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  1. Never hurts to prefill for sure. Other question is why did you install a crush washer. These do not need them. The o-ring is built into the drain plug. Over 200k miles on my old 2002 silverado and never a drop from the factory plug with the built in o-ring.
  2. The best is to use E85 if Flex Fuel, Yellow fuel cap/area is the indicator for the most part. If not you can run as high as a 50/50 mix of E85 and regular fuel. I ran it in my 2002 silverado that wasn't FF at a 50/50 mix for over 40k miles with no issues. I use it as well in my 2019 Silverado with the 6.2. Any higher than a 50/50 mix and I get a CEL. Code state bank1 and bank2 lean. Otherwise no issues and used oil analysis show better results using E85. AMSOIL's   P.i. is a great product but as stated above can lead to deposits if over used.
  3. Some interesting info here. A picture of the old AMSOIL EaO20 filter on the left and the updated Ea15k20 on the right. Grumpy, you should like this. Look at the micron on each box. Also, here is my empty bottle oil collector. I can get a full quart over time and I use it in an old beat up mower.
  4. Use the part number which is 12707246 it is confusing I know. Also the list from Grumpy is a good one to follow as well. I change my air filter every 10 to 15k miles.
  5. When i had my 2002 Silverado, I ran the GM coolant tabs. From what I have read online, this was something GM put in their Northstar engines due to head gasket problems. I never had a leak in all the UOA's I did and the coolant was changed out only once in the 200k miles I had it.
  6. I have a few customers that use AMSOIL's Heavy-Duty Metal Protector for an undercoat.
  7. Sept. 21-27, 2022, Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers receive free shipping with their $49 order when they use promo code CC0922SH. Not a Preferred Customer? You can sign up here or contact me for GM-Trucks members option. Promotion: Free shipping on orders of $49 or more Eligible Participants: Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers Effective Dates: Sept. 21-27, 2022 Promo Code: CC0922SH *Exclusive offer for Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers. Exclusions apply. Offer valid for AMSOIL Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers in good standing. Valid from 9 a.m. Central Sept. 21 through 11:59 p.m. Central Sept. 27, 2022. To redeem, enter code CC0922SH at checkout. Code will automatically apply free shipping, if eligible, at checkout. Valid with purchases of $49 or more based on subtotal with savings. Taxes, shipping and handling do not qualify for purchase requirement. Offer not valid on previous purchases or for cash or gift cards. Limited to free standard ground shipping on purchases of $49 or more. Items that require additional shipping charges are excluded from free ground shipping. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Canadian interline fees still apply.
  8. I use this in my transfer case. I had it in my 2002 Silverado and now my 2019 Silverado. These Easy Packs makes adding fluid a breeze. AMSOIL ATL for transfer case.
  9. That pretty much covers it. A billet TC is a must as well.
  10. My daughter had a 2012 Cruze 1.4L and it was a good little car. Only issue was the known ones like the valve cover which has a built in PCV valve going bad. It happened twice. Once under warranty and once after and I fixed it myself, $50 for a new VC. Water pump is an issue as well. Hers went under warranty and was good ever since. It had 92k on it when we sold it to Carvana for $7k. I have a 2014 Diesel Cruze and love it. No issues with it and I just replaced the timing belt. Not a hard job but cost me $400 for all the parts. Since I was in there I replaced everything like the water pump and pulley's. It has 109K on it now and love the 49mph hwy it gets. Some times better depends on traffic and speed. Around town is 40mpg.
  11. I've been using AMSOIL now for 22 years. Not as long as some. It has served me well and the 2 cycle oil is what sold me in the beginning in my jet ski. I have a 20 year old Kawasaki string trimmer. It has been using nothing but AMSOIL 2 cycle oil mix at 100:1 No issues and it sits from Dec to March with fuel in it and starts right up the first spring time use. I have been doing UOA's since 2002. We had a Chevy Venture van and in the course of doing the annual UOA when I changed the oil it showed a coolant issue. Lucky it was under warranty, right at 33k miles on it at the time. Turns out the intake gasket leaked and let coolant in. The dealer fixed it under warranty. They found the leak with a pressure test, after I showed the the UOA. So to me especially now with all these manufactures making complicated engines. A UOA is a good tool to use to possibly catch a problem before it becomes a major issue. This is what I hope to do with our 2016 Suburban and my 2019 Silverado and the AFM/DFM systems that are on them. I was doing 15k oil changes in the Suburban but the UOA's were coming back showing the oil was out of spec. Not the oils fault but the operation of the engine with the high fuel dilution being one of the main issues. I have since deactivated the AFM in the Burb and it will be interesting to see if that has effected the UOA. Now in my Silverado I have not, but I do drive it in manual mode here in town for the most part and that keeps it from going into DFM as well as keeps it from auto stop.
  12. It's a good idea especially if you have never changed it. AMSOIL recommends changing out the fluid after 500 miles. This way it gives the gears time to wear-in and you get all the possible material from the wear-in out.
  13. Just curious as to how many miles are on your truck and why you used a high mileage oil?
  14. Yes get up with me when you get ready to do another oil analysis.
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