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  1. it should never run hotter than the t-stat temp unless there's no air flow thru the rad, 10-15 min to get to op temp seems like along time. I wonder if the t-stats stuck partialy open. if you want it to run at 200 put a 195 t-stat in which is what it came with when new
  2. any luck? I saw a TSB for a similar problem on newer trucks that pointed to high resistance in the battery cables or a bad ground to the BCM
  3. that feature is programmable, it must have reset for some reason. instructions for programming in owners manual
  4. what happens if you use E85 in a vehicle that's not flex fuel
  5. what is involved doing a flex fuel conversion? E85 isn't available in this area at this time but I'm sure it will be if this keeps going.
  6. pre bent brake lines are available from GM and Dorman
  7. The factory stainless pipes will last the life of the truck, the muffler will probably rot from the inside out at some point. They make stainless replacement mufflers that can be clamped on. replacing cat back on a new truck seems foolish to me but it's your $. I agree the welds are the weak point in salt states
  8. an old trick with race car headers was to remove all the paint, install them and wipe all the paw prints off them then paint them with ATF start it up and get them good and hot, glowing if possible and when the ATF burns off it leaves the headers gun metal gray and they won't rust. they also make a stainless appearing exhaust paint that works on the same principle
  9. there was a post here a couple months ago of 1 the op built with detailed measurement and pixs
  10. I would be surprised if there was any significant gain without changing the front of the system and the cats because that's where the system is more restricted other than the flapper and possibly the muffler. an internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump so the more efficiantly it can get the air in and out the more hp it can produce. any modification made to the front of the system would have to be EPA certified and would probably void the warrantee
  11. I have run into this before with new washers and using the original washers fixed it. thats a good idea with the hammer but be aware it's not a solid bolt and it will break if over tightened
  12. in 2 weeks the price of 87 octane went from 3.99 to $4.69 here in Eastern Mass. if the price goes up 1 cent nationwide the oil companies make millions of $ more every day so it seems like somewhere someones getting VERY rich
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