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  1. Cheap insurance to me no matter what you buy is more frequent oil changes. My 2 cents.
  2. To keep it simple...... I think a 100% synthetic oil would out perform most oil.
  3. I will do my own oil changes and maintenance until no longer able to.
  4. Agree So why get your panties in a wad. Waste of time.
  5. The thing is what are you , me or anyone else going to do about it? This is one of many things we can do nothing about.
  6. I'll say again...batteries are for cordless tools and vibrators.
  7. I never considered using a motor oil that I couldn't get off the shelf for over 50 years. Old school 3 K mile OCI's. But I have to say I used Amsoils ATV oil in my Honda Rincon and was amazed at the difference. Quieter and improved shifts. Amsoils OE line is 100% synthetic and if off the shelf oil keeps going up in price maybe my next choice.
  8. News flash, Flash. You answered your own question. " I know this truck is not really what we need to haul these trailers "
  9. I don't get oil down my arm. Loosen filter, give it a spin, let it drain.
  10. Castrol Edge 0W20 has the European rating ACEA A1/B1. A tougher rating for extended drain intervals I believe. 5W30 has ACEA C3 rating. ACEA oil specs https://www.oilspecifications.org/acea.php
  11. Many products available. I like Sea Foam. Walmart for best price.
  12. If it's dirty, plugged again you have a sludge problem.
  13. I asked because it was dirty for a reason. To long between oil changes for the type of oil you're using.
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