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  1. Honestly I'm not sure, they installed the full Flowmaster kit. The tech didn't mention anything about removing the flappers.
  2. I had a local shop install it. As I've mentioned before, there's no noticeable drone at highway speed.
  3. Nice and quiet until you punch it. No drone either.
  4. Very happy with it! Honestly no complaints, no drone, it just sounds great.
  5. Just got it on the truck and first impressions are good! It's got a really deep throaty sound. I'm liking it a lot, throttle response seems better also. No noticeable drone either.
  6. Yup, I've got the same issue with mine. Otherwise the interior is tight, no squeaks or rattles anywhere.
  7. Drove into a pile of garden stone by accident trying to make a tight turn, ended up messing up my lower valance pretty good. Anyone remove theirs? Notice any significant drop in MPG? I'm not too bothered by the damage because I've been thinking of removing it anyway. Curious to hear if anyone else has taken it off.
  8. You have a link for where you can purchase the Z71 grill badge?
  9. Interesting, I'll have to take mine in and hopefully they do the same. In the meantime I just put them in backwards and the rattle is gone for now.
  10. Same here! Probably won't get around to installing it until early May.
  11. Great review, you pretty much nailed what I like and don't like with my RST. Overall I'm very happy with this truck. Maybe it's just mine, but one thing to add to the list of things GM cheaped out on was the lack of illuminated vanity mirror for either driver or front passenger! That is some cheap bull**** right there.
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