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  1. Correct, Crewcab with a standard bed is what I want to get.
  2. I want to order one but I want the standard bed. The short bed is a waste for me. Hopefully it will be available to order soon. I see the RPO code for the 3.0 Duramax is LM2.
  3. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    That isn't a diesel. The 2.0 diesel in my 2014 Cruze is 16.3:1 I would think anything less it wouldn't run properly since they run off of compression and do not have spark plugs.
  4. replaced fuel pump

    Are you getting fuel to the fuel rail? It is possible that you got a defective pump.
  5. 2019 vs 2015-2018 8 speed

    I wonder if you had the fluid changed out if it would make any difference?
  6. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    I read through the entire options code list, all 66 pages and it didn't list anything about power adjustable peddles. Like I stated above, you can't even get a power tilt/telescoping steer wheel. I'm sure it will be available in the GMC Denali. It always has more than the Chevy version. I'm trying to get the option code list for the GMC to find out.
  7. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    One other thing that I don't understand is why can't it have the power tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Our 2016 LTZ Suburban has it. It is great for when I get in and all the mirrors seat and steering wheel go to my positions. The tech is already there why not include it in the trucks? What is GM thinking?!!!! Also no option at all for Flex Fuel. Some of us like it and want to use it. Again it isn't like it is old tech just include it in the option list. Didn't see anything about the larger mirrors when you order the Max Towing package. Hope they are included otherwise what is the point if you can't see around your trailer. To get the LED "high intensity" headlights you have to get the High Country. Doesn't make sense, for your safety you have to purchase the most expensive truck just to get the better lights. For now only the short bed is available for Crew Cab models. I hope a standard bed will become available.
  8. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    VB5 and VT5 are the color options for the front and rear bumpers and they are not available for the LTZ.
  9. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    OK so what's up with a chain drive in the rear of the engine? Drives the oil pump? More issues with chain drives to come I see in the future.
  10. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    Hopefully I will not jinks myself but my 2002 Silverado I purchased in Nov of 2001. Only issues with it was the Yoke clunk, Steering linkage clunk and a radio replacement. All covered under warranty. Since then the only thing to go out was my alternator and fuel pump. I'm at 180k and still on the original front brakes.
  11. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    HUD is an option in the LTZ and High Country only. CWM Technology Package. Hope this works. 2019 silverado build codes.
  12. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    Any idea as to the bed size? I want a standard bed in the CC, not the short bed. I couldn't find any info on that at all.
  13. I got got a txt back from my dealer. They have one allocation. No pricing available. 2LT Trailboss is currently unavailable. Need $1000 deposit to order. Might go up and see what all is available.
  14. Sorry to hear all the issues. Things happen. Who knows how often this has happened to others and not just in GM vehicles but don't get mentioned online because not everyone is on a forum. Although the number is growing, seems there is a forum for just about anything now. If it was me I would press on with the new engine.

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