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  1. Console swap

    Read through these threads. Should answer all your questions. Adding the 120 volt outlet would be a pain. Not sure it would be worth the trouble. I have never used mine and don't ever imagine using it. I know @pgamboa can add an extra 12 volt outlet for you in his pnp harness. Imo having that extra 12 volt plug would be more useful than the 120 volt plug. Best of luck!
  2. You guys have no imagination! I want @pgamboa to make a mod to make my Silverado into a convertible helicopter. Really save on the drive time!
  3. I feel your pain! My truck was a little over a month old when this happened! Some people shouldn't be on the road.
  4. This will fix the DRL for you. I have it on my truck, works great. http://www.gen5diy.com/Chevrolet/Silverado/Chevrolet-Silverado-LTZ-DRL-Override-Harness/
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Glad you guys are going to be okay. That truck gave it's life for yours! Glad you were in a truck and not a little car. Hope your recovery goes quickly.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Do the knobs just thread on? Could you do it without taking the doors apart?
  7. Factory 20" Sierra Denali wheels worth??

    I've seen a couple of sets that were dealer takeoffs for $1,500. Not sure what they actually sold for. Like anything else, they are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. Best of luck!
  8. Remove the antenna or replace with a stubby one. And debadging like @drentlaw1 said. Other than that the truck is gorgeous!
  9. 6.2 LTS Motor worth the $$$$$$

    I don't think you will get many unbiased opinions from 6.2 owners lol. It's really up to you if the extra $4,000 is worth it. If your going to put a lift and big tires on your new truck, then the 6.2 would be the way to go for sure. Best of luck with your decision!
  10. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Another reason is that whipple under the hood
  11. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Then drive your powerstroke, we dont care. Just another troll
  12. Please help with 4.3L HP increase?

    I definitely agree with running e85. Makes a noticeable difference, in my opinion. I had a 14 double cab with a 4.3 and always ran e85. An added benefit of e85 is that the exhaust smells like corn chips
  13. Who says you can’t pull a 5th wheel

    I find it funny when someone acts like an expert, when clearly they know very little about the situation. The OP simply posted a picture of a half ton pulling a fifth wheel. If that truck is within its towing specs and weight limits, it is safe to tow. Nothing a sponsor or police officer can do about it, if the truck is within its limits. If your argument is GM doesn't show a 1/2 ton fifth wheel tow in it's downloadable tow guide, it doesn't show it for a 3/4 ton either. Does that mean a 3/4 truck shouldn't be tow a fifth wheel? The only one pictured with a fifth wheel is a 1 ton. As far as people getting butt hurt about others not agreeing with their opinions, get over it! If you don't like it leave the forum. If you can't admit when your wrong about something, and someone calls you out on it, don't get all butt hurt. If you can't handle being wrong, you probably should just stop posting.
  14. Who says you can’t pull a 5th wheel

    This is the GM towing specs for a 2500 with no fifth wheel setup either. Does that mean you shouldn't be pulling that fifth wheel with your duramax? This is from the same source that you posted from.
  15. Hyper Flashing

    The DIC is Driver Information Center. It is the small screen between the tach and speedo. For what it's worth I had a set of aftermarket lights similar to yours. Also had problems with hyper flash. Got rid of them and installed factory led taillights with adaptor harness and have no problem for over a year. Best of luck!

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