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  1. There are some things I don't like about some of the things we own, not just vehicles. Just bought a new Honda for the wife. Reliability is more important.
  2. Agree I did not watch the vid. Doesn't interest me. Are we racing or towing? BFD If I understand the Ford was 1 minute faster up the einsenhower. I live in Colorado and have driven that road many times. Speed is not my goal. Reliability is number 1. No matter what Ford builds, I won't own one.
  3. diyer2


    I won't fly. You don't pull over and fix it or call for help. So I'm USA restricted and I drive. Young. Rich. Just sad.
  4. First oil change, 706 miles. I couldn't let it go any longer because it was pretty dirty. Being my first new car I was surprized how dirty the oil was at that low mileage. I get new motor breaking in. Castrol Edge Wix filter.
  5. Snow Shovel Picking the days is the key. I grew up in Michigan. Used to venture 3-5 miles off shore in a 16 foot boat with a 20 hp outboard. Leave early am. Just watch for signs of weather changes.
  6. I think this is the right approach. Get a Digital Voltage Meter. Key off. Unhook negative battery cable. Put one lead of DVM to neg. battery post. Other lead to negative battery cable. Check votlage on meter. Pull fuses until voltage drops or stops. That is the circuit with a problem. Start tracing circuit for problem.
  7. I agree but...... What choice does he have BIGDOGx. Taking it to another dealer for the fix would not be easy. Still a crap shoot. All he can hope for is the tech installing the engine knows what he's doing and does a good job. Same with all work at any dealeror shop.
  8. Yes Tried to make it easier to understand being he still was confused.
  9. Do you know it the replacement engine was a long block or a short block.
  10. Take the door apart. Lube all moving parts. If it has a problem moving, motor. Process of elimination. :)
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