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  1. AMSOIL Signature Series oil in all my vehicles and AMSOIL filters.
  2. Just think. All new vehicles are going to be like this since they will eventually get over the air updates and will need you to log in to do so. Oh technology at it's finest!
  3. Not really a mod but depending on the miles, swap out all the fluids.
  4. I change out all my fluids within the first 10k miles. The T case after switching over to AMSOIL I do it again at 50k. Seems to work well for me. The squeeze packs rock!.
  5. For oil changes I use ramps. It helps to keep the oil tilted to the back so when you pull the oil filter it doesn't hit the cross-member. Or just get a hover truck.
  6. One other product to help with Ethanol is AMSOIL's Quickshot® .
  7. Just an FYI but I have a few customers that use the AMSOIL OE line of oil and their vehicles take the PF63E. They come in for oil changes every 5k miles. I got a case of 12 filters for $46 shipped from eBay. Works out to be less than $5 a filter.
  8. If you order on the AMSOIL web site, then AMSOIL will assign you to a dealer close to you. AMSOIL dealers can have customers all over the country and Canada. There are not territories. If you go through my website to order. www.syntheticadvantage.com or contact me directly then you get assigned under me and I get credit for anything you order. One thing to remember is if you are going to use AMSOIL and purchase at least $100 a year, it pays to become a Preferred Customer and get everything at the wholesale price. It is similar to Sam's Club where you pay a membership fee, which is $20 a year or $10 for six months to try it and get everything at the wholesale price. You also get a monthly magazine keeping you up to date on what's happening at AMSOIL plus other benefits like free shipping on orders over $100 and give aways that AMSOIL does from time to time. Also you build up points on each order that you can use on future orders to save even more money. Also you can become an AMSOIL dealer. Then you can start to build your business like me and get a commission check every month on products that you sell and individuals you sign up as Preferred Customers or as a Dealer. As well as retail businesses like repair shops and commercial accounts like farmers, over the road truck drivers that own there own trucks ie; plumbing businesses. Any business that has vehicles/equipment that they can use AMSOIL products in. One other thing, I'm a supporting vendor on here so going through me helps me to be on here.
  9. What I like is AMSOIL comes in gallon jugs. Just dump 2 in and a new filter and done. No messing around with qts. The AMSOIL OE is $26.55 a gallon, knock off about 25% and that would be close to the wholesale price. For short oil changes like 5k or less what the OP is doing will be fine. Remember this is 8qts of oil, big difference if it was only 5 like back in the old days.
  10. Yes, that is the older version AMSOIL used to have on their web site. Why they changed is beyond me. I like that one better.
  11. You would use AMSOIL's ATF fluid if you went that route. Otherwise like stated above dexron III You can look up your application here. It looks like anywhere from 4 to 4.4 pints. So that is at least 2qts and 3 would cover it for sure.
  12. AMSOIL's 2 cycle oil is what got me hooked on AMSOIL back in the early 90's when I had a Yamaha Wave Jammer. My source for AMSOIL at the time was a friend who was a dealer. He moved away and so for me to get it at the wholesale price I became and dealer and the rest is history. I have a Kawasaki string trimmer that is 20yrs old and has been ran on AMSOIL's Saber 2 cycle oil at 100:1 since the day I got it. Along with a 15yr old Stihl chain saw. My Echo blower/vac is 8yrs old. They all run on AMSOIL's Saber 2cycle mix at 100:1. One mix for everything and no issues. Matter of fact I don't drain the tanks and when I stop using them in Dec they fire right up in March when I need to get them back out. The Saber 2 cycle mix has stabilizer already in it. I also have been using the local 93 octane Exxon fuel. To lazy to drive 15 miles to another town to get the ethanol free fuel. I can see one purchasing the canned 2cycle fuel if they basically only use about a can or so a year. But I go through some fuel with my 2 cycle stuff.
  13. It is highly possible since GM uses what cost them the least amount to meet their specification. Like any other company they are in it to make money. Using a high quality synthetic can't hurt anything that is for sure. We have a 2016 Suburban with no transmission issues. But then I do switch all my vehicles over to AMSOIL within the first 10k miles from new and if I purchase used, like my 2014 Cruze diesel I did it the week after I purchased it. One would have to wonder about the fluid that GM uses since they did a complete formulation change to try and fix the 8 sp issues which in some cases it has. I do know that everyone I know that has a 6 or 8 sp and switched it over to AMSOIL that they are very please like yourself with no issues. Anyone interested in trying AMSOIL send me a PM on what you want to try and I can send a quote delivered. I offer a GM-Trucks member discount as well.
  14. I got a piece of pipe insulation, the foam kind and fit it in between the tailgate and the bed. That way nothing falls down in between. Now on the new trucks they have a seal you can put in there. I got one for my 2019. Other wise I just sweep out with a broom what I can and then use a garden hose to get the rest out.
  15. I understand that. Most have encountered the same looking front diff lube when they changed theirs. I just wanted to send a sample off for the fun of it to see how it would come back. Not like it had many miles on it. I want to say it was under 10k total. Just was weird seeing it that color.
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