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  1. My 2012 Sierra 6 speed 5.3 has been great.
  2. license plate fee

    I paid $268.44 for my 2012 Sierra here in Colorado for 2019.
  3. Why all the rub fear/dread?

    No fear or dread here. Leave it stock. Problem solved.
  4. I avoided commenting on this thread until now because my thought was he was beyond help.
  5. Buying a new model vehicle you are signing up to be a test pilot. Simple. Now some problems are poor quality parts, assembly or design.
  6. $700 Dealer? Fix it yourself for 1/4 of that maybe. Ford or other brand could happen also.
  7. Bolts in my bed

    They hold a whim wham for a water wheel. Did you look underneath? If nothing is under there refer to first sentence.
  8. Mid-sized truck logic?

    My logic. Full size= truck. Mid size = wants to be a truck. Been around mid size of all brands and not for me.
  9. Classic example why I trust no one. Do my research and know what I'm buying with everything I purchase. I've made some purchases I regretted but few.
  10. Just do more fluid changes is the way I'm rolling.
  11. I don't think there are weld nuts in the frame for running boards. Rocker panels there are. I may be wrong but a picture of the mounting will resolve the issue.
  12. Winter Returned

    Old man winter returned yesterday. We had rain early in the day. Then the temp dropped and it turned to snow. We got pea sized hail 4 times. Thunder and lighting. Not complaining we need the moisture. Went to bed with about 2 inches and woke up to about 6-7. Still snowing lightly. 23 degrees. Looks like I'll be putting the plow back on the ATV and plowing.
  13. Maybe they don't make frame mount anymore. Mine are frame mount, the reason I bought them.
  14. I have these. https://www.luvernetruck.com/running-boards-side-steps/grip-step-7-inch Frame mount. Sturdy. Brackets show and hang below board. For winter use the best board I've had. No slipping when it snows after sitting or driving when it snowing or slushy. The open grip metal material work's well. Still does a great job of stopping road / wheel spray. The open design allows easy cleaning and being in Pennsylvania and I believe road salt is used there would stop build up under the board.
  15. Really. Snow flakes Chevy sad. You are in that category because you are in the same boat it seems that bought a new series truck and then whine about it. You owners of the new design 2019's are the test crowd. Sorry but that's the truth IMO. Nobody likes a smart a$$, especially one that rags on a product they own.

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