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  1. I use to use shift kits. I quit when electronic tuning became available. Hand helds gave the same feel by removing TM.
  2. My local Toyota, GMC, Chevy secondary lots are empty. The main lots are spaced wide. The normal online deals don’t exist.
  3. When we were running diesels and working in Oklahoma we didn’t have access to plug in. It got pretty cold. As far as fuel anti gel would be added to the fuel anywhere freezing would be a problem. Never had any problems with gelling. Or starting. I guess these new diesel like gas engines are more sensitive? Or maybe it’s the driver’s.
  4. Wait until you get older. My Avalanche I use mirrors. My vehicles with cameras I use them. Cranking the neck around can be hazardous to your health.
  5. I stand corrected. My old phone was a 5. My wife got an 11 and I took the old one. It’s an se.
  6. I always bought the cutting edge. GM pissed me off when the eliminated the rear drive full size car. Then cylinder deactivation. So I’m throwing a temper tantrum with the 10 speed. A product of my age I’m sure. It happens to us all.
  7. You do realize the 10 speed skip shifts right? So ten speeds aren’t always used. Any long term ownership ( rarely me) usually has a transmission rebuild. The ten speed is probably going to hit close to an engine rebuild in cost. I haven’t checked. I will out of curiosity. I do believe the difference between the 4-6 speed is worth it. Not so much after. Most people like shiny new things. I believe the 2000-2006 GMs are the best. That’s where I’ll stay.
  8. Most everything for the good of fuel mileage is very expensive to rebuild or repair. More than eliminating any fuel savings. Even buying extended warranty for protection cuts deep into any fuel savings. As far as performance. How often does anyone really put the hammer down. I understand completely though. I was 60 before performance wasn’t my top priority. Now it’s comfort then performance in that order. As far as fuel mileage that was never a top priority. 3-5 MPGs different isn’t going to break anyone. Rebuilding a ten speed or cylinder deactivation that could hurt.
  9. I use to program to the redline then back a-bit I believe 5900. Then 50 percent TM and their premium engine tune. I can’t imagine a can tune jacking up that bad as he described. Unless a drastic tire size change?
  10. I hear you. I grew up in the country in the sixties. I wanted to work and earn money for my first car. My father, uncles etc had performance cars and trucks. I wanted one at 12. So I worked. As for girls in my day most were flaky. Until I met my wife. I can understand the attraction to the games. My screen time on my iPhone is crazy. So I refrain from the game consoles.
  11. I would e-mail hypertech and seek their advice. I’ve had hand helds on my truck since they were available. Probably all the brands. They all stored the original program and added theirs. Before I spent any money I’d email them.
  12. Years ago my son and I played the racing games on Nintendo. My grandson is ate up with gaming, even competitively. At 21 it’s pretty much his world. It’s kinda of worrisome to me. And a sharp contrast to me at that age. No interest in dating, could careless about cars. It just that game. I try to advise without criticism. I want to slap him silly. It seems it’s not uncommon. My son’s boys are quite different more outdoorsy.
  13. GM is like our government. Someone new comes along and totally screws the pooch. I just red the reviews on the 09 cobalt, damn how did I miss that. I did have the trailblazer ss. My next new car will the stinger after the Genesis. Shame GM.
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