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  1. I’ll take an late 90s 5.9 and early 2000s 7.3 diesel over any other. Bulletproof and low maintenance. Some we tuned for amazing performance. Even the 6.5s in half tons got decent mileage. Injection pumps usually gave up at 100K miles. Probably a cheaper replacement than the newer model belt replacement. I know I’m old school. I like stuff that don’t break or break the bank.
  2. Thank you. I had a WTH moment this Sunday. The same person who gave me Covid gave me a hug again. Not my thing. I do the fits bump. My daughter is recovering swiftly. Two of her kids are away. Her son stays in the converted garage on his computer.
  3. As maintenance procedures go I’ve seen timing belt replacement cost more and needed to be done sooner. I’ve seen spark plugs cost half as much. And needed to be done sooner. It’s always best to check the total cost of ownership before you buy.
  4. It’ll probably be a good idea to change the transmission fluid after your trip.
  5. Ok gas and altitude is in play. It’s spinning too high for too long. I would usually keep mine around 3500 - 4000 on a long pull. You need more gear if this your usual stomping ground’s running these altitudes. First I’d use higher octane gas to see if that helps. 4000-5000 RPMs are pass through RPMs not sustained RPMS very long is why your building heat.
  6. Tow-haul mode is probably where your transmission should have been in. You don’t say where your RPMs were or what gear you where in. In my many years of pulling heavy I’ve never had an engine over heating problem. So that’s puzzling. The gas situation your engine going to pull timing with lower octane. The higher you go you’ll lose power. And lastly depending on how old your truck is even if it’s a year old. Your radiator could be restricted from bugs.
  7. My daughter the nurse just called has the flu and Covid. She couldn’t be more protected.
  8. I generally don’t get close to anyone but family. That’s usually where you transfer illnesses. All the traveling I did-do even during Covid. I got it from a church member from a Christmas Eve hug.
  9. Way back when I had my trailblazer ss it was said to avoid shell. In my vehicles that required premium I used chevron.
  10. Actually the bill wasn’t bad for the work done if it was all done. The only thing there’re really on the hook for besides the AC working is the install being right. You supplied the engine. Not to be a stick in the mud. I would never buy a used engine at one place to be installed at another. Unless they were they were referred by the engine seller. The head gasket change is very questionable. If you have the instructions in writing you may have claim in court there. I would see what they do first. AC can be tricky. It could domino, especially from sitting.
  11. That’s why I said I didn’t realize it was a 99. Cylinder deactivation started around 06-07.
  12. Cylinder deactivation engine I wouldn’t go near it. I just realized it’s a 99. It’s still high in my opinion. These days who knows, it depends on what’s out there.
  13. Growing up our going out for a Sunday ride was a big deal. And pretty rare event usually with a stop to Geno’s, KFC here. Being in the site prep business the summer time was peek business, winter time we were in school. When I got married to an army brat that was a penny pincher. The first time I said let’s go for a ride was met with, to where? I said to see the sites pick a road. That’s a waste of money she would say. Ultimately we usually would end up going to my parents farm. About 15 minutes away. She would help my mother with the Sunday dinner and watching the animals was her favorite thing. I grew up around that so it wasn’t a big deal. I drove a lot for work anyway. Just going for a ride became a thing of the past. I got roads right around me I’ve never been on.
  14. It’s amusing that when the elites make their millions on movies, speaking engagements etc. about ice caps melting. Including presidents and Vice Presidents. We’re going to lose our coastal cities they say. The first thing they do is buy their mansion on the waterfront.
  15. My last stick truck was a 99 Ford XLT sport 4.6 5 speed. It was color match from the factory. It was extended cab. I put a vortec SC on it. It was a blast. At that time we had put up the Impala ss the wife drove a Z-28. My toys were a 85 GT mustang and a 65 retro GMC step side truck. I got the 80K mile mustang from the insurance company the just handed my nephew a check. Totaled hail damage. I couldn’t believe it they wrote him a check I asked the guy if I could buy it. 2500$. The trunk, top, hood was dimpled. I was hoping my son would be interested in drag racing, no dice, it just sat there. It was the slowest of the bunch. After all this rambling I originally was going to reply. If GM offered a 2 door work truck with a 6 speed stick I’d be tempted.
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