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  1. I put some new plugs in my truck yesterday. AC Delco 41-110. I noticed on 3 of the plugs that the center electrode and the ground electrode didn't line up. I will try to explain. If you hold the plug so you are looking at the electrodes I noticed the center electrode was not inline with the center of the ground electrode. On the underside of the ground electrode there is a small nodule of iridium that I believe should line up with the center electrode. The other 6 plugs were inline. I bent the ground electrode so they lined up. One plug the center electrode was inline with the edge of the ground electrode, no where near lining up with the center of the ground electrode and the iridium nodule. This may not matter but I figured if the other 6 were in line that this is correct. I can get anal about things sometimes.
  2. Service rear vision system message after LED install

    Put the stock bulbs back in and see if this fixes it.
  3. I'm not going to try and change your opinion crushNchowda but the fact remains lots of AFM vehicles have no problems. Not every unit is perfect when it's mass produced, your going to make some bad ones out of millions. Sorry to hear you seem to get the bad ones.
  4. I have no experience with the 6.2. But I used to drag race 1/4 mile. My 5.3, 6 speed averages 16 mpg in the mountains of Colorado. I don't drive fast. Form my past experience there is no substitute for cubic inches or put another way horse power. So ya I think emeryz28 is smoking more than cigarettes.
  5. Hard on brakes are ya? 62 k miles on originals. Towing miles also. Will put on new pads and shoes before winter.
  6. Windshield Chip Repair

    This has worked for me quite well. Here in Colorado they spread fine gravel and a chemical on the roads in winter. Causes lots of windshield chips from flying gravel. As soon as you get a chip, try to do this ASAP to keep dirt out of the chip. Clean windshield and chip with denatured alcohol. Blow out chip with air. No moisture/water in air. Fill chip with super glue. Let set until super glue is hard, cured. Spray repair with window cleaner like Windex. This is used as a lubricant. Take a new single edge razor blade and scrape of excess glue. Always keep the glass wet with window cleaner while using razor blade. I did this to some chips on the windshield of the wife's car 5 years ago. It hasn't cracked or started growing in size.
  7. Father in law used to have a Mercury Grand Marque. Comfortable, lots of room, good mileage. We called it the "Boat."
  8. I agree, take your time and you will be fine. Wife's uncle had some Tim Allen in him. He says anybody can go fast down hill. Uphill takes H.P.
  9. When pulling a grade like Eisenhower tunnel use manual and pick a gear so that the RPMs aren't high or the motor isn't screaming. I would guess with your set up pulling Eisenhower in 3rd or 4th gear you would be doing 30- 40 mph. If you want to pull Eisenhower and do the speed limit you need to upgrade. With that trailer I would go 6.2 8 speed. If you want the best, diesel, Allison. I live in Colorado. 2012, 5.3, 6 speed.
  10. I might upgrade some of my interior lights to LEDs. I was going to go with JDM Astar LEDs. The dome light has the option for canbus on their site. Do I need canbus LEDs?
  11. Well, the influx of Texans into Colorado I could say the same thing, go back. The one ting I will give ya, Texas executes criminals regularly.
  12. My 2 cents. My 2012, 5.3L 6 speed has had 85, 87 and 91 octane. This is what is available in Colorado. It is stock except for a K&N air filter. I have towed with all three octanes and have never had a ping issue. The heaviest load was 5-6 K pounds I think. This seems to be related to direct injection engines, correct?
  13. You make the call. It's your truck and your money. Gas tank low fuel content can cause the fuel pump to run warmer and shorten it's life due to a lack of gasoline which cools and lubricates the fuel pump. Over filling will damage the fuel evap. system.

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