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  1. That is cool if it is that easy but like myself, I'm more of a visual person and that is why YouTube is my go to for anything I need to figure out and I'm sure there are more like me out there and it would help us all out. Thanks.
  2. Please post a video on how you accomplished this. That way we can see how it is done and would save us all some serious time in doing so.
  3. It is my understanding that they are not available in SS and you have to have yours painted. But I could be wrong, but from all the info I have come across this is the only way.
  4. Looks great. Thanks for posting all this information. It will help a lot that want to change out to these. One thing that makes me mad is that they don't power fold. I couldn't get into my garage without folding them and having to do that manually every day would get old. Power extend isn't needed but folding for me is kind of a must. What is the other harness you talked about supposed to do? Also I was told that our 2019 harness would not plug into these mirrors but looks like I was told wrong.
  5. It doesn't hurt to have the extra power, but unless you add a good sized stereo with amps, I don't see the need myself. Like I said, most lights now are LED and if you add a couple, their draw is minimal.
  6. It never hurts to go to a higher amp, but can be a waste of money if you don't have the accessories that need it. Now with LED's and such not much draw on the system like before. Did you upgrade anything? Might look at getting the original rebuilt. That is what I did on my 2002. It cost me $75 as to $150 for a new one at the auto parts store. Plus it being the original one I know it fits properly. Just a thought.
  7. That isn't bad if you ask me. This is what I would call bad, picture of BMW valves. Before and after cleaning.
  8. Turtle wax Ice Seal & Shine has worked great for me. Clayed my vehicles and applied it and water sheets off and it feels nice and smooth and been over a month now.
  9. There is a date stamped on the bottom side of the front of the qt bottles. It should be month day year, 100719 which is October 7th, 2019. Snap a picture of the label. That also can tell me how old it is.
  10. It is on sale cyber Monday on Amazon for $19.98. Figures since I paid full price this summer $45. I should have waited. LOL I love it since I can see if I left the garage door open. Old age is kicking in on my memory. Also I can open it for deliveries and then close it.
  11. I have the GM CAI on my 2019 with the 6.2 and a Corsa cat back. Love the truck. When it comes time to change out the air filter I'm going with AMSOIL's EAAU4070. I got one and tried it and it fits the GM CAI. It retails for $63.60. Anyone interested let me know. I will give all GM-Truck members a discount. PM me for details. The blue filter is the AMSOIL air filter. Red is GM's.
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