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  1. I agree with the inner channel vents. I have the stick on, they were a gift so I graciously put them on...at least she got me the painted ones!
  2. Agree, my Chevelle has seen a shop one time. That was to custom make the drivers side header. I stuffed the ZZ502 in it and just needed a bit more clearance by the steering shaft...everything else is easily done in a garage owned by a novice. We won’t discuss fuel mileage on that car but your point is well taken!!
  3. Well it can’t hurt to take it in or mention it on your next visit...Apple to oranges here but I had a 2014 KIA Optima and there was a tiny (less that a grain of rice in size) discolored spot on my drivers seat. I didn’t even notice it, the service manager saw it. Well they called KIA in California after sending them pictures which barely showed anything. They sent a representative (tallest Korean guy I’ve ever seen) and he took one look and told them to replace the leather. I’m not kidding when I say it was a TINY little spot either. I never thought they would do anything but they did. Like I said apples to oranges but it can’t hurt to ask.
  4. The two on the left are factory? Not familiar with them...
  5. I’d take it back, fraying already? I mean normal wear is just gonna happen but already...unless you’re wearing some sort of rough material that keeps sliding across it, it shouldn’t be doing that IMO. I know our seats are prone to wear on the side of the seat bottom from sliding in and out, I added a drivers side grab handle just to prolong that effect.
  6. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with it but those gauges I saw in the video, are they newly installed? Yeah grasping at straws but as mentioned, this could get ugly.
  7. Multiple Issues

    All those issues from a loose passenger mirror connector...it’s gonna be a long ride 🙃
  8. THANK YOU!!! I’m not the skinniest guy and would have done just that...appreciate all the help 🥩 🔨
  9. Thank you, I just ordered 50 myself lol...had a $5.95 balance on a Amazon gift card so a whopping $.04 for them! Appreciate the picture too. Where is this electrical box located?
  10. That does suck, I can’t use it with my 6.2 but I have a few friends with the FF 5.3 and I know they’d certainly enjoy the added power. Thanks for the info 👍
  11. Does this assume E-85 is actually being used? I am not being a smart a$$ I just don’t know. Does the increase in performance and numbers only come to life while utilizing E-85? If so it wouldn’t mean diddly squat here, we have no E-85.
  12. Yeah, those who readily have E-85 available tend to forget it’s not everywhere. I have never seen it here or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough but I can’t use it anyway. My thoughts? Any gain is a good gain so long as it doesn’t reduce the overall reliability. Doesn’t matter what you do, there will always be those who have or know how to do it better. Thanks for sharing what you did/found/used.
  13. You care to share that little step?
  14. I don’t ever plan on using OnStar so I no longer even checked to see if it works or not. Somehow I doubt it, I linked up to my WiFi, showed connected, tried to go to App Store and was constantly getting a message stating OnStar was currently unavailable. I’d be really unhappy if I was paying for that unavailable service. Oh and a WHOLE month “Free” or maybe an extended month if you have issues??? For the kind of money we are paying for these things there should be some sort of benefit. I mean it’s nice enough to have the route to the dealership memorized, from anywhere since we WILL be making multiple visits.
  15. Well that’s good news really. I remember finding out I had bed rail lights 🤪...not many people admit to an Oops moment so 👍

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