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  1. Change the trans fluid and coolant, a 2016 would be due IMO no matter the mileage cheap insurance.
  2. Rinsing from the front through the grill? You just pushed the bug bodies into the cooling fins IMO. I remove the grill and clean with a radiator comb, or zip tie a piece of window screen the the grill. When I pull long steep grades I try to keep rpms 2500- 3500 by selecting the proper gear, speed doesn't matter. If you have to go the speed limit, diesel IMO.
  3. You can decipher this how ever you choose, me I say use premium gas.
  4. I run 85 octane, our regular here in Colorado except when towing, then 87. It's possible you got some bad gas. Premium 91 here does not make a difference. Get your foot out of it rising temps tells me it's struggling, slow down, lower gear for higher rpms moves more coolant.
  5. Edit. I have been using Shell for 6 years because of our location, no problems.
  6. Your truck custom, but I would pass on the free Mobil oil. To new, to expensive of a truck to not use Amsoil OE after the UOA. Our vehicles get used harder than most due to mountain driving, pulling grades and colder temps. It has been 45 here the last 3 mornings.
  7. I have known about Amsoil for years, just wouldn't pay the price. Now having used it I believe it's worth every penny.
  8. Bought a Milton hose reel, good quality. 2760-50D https://www.miltonindustries.com/milton-2760-50d-steel-dual-arm-auto-retractable-air-hose-reel-3-8-x-50-ft-rubber-hose-300-max-psi Acme tools best price https://www.acmetools.com/milton-2760-50d-steel-dual-arm-auto-retractable-air-hose-reel-3-8in-x-50-ft-rubber-hose-300-max-psi-2760-50d/030937322111.html Really like the air swivel design and you can get a repair kit for it. https://www.miltonindustries.com/hose-reels/hose-reel-replacement-part It was $204 with shipping from Acme Tools.
  9. The cord size will be determined by the amp draw. Long runs go next size up. If you are going to use all of the 9000 watts at 120 volts = 75 amps. Take the total watts you will be using and divide by 120 volts = amps. Don't forget motor start demand like on your fridge and freezer. Amperage Capacities for Standard Non-Metallic (NM) Cable 16-gauge wire 13 amps 14-gauge wire 15 amps 12-gauge wire 20 amps 10-gauge wire 30 amps 8-gauge wire 40 amps 6-gauge wire 55 amps 4-gauge wire 70 amps 3-gauge wire 85 amps 2-gauge wire 95 amps WIRE SIZING CHARTS Maximum Ampacities for Wire The table below shows allowable ampacities of conductors (wires) in conduit, raceway, cable or directly buried, in an ambient temperature of 30°C (86°F). National Electrical Code (NEC) allows rounding up cable ampacity to next size standard fuse or breaker. For ambient temperatures above 30°C (86°F), multiply the allowable ampacities shown at right by the correction factor listed under the insulation temperature rating below.
  10. diyer2


    They will have to take my gas vehicles just like my firearms.
  11. The cost of dies to stamp these wouldn't be cheap. Then a machine to do it. Good idea but not practical.
  12. diyer2

    High End Audio

    I have done some more tweaking and added a second subwoofer. I'm calling it done.
  13. diyer2


    Well fellas we can chew the fat on this until the cows come home. It is what it is. No big deal when I consider a friend was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Might have 5 years and 52 years young.
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