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  1. This is how I do it with my 2012 and it works well.
  2. diyer2


    IMO This thread is as bad as watching TV. No one knows what the outcome will be and no one can predict the outcome with reasonable accuracy. As I said experts my a##. We will know the facts down the road and that's if you choose to believe what they say.
  3. diyer2


    I have never put much stock in what a so-called expert said. I think the tag EXPERT is a joke. Should be so and so's opinion is..............
  4. Good Battery? Check every ground and battery cables. Your buddy should be able to tell you where all the grounds are. IMO You have an electrical issue. Low voltage or a short.
  5. diyer2


    Watched a show on TV last night about the 1918 flu pandemic. 50 million dead world wide. 650 K in the US.
  6. 2 to 4 years old. Has worked for me for a lot of years.
  7. My 2012 takes the same plug. My factory plugs were changed at 60 K miles. Looked almost like new when pulled.
  8. What LEDS did you put in? I have been looking at these for my 2012. Lifetime warranty. For your 2014 https://www.headlightexperts.com/carfinder/?find=2014-gmc-sierra-1500-537925
  9. I agree buying used is a crap shoot. I have bought used all my life until our recent purchase of our first new car. Buying used with lower or average miles has worked for me. Removing the oil fill cap and looking into the engine with a flashlight to check for sludge is standard for me. I also insert my finger and rub the under side of the valve cover to check for sludge. Just saying.
  10. I'm trying to sell our old car after buying a new one. Yesterday met a prospective buyer so he could look at the car. Two younger guys in early 20's show up. No preventative measures at all for the virus. One wanted to shake my hand. I brought masks and gloves so I passed them out. Before someone starts with the stay home thing, I won't put my life on hold. We go overboard with preventative measures. These two guys were both service writers at a Subaru dealer. Thus the car showing on a Sunday. Essential personnel.
  11. I'm saying you will have to do the testing to figure out what the problem is. I can't tell you. I will add hitting the bottom of the tank and it working points to fuel pump IMO.
  12. If it's not a GM pump, AC Delco may be the pump. Never run the gas tank low on fuel because the gas cools and lubes the fuel pump. You will have to check relay.
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