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  1. I have used different brands of oil filters including fleet filters bought by the dozen at auto stores. You have to ask for them. Back when I started doing this I could by a fleet oil filter for less than $2 each. They meet OEM spec and are what fast lube, oil change shops use. Over thinking a throw away item. Just change oil and filter. Just sayin. Think I'll go fishing instead of debating oil filters.
  2. For $300 I would try this. New complete hub bearing and sensor from Rock Auto. Timken SP580310 should work or the right parts.
  3. Got rid of the Bridgestone Ecopia HL422 Plus tires at 5200 miles. Noisy and last winter didn't impress me for traction. Put on Michelin Defenders LTX M/S. About $200 than the Bridgestone's locally. They are quieter, absorb road flaws better and corner better. Winter traction pending.
  4. No door guards. People guards. Park away from the crowds. Sure, you'll get the car parked next to you when there was plenty of spaces around. IMO they parked out back for the same reason. Besides the walk will do you good.
  5. Personal choice. I agree with redwngr. Investing the money makes more sense to me. I have never bought an extended warranty on anything. The wife has let herself get talked in to them and were a waste of money IMO.
  6. I agree with elcamino. They made nothing so they charged you. If I understand the numbers you saved over $200.
  7. Thanks CamGTP. Snow tires would be the best. They do a decent job on our roads in winter and being retired we can avoid hazardous driving conditions. So an all season quiet tire will do IMO. The CR-V is all wheel drive and last winter we had no problems with the factory tires but they are noisy. My truck has all season tires and they are fine IMO. I think I will try the Defenders on the Honda. They get good reviews.
  8. As they should be. More aggressive tread. I want all season, quiet. I think the Defender is the best tire in this category.
  9. CamGTP Seems you have more experience than me about tires. Hate the factory tires on our 2019 Honda CR-V. We drive dirt roads in the mountains of Colorado but most driving is 2 lane blacktop mountain roads. What do you think of the Defender LTX M/S in this situation. I have looked at lot of tires and still haven't decided.
  10. As per my OP, and posts thereafter suggest, I am looking for numbers in this thread. Real world values from people including their conditions. Was hoping you actually had some data to provide aside from, I dont worry about it because I change fluids more frequently. Over thinking it IMO. Not worth my time.
  11. My owners manual says service coolant at 150 K miles. At a minimum I would do 75 K miles. I did mine at about 60 K miles. Whatever the manual miles for all services I cut the miles in half at least. Did my spark plugs at about 60 K miles not the manual 97500 miles. As far as temps I don't worry about it because I do fluid changes. I clean the radiator, A/C condenser and oil cooler when I do the coolant service.
  12. Real simple. Change all the fluids. More often is better. Changing the fluids according to the severe duty schedule has worked well for me for over 50 years.
  13. Dirt mountain roads are the norm harsher conditions than most. Summer hand wash with whatever car soap I can get on sale. Winter only high pressure wash. Wouldn't use a car wash. Meguiars 2.0 Synthetic wax twice a year. Works for me.
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