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  1. You have to make this decision. I will add this. I believe you will get 75 K - 100 K miles out of that drive train if properly maintained before it may need some work. The most common repair would be the fuel system, injection pump and injectors I believe. I know someone who has a 2011 Duramx and just over 100 K had to have the fuel system rebuilt, $ 8 K at a dealer. This truck was used to tow heavy loads some times and pull a 12 K pound 5th wheel. Duramax owners should comment.
  2. Useless info IMO. To many variables. They all build bad ones. What ever we buy is a roll of the dice, from cars to etc.
  3. Ha Ha Me and my brother in law have a standing joke about people reading the owners manual for anything they purchase. Used to work in retail sales and the number of people that would call or drive to the store for info that was in the owners manual was crazy.
  4. I live in Colorado mountains. Drive dirt and paved roads.Occasional freeway when in the city. Used to buy BF Goodrich K2, Cooper AT3. Now have Cooper Star Fire. Happy with them and liked the price.
  5. Unsettling Experience

    This still ongoing? Clean your shorts and move on.
  6. Unsettling Experience

    All I know is every truck I have owned slowing down stopped the back end from dancing and going sideways on wash board dirt roads. Or going faster when it's safe also works.
  7. Unsettling Experience

    Slowing down will fix the issue IMO.
  8. Real simple solution to me. Pre- purchase a weld in drain plug. Remove stock cover for a service. Have drain plug welded into the stock cover. Re-install.
  9. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    I would never use a power washer. Can force water into places you don't want water to be. I use Super Power Cleaner. Walmart has it. Dilute it as needed. Garden hose. Cold engine.
  10. Possible Project Truck

    Not worth $5 k to me. Rode hard and put up wet. No hurry right?
  11. I quit buying them when the price went up. Just not worth it IMO. Pick an alternative and see if you like them. You have to decide for yourself.
  12. I would by them at a local auto parts store to avoid the fake ones. Worth the cost tome. AC Declo has a mail in rebate. Google it.

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