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  1. Well my AFM has been flawless.
  2. If the extra cost doesn't bother you, do it. I voted not to. Not worth it due to not towing heavy loads often.
  3. I'm confused. Why you asking if you are happy with your method? The owners manual answers the question if you want to do the recommended services. I follow the severe duty for drive line and 3 K miles oil and filter. If I feel like changing drive line fluids early it's cheap to do it your self. I have used off the shelf fluids for years. My last truck had to have a trans at 230 K miles but it towed regularly and I live in Colorado which means mountain towing and driving. This is my 2 cents but everyone has an opinion.
  4. None. I have always bought used vehicles because I will not pay up for new and then take the depreciation in the first few years of ownership. Just giving money away rubs me wrong.
  5. Agree with this and my thoughts also. The vehicles of today are more complicated due to gov mandates. All the whining gets old. Nothing is perfect. Any manufacturer of any product will make some bad ones when you make lots of that product. Buying another brand vehicle because you had a bad experience with GM is just rolling the dice. I guess I have been lucky in 50 years of used vehicle ownership because I have never had major drive train problems. I have owned only GM and in recent years Honda with no complaints.
  6. Axle seal leak?

    I had my rear axle seals done recently. I paid $250. I got estimates up to $450.
  7. Shocks for Silverado

    When my truck needs shocks I will replace the front coil springs also. Why not? They will loose some tension from age. I will decide at that time to get a shock and coil spring set up for the front. Nothing wrong with Gabriel or Monroes for a stock truck.
  8. Why should I talk you out of buying anything? Ok that was the question. For better or worse GM.
  9. Disappointed with 2019

    I only buy GM trucks and used at that. I would buy my truck again. Denali? Not for me. The magneride would scare me due to repair costs. Go one model lower.
  10. If you don't use fuel system cleaner give it a try. Easy and cost effective so why not? I like Sea Foam because it works and Wally world has the best price. BG 44 k is expensive but is the most potent I believe. I have used it. Try a treatment of BG 44 K? Several tanks of Sea Foam or Barrymans B12?
  11. Seafoam

    IMO You don't have a direct injection motor. A regular dose of Sea Foam, BG 44 K, Barryman B12 will do the job.
  12. I have a 2012 Sierra 5.3L 6 speed 3.42's stock size tires. Stock trans cooler and oil cooler. Towing my 4 K pound boat in the mountains of Colorado. The transmission temps I'm using are from the DIC and I know they can be off. Went fishing today so I towed my boat to the lake and back. It's 50 miles each way. Lots of grade changes with a few long pulls each way. It was 50 degrees this morning at 5 am at our house at 9200 feet. Left at 6:30 am and the temp was 55 degrees outside. Transmission temp was 58 degrees when it was started. On the way to the lake my truck registered a high outdoor temperature of 60 degrees. Highest transmission temp I noticed was 168 degrees pulling the long pulls. Left the lake at 11 am. Air temp according to the truck was 70 degrees. Highest air temp I noticed the truck register on the way home was 75 degrees. Transmission temp stayed at 150 - 180 most of the way depending on the grades. The last few miles to our place are steep grades and when I pulled into our driveway the transmission temperature was 208 degrees according to the DIC. I unhook the boat then park the truck. I leave the truck running (fans are on) with the hood up until the DIC reads a transmission temperature of 180 degrees before shutting it off. This removes the worst of the heat IMO. I then place a 20 inch box fan under the hood that runs on a timer for 10 minutes. I know what you're thinking. My wife thinks I'm nuts. I always let my trucks run after towing to let it cool down some before shutting it off. Again I quote Frank Sinatra " I Did It My Way"
  13. Agree no frame replacement. Minor damage compared to some accidents. Some people need a chill pill.
  14. What is your hobby?

    My favorite hobby is fishing. I like being on the lake with my boat. I shoot occasionally now. Used to shoot every other weekend and reload. I maintain and repair everything we own and that has become some what of a hobby due to the time involved. I'm always tinkering with things or doing something.

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