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  1. 2018, stamped. It only rubbed those few times while backing out of my neighbors tight driveway and it was FULL left. It will not do it now, I was trying to duplicate it and see where it was rubbing after reading a few posts where people had rubbing all the time. Put a little grease on the ucas because I couldn’t even see where those two or three times I heard it actually rubbed. Nothing, nada, ziltch. So yes it’s varied from truck to truck, tire brand and size. Not complaining, next set (going Grappler) may rub.
  2. 2.25 RC level with BFG K02 275/60R20 only had rub two or three times backing up with full left lock. Can not duplicate now. Rubbing only occurred backing and tires were brand new. That was last October, truck only has 3,458 miles as of today, it had about 50 miles when these tires went on.
  3. Mobile1 is great oil but I’m gonna stick to AMSOIL Signature Series 💯 % Synthetic no oil debate here, haven’t used Mobile1 except in my Honda.
  4. Yep! So much nicer than having that go back through your intake and valves. It amazes me that when pictures show the crud, there are still doubters. I can’t say this is a cure all for valve coking but it’s gotta help!!! Thanks for posting
  5. Fuel question

    Thanks, E85 is pretty much non-existent here, closest one is about 160 miles away although I have not checked Alabama. My 6.2 is not set-up for flex fuel but I may do the upgrade down the road.
  6. Fuel question

    Does it break down 100% synthetic, Full synthetic, blended synthetic/conventional and conventional oils all the same?
  7. Must be a fortune teller LOL...it's already creating problems.
  8. No they did not, got them off Amazon, they have black or blue...less than $10 very well made. Thank you for the compliment ESPEEDER 2pcs AN10 Billet Aluminum Dual Oil Fuel Water Line Hose Separator Clamp Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C13FH9P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cLdBCbKJG55XR
  9. Okay...I am restraining myself...I will go with this since I am retired AF and still work for them...been a great 38 years and counting. Should be an exact fit too 3 3/8 inch.
  10. Well as you said, your opinion and for most of the extended warranties you’re right.
  11. Looking for catch can

    Do yourself a favor and contact all of the top 3 vendors and see who can best work with you. They are all good quality products and provide excellent protection. http://m.uprproducts.com/ http://teamrxp.com/ http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/ They each have their good points and some have limitations. Best to not focus on one brand, everyone has an opinion and feels the product they spent money on is the best.
  12. They will have to fix that according to the establishment...slip the tech a tube of RTV and ask him/her to please put a bead around the seal. Tell them to keep the RTV for themselves, most will gladly do it.
  13. Thank you Jim! Also for all the kind words from everyone Yes it’s the 2004 ZZ502 with 502 hp and 567 lb-ft torque. I believe the newer ones have 508/580. Upgraded roller rockers, Edelbrock 800 4 barrel, custom headers (drivers side had to clear steering shaft), MSD electronic ignition and distributor, Holley fuel pump, 4 row aluminum radiator. Moser 9 inch (Ford designed...but made better ) rear end and axles. Wilwood disc brakes. Magnaflow exhaust with electric cutouts just behind the headers. Turbo 400 from BME so not sure who actually did the build. Some appearance stuff like chrome valve covers/breathers, powder coated hood hinges and hood release, chrome radiator cover and custom aluminum panel to cover that dead spot between the radiator and nose. Pontiac red with subtle pearl white stripes. Damn just posting this tells me why I don’t yet understand these “tunes” everyone talks about LOL. Now I’ll stop...I’ve been politely reminded this is a truck forum. Sent from my iPhone

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