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  1. I feel your pain. We’re suffering through no personality as opposed to a strong personality. Never heard anything about accomplishments or lack of. Just I will do it better. Fail. Just personally. After 47 years I never get enough time with my wife. I enjoy every minute. The time is flying by.
  2. There are good calories and bad. Protein is good, sugar in comparison is bad. Lots of water has another benefit. More frequent trips to the restroom equals more burnt calories.
  3. Looks wasn’t my first priority. Price was. People usually pay more for the tundra. Those buyers buy for reliability, usually keep their Toyota’s many years. I don’t so I didn’t pay the extra money.
  4. I’ve seen studies that 15 hours is enough. I do that. My last meal is at 5. I eat breakfast 15 hours later. The water deal is bogus. Drink fluids as needed heavy on the water. You don’t need to drown yourself. More when you you work obviously. What do I know I lost 40Lbs and kept it off for 30 years.
  5. There’s some worry about women of childbearing age. And the effects. There’s been heart inflammation of the young. They can’t decide on the booster shots. The awards show last night with very little mask wearing. Governors, mayors other officials at parties sans masks. And medical workers quitting their jobs rather than getting the shot. I got the vaccine my wife of 47 years will not. I think there’s room for doubts. And good reason.
  6. About 30 years ago my wife joined WWatchers. The gradual learning process for us, especially me was priceless. I had figured just eating less was the key I learned differently. Simple things like different ways of cooking other than frying everything. I didn’t need toast with my eggs every morning. If I did I didn’t need butter and jam. Just jam with no change in flavor. After many years of using fake alternative foods and condiments. Going back to real foods I find that I’m satisfied eating less. Even with my Saturday night pig out I’m noticing quality is replacing the pig out. We actually s
  7. I’ve had a few. If the 6.2 was a stand alone option I would have had one.
  8. Most of my wife’s cars were CPO. The Genesis had 1,000 miles on it. It had the original warranty and we added bumper to bumper up till 10-100K for 700$. The only problem we had was the radio navigation. That would have cost a chunk of change. I’ve seen CPO warranty’s from 3-36 to 5-100K.
  9. The Honda one works pretty well on two lanes without a turn lane. On the freeway it’s so seem less you’re going slower before you realize it. With turn lanes you can get emergency type braking without notice. The guy being you is of course pissed off. Iv been behind someone and it has happened to me. All of the sudden the guy in front is rapidly slowing down. So now there’s a new thing to look out for.
  10. All you have to have is a covid passport. About half of women of childbearing age are leaving the medical field rather than get the shot. Entry labor type occupation such as lawn, construction, equipment operating, housekeeping, you get the idea. Are going to be over saturated because of overrun of our southern border. Of course they don’t need the covid passport. If you want to see what the future looks like take a trip down south. No worries if you have the vaccine, your protected. May want to make sure your other shots are in order. Like the op says if you’re up to date on the covid shots
  11. I’ve found that usually the dealer has only reg gas in the 6.2s which will effect performance. Also depending on the gear ratio between the trucks will make a difference in feel.
  12. I don’t use it on freeways only two lane roads. I find myself while paying attention like usual going slower behind slower vehicles. The slow down is so seamless. Where as regular cruise you know when Your approaching a vehicle. I lose my flow. Two lanes it’s more relaxing.
  13. If I was still working I’d be buying one every two years or so. I usually bought extended warranty. The last 20 years from one dealer. They would call me around the two year mark or email with great deals. I only had engine problems one time in 40 years of driving, a V-10. No other problems. My trucks would start in the morning and run all day. Sometimes idle for hours. I don’t believe these new ones could handle that. Jury still out we’ll see. My retirement truck is a peach, probably my last one. Not my last vehicle, just the last truck. I treat it like a classic.
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