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  1. 2015 Hd all of a sudden while driving the park brake warning comes on with the chime. park brake is not on,anybody had this issue? going to take a look later today under the dash to see whats up.
  2. Z71 floor mat set

    mint used Z71 floormat set from my 2015 HD crew cab, didnt have them in for very long when i changed them out for the newer style floor liner mats. asking $80 plus shipping
  3. part number 22818466. brand new left front door panel that was ordered for a 2012 Hd Work truck silverado extended cab model. its the light/dark titanium color, for power window trucks. i dont know what other models it fits,like a 1500 or a standard cab. if you do a search for the part it may show that. i never used it and the truck has been sold a while ago. i dont remember how much i paid for it. asking $ 190.00 plus ship,thanks.
  4. Tungsten/Iridium side mouldings For Sale

  5. Rancho or Bilstein?

    i recently put the 5100's on my 2015 Hd that had the Ranchos from the factory. truck has 18000 miles on it. i have to say its alot better, turning,stopping,going over bumps etc. i realize its not a Camaro etc, but i feel it has helped quite a bit. i also have the Hellwig rear sway bar that also made a big difference. my 2 cents here,i hope the Bilsteins holdup good,they have only been on a couple of months so we'll see. they also look alot better than the white rusty Ranchos. i realize its not a show truck,but i hate to see rust already on a 2015 vehicle.
  6. ok,great! those last 2 pics are perfect. thanks
  7. ok,thanks for that. wow you have to take off the whole front to do the plow frame?
  8. ok,thanks anyone with a chevy HD? pics and the Boss valance pic or just the stock valance cut out.
  9. hey,does any one have pics of their Hd with the valance cut out for the plow mount and or the Boss valance? thanks
  10. posting photos

  11. posting photos

    ok, when you post a picture on the forum,does is actually show the picture in the post or just the link address?
  12. posting photos

    hey,how are you guys posting photos on the forum here. i used to use photobucket, but now they want you to subscribe to upload photos to a forum. thanks
  13. Rancho or Bilstein?

    well,since you trashed Bilstein,what brands are you using. i m sure we would all like to know. this is the reason i started the thread to get some input on Rancho and Bilstein,but if theres another shock out there that you feel is better,why not share?

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