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  1. This forum amazes me how the banter on a subject can go on and on. Buying a vehicle at this time makes no sense at all unless you are walking and have to buy now. Anybody can ask any price they want for a product, doesn't mean you have to buy.
  2. You need a scanner to read codes, not answers if you want to work on this truck yourself.
  3. There is one thing about winter I do like. Around here the tourists, looky loo's, and nosey people are gone. We live off a road that is a dead end with our cul-de-sac branching off it. So there is no way out, you must back track. It is posted, No outlet, private property. They are county roads. In winter the vehicles the come down are cul-de-sac are the propane truck, delivery trucks and the water company trucks.
  4. High of 60 yesterday. 37 this morning.
  5. Really like this car. Some disappointment right now. FYI We bought a new 2019 Honda CR-V turbo that had an oil dilution problem at 10 K miles. We traded it in on a CPO Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate non turbo. The Santa Fe went from hard start to no start. Towed to dealer on Sept. 4th 2021. Sat at dealer until Sept. 20th 2021 waiting to be looked at. The 20th was our appointment date. We are now waiting for back ordered parts to fix it. Parts shortages seems to be the standard. No info on when parts will be available. My Sierra is being used for now.
  6. 35 degrees this morning. Aspens around the house are changing color. Wife put flannel sheets on our bed 2 days ago.
  7. Common sense is all it takes and we all know that is lacking. So many over weight people eating them self's to a dirt blanket. If fat caused pain there would be a shortage of pain pills. I could loose a few pounds.
  8. Take it to an auto store and have them check for stored codes. Free service.
  9. Take it back or fix it yourself.
  10. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is an easy thing to do.
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