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  1. Rear View MIrror Options

    Bump. Wondering if anyone got a part number for the auto dimming, non camera one. Also, how do you remove the cover over where the mirror mounts to the windshield?
  2. 2019 factory fog lights

    I have horrible night vision, even worse if its raining. I have an RST Z71 and the factory fog lights are great. Totally worth it.
  3. '19 RST Z71 and I think it drives and rides great.
  4. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    The butt Dino definitely feels gains. It is quiet at cruising and sounds good when getting into the throttle hard. DFM oddities are amplified with this intake and the GM performance exhaust. Hopefully Range Technology is successful with the DFM disable. I’d definitely buy one and just unplug it if I go on a long road trip.
  5. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    I have nothing to compare it against. I came from a 2000 Z71 Tahoe that I kept bone stock and drove to death.
  6. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    Installed it. Not a fan of how the lid just pushes on and is held on by three plastic pegs that go into rubber grommets. Definitely gets an intake noise that’s right on the verge of being too loud.
  7. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    I have one sitting in the box on my work bench. No time to install it yet.
  8. Performance Upgrade Package

    When I bought mine it was shop Chevy parts dot com
  9. Exhaust doesn't make sense

    Because the Borla employee said so
  10. Gm performance exhaust

    If the performance option is installed from the factory is the emblem on the truck somewhere? I installed the exhaust yesterday and it came with a Chevrolet performance emblem.
  11. Well you gained 200 ft lbs of torque at 67 MPH according to this chart LOL I wouldn't read into this at all as you can see the charts are not comparable at all.

    Ordered my exhaust from them and ended up with free shipping with their promo code and they shipped the same day. They also had the best price I could find.
  13. Flowmaster FlowFX

    I bit the bullet and ordered the GM performance system. I just want something a bit louder in the low RPM and decent sounding when on the gas harder. The price sucks but I guess you pay for what you want.
  14. I heard something today for the first time and couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe this is it!

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