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  1. Nice find! Your front brakes should last another 100k. I'm on my originals still at 196k.
  2. AMSOIL would be my choice of course. If you are interested in getting the fluid exchanged let me know in a PM and I can send a quote on how much it would cost delivered to your door.
  3. Yes, welded it in and the clearance inside the pan is minimal. No issues with it touching the transmission.
  4. It is my understanding that the compression should be within 10% of each other. If you put some oil down in the cylinder it can help tell if it is the rings or valves. If it goes up it is the rings, if not then the valve isn't sealing.
  5. I reused the gasket on our 2016 Suburban. No issue and it has been 40k miles since I changed it. You can use brake clean but why? No need to. Just go out and drive it to warm up the fluid, pull the cover, let it drain, clean off the cover and magnet and put it back together. No need to over think it.
  6. Hope all is well now. I really feel that the transmission fluid and filter should be changed out at 50k no matter what type of driving you do. If you plan on keeping the vehicle it is good preventative maintenance. For what it cost to have it done and how little often it is done, it out weighs the cost of replacing/fixing a bad transmission later on down the road. I change my fluid out with in the first 10k miles of the vehicles life with AMSOIL's fluid and then go from there. With used oil analysis on the transmission fluid I go 100k between changes and everything looks and runs fine.
  7. Here is the drain plug I installed on our 2016 Suburban.
  8. Not sure on our trucks but the Traverse I know was being converted to dexron VI fluid for the PS system.
  9. Now is a good time to change them all. The transmission there are videos on Youtube that show how to change out the filter as well as to do a complete fluid exchange. Good info posted above on the type of fluid. You can run AMSOIL's ATL in the transmission as well as the transfer case. AMSOIL's Severe Gear 75w-90 in the differentials. I've changed out the fluid to AMSOIL when I first get my trucks at about 8k miles and then again at 100k. I have UOA's showing great results and I even tow a 4k lbs trailer. As for the drain plug on the transmission, you can add one to the existing pan. There are drain plug kits you can get at Auto Zone and such or even Summit Racing. I got a drain plug from Summit Racing and had it welded into my pan. That way I don't have to worry about it leaking which isn't an issue but I just like the fact of it being welded in. Good to know people that can Tig Weld. If you are interested in AMSOIL, shoot me a PM with your address and what you want and I can get you a quote delivered to your door.
  10. Yes, you will get a plethora of choices. For what is available on the shelf at the part stores, you can't go wrong, especially if you are changing it every 5k. Going synthetic in a diesel to keep things cool and clean is a better option in my opinion. If you want a quote on a 2.5 gallon jug of AMSOIL's diesel oil, pm me your address and I can get you a quote.
  11. Use the Easy Pack. Works great, no mess.
  12. Growing pains for the most part. Looking forward to this adventure.
  13. That's an awesome deal. Hopefully someone will take you up on it. Depends on if you got another vehicle you could use it in it.
  14. I understand you not wanting to void your warranty. Switching over to AMSOIL ATL transmission fluid will not void it. I've switched every vehicle I own over to it within the first 10k miles with no issues. I don't have any experience with the 8sp but there are individuals out there that have. How things are since they switched I can't say. I can say that I have talked to other AMSOIL dealers that have customers with the 8sp and they said it made a huge difference in the way the transmission shifted. Again this is from other AMSOIL dealers. I personally have no customers that have switched that were having issues and it helped after they switched.
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