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  1. Got a no start condition

    I second ignition switch. All power supply to make the truck run goes through the ignition switch.
  2. The "Catch Can" Explained

    OK Elite. But having the choice on all models makes sense to me.
  3. Normal today. Your best bet is to sell them.
  4. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I still can't justify the cost of these cans. They all should come with a drain valve.
  5. Is this your only vehicle? What are your disabilities? My 93 Silverado 5.7 was easy to tune up and I didn't remove the wheels. Took me about an hour to do plugs, dist. cap and rotor. Add plug wires about 30 minutes more. I used AC Delco OEM plugs. My owners manual said to replace them every 35 K miles and that's what I did. Maybe upgrade the plugs to a longer lasting type? Platinum or Iridium? They will last longer. Yes they cost more. I used Accel copper contact distributor cap and rotor. I ran these 70 K miles. Better than the stock aluminum IMO and not that much more money. I hope you were better with oil and filter changes.
  6. Overall condition? Price would be the first thing. Take $2 K off Kelly Blue book? Then can you do the repair or do you have to pay for it?
  7. Moisture is a sign of a crack or a compromised casing. I would look at Morimoto LED fogs to replace them.
  8. Figuring there is no battery drain issue from your testing. I would replace the battery. Check all grounds.
  9. Retired construction worker also. Boy, you had some bad luck. I apologize again.
  10. Auto? To clarify. Auto trans, sitting in park with it idling. Shift into drive and rpms jump a little warm or cold motor?
  11. Purchase advice needed

    It shows well, clean but that is no guarantee of future reliability. The price is relevant to me and should be to you IMO. This truck is about 30 K miles over the average for the year. The owners manual here https://my.gm.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2011/gmc/sierra_1500/2011_gmc_sierra_owner.pdf What shape are the brakes and tires? This is what I would expect for service. New spark plugs at or around 100 K miles. Coolant flush and change at least once. 2 transmissions services minimum with that mileage. Differentials and transfer case fluids changed 2 times. Regular oil changes. There is no way to know about the service history if there are no service records. Look at the radiator tank for good color, not cloudy. Trans fluid pink in color, not brown. All lots change the oil and filter usually. Buying used vehicles is a crap shoot IMO. I have bought used all my life but I buy them 3 or 4 years old with about 40 K miles and do a through look over and test drive. Good Luck
  12. PF48 AC Delco Filters QTY 6

    Yep, missed that.
  13. I don't buy new vehicles so I don't care what the hype is, and if you think they really give a hoot about the public's desires keep in mind they sell a lot of trucks anyway. They all sell lots of trucks.
  14. PF48 AC Delco Filters QTY 6

    How many?

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