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  1. This issue was likely due to the engine oil filter not being pre-primed with engine oil before installation causing low or no oil pressure on initial start-up. The reason I prefill oil filters. The few seconds it takes to fill the oil filter with oil on startup after an oil change before it can build pressure can be avoided.
  2. So Pike is another 1 time poster who comes here to vent IMO. If you complain without a solution you're a whiner in my book. The dealer made suggestions that you seem to have blown off and what does being 77 years old have to do with it. What you paid for it has no bearing on the problem either, you got a truck that uses oil it happens.
  3. I will maintain, repair everything as long as I'm able. Did a project recently that was light duty physically but awkward position, took 2 days for my back to straighten out. I don't enjoy fixing things anymore but dealing with poor work and the cost leaves no alternative. The cost I can afford but the rise in blood pressure dealing with the B.S. isn't good.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I understood Brad was 2 quarts+ low on oil when he would change his oil. Thus why I said he's running 2 quarts low which Grumpy thought was funny. Crawl under it and look for oil leaks, sounds like he won't raise the hood to check the oil so I think crawling under it is a pipe dream.
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  6. They are forcing you to use a dealer for some services. Deep pockets allows the hiring of lawyers to protect their cash flow.
  7. I run Amsoil OE in a Hyundai Santa Fe for 4K miles. Severe duty for this car is 3750 miles and we are severe duty use. Motor is quieter than with off the shelf oil, was using Castrol Edge. Purolator One filter. Worth it to me.
  8. We have been in the high 30's in the mornings. Fall colors looking good. A little rain last 2 days.
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    The superior race and how far we've come.
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