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  1. I'm not 100% on this but my 2002 had a drain plug from the factory. Couldn't you just get one from that year?
  2. I got mine on ebay and I got a case of them, 12 total and it worked out to be $4.50 a filter. I use them on customers Chevy Traverse that I change oil on for them.
  3. 6/17/2021 2019 Silverado 6.2 20,118 total miles 10,000 miles on oil OLM at 65% Oil AMSOIL Signature Series ASM 0w-20 Ea017 Installed Fumoto valve.
  4. You can see what your vehicle takes fluid wise by looking it up here. It looks like it takes 8.5 pints of fluid for your rear diff, that is if you have the Dana 11 ring gear.
  5. I changed out the fluid in the front and rear differentials. The front I sucked out since the harness for the power steering and other stuff was in the way. I didn't feel like messing with that. The rear I pulled the cover off, cleaned up the magnet and put it back on using the original seal. So far 20k miles no leaks. I also did the transfer case. I can say that the AMSOIL Squeeze Packs work awesome. No mess to deal with.
  6. I have not had either but did have the BF Goodrich All Terrains and loved them. From what I can tell the Nitto's are the way to go. Seems to be a great tire and I might try it when I need to replace my tires.
  7. So the truck will not start and all you are getting is a click?
  8. I have found that if you use www.car-part.com and put in what you are looking for it will tell you the available parts that will work with that application. So if you put in that you are looking for a rear diff for your 2009, then all the differentials that will replace it will be listed. At least that is my understanding.
  9. 93 every tank. I got the 6..2 for the performance. It pulls timing back to keep from detonation and so you loose performance and economy. Sure it will run on 87 but with the timing retarded you will not get the full benefit of power out of the 6.2.
  10. To me it is just a matter of giving everyone a choice. Choose the one you like best for your reasons and go with it. Some like this over the Fumoto and some like the Fumoto over this. Either way the customer is the one that is happy.
  11. Yes, the loud cold start up never really bothered me at our old house since it was in the garage. But now in a new house with closer neighbors and truck is outside. It kind of bothers me some, especially on those 5AM mornings that we have to leave the house for an Ainsley's Angels even. But the sound while passing or going up on-ramps and such is awesome. Quiet as can be just cruising down the interstate.
  12. Good idea to have the transmission done at 50k. Keep up that rule and your transmission will love you long time!
  13. The most I got was $90 for my Hot Wheels Redline Custom Barracuda.
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