013 duramax LTZ with DPN mirrors. My garage is only 8’ wide so I could really use power folding dqs mirrors. I tried the conversion from top gear auto sport and it was complete junk. Do you know of anyone who makes an aftermarket power folding mirror? Or do you know if it is possible to get stock mirrors off maybe a Denali or a Tahoe and use a new door switch?

    1. pgamboa


      I don't have any info for trucks older than 2014.  Sorry about that.

    2. ColtC10


      What would be your recommendation for the 2014 2500HD? I’m hoping the wiring harnesses are similar. Thinking about getting 2017 mirrors and trying them (assuming they fit decent). What would be needed to make it plug and play?

  10. How long will it take to get to me if i order today the oem off road light harness?

  11. I am interested the oem off road light install harness that you make for my 20 Chevy colorado z71. I have a ridgid light bar and want to change to the oem switch to operate the light bar. I have the fog light switch but want to add the other switch. Do you have any of the harnesses made to ship now? Let me know. Thanks 

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