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  1. Thanks, makes sense. I'll have to see what part number I need and go from there.
  2. Our 2016 Suburban is doing the same thing. How hard is it to change out the amplifier and where is it located. Do you have a part number?
  3. Not sure if this helps but BBP tuned our 2016 Suburban 5.3 with the 6sp and it is great. Shifts are where they should be and no issues at all and this is with over 40k miles on the tune.
  4. I searched and nothing came up that I could find. What is everyone out there using for a foam application. I know the gun fits on a regular garden hose so you don't have to mess with a pressure washer. Is it any better than the cannon and use of a pressure washer? I looked at reviews online but wanted everyones thoughts on it. One brand better than another? Thanks.
  5. I know an old post but to answer his question, there is no long a drain plug on the front diff and I changed mine out at 500 miles. I just vacuumed out what I could get out and filled back up with AMSOIL Severe Gear 75w-90. Taking the diff cover off looked to be a job since the main electrical harness for the power steering goes right up against the diff. Again, GM changing things for the worst by eliminating the drain plug.
  6. Welcome. What year truck to do have? Post up some pictures.
  7. From talking to several transmission shops and a personal friend that used to own a shop but got out of it due to the area he lived in and customers didn't pay their bills. Super small town. A smooth shifting transmission does just that, slips and that is why it is smooth. Slippage creates heat. One way to warm up a transmission fast is to put your foot on the brake and hold down the gas. That will get it up to temp fast as well as over heat if you let it. Firm up the shifts and the slippage is reduced and so the wear is lowered as well as the heat. I had Black Bear Performance tune my 2002 and had them firm up the shifts. It was to the point that it would hit going into gear and my wife was like what the heck is going on? I will admit it was a little to hard so I had them back it off but it still shifted firm. This was done early on with bout 30k on the truck. When I sold it at 200k all was well and my UOA of the transmission fluid that had 100k on it was just fine. This is even with towing a 4k trailer. We all know that the 4L60 wasn't the best transmission. I just was lucky I guess.
  8. Switching over in your 2500 would be a major benefit. Lower transmission temperatures and keeping it clean are the most important things. We all know how heat kills transmission. Your Allison would love it. Don't forget AMSOIL warranties their fluids. Like I mentioned above. Every vehicle I own gets switched over to AMSOIL products front to back as soon as I get it and new vehicles usually before 10k miles. The only reason my 2019 hasn't been yet is that I'm not willing to tackle the 10sp myself just yet and I need to get the time to schedule it in to the dealer. I'm lucky in that the dealer here works with me and even lets me in the service bay.
  9. No problems with using the AMSOIL fluid. I have used it from 10k miles to 200,000 miles in my 2002's transmission with no issues and I have used fluid analysis to back it up. It is in every vehicle's transmission we own, which is a 2016 suburban with 60k miles on it, 2012 Cruze with 75k on it and my 2014 Cruze diesel, which is a totally different transmission from the 2012 Cruze with 92k on it. All running fine. It is my understanding that most that do not fully understand lubricants tend to stay with what they know and has worked for them. I have seen this time and time again. It would be interesting to see what he meant by "not treating the electronics nicely"? I have no first hand knowledge but from what other AMSOIL dealers that I have talked to said they have customers running it in their GM 8 sp transmission with no issues at all. As soon as things get settled down here, I'm going to have my 2019 Silverado with the 10sp transmission switched over 100% to AMSOIL's Signature Series ATL transmission fluid.
  10. Wouldn't the easiest way to find out is to put it in manual mode and run through the gears?
  11. You can use the OE OTL or the Signature Series ATL fluid and you can look up the quantities here. Basically if you are just doing a pan drop then 9qts will cover it with a little extra, if you do an exchange then depending on what transmission you have it could be 16qts or more. PM me with more information and I can help with this.
  12. Yes, as stated it is so you at least change the oil out annually if you don't make the mileage.
  13. The fluid it takes is dexron HP not dexron VI. Using a full synthetic is best for any transmission considering the abuse they take and not getting serviced like they should. You can use AMSOIL's ATL fluid. If interested send me a PM with your address and I can get you a quote.
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