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  1. Anybody know the brake caliper torque specs?
  2. Anybody have a digital copy of the installation instructions for 19417165 or 19417166?
  3. https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/2019-gmc-sierra-1500
  4. My daughters phone has been deleted from my system but still shows up like above. It seems as if the USB connected phones never disappear. I've deleted it from everywhere but it still shows up. I suppose a factory reset on the unit would get rid of it but I haven't tried as its not that important.
  5. New recall posted yesterday. GM Recall #: N192268091 I just had the latest TSB program installed on Wednesday so I think I'll wait a while...
  6. Get it up to about 60 and let the DFM cut out some cylinders and lightly get on the gas. I'm curious how it sounds then. My GM Performance system "helicopters" like crazy and it's driving me nuts. Trying to find a different system but cannot decide.
  7. Did you go back to stock or another aftermarket system?
  8. Thanks, I didn't realized it was that one. I'd really like to find just a flat one without separate areas.
  9. Any info on this organizer? Part number / place or purchase please. Thanks
  10. gm parts direct dot com I looked it up but don't want to quote the part number in case your trim level is different although I doubt there are differences. Pretty easy to find.
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