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  1. Another option http://www.bmracing.com/products/71506-cast-aluminum-differential-cover-for-gm-silverado-1500-sierra-1500-black/
  2. Looking for GM part number for this wheel. Thanks in advance.
  3. DIY Engine Bay Storage

    How does this mount?
  4. New Member From Baytown, Texas

    Welcome! Thats a real nice project! I want one!
  5. My Truck

    2007 GMT 900 ECLB Silver Birch
  6. Bed Underrail Lighting

    Very nice! Good job!
  7. 2007 SLE DIC Upgrade

    I saw the part online (I bought my truck back in December '06) and just decided to yank the panel off and see what was there. We got lucky on this one. I actually told the guy I bought mine from about the mod to help him sell more trucks and give guys who don't want to pay upfront, or aren't members of places like this, some better gear. You find the address and I am in. Daddy Daddy Thanks for th info, by far the easiest mod/upgrade I have ever done! My first mod to my 07 silverado WT! Now if I could find some info on adding fog lights and 6 gauge instrument cluster? Many thanx! I usually just lurk on most of the sites, just taking time to show my appreciation!!!!!! Stanz

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