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  1. Only time will tell. Do more frequent oil and filter changes and wait.
  2. I put one on my 2012 throttle body. Want to keep it a long time. Whatever it catches is better than going through the motor.
  3. Don't know batman but the penguin put one on.
  4. Yes! Grumpy. I will say that I'm pleased with the power this little 1.5 L, 4 banger turbo puts out. I was wondering after having the 3.0 L V6 in the Accord. I think the CVT trans helps with the mileage. The trans is not mountain friendly going down hill. More on the brakes than a regular trans.
  5. FYI The CR-V has been good.Wife loves it now. Oil is not getting dirty as fast. Checked the mileage yesterday. 31.2 MPG. That's mountain driving, not flat-lander. Also not in ECO mode.
  6. Why a truck to travel? Are you towing a trailer? A car will get better gas mileage. As far as comfort, that's something an individual would have to determine. I have a lot of miles in pickups having owned them for years. Some years more comfortable than others. Overall no real issues with any of them. Long days behind the wheel can be helped by taking breaks. I have taken road trips in a variety of vehicles and my trucks were not a problem.
  7. Thinking of getting some ramps for oil changes. Mostly for our Honda CR-V. Would like to use for truck if I wanted to. Have looked at a lot of different manufacturers. Good and bad reviews. What do you have?
  8. Google it. I did. Videos available. May help.
  9. I would buy the lowest mileage truck I could find. Bought my 2012 with 41 k miles in 2015. No regrets.
  10. Is that a good price for a truck with almost 80 K miles? I wouldn't pay that.
  11. I looked at Rock Auto and Oriellys. Both list M12x1.75 GM https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-engine-oil-drain-plug-11562588
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