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  1. I noticed that some trucks run the temp gauge at 210 and some under. Mine runs under even towing.
  2. You are one lucky individual. We had a 2002 Venture and at 35k the intake and heads leaked coolant into the engine. It didn't damage the engine since I caught it with used oil analysis (UOA). I showed the UOA to the dealership and they checked the engine with a leak check and confirmed. Had the heads replaced and new intake gasket all under warranty. Then again at 110k more coolant in the oil, again found on the UOA. So we said that was it, traded it in for a 2008 GMC Acadia. The fact that you are getting that mileage out of one is a miracle and doing something right. Just curious as to how often you are changing the oil and what brand and filter?
  3. New Promotion for P.C.s and Catalog Customers – Spend $50, get free shipping This special offer is effective from 9 a.m. Central 9/16/2020 to 11:59 p.m. Central 9/29/2020. Receive free shipping with a $50 purchase. To redeem: Shop online at?AMSOIL.com (AMSOIL.ca in Canada) and enter code SHIP920 at checkout. You must log into your account to ensure proper?pricing?is applied. Or, call AMSOIL?Customer Service?at 800-777-7094 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday–Friday. Provide your customer number and promotional code to the representative.
  4. Hope you have deep pockets. This will be an expensive venture considering the new trucks can't be tuned by just anyone.
  5. Jasper Engines. https://www.jasperengines.com/gm-gen-iii-iv
  6. I use AMSOIL's Injector Clean and Cetane Boost in my 2014 Cruze diesel.
  7. No pictures since I forgot to take any but I did install my mirror tap for my radar detector. Super easy since I found the YouTube video. Purple/white for hot and black/white for ground. Bingo switched power. Zip tied it down and I'm good to go.
  8. I change out my transmission fluid at 10k miles. But then I switch it over to AMSOIL so that is why so early. But if you want to keep your vehicle and as trouble free as possible then transmission fluid changes at every 45k miles is a good idea. Considering most don't put that many miles on their ride in a short time. The cost is well worth it. Most don't do anything to the transmission and then wonder why they are having issues when they get to 100k miles. If you want to go longer then running a full synthetic like AMSOIL will keep it going. I had 200,000 on my 2002 and I ran the last run of AMSOIL ATF up to 100,000 miles and had a sample sent off and it came back in great shape with very little wear material. This is even towing a 4klbs. 10' x 20' box trailer once or so a month over a two year period.
  9. Unless you watch them to see what they put in, not all dealerships seem to use what is recommended. I know this might sound odd but I have seen it myself. The individual just grabs what they always use and fills up with it. Again, not all places are like this but it does happen. As most are swamped and try to get vehicles in and out in a timely manner. This is why it is best to do your own oil changes.
  10. Welcome. As posted above those should work. I'm sure more will chime in with advice. I'm also looking at the same tire when my Duratracs wear out.
  11. Hey everyone. Didn't know how many know about My AMSOIL Garage. It is a cool place that you can set up to help you keep track of all your vehicle maintenance. It is a free vehicle maintenance software that - Stores maintenance info for all your vehicles - Delivers product recommendations - Tracks oil and filter changes - Emails maintenance reminders. Check it out for full information on the site.
  12. The other main issue is our quality of fuel. If we had a cleaner burning fuel it would benefit big time. The issues on diesel over in Europe don't have to deal with things like we do here because their fuel is a much higher quality fuel. At least that is my understanding. Also looking at vehicles that run E85. The combustion chambers are clean with little to no deposits. Big oil can produce a higher quality fuel but that would cut into their profits way to much. Better to push crap on us and make the big bucks.
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