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  1. I would wait until 30K and then get it changed. For as long as it would take you to do it, the cost is nothing. Not like you are changing it out every 6 months or so. Fresh fluid on a transmission is never a bad thing and most forget to do it until an issue starts and by then it's to late.
  2. @dieselfan1 driving style and geographic location can play a role in how a UOA can turn out. Seems our short city style driving keeps our oil changes low. At one point I thought I had it figured out, that is until the next UOA say something different. as customboss stated, no oil can stop metallurgy failure. This in my mind is the issue with all these lifter failures. GM going with the lowest bidder all to save money.
  3. $3.20 here in Indianapolis. Back in NC it’s $3.09.
  4. Our 2016 Suburban wasn't a FF vehicle but I added the ethanol sensor and had Black Bear Performance tune for it. Runs great and no CEL. Only difference in it was there wasn't a sensor. I know these new Silverado's from 2019 up are not set up for it. I need to find someone that can get into the ECU and see if there is an ethanol table. Like the Suburban it had one, just that it wasn't turned on. I think the light is on because it is burning so much cleaner and so it thinks it is running lean. I get the lean code for both banks. So I just don't go higher on the ethanol content.
  5. To me if you look close, it looks like the rotor is still attached to the wheel.
  6. I don't know how much ethanol to reduce deposits other than to use as much as you can. I can only go up to a 50/50 mix before I get a CEL. I'll take the mileage hit all the time to get better performance, cleaner burn and that great exhaust smell.
  7. I always change mine over to AMSOIL right away. These Easy Packs make it nice and clean to do.
  8. For one if our fuel was a high quality, there wouldn't be a need for fuel system cleaners. I'm sure people would still by it but then it would be trying to clean something that was already clean and so they would do it to make them selves feel better.
  9. What gets me is all those out there that don't like E85. Nothing wrong with it in anything newer than 2002. Now I agree not to use in anything other than passenger vehicles. What is mostly wrong with all our ICE vehicles is they run on crappy fuel. So much could be done to better the environment and make engines last longer if we had a high quality fuel.
  10. Dodge just announce the new Demon 170 and it reaching 1025hp on E85. Crazy numbers for a production vehicle.
  11. Did you put the lift on? I'm looking at that one. There is various parts for the 3.5" which one did you go with?
  12. Do you have the NHT which is the Max Towing Package? That is probably why it will not let you. I'm looking at the same kit but I have the NHT as well. From what I can tell there isn't any reason it can't be done. Maybe GM is covering their but since it will change the towing capacity/hauliing. That is all I can figure on it.
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