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  1. Did I miss the part number somewhere?
  2. Search for this "Fernco PQC-102 2" Qwik Cap". Its what I used. You dont need the clamp that come with it.
  3. Tabs in the back of cover are inserted into existing notches on back the motor. Ball studs replace existing fasteners on plenum. Grommets on the bottom of the intake cover are pressed on to ball socket of stud. Grommet in blue with arrow pointing to ball stud. see attached.
  4. Hers an option too. A UPR catch can in black and it comes with plug and play hoses. Really clean setup IMO.
  5. Installed AVS in channel visors and Weathertech mud flaps
  6. Heres pics of the factory skid plates. Info from member 2009GMC. Kit part number 23176881 which includes the following items: Transfer Case skid plate 20922755 Front engine shield 23135960 Middle engine shield 23135959
  7. These are very well made, black textured.Every fastener hole lined up without having to use a dremel to tweak it. I like them
  8. Z71 sticker and ugly TE*AS edition badge removed.
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