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  1. If you're still looking, I have a black leather jumpseat in my 15 I'd be willing to trade fora center console. Let me know I can get some pics if you're interested
  2. Big thanks to @the3magpi3 just finished getting my 2015 updated with new hmi and radio module. He was most helpful with the whole process, answered a ton of questions throughout. I would definitely recommend his services!
  3. I just did the 1.5" spacer up front on mine last week. Also got some all terrain tires, makes the truck look so much better. Now it looks and feels like I'm driving a 4x4 truck. Debated going with 275/60 tires, kind of wish I did but it still looks a million times better. I went with the 1.5 inch because I still wanted a little bit of rake for when I haul firewood or tow. The 1.5 spacers I ordered actually gave me a about 1 7/8" lift at front fenders.
  4. I can get waze and Google maps working using Android auto, phone calls too, just no navigation voice or music. All I have swapped are the hmi and the USB plug, about 140$. I have a 2015.5 that had the text app If any of that helps
  5. I have the opposite problem on Android auto.. phone calls work fine but no music or Google assistant from phone
  6. So besides the whole leave hmi or swap back to old one debate, if I did go to get the radio updated, is there something I should specifically tell them? Like it's laggy? I would have never have thought to even update a radio, and I'm sure the dealer will have hundreds of questions as to why I think I need it. Just looking for something better than "well I upgraded my hmi to get Android auto and these nice fellas on the internet told me I should do this" I did get the truck as a ceritified pre owned so I don't wanna give them any ammo to use against me if I ever did need to use the warranty for something, so I probably would just throw the old back hmi in to get radio updated.
  7. Got the hmi in today from dokus on eBay and installed it. Android auto works, maps, waze and phone calls in/out work. Google assistant doesn't hear me and I don't hear it, and I can't get sound from Google play music or maps directions but I can live with these (for now at least) My truck's a 2015.5 with a build date of 6/2015. I did try just the updated USB plug first, no dice it needed the 2.5 hmi module. Also the radio module # is 13506455, attached a pic incase that wasn't the right number off of it. If I attempt the dealer firmware upgrade I'll post the progress but for now I'm content. This thread is full of useful info, thanks to all!
  8. Just ordered the hmi module and usb plug off eBay. I'll update when they come in and I can try it out. Hopefully I can get away with not doing the firmware update
  9. Well then I guess the beers are on me if I can sell it! Will I need to go to the dealer to get it updated or is that already done on the hmi module? I think I have the "2015.5" version as I have a text app on my display now
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