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  1. Nothing wrong with this oil. It meets the spec listed in the owners manual. It would work just fine for the OLM change interval.
  2. Fluid changes early are not a guarantee if there is a mechanical failure. No fluid can prevent that. The fluid change out is great to keep things clean and fresh. Remember transmissions enemy is heat. Every time it shifts it creates heat. Most don't have transmission temp gauges that they monitor all the time so no way of knowing if it gets in the upper temp range at all. If you plan on keeping your vehicle then regular transmission fluid changes such as every 50k help to extend the life of the transmission. Not saying to do a complete change out, just removing what comes out from the pan drop or sucking it out the dipstick tube and replacing helps. Also running a quality synthetic can help since it holds up better to higher temperatures than lower quality fluids. Standard dexron spec'ed fluids are good, but higher quality fluids such as AMSOIL and Redline are engineered to exceed that specification and have a stronger additive package so to speak as well as are a full PAO synthetic which in it's self is about the best when it comes to hot running temps. My Chevy Cruze diesel's transmission runs at 225° F. I monitor it with a ScanGauge II. This is extremely hot compared to what our trucks run at. I have been monitoring my 2019 and it stays at 145°F. I have not towed with it yet to see how high it will get. My 2002, also monitored with a ScanGauge II runs at 165°F and gets up to 198°F when I tow our 4klbs trailer. I guess what I'm trying to get at is if you plan on keeping your vehicle for over 100k, transmission fluid change outs will benefit it in the long run. What little you spend to do that every 3yrs is way better than the cost of repairing/replacing a transmission.
  3. I have 71k miles on my Michelin LTX M/S 2's Love them. Although they are getting down to the wear bars and this last rain pulling the trailer on the interstate was a little scary. Time for new tires.
  4. You didn't state exactly what model you have but you can find some good fluid information as in capacities listed here in the AMSOIL look up guide.
  5. No break-in. As for tune, one that will firm up the shifts. Nothing drastic that you would really notice. Soft shifting is what people want but it is the death march of a transmission so to speak. Soft shifts = slipping which = heat build up and wear. Also running a high quality synthetic helps. Dexron HP and dexron LV are good specifications but lower cost brands just meet that spec. I don't push AMSOIL much but if you ask me AMSOIL's transmission fluid and gear oil are high quality over AC Delco brand fluid. I just changed the fluid on my 2002 Silverado with 100,000 miles on it's transmission fluid and the used oil analysis came back great.
  6. One other thing to check is remove all your grounds that you can find and clean them up. Put some dielectric grease on them and tighten them back down. A bad ground can cause all kinds of problems. Also check you cables. Some corrosion inside the casing can cause issues as well and isn't noticeable from the outside. Slight chance of that happening but possible.
  7. Seeing you are from the great white north, it would be wise to do what you are doing. Salt can make thing difficult at times.
  8. It depends on the transfer case you have, it is either 3.2 pints or 4.4 pints. This is where you can find the information. 2000 K3500 info
  9. Driving back from PA last week a nice big rock hit out Suburban windshield. So now the hunt is on for a new one. This looks like it isn't going to be inexpensive.
  10. I'm pretty sure you have to go in and turn on the table part for E85 after adding the sensor. When I installed the sensor on our 2016 Suburban, BB wanted me to send them a log file after I installed the tune so that they make sure the sensor was working and the ECM was reading it properly.
  11. We are looking at taking one last family vacation this coming March to San Fransisco. Our one daughter will be graduating college in May and once she is out and on her own with a job it will be harder to go on one. We have a special needs daughter as well and so need to find a good location in SF that we can get around easily with a wheel chair. From what I have read SF is very handicap accessible. We like to find a place to stay that we can walk to most of the sites. I know some are not that close but was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Would staying closer to Fisherman's Wharf be better than city center? We did see that we can get a full day of sight seeing to Napa Valley, transportation to and from which is good. We will be flying from the east coast so a direct flight is 6hr and at least we only loose 3 with the time change so we can make the most of the first day, but will loose that coming home. So anyone have suggestions as to what to see while we are there for a week? Is Trip Advisor a good source?
  12. I wouldn't add anything. You already have a high quality synthetic in there. All should be good.
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