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  1. My 2019 1500 was my first order and sight unseen vehicle. Love it!
  2. One can at least say the dealerships are making a little extra on transmission services since they got rid of the dipstick. If not them then the independent repair shops.
  3. Same here, small drip, just about not noticeable but found it after a serious hard rain.
  4. It will be interesting to see how much more mining is done for the raw materials for the batteries that will be needed to supply the millions of vehicles that will be produced. They think drilling for oil is bad, look at the damage caused by mining. Not to mention the oil burning vehicles doing the mining process. So is it really a better deal?
  5. No issues at all running the AMSOIL filter. It is what AMSOIL recommends for your application so it meets the specifications per GM.
  6. Yes, this is normal for the factory front diff fluid. I changed our 2016 Suburban out at 10k miles and it looked the same. Sent a sample off and it came back good. It is my understanding the color is from the factory using marking fluid when they assemble the differential. Good choice on fluids.
  7. Yes, the Auto Hobby shop was great. All free and having lifts and such made it nice with tranny changes and such.
  8. That is why I built this. Out of all the oil changes I do I get a couple of qts every month from what drains out of the bottles after an oil change. I use it in lawn equipment or when I get an old beater that uses oil every 1000 miles. I can add more to it to hold as many qts or jugs as needed. I just stopped at 5.. What I do is let the qts sit on their side over night then dump them on here. That way the oil is on the side and then drains right out and not trying to drip from the bottom of the container.
  9. Good to hear that 2020 was not as bad for you as some. That is a plus. Sounds like you got a plan for the S10, not to just stick with it. Yeah, a V8 swap into a 4x4 isn't as easy as a 2wd. I bet it is going to be a great little truck.
  10. Just grab a large zip-lock bag, put it over the filter and let the oil run down into the bag as you pull it off.
  11. To each their own. I change out early. Do you have to? Probably not but like stated above, if you want to then go for it. There are move vehicles on the road that probably went to 5k or more on the original factory fill and never had issues. Those of us that change early are a low percentile.
  12. If you can really use another vehicle, one like that, that gets good mileage and useful for your family then I say get it. They are rock solid vehicles.
  13. I can't answer that since I don't know the answer. It is my understanding that GM sells Mobil because they gave them the best deal so that it can be sold at all GM dealerships. So Mobil is making a ton of money that they would not have otherwise. So if it did cost GM then it wouldn't be much since Mobil would be selling that much more. Especially for vehicles out of warranty that GM charges to fix. Mobil is giving GM a major break on cost. Going with a completely new vendor would be expensive. Not to mention GM would have to figure out how to break the contract with Mobil to be able to go with a new vendors fluid.
  14. GM wouldn't be interested because it would cost them more money. They are not in the business to spend money but to only get the vehicle to the point that the warranty is no longer valid. So they can sell you a new vehicle. Case in point, the new T1's should not have any issues but here we are still having issues. T1's are supposed to be a completely new platform and all around revised vehicle. Also we still have rear windows that are leaking and have been happening for years.
  15. Thank you. I appreciate your business and I do what I can to get products out as fast as possible. I was surprised as well it got to you so fast since it was over Christmas.
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