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  1. hey,anyone seen this. i just installed Philips leds in my 2015 low beams,they work nice,but i just noticed that the high beams dont come on when the switch is in the Auto position,they only work when you have the switch all the way over to the right or pull back on the stalk. i still have regular bulbs in the high beams now. they did work initially when i 1st put the leds in. no codes in any modules either. hmm
  2. hey, i used to see when somebody had an issue with their truck on the forum here that GM would chime in with some help/guidance especially when the dealer isnt much help. i havent seen them on here in a while posting anything. Has anybody noticed this ? just wondering as i have a friend with a newer Colorado that could use GM s help.
  3. we have a landscaper with a 2015 Hd 6.0 and hes been through 3 starters. it did do that when they went bad, just a suggestion.
  4. hello,can you feel it or hear it, once in a while i noticed my 2015 Hd has some sort of knocking or maybe a little play i feel in the steering wheel when turning slow or maybe going around bends slow. shafts are tight as is the whole linkage. kinda of thinking its in the steering box.
  5. my 2015 just a test to see if i could add a picture so it can be viewed right on the post.
  6. cannot open the pictures, pretty sure you can load them into the post so that they are visable without opening anything up.
  7. hey,theres no pictures of the wheels here,that may help. Also,hey GM!! how come none of you are chiming in here on this?? i see other people posting issues with their vehicles here on the forum and you guys always respond with some kind of help or guidance how to move foward with a problem,especially when the dealer is no help. what a shame.
  8. just wanted to post here and say that my Black Bear tune is awesome! i've had the tune since i pretty much bought it new,but just recently i had them redo the tune and take out some of the trans torque converter lock up. when i would drive slower,say 45mph and down the truck was lugging alot in high gear it seemed. now after they retuned, wow what a big difference. now i can drive those speeds with the truck not lugging and it stays in the gear longer and it makes driving it so much better. like always,the throttle response is great and the power and through the gears is terrific! also a big improvement towing my trailer, thanks again BBP!!!
  9. yeah, i realize the size of the earlier ones are different. when i searched for brake noises that was all over the place with the earlier trucks. i ended up putting new GM pads and also the new clips that go in the caliper and then put gorilla tape on the ends of each brake pad. rattle is gone. hopefully will last for years. thanks for the reply.
  10. i have a front brake rattle on my 2015 HD. ive seen guys complain that the older (2001-2010) trucks do it and saw some kind of a spring that napa has to fix that. i didnt see anything on the newer HD trucks. i know its the front calipers,you can actually move them up and down very slightly and it makes a click/rattle sound going over bumps and i feel it in the steering wheel at times. has anybody had this issue? dealer says normal. thanks
  11. hey, can somebody point me to the topic where the guy sells the harness for the front amber lights to work with turn signals. 2015 Silverado, thanks
  12. oh yeah i know the reason why. if the government would stay put of our vehicles and stop with this mandating mileage/emissions etc. we wouldnt have to worry about shutting off cylinders and not having enough vacuum for brakes for crying out loud. its not just GM, i work on Volvos and they have aux vacuum pumps for the brakes as well. although the models that the vacuum pump uses engine oil doesnt have the GM issue.
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