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  1. I know Ram owners who changed their oil often and had cylinder deactivation problems. I know people are going to say well it’s a Ram. It’s my brother he currently has three in his business. All are driven mostly on the highway. The one of the three was the second of the three and still under warranty. My father in law had an odyssey by Honda it started burning oil at 80K. He just traded it in. He had it in his 80s so he was old school in oil changes. The dealership he bought many vehicles at said it was deactivation related. My other brother 2010 challenger years ago (his wife’s car) broke a t
  2. I had one small block Chevy that used oil. A 94 Z-28. I bought it used with 10K miles on it. GM said it was normal. Iv owned dozens of these small blocks. My wife put 60K miles on it. Then it was my son’s first car. Then it became my toy. I beat the dog out of it. Sold it to a friend for his son. With 140K miles on it. He wrecked it. Still using one qt every 2500 miles. Amsoil oil 20-50 once a year.
  3. Half ton trucks are getting too big in your face monsters. My 14 next to my 92. On the other hand Ford is coming out with a small hybrid pickup starting at 20K. Saying it will get 40 mpg.
  4. GM started cylinder deactivation on some engines around 06. I’d stay away from those. In my case I found a cream puff 02. You can always buy the 3/4 gas they’re bulletproof. Or of course Toyota. Ram is cylinder deactivation. I know people who been inside those early like some GM cylinder deactivation engines. The only way I’d buy a Frankenstein engine is if the deal is cheap enough to cover the engine.
  5. There’s some vehicles, started with the mustang. The first one I remember. That gave you a choice regular or premium gas. Premium providing more horsepower. No damage using one or the other. I guess GM hasn’t figured out how to do that yet. Of course I did have a GM the would give more horsepower on E-85. So it boggles the mind that you couldn’t run reg gas in the 6.2. I wonder. The mustang was a turbo 4. It was pretty slick.
  6. I know you’re just being funny….. I guess. You go past the first click ( shut off) of the pump. Damage will result. You may know that. Just thought I’d mention, just in case.
  7. Most trucks I’ve bought I put tunes in requiring premium fuel. My last had the E-85 option. I put reg fuel on trips and E-85 in town. Best of both worlds. Now I have a truck for in town. And a car for trips. 15 mpg in town 30 on trips.
  8. My mother drives a 2000 one ton since new. She’s 83 and will not give it up. It’s approaching 200K miles. Probably the best and toughest diesel ever made. If it’s clean they bring a pretty penny.
  9. I’ve driven north of 2 million miles in my lifetime. Half hauling my own equipment with a one ton gooseneck. The restraint I’ve learned probably has saved my life. My younger days getting mad at someone’s stupidity never accomplished anything. Iv noticed more tractor trailer drivers getting tired of their abuse on the road. And acting on it. Never comes out good. I give them a wide berth and stay clear. Recently my 20 year old grandson was talking to his grandmother about a recent problem he encountered driving. He’s a timid defensive driver. He was driving at night in the fast lane towards Ho
  10. Some people confuse torque vs horsepower. Early diesels like the little diesel today could pull a barn. Just not very fast. Driving a 3/4 diesel is like no other.
  11. I’d check to see if the Rams have cylinder deactivation. If they do I’d go with the 6.0. I’d want service records on any used vehicle. My 02 Avalanche if it wasn’t for the odometer or the drivers seat leather. I’d swear it was a year old at 177K miles.
  12. I’m a simple man. I go by results I can see not read. Many years of using Amsoil and redline and even mobile one. On hundreds of row equipment and many gas powered vehicles. Have convinced me synthetic and extended drains in most vehicles is the way to go. Vehicles that can’t handle that don’t darken my driveway not the other way around. The two undisputed vehicle and most popular. Honda and Toyota go extended. I own one of each. The Camry is passing 100K. The CRV is a new addition. Both manufacturers don’t need to go extended to sell vehicles. People buy them for longevity. They still recomm
  13. My 02 Z-66 Avalanche gets 17 mpg @ 72 mph all stock with synthetic fluids.
  14. Yea. Must treat those Frankenstein engines with extra care. Shorter oil change intervals, special oil etc. Maybe you’ll see some gas mileage improvements. Only if you keep it under 60MPH. And pray all the extra hard ware holds up. I’ll pass.
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