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  1. Catch Can Skeptic

    Well, I am not sure one would ever blow up on you lol. IF there is a carbon build up, and again I am not promoting a CC or disputing them but IF you have carbon build up you will or can lose proper air flow into the cylinder leading to decreased fuel economy and or performance, rough idle or if a chunk breaks off and is ingested possible cylinder damage. If it made it through the combustion chamber then it could in theory get stuck and damage your catalytic converter. These are all my opinions. I'm gonna have to put that disclaimer that Jacoby puts in his signature block into mine LOL.
  2. Catch Can Skeptic

    That surprises me even more LOL...BMW has had issues that many of those owners use to justify the installation of a catch can. Even before the GM DI engines. The BMW S55 engine has an air oil separator in the PCV system that returns oil back to the sump, this is doing the same thing an external catch can does minus dumping back into the sump. NOT arguing Shakey, just surprises me they/he said that. I would bet my pink slip that more BMW owners run catch cans than K2 owners.
  3. Catch Can Skeptic

    Wow...without saying yeah or neigh on needing one, Catch Cans have been around for decades.
  4. Well...the like was to you getting $100 or more back...
  5. Catch Can Skeptic

    I believe that if they did that they would be admitting there is an inherent issue with DI engine design that has been shown to have problems with carbon or whatever you want to call it. I am not saying a catch can is a cure all fix all, done going there but if any manufacturer is pushing an intake cleaning they are admitting they need to be cleaned. With injectors, they can recommend it to every single customer because they can't control what type of gasoline you put in it. Valve "coking" will or could (there I covered my butt) occur with any oil from AMSOIL to Walmart to Jiffy Lube special of the day.
  6. Catch Can Idea

    April fools joke?
  7. Agreed, and I just now noticed its a 2019....good Lord I need to see my eye doctor Well, visit him because it's pretty obvious I can't see...
  8. Catch Can Skeptic

    Try looking at Mighty Mouse Solutions, they used to carry them but I can't access them from work...if they still do please post up the site.
  9. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yes it would, I have it in my SLT but if you think you may do it take your time and read through this thread (especially page 30 and on) because there are some fine details involved. Not the install, that’s easy it is getting the right parts and following the process. WAMS is one small shop that does a lot more than reprogramming these clusters. Not to dissuade you just to let you know it’s not something you can just buy and install
  10. Catch Can Skeptic

    This is why I’m just gonna opt out of Pro vs Con on these things lol...it’s like any Mod we choose to do, do it if ya like it
  11. That sucks...glad you noticed before the completed removal of the stock one. Hopefully they get you the right one this time.
  12. Catch Can Skeptic

    Much cheaper and not in a bad way. Member @flyingfool made his own too. In my mind, it’s the objective not the way you get there. No matter which way anyone goes, it still beats sitting in a Prius wishing you had a truck
  13. Catch Can Idea

    ...and on that I will remove myself from Catch Can discussions, too many people get defensive on the issue and it’s really all a personal choice.
  14. Catch Can Idea

    Are you saying putting one way check valves on each line (the two lines that go from the valve covers to the stock air box) effectively not allowing any airflow INTO the air box from the valve covers? I am probably not seeing in my mind what you’re trying to say. If you’re suggesting that then I would say no AND IT’S NOT dumb to ask or think outside the box. My take on it is this: If you capped both valve covers or put check valves on the stock lines you would probably blow gaskets or seals. Valve covers vent pressure at WOT. This would probably be ok if you made your pcv 3/4” ID like the diesels do.. then you could probably do that without issues but GM uses a 5/16 pcv line...at idle the manifold vacuum will pull 17 or more and at a light cruise say 1500 rpm even more vacuum.. when that happens it evacuates the pcv pulling a vacuum on the crankcase.. which in turn pulls fresh air into the valve covers. This is good.. fresh air comes in and flushes the bad crankcase windage vapor out the pcv. Now when you floor it.. manifold vacuum drops to practically nothing.. crankcase pressure builds and vents all the pressure out the valve covers. Just an FYI, I run a dual setup that uses a mini can vs a CSS but does basically the same thing but instead of allowing that tiny bit of oil trapped by the CSS to return, it collects in the mini can...since we don’t run WOT all the time my mini can would/will take a very, very long time to accumulate oil. What it does allow is unimpeded access to the oil fill and dipstick. In other words, I don’t have to add oil through a CSS (if it has that disconnect capability) or remove it. You can see that I really don’t have anything in the way.

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