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  1. Upon further investigation, these will not be dimmable. But they are not super bright either so if I go that route, it shouldn’t be bad. I also looked into a LED rope light version, but all of them are too wide and bulky. They would be dimmable but just look out of place in my opinion.
  2. Do you have a link to the topic about the cup holders? but yes I do believe that 4 different inverters will be the easiest. I might just buy one and see if they are able to dim, I have heard bout yes and no about dimming capabilities
  3. Alright so I have this idea and I don't know if its possible or not. Camaro's have an option where you can have illuminated door panels, I would like to do something similar in 2017 silverado. I have already added interior door piping that matches the exterior color of the truck. I would like to take that same concept but use EL wire instead of the silver piping to create illuminated door panels. I dont want to do too much but I think it would add a little more to the interior and be different. My thoughts are to get some EL wire with the welting attached to it and place it where the current piping is. But the part I am on the fence about would be what to wire it to. These doors have the lights in the handles that dim with the main dimmer for all of the dash. I was wondering if it could be wired into the circuit that way it would be the same brightness as all the other illumination on the dash. But if you have ever messed with EL wire before, it runs of AC current. You need a 12v driver for them to operate off of a 12v system. Would it be better to run 1 inverter that would power all 4 doors and then have to run the wire through the whole cab or purchase 4 smaller inverters and place them in behind the door panels. If I was to only use 1 inverter I could possibly connect it to the main dimmer switch instead of the doors circuit. But these lights should not pull alot of current so I'm unsure which would be the best way. In these picture on my door panel the silver line coming from where the window switch is, is the piping. Thats where the EL wire would go. If i used 1 driver i would need to use a 4 way splitter to go to each door. I have attched a picture of multiple drivers, these things come in all different sizes. The driver i would use if I did 4 different inverters is used to power up to 2 meters of wire. The amount in would be powering would be way shorter then that and the inverter is about 1 inch by 2 inch, so very small. The 1 big inverter option is pretty good size and also is rated to power up to 15 meters. This should be relatively cheap 4 drivers = $28 EL wire= $15 connectors= $15 so about $60 I believe I have found a color that matches the chevy color, the aqua color is pretty dang close if not identical. For the sierra guys, they make red as well. You would need connectors so you can cut the EL wire to length for the door, It is pretty easy to wire the connector to the EL wire. Most use a 2 pin JST wire connection and you can get a kit with 10 connectors and heat shrink for like $10. I am just wondering if anybody has thought of this or done this and how. If you have any experience with EL wire please chime in.
  4. Sk, i removed the trim piece and the hole is there, but since the trim piece that came with the 17's has cupholders that are non movable it cannot be accessed with out taking the whole trim piece off. As the for the part numbers, i realize now that ia had them right in front of me all along lol, i have the reverse tarten trim pieces, so all I have to do now is find the trim with that color and then the cupholders
  5. I was looking at possibly lifting my 2017 silverado sometime in the future. I'm between a 4 inch and a 6 inch lift kit. But I have noticed that will every brand of lift kits, you have to cut the cross member mounts off the frame. I would rather not have to do that just in case I ever decide to go back stock. I have looked at rancho, fabtech, rough country, BDS, and zone. Is there a kit that I possibly haven't looked at that doesn't require cutting? or is it a big deal to really cut them off? can they be welded back on easily? If there is a topic already established I'm sorry, I tried to search and find stuff on this but was unable to.
  6. I recently went out and bought a 2017 LT but it has the uplevel full center console. I realized later on that the 2014-2015 trucks had movable cup holders with a storage bin under neath. My cup holders are secured by clips and there is a pretty good size space beneath them that is unusable. I think the idea of being able to use it and move the cup holders is cool and something I would like to do. I have seen many have put 4 cup holders in the console but the second set has to have the tabs filed off. I believe if I could just get this one part I would be able to swap them very easily , just idk the part number and I have searched numerous sites. The current cup holder set up squeaks and drives me up a wall. The piece I need is circled in red.
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