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  1. Help me choose

    Actually, I put amber in my 02 when I got it. I have seen several GMT800's with amber. If I wasn't selling it this fall I would look for an LED yellow to put in there.
  2. Fuel tank size?

    What is interesting is our 2016 Suburban has a 32 gallon tank.
  3. Help me choose

    I would go yellow. I like to be different than all the other vehicles on the road.
  4. Trans/tcase fluid

    You can DIY. Easy to do. Make sure you get the proper fluid. AMSOIL's ATL fluid meets both dexron VI and HP which is used in both the transmission and Tcase.
  5. Birth Announcement: Our 2019 Silverado Has Been Built

    At least you got to see your color in person before you take delivery of yours. Contrats! Have you picked out a name yet?
  6. It will be interesting to see how this operates. I notice every time our 2016 Suburban goes into 4v mode. Makes a low rumble sound. Not from the exhaust either.
  7. AMSOIL Easy Pack gear oil

    AMSOIL just came out with the Easy Pack gear oil. This should make changing your gear oil less of a hassle. I'm not due for a gear oil change so I can't say how well they work. But if anyone want's to post up their thoughts that would be great. If anyone is interested in getting this product let me know. It only comes in a 75w-90 and 75w-140 weight for now.
  8. PML Differential Cover - Install and Review

    Nice write-up. Now AMSOIL offers an Easy Pack. This will make changing out gear oil less of a mess and easier.
  9. HELP! High oil level

    Not sure but when GM reduced it they should have sent a letter out to all the vehicle owners that purchased vehicle where the owners manual stated 8.5qts. Why they didn't I can't say other than cost.
  10. Keep exhaust flapper or not

    You can always tie the flapper open and see how it sounds that way.
  11. MyLink Issues

    The owners manual is a good place to start. I'm one of the few that actually reads through it when I get a vehicle, new or used. As for voice activation on dialing, you first have to make sure your phone is hooked up via blue tooth. Then press the button on the steering wheel and follow the prompts.
  12. The "Catch Can" Explained

    One would like to see a study done on two vehicles. One with a catch can and one without. Take them both and drive them the same for 200k miles and then tear them apart and see what the out come is. Now this would be an interesting study and it would surely answer all kinds of question like the ones above. Is it going to happen? No, well unless I would win the Powerball and it was at 500 million, then I would do the study. So until then it is something that we will have to just take on as a good thing and hope it does make a difference. Although there are a ton of vehicles on the road that never had a catch can and are probably over 200k by now with no issues. To me it isn't more on the lines of installing a catch can. It is more on the lines of I wish manufactures would build a quality product that doesn't need band aids on it. It can be done, just no one wants to invest the money into it. Kind of like we all know vehicles can get better mpg than what they get. Again, big oil and money come into play and so as along as some one is getting rich off of one thing the other isn't going to change.
  13. Opinions on towing?

    One thing to remember is if you plan on hauling or towing max limit weight is to make sure you have the proper tires to do so. Just saying.
  14. HELP! High oil level

    The recommended oil is 8qts. GM reduced it from 8.5qts. I wouldn't sweat it. Many trucks were driving around for a long time running 8.5qts in the sump. You can always drain off some if you want but really it isn't going to hurt anything. Capacity and Viscosity Charts for 2013, 2014, and 2015 engines: http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/TechLink-engine-oil-capacities-2012-2015.pdf Info from Oct 2014: (says there is no need to drain the extra 1/2 qt, but that 8 qt is the revised recommendation for 5.3/6.2 http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=3822)

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