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  1. I don’t think it’s any secret that powder coat is more durable but it also cost much more and it’s permanent. This cost under $10 and last years. I had it on my previous vehicle’s grille and it looked as good as new when I sold it 3 years later.
  2. I got it from Lowe’s. Wiped down tips with rubbing alcohol and sprayed about 7 light coats.
  3. I just taped off and sprayed in place. Looked pretty involved taking them off.
  4. I put expel on my 2019 a couple days after I drove off the lot. Always had great results from Expel. In my opinion it’s the best coating in the market. I had it on my 2017 Silverado Denali and when I traded it for my 2019 it still looked brand new and we get a lot of rock chips in west Texas! I installed door handle guards, door edge, fenders, and grille on my latest.
  5. I have hated the chrome exhaust tips on my truck since I bought it. I decided to try plastidip and results were exactly what I wanted. I have washed truck in auto car wash 5 times so far and still looks great. I’ve put roughly 500 miles on it as well. Plastidip looks like the day I sprayed it on.
  6. I have not seen anyone that has done it yet.
  7. Picked mine up 3 weeks and noticed it the first day. Have appt at dealer on Tuesday. Hopefully they fix it. Very annoying!
  8. I’m looking to change my rear bumper on my 2019 AT4. I’m not a fan of the exhaust tips. Has anyone bought a stock bumper without the exhaust cutouts? Any pics?
  9. I’ve had my truck now 8 months and I just recently started having a sync issue with my iPhone. My wife’s phone number is in my phone but it’s the only contact that I can’t call using voice. I’ve totally deleted the contact from my phone and added it back along with setting truck back to factory settings. I can get it added and then after calling once it disappears from contact list in truck although it’s still in my phone. Then I start all over again. Any ideas?
  10. I've seen multiple threads on using the diode to jump #10 and #22 on the brown block by parking brake, but when I inserted the diode I could hear the truck making a humming noise. The amber lights were flashing at the same time i could hear the humming noise. I tried turning the diode around the other way and it didn't make the noise, but the fog lights wouldn't come on automatically either. Any idea what i am doing wrong?
  11. Yes they are still available. I’ll try to take some pics this weekend.
  12. I am looking to sell mine but not sure what they are worth. Truck is brand new and these have been used maybe a dozen times before I turned them off.
  13. Does anyone have any pointers on removing the Tri mode steps? Recently took delivery of my 2017 Sierra Denali and I want to remove them.
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