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  1. This is directly from the GM people Looked into the audio speed compensation. Bose 8 speaker set up do not have them in this new system. Only 10+ speakers do. Sounds like it might be due to amp limitations. We are going to check with the amp team to see if there is something that can be done. But as of now. It would be available
  3. so I put 275 60 20 what are .5 inch taller and I was thinking my speedo will be off but than I download gps and the speedo I right on.
  4. I took my truck today out with my wife we spend a good 2 hrs in it and I keep going back and forth with volume on the radio was annoying , when I come come I search n the radio and there is no option for that, GM cars in the 90s have this option and now in the 2023 with a sticker price of 78k this option is missing WTF GM ? LOL
  5. I was just messing with my radio and my truck dont have this 2023 st4 with a sticker price of 77125 , you would think this truck have pretty much everything ...... edit shame on gm for not putting this on this truck I remember cars in the late 90s have this function ,,,,lol wtf
  6. auto volume speed sensitive volume, like when you go on the freeway there is more noise and radio to increase the volume automatically , I dont see that option on this radio here is for the previous gen trucks
  7. I don't have anything to compare it to but the stock tires that come on my truck with was g/y wrangler territory M/T , the ULTRA TERRAIN are way quieter and ride little softer and smoother but there is still audio coming from them but not bad, to be totally honest I was expecting little better quality from them for that price range 1300 $ , the traction is not great but not terrible , the TERRITORY was way better in everything but noise and ride quality.... so do I recommend the ultra terrain ..?? I believe there is a better option out there , I hope so there is, if I have to rate those tires I would give it 6.5 out of 10.... my next purchase will be TOYO OPEN COUNTRY , I hope those will not disappoint .
  8. I dont understand why thy put the 265 ?I did look at the tire specs and said that those particular tires are 32.8 inch tall so im thinking they are close enough to 275 AT what are 33 inch....
  9. so the at4 come from the factory with 3 different size tires 275/65/18 265/60/20 and 275/60/20 , what I don't understand is why gm put different size tires for the all terrane tire what is 275/60 /20 and mud terrane they put 265/60/20 WHY ??
  10. ford dealers are so much cooler than gm, my local ford offers big tire package and leveling kit right there in the show room floor, they install them level your truck and recalibrate the ECU all covered under the factory warrantee .I was shocked when I call my gm dealer and I was told if I mess with my truck they will stop my warrantee . I cant even level MY TRUCK , I hate to say it but GM suck about this.
  11. You are are a very curious man , are you one of those people that stays behind the curtain and watches everyone in the neighborhood what they doing get a life man ….. like I said this is a public forum, this forum is here for people to ask questions, this is how this forum stays alive if nobody posts forum dies, it’s sunday relax have a beer… cheers from Michigan
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