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  1. I've noticed lately that my RST w/ 5.3 before the engine and trans is up to temperature it feels like it is missing or quickly shifting in and out of gear. Once the engine is up to about 180 or so and the trans is up to 106 it stops. I am in the process of setting up an appointment to have the dealer look at it but was wondering if anybody dealt with the same issue already. Thanks
  2. The radio reception in my RST is poor at best.
  3. stop pressing the button. 1 Press Unlock 2 Press and hold unlock
  4. Google auto stop eliminator. It was $60 if I remember correctly.
  5. My drivers front fender has the type of mark. I can only see it at a certain angle.
  6. Just installed mine. The hardest part is removing the black trim from around the mirror and removing the wiring that glued to the inside of the headliner. Works 100% perfectly.
  7. Looks to be plug and play. The harness and connector is basically glued above the head liner. I ordered a mirror today so I’ll report back after installation. (The photo uploads sideways for some reason)
  8. The cover pops off with slight force. Once removed from the bracket you can see how to take the two pieces apart. The actual mirror looks to be a standard mount. If the wiring is there its up in the head liner as nothing extra is running into this covered mount.
  9. Tell that to the bugs all over the leading edge of my hood!
  10. Bump. Wondering if anyone got a part number for the auto dimming, non camera one. Also, how do you remove the cover over where the mirror mounts to the windshield?
  11. I have horrible night vision, even worse if its raining. I have an RST Z71 and the factory fog lights are great. Totally worth it.
  12. The butt Dino definitely feels gains. It is quiet at cruising and sounds good when getting into the throttle hard. DFM oddities are amplified with this intake and the GM performance exhaust. Hopefully Range Technology is successful with the DFM disable. I’d definitely buy one and just unplug it if I go on a long road trip.
  13. I have nothing to compare it against. I came from a 2000 Z71 Tahoe that I kept bone stock and drove to death.
  14. Installed it. Not a fan of how the lid just pushes on and is held on by three plastic pegs that go into rubber grommets. Definitely gets an intake noise that’s right on the verge of being too loud.
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