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  1. Used this one for years and my brother in-law has it now. Still going after about 15 years. https://www.batterystuff.com/battery-restoration/12-volt/batteryminder-12v-5-watt-solar-panel-with-desulfator-controller-scc005.html
  2. Garmin GPS costs about a $100+. Free map updates for life. You can program a destination while moving also. Phone works but I like the GPS when traveling, looking for a destination.
  3. Appreciate the info rlcole321 but you're late to the party.
  4. New gasket and an LED bulb is what I would do.
  5. Sorry but I don't get this mode of operation. Why wait for an add engine oil light? Makes no sense to me.
  6. I'm not trying to start an oil debate. And no need to get turn to foul language. According to the testing Rat performed in your link, Amsoil rated number 4 and 5 for wear. That's my point. Just sayin. Done.
  7. Believe whatever you like but no comparison IMO.
  8. No way off the shelf oil of any brand can compare to a 100% full synthetic oil like Amsoil IMO.
  9. You can use a solar calculator to design your system. We had an off grid home for 20 years. Try this. https://www.solar-electric.com/
  10. A simple answer to this issue IMO. If you are going to keep your truck for an extended time this is what I would do. Catch can. Why not? Shorter oil and filter changes than the computers OLM. Maybe consider 100% synthetic oil, Amsoil or? Top Tier gas.
  11. I have lots of miles on stock covers with no issues. Just change the fluids as I always say. Save your money. But if it makes you happy to see a custom cover, go for it.
  12. My thoughts Grumpy. Ac Delco 41162 Iridium OE is what I found. Same plug as my 12. So why did you not use the right plug fyrestorm?
  13. Obviously I know I will eventually need to remove it to check further
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