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  1. As I’ve gotten older I established good relationships with a couple of dealers. I’ve been using a Honda dealer for 22 years. A GMC-Hyundai dealer for over 20. A local Chevy dealer for the same time. And a exhaust bender- auto repair shop for 40 years. He recently retired and built a private shop and does work by appointment. I only do stuff on vehicles I want. Although that’s less over time.
  2. Then there’s getting older. Working on stuff takes longer to recover. Being able to fix stuff is like a curse. Man I can save a ton doing it myself. I’m still recovering from a one wheel caliber repair a week ago. My hands are like don’t ever do that again. I had one toe like cramping. Really? I think my body had a meeting and decided on the toe to pitch a fit. And of course my hands. Last time my body had a meeting. It was decided I could wax my truck over a week, one fender at a time. It’s ok to work on your vehicle over 60. But there’s rules. A large shop, a extra vehicle, the right tools, a proper time frame to space out the work. I learned it wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t need to do it. I’ll leave it to the experts.
  3. I grew up in the country with a German Shepherd. I mean dirt road country. The little stretches of homes with manicured lawns would expect you to clean up after your dog. I saw the point even in the sixties. Now in the cities there’s leash laws and in most subdivisions. Rightly so. They pick up strays. I live in a non HOA acreage subdivision. No leash law’s here. No strays to speak up. I fenced in about 1/4 acre with a large deck and large dog house. Doggy heaven. The rest of the yard is clean and sanitary. Even here people walk their dog on a leash. One renter of my house on the back of my property on his own fenced in an acre for his medium size dog. Good dog owner. Of course if you let your pet run free out here the wolves and other critters will take care of them. It kinda of forces good pet ownership out here.
  4. Didn’t expect that answer, that says a lot.
  5. Well my father would say I spent enough money here you better fix it. My son big in sports likes driving sports cars. Doesn’t own a wrench.
  6. Carry the original plug a pair of coveralls and a wrench. If you throw a rod put the original back in. I use to do that with programmers before taking my vehicles in. Being I’m a repeat customer they would remind me. Hey Stan did you go back to stock? I would give them a confused look. What do you mean?! Yea, sure Stan.
  7. I’m actually pretty laid back. No I just change the channel. The retirement life is golden. Heaven on earth, I’m blessed. You throw that confused thingy around quite often. I stick up for kids. I hate seeing them fall down and come up with dog ****** all over them. Still confused?
  8. First I did loud exhaust. Then I had to upgrade the sound system. 40 years later I can’t do loud my ears start buzzing. At least I can appreciate music at reasonable level with quality equipment. Led Zeppelin sounds different at medium volume.
  9. My wife treats her little dog like a baby. It behaves like one. I probably should have stated I could tell you take other peoples feelings-allergies into account. I felt compelled to remind people that there are some that feel different. Especially if you venture off the concrete or walking paths in rest areas or walking parks. I go to a walking path every day. Half don’t clean up after. Kids are running all over. If I see it happening I ask the owner nicely if they can read. There are signs all over and bag dispensers. I don’t have a road rage problem. Seeing a disrespectful animal owner can get a reaction from me. Especially where kids are involved.
  10. I asked because everywhere you read it has be stated as compatible. Sometimes I can flex fuel for a 1$ under regular gas.
  11. Just to clarify. Your claiming all vehicles after 01 can run flex fuel?
  12. That’s probably true for you. Some people are like every one loves my baby. I figure I’m finally old enough I can state my case and do. Honestly I don’t tolerate too many peoples self righteousness. I see way too many people with service dogs. I’m like really? My exemption of course is people who serve. Nothing too good for them. The rest go volunteer.
  13. I did it with one vehicle. When I was dealing it part of the deal for over all best price. The car was a new model a 2011 Genesis. It already had 10-100K warranty. For a little more we did complete bumper to bumper for the same time. Just after 60K the radio, nav, backup camera fails. The only problem we ever had. It cost us 100$. If it was a Toyota I wouldn’t have bought one. It’s called playing the odds. I wouldn’t buy a Chevy-Ford-Ram without one. Honda-Toyota- maybe.
  14. KARNUT

    trade in value

    Check out CARPROUSA. com. They have a free weekly news letter as well as weekly radio show. A wealth of information.
  15. I don’t travel with pets. Pets have the opposite effect on me. They make me anxious. I go the extra mile with a house-dog sitter. Taking your pet to other peoples homes is like forcing people to watch your vacation films. Especially if they have dogs. Your pet is invading their territory. So everyone is anxious. My brother in law bought his lab over once, we had two little dogs. It wasn’t pretty. I made him take it home. I think it’s selfish, leave them home. Sorry there’s little exceptions. I mean really, think about it.
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