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  1. It is a good thing they don't offer standard transmission anymore. For one, most can't drive them and then the cost to replace the clutch at one point and it could be way sooner then 150K. Depending on the driver. Most will not keep it long enough to worry about it. Those that do already figured it into their cost of ownership.
  2. Not understanding you, do you need a diesel mechanic to fix your 3.0?
  3. Not as bad as the starter inside between he cylinders below the intake on the Northstar engine in the older Cadillacs.
  4. My 2016 Suburban was a major pain and no matter how much I did the jacking and exhaust pull down as most stated I couldn't get the pan out. Had to loosen the exhaust at the manifolds to allow enough room to get it off. I guess it all depends on the vehicle. Some can get it some can't.
  5. Do you really think it will get to the point of no oil? Big oil will not let that happen. Making to much money as it is now. Just more falsehoods going around out there. The production is low and in return, keeps the price up high so yes, not as much out there like we are used to but it will not get to the point of shutting down everything. Also this just makes it worse because now you have everyone panic buying. Think toilet paper of 2020. No need to do that either. Carry on business as usual and all will be fine, well except for the higher prices.
  6. I can't say you would get an increase, but some of my customers have seen and increase in MPG. Changing over all drive train fluids to AMSOIL can't hurt but only help. Especially in protection. If you sign up as a Preferred Customer, the cost is 25% off the retail price. Plus free shipping on orders over $100 and like now, up until the 28th of June, AMSOIL is running a PROMO you get free shipping on orders of $49 or more. Let me know and I can get you set up.
  7. Sorry to hear this. Accidents happen. It seems that GM should have kept the DEF fill under the hood or on the other side of the vehicle. I know it is a small % that mix and such but even that stinks and could have been avoided if the DEF location was different. Lucky that my DEF is located in the trunk and I only have to fill it maybe once a year.
  8. This 2.7 turbo 4 works well. Imagine if GM made it in a straight 6 cylinder! Man the possibilities! Horsepower TV took an 300 Ford straight 6 that was stock, 88hp and 217tq, put a better flowing head and a few other things and a turbo and the final result was 517hp and 597tq at 4,300 rpm. It can be done and imagine the power if they just added two cylinders to the 2.7 and how it is developed with the variable cam.
  9. They need to offer a straight 6 with a turbo. The power they could get for that is insane and the cost would be minimal since it is an easy design. Think of all the engine bay room.
  10. Seems GM knows of issues but not doing much to fix it. Like in our 2016 Suburban with the 6L80, torque converter issues all over the web. Ours went out at 82k. I did everything to prevent it but it is a part quality issue. Rebuild with a billet converter and Sonnax part upgrade and should be good. Along with a tune to the transmission not to lock until 6 gear. Sad that manufactures don't seem to care but then as long as it makes it past warranty they are happy. Oh the days of the old turbo 400.
  11. Dad has these in their basement. Not full of oil but grease. LOL
  12. $74 to fill up my Cruze diesel, took 14 gallons. $5.28. Regular is $4.35 here. Have not filled the truck up in over two weeks so not sure the price of 93.
  13. You can't run it straight but mix like you did with the BMW wouldn't be a problem. I mix it in my 2019 with the 6.2. Run 8 gallons of E85 and the rest 93 in a 24 gallon tank.
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