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  1. Shock absorber recommendations

    Here is a lot of good info on Bilsteins..
  2. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    How many filters? I don't see an issue running them especially if you do 3 to 5k oil changes. My take in this is the new oil system on these new engines probably was putting a higher pressure delta P across the filter and causing it to go into by-pass mode off and on so they raised the psi.
  3. That is a nice looking rack and very functional! Good job on the write-up.
  4. Anyone order towing camera package?

    Here is a link to an explanation on how the towing camera package works. It does suck that you can't get it and the Technology Package. Also GM isn't looking art putting towing mirrors on the 1500's from here on out. I guess they feel the TCP is what everyone should be using if they tow. To me it doesn't make sense.
  5. T1 Switched Power Source

    Good info, thanks. I will be adding foot-well lighting as well. Hate getting in and not having it. It is standard on my 2002. Can't believe they got rid of it.
  6. Disabling AUTO Headlights

    There is a write-up on here about putting a resistor in the sensor on the dash to make it seem like there is light all the time so you would have to turn the lights on manually. I can't seem to find it.
  7. Spray In Bedliner

    I would think they could. If not you could just get a Bowtie and have it put on the front and let them spray over it.
  8. Rusting Frame

    Cosmoline is some nasty stuff. Had to clean that off equipment that we got in while I was in the Air Force. Sticky nasty stuff that was hard to get off so it would be great but then it would also attract dust and dirt. AMSOIL's Heavy-Duty Metal Protector would be a good choice to coat underneath a vehicle.
  9. Hello from Utah

    Sounds like you have had some great rides. Welcome!
  10. New guy from Massachusetts

    Welcome! Seems I'm not the only one that is having issues posting pictures and they are sideways.
  11. I have been transformed

    Nice.. Who did the tint? You are in my area kind of and I'm looking for someone to tint and does quality work.
  12. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Vacuumed out the 2002. The Catch All mats that I put in did a great job keeping the factory carpet clean.
  13. You will be able to tell what shape the engine is in once you remove the valve covers. Take pictures please.
  14. Word on the street is you will be able to build a new 2019 Silverado at the end of the month on Chevrolet.com. I guess they were waiting to move some inventory with all the incentives that they are offering for the month of October on the 2018's.
  15. Battery dead dead, have questions

    Just could have gotten a bad battery or one with a weak cell. It happens. You are under warranty so it should be replaced I would think. As for hard to get to, the battery that was in our 2011 Acadia was in the floor behind the front passenger seat. What a place to put a battery.

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