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  1. yeah, i realize the size of the earlier ones are different. when i searched for brake noises that was all over the place with the earlier trucks. i ended up putting new GM pads and also the new clips that go in the caliper and then put gorilla tape on the ends of each brake pad. rattle is gone. hopefully will last for years. thanks for the reply.
  2. i have a front brake rattle on my 2015 HD. ive seen guys complain that the older (2001-2010) trucks do it and saw some kind of a spring that napa has to fix that. i didnt see anything on the newer HD trucks. i know its the front calipers,you can actually move them up and down very slightly and it makes a click/rattle sound going over bumps and i feel it in the steering wheel at times. has anybody had this issue? dealer says normal. thanks
  3. hey, can somebody point me to the topic where the guy sells the harness for the front amber lights to work with turn signals. 2015 Silverado, thanks
  4. oh yeah i know the reason why. if the government would stay put of our vehicles and stop with this mandating mileage/emissions etc. we wouldnt have to worry about shutting off cylinders and not having enough vacuum for brakes for crying out loud. its not just GM, i work on Volvos and they have aux vacuum pumps for the brakes as well. although the models that the vacuum pump uses engine oil doesnt have the GM issue.
  5. true,but why cant they build an engine that makes enough vacuum for the power brakes. were not running some high lift cammed drag car here.
  6. yup,that really stinks. this is the way of the of the Automobile these days,all the manufacturers relying on software to fix issues,instead of actually fixing the correct way. and its not just GM they all do it.
  7. yes the HD trucks have the Hydrovac setup. i dont recall seeing any vacuum pumps on them. i see they do mention 2500 and 3500 trucks though. my 2015 HD doesnt have any external vacuum pump.
  8. part # 1850S-2JS brand new ceramic coated shorty JBA headers. i bought these for my 6.0 2500 Hd truck and really dont have the time to install them. just sitting here,also ARP bolts and DEI plug boot insulators. they fit a bunch of the Chevy GMC Trucks,check their applications on the website. i paid $ 678.00 for everything. will not sell separate. asking $ 600 plus ship. thanks,Ray
  9. haha,oops. no difference. check the website for the pan. PML your covers.com
  10. 17 and 18 inch wheels? i had a 2012 2500 Hd work truck with the 17's. they were fine, the 18's on the 2015 here are a bit taller and wider. probably look a little better as far as filling out the wheel well area. not like the 20 inch ones though.
  11. https://www.yourcovers.com/transpan_11036.php here's the link. stock fill is 6 quarts and with the deeper pan its around 2-3 quarts more. i initially put in 8 and it looked good when the truck heated up. this was this past friday,i just drove to work today and im going to recheck the level hot and see.
  12. just a suggestion, i have a 2015 Hd gasser and i just installed the PML covers,deeper trans pan. easy install and it holds about 2-2.5 more quarts. i daily drive and tow a good sized enclosed trailer and i plan to keep the truck for a long time and im a little anal with fluid changes. i got the powder coated pan that comes with nice stainless hardware. i used a new AC Delco gasket ,filter,and fluid. pics posted here. Ray
  13. i have to say i do agree about not much discounts/incentives on trucks in general. a good friend of mine has been looking for a Silverado 1500 crew cab for a while now,he's bounced back and forth between new and used. prices are high,and i can tell you one thing from all this. they want to sell you a double cab Silverado much faster than a crew cab. all our local dealers are flooded with double cabs. also, im sure because the interest rates are high,that doesnt help either.
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