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  1. I understand someone like Grumpy being ultra diligent with oil checking. Several times with different vehicles even lately with the CRV when I first got it. I’m on my first trip checking the oil at the first gas stop. OMG! It’s down half a qt. So now I’m thinking about it throughout the whole trip with the dipstick dance. The whole trip was 3K miles. Once home in its spot the next morning dead on full. The low to full mark is one qt for a reason. I had forgotten. I even had an oil user from new. After the first 2K miles I switched to Amsoil. 5K miles later on the road I check the oil. 3 quarts low. I add the 3. 100 miles later I’m home. The next day 1/2 qt over full. I never top off on the road unless it’s under the one qt add mark. Then only 1/2 of qt. It has only been that one truck.

    Gas Prices

    Up 30 cents in the last two weeks here.
  3. I never pulled any kind of weight with anything less than a 3/4 ton. And only with a gooseneck. Before you could get a diesel p/u we used modified 390s and 454s. The transmissions were C-6 or turbo 400s 3 speeds. The rear end gears were 410s. At 60 mph they ran 3K RPMs all day long. The sound through headers was wonderful. Then came the first decent diesels 7.3s and 5.9s they got modified. That was better. The choice between gas and diesel today would depend on how much I pulled. The truck would be at least a 3/4 ton. The 3/4 ton and up gas engine’s today are bulletproof.
  4. My dealers I use always ask before doing the wash. Even though I use car washes regularly with monthly pass dealerships wash bays look worn out. I don’t use them. My vehicles generally sparkle anyway so there’s no need.
  5. My 02 avalanche has a drain plug. Much to my surprise you don’t fill until it runs out. Of course my 1974 barracuda took atf instead of gear oil and my 1994 V-10 Rams 5 speed took 50WT if memory serves. I always check so I’m not surprised.
  6. I did the injection cleaning in the wife’s Genesis. 80 percent of its use has been in town. An 18-20 mile loop daily. On Sunday we drive it to church and I fill it going home. It’s a 2011 with 128K miles. It runs like a top always has. Last year with new plugs I had them do the injection cleaning. Gas mileage the same. The only vehicle I had that long was my 92 Chevy truck. In 12 years I put 20K miles on it, 7K the first year. After one year it became a toy more than a commuter. My last dedicated hot rod. Just Texaco premium Gas. My wife’s car generally doesn’t get top tier, mostly Kroger gas. High volume station though. It’s highly possible the maximum performance level has dropped. I can’t remember the last time I put the pedal to the metal. A past common daily activity that began less after I bought the 92 Chevy. I never thought that would happen.
  7. I find the topic of gas additives interesting. I had access to gas additives even Amsoil. Aside from the stabil I never used them. I never had a problem. I’ve only had injection cleaning once with no noticeable results. Even my classic vehicles over the years, just never thought it was needed. In the classic vehicles I did only use Texaco. Because I heard somewhere it was the best. Nothing scientific just my experience. Now in my diesels every tank. I had some bad fuel experience. Never with gas.
  8. I’ve never had a problem with bad gas. I have one car that gets 1 tank per year. Sometimes I remember stabill. It’s going on 22 years. Only one car had injection cleaning. It’s 12 years old. Didn’t notice any difference. Buy most of my gas locally at my Krogers store with my discount card. It’s not even top tier. On trips I stop at truck stops. Mostly Loves. Always high volume locations.
  9. Yikes. I’ve already mowed twice.
  10. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    Has been hovering around 2.89 awhile. Suddenly up 10 cents this past week.
  11. Some people just don’t get it. If I was in your shoes I first would neutralize the rust. There’s rattle cans for that. Then fill any holes if desired. Use your favorite filler. I’ve seen people use rubberized under coating and body lines to two tone your ride. The great part you can do over if you mess up. I get it you want to make it decent not rebuild it.
  12. Bite my tongue well here’s another Stan story. I’ve always been direct and to the point. Sometimes pretty colorful. I’m from that time period. Probably my last training after purchase for a new customer. This was seven hours away in west Texas. It appeared this costumer was starting a side hustle. Hired a camera crew to shoot a video. Arriving I noticed a way under weight trailer hooked to his truck. The machine is already running he getting ready to load up. I tell him that he’s unsafe. He said his state trooper friend said this is legal. I asked him to shut off the tractor so we could talk. He’s getting heated telling me the customer is always right and his phone rings. He proceeded to load while on the phone going too far forward. Starts yelling at me for not guiding him up. Finally after more back on forth of him being belligerent. I say very loud while backing to my truck where my trusty club is. And to the gasps from the video crew. Go find yourself. He turns off the tractor and says I can’t believe you said that. My follow up is. I will refund you for the tractor, your not worthy. I don’t need costumers like you. You’re choice. I see you have a video crew I’ll make your video, while training you. But I will not follow you there, you’re own your own. If you don’t make it in one hour I’m gone. It got done. Once I left he calls to complain. My nephew tells him that’s never happened before. It must be you. His offer stands until the end of business today.
  13. Almost forgot. Yes there was a little sludge starting out. Never showed on the stick. Still sticking with my theory that it seeps a little when shut off. The oil was still very clean before oil change. I’m not going to sweat it. If she was to fail a mild performance rebuild would follow. Easy on this truck.
  14. I went by my Chevy dealership the oil change bays were empty so in I go. This is one of the places I use like my Honda dealership they have plate windows so you can observe. I watched them follow the checklist etc. The grand total was 69$ I’m not crawling under for that. 180K miles. So far 1 caliper, set of brakes one side. And a AC oring. So I have 300$ in repairs spread over 3 years. She’s a keeper.
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