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  1. yes but if the truck came with LT range E tires and you change to a P ,C or D rated tires and inflate to what it says on the door sticker you will be over inflating the tires and will probably damage them. Check the max pressure on the side of the tire when setting pressures
  2. A remanufactured rack is not huge $, make sure you flush the system when you do the repair
  3. Fuel filter? see what codes it has first. Rats nest in the air cleaner? maybe just a tune-up, plugs,wires, cap and rotor. Are the injectors spraying evenly? take a timing light, hook it to the coil wire and shoot it at the injector spray to check. Clogged cat?
  4. On the west side of the mountains it was $3.99 regular 87, Back home now looks like it's up .10 since Monday. This OPEC bs will drive it back up quick I bet
  5. I'm on a trip up north in the White Mountains, $3.35 is the lowest I've seen, most of the stations are higher than $3.50. Paid $3.23 before leaving Mass. Even though there is no oil industry in Fla where the hurricane hit it's a good excuse to raise prices
  6. I believe the first right to repair law passed around 2010? in Mass because auto makers would not release code definitions and allow scanners to access propriotary info
  7. After spending most of my life working in independant garages, treating people fairly and doing the best job possible At 67 years old I have semi retired but folks still call me to trouble shoot and I still do some gravy jobs. I am NEVER happy when I take the Caddy ANYWHERE for service because it's never done right the first time, The trucks are still fully serviced by me and while I don't move as fast as I used to nothings changed as far as aches and pains after working. I am also from Massachusetts and haven't noticed much of a change since they passed the right to repair law but then again I usually don't see anything till it's at least 5 years old and by then most of the info I need is out there somewhere, if the manufacturers don't release any info more and more independants will be gone leaving people with NO choice but to get bent over at the dealer
  8. First start with the basics, check the battery, does it have at least 12V? Close to that with the key on? check and clean the connections. There have been numerous posts of similar problems but as far as I know no one has posted what the problem and cure is. I ran into a similar problem but I lucked out and disconnecting the bat and reconnecting with the key on fixed it. I suspect it's a BCM or bus problem
  9. Yeah I have a great store, they still have paper catalogs as well as the computer which is sometimes the only way to find what you need when it's not a stock part
  10. NAPA has a good selection or if theres a spring shop near you they can make them. get them longer than you need with long threads and cut them or do the math and get what you need
  11. if it does need a fuel pump it's easier to remove the bed than the fuel tank
  12. could be that or a dozen other things, check your fuel pressure, parts stores have the gauges in their loaner program. any codes? does it have spark?
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