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  1. Do you have any instructions on doing a  the Seat Memory (A45) Integration on my 2017 Siverado LT with folding mirrors?? what I want is to be able for the right mirror to dip down to see how far I'm to the curb.or the parking lot lines???

    Thanks... great help in wiring the signal mirrors back a while back. 

    1. pgamboa


      I do not.  This new a VERY large undertaking.  I’ve done it to 3 trucks locally.  I can’t imagine how I could make/sell a solution for someone to do on their own. 

    2. lovecars
  2. They feel it adds value to the sale. Only people those are good for is someone that is rebuilding a truck where those would be compatible or replacing damaged existing parts.
  3. I’ll take these. Shoot me an email at [email protected] to move forward.
  4. Looks like my messenger inbox is full. Working on clearing messages.
  5. I'll take the safe and puddle lamps. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks!
  6. All, My apologies for the delayed responses to this thread. Not sure what happened to my ability to see this pages via Tapatalk. For anyone needing assistance with this upgrade, I can be contacted at HarnessDR.com Thanks! Phil
  7. If you look in your glove box, do you see A45 and DPN codes? If so, that is the issue. With my DIY Kits and PnP Harnesses, I validate each build to support the swap and for instances like this. Let me know. Thanks, Phil
  8. The lights will not work without either modifying your door harnesses or swapping them out. https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2019-dl8-tow-mirror-upgrade-diy-kit/ This DIY Kit is used to modify your factory harnesses. https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2019-dl8-tow-mirror-upgrade-pnp-harness/ This complete PnP harness set will make the swap Plug and Play.
  9. Hello,

    my truck had tow mirrors and i want to add power fold and backup light to my truck, i have purchased the mirrors, they are supposed to be oem specs, can you provide me the cables if so please give me a quote, if not maybe the terminals where to purchase, i dont mind building them but without the terminals and schematic there is not a way to do it professionally.


    My name is Robert

    Thank you 

  10. @Vradcliffe, Thanks again for your involvement in this. Your patience and dedication to see this to fruition is greatly appreciated. Foe those looking into this, the harness can be purchased here. https://harnessdr.com/product/2019-2021-silverado-sierra-steering-wheel-lin-bus-harness/ A few things to note: A new compatible cluster swap is needed. The new cluster needs to be custom programmed by WAMS - 2019+ (T1) Denali / High Country Cluster Upgrade Kit - White Automotive & Media Services - @GTPprix is the only company I use for thi
  11. Hi Phil!

    I would like to order your DL8 to DL3 2014 - 2017- Custom Plug and Play Harnesses - Mirror Upgrade.  I have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE and would like to convert my mirrors.  I ordered a Plug and Play Harness from you a few years ago to convert my center console and was extremely pleased.  Please contact me to let me know the cost and where to send it.  Thanks!

  12. That is 99.95% the issue. I see it all the time. Make sure the black plastic clip is seated in the groove of the rubber boot. I would try to clean off as much as you can. As I expected. That is corrosion and likely the culprit of your issues. When water gets in, a short will result in the temporary power loss of the window switch, making it want to relearn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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