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  1. My 2017 LT Z71 Build

    No problem, mine doesn't have bluetooth
  2. My 2017 LT Z71 Build

    Nope I have never had a problem with it, has worked flawlessly for about a year
  3. Headlights

    Could swap them out for a set of LTZ led headlights. However the leds aren't that much brighter. Most agree that the Morimoto HID are the best aftermarket replacements
  4. Denali seats conversion

    It's not as easy as just swapping the seats. The power passenger will cause some problems. You can PM @pgamboa, he has done this swap before and could tell you what you need to do. Otherwise do what @Donstar suggested and get the katskins
  5. Need Help New to site and new owner

    Here is a link to the bumper covers https://www.ecoological.com/bumpershellz.html
  6. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    That's pretty good mileage. My nephew has a sonic, he said he gets around 35 mpg, mixed driving. Diesel would be the way to go if your looking for mileage.
  7. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    OP asked for opinions. I gave my opinion. Some opinions are the same, some are different. Not your decision when a thread is burned out.
  8. Active fuel management

    https://rangetechnology.com Check this out. Works great
  9. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    Why not keep the truck and get a smaller fuel efficient car for commuting? Maybe a Sonic, or something similar. I have seen used ones for around $5,000. I would think you would take a beating trying to trade the truck in so soon. Best of luck.
  10. I am guessing you have a diesel? If so there is a temp sensor in the passenger mirror. That is probably why it set off a check engine light. As far as getting it repaired at a chevy dealer, they will work on any GM vehicle as long as your paying for it. But if you need warranty work you have to go to a GMC dealer. Here is a screenshot from GMC's website about warranty work.
  11. LTZ led taillights problem

    Thanks, I figured it out a couple of weeks ago. Working good now.
  12. 2019 At4 Power assist steps

    Might have more luck posting in the 2019 section. I highly doubt the AT4 harness will accommodate power steps. Might have to get a set of amp steps.
  13. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    They are pretty sweet. Legends offroad has a set of them that are switchback led.
  14. Power fold mirrors

    Are you looking for DL3 mirrors or tow mirrors? If your looking for DL3 mirrors check out ebay, or the for sale section on this forum. See a lot of sets that are reasonably price for around $300
  15. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    No problem but I can't take credit for the idea. I stole the idea from @pgamboa

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