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  1. Rhino Lined Power Running Boards

    As long as the metal is prepped well, you shouldn't have any problems.
  2. No I can't tell when it drops cylinders. It is a quiet system really. Not to loud on start up but you know it is there and some when you get on the throttle.
  3. Funny thing is when I ordered it, I could have sworn it was for a CC standard bed. Turns out it was for a double cab standard bed. So the extension and clamp were missing. I called Corsa and they were super understanding and sent me out the extension and clamp ASAP and no charge. This was on a Wednesday at around 3pm and I got the extension and clamp on Saturday.
  4. Only cutting was to get the old system out. No drone at all. To me it is quiet on the hwy. Nice sound on take off and passing, but steady cruise it is quiet. I even opened up the back window and really couldn't hear it going down the highway at 60mph.
  5. It is the full exhaust. They sent me the extension I needed since mine is a CC standard bed.
  6. What kind of oil

    5k mile intervals is a great time frame. Easy to remember ie: 5k, 10k, 15k and so on. Plus you can rotate your tires as well and depending on how long it takes to put the miles on, change out wiper blades and cabin air filter. One thing, from my UOA's showing great results is 7,500 miles is a good target as well. Since we have an 8qt sump, it isn't as bad for that mileage as it was for a 5qt sump. Just food for thought.
  7. Scangauge xcodes

    Quick Google search brought me to this. General Motors XGauges list
  8. New Member

  9. Just traded for 2017 Sierra

    Welcome. Nothing like a new ride! Congrats!
  10. New Silverado Owner

    Welcome! Congrats on the new truck and the little one.
  11. 2500 HD oil filter 6.0

    It will work just fine. No issues with it being longer.
  12. Cabin air filter upside down

    It will just clog faster. The design is made so that what large particles collect the air can still pass around. If installed backwards then the large particles clog the side of the filter that is supposed to collect smaller particles not allowing the air to flow through. Think of it this way, it is a large hole screen on the top, then the screen gets smaller and smaller through the layers. If it is upside down then the small hole layers is now first to get dirt and will stop up sooner.
  13. What kind of oil

    Any of the oils on the shelf at Walmart will work. Just make sure they have dexos 1 Gen2 on the bottle. You didn't mention filters. AC PF63, or Wix as well as Car Quest and NAPA house brand will work well.
  14. As stated above the amount of current needed would be out of the range of what you could do without major components. Have you looked at Stihl battery powered blower?
  15. Well you can't say you didn't maintain it. Stinks that this happened. Sounds like it has had a hard life and the truck was used as a truck doing work. So I would say it lasted well.

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