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  1. Well I thought you might want to do the brake light on the topper the right way.
  2. When I had a topper installed on my 2012 I watched the tech. He was going to put a module behind the drivers side tail light for the LED brake light on the topper. I questioned him about his. When the module dies you buy a new one. Easy, cheap way and they sell modules. He finally admitted there was a wire under the dash he could tap into and run a wire to the brake light. Had him do it this way. Maybe yours has this wire also?
  3. Relative bought a new Cummins Dodge 3/4 ton a while back. Lots of problems right away. Now drives a Denali Duramax. Happy camper.
  4. Rock Tamers are the best IMO for trailers. I have Weather Tech mud flaps and use my Rock Tamer when I tow my boat. Rural living with dirt roads. https://rock-tamers.com/
  5. I use an extractor for my trans fluid. Wouldn't think of it for motor oil. My extractor specifies fluid should not be over 100 degrees i believe.
  6. If companies can pay millions to CEO's, they can pay their workers. Go ahead, bash all you want.
  7. Not the same motor. My 2012 was idling rough on cold starts for 10 - 30 seconds. Removed MAF and cleaned carefully with denatured alcohol and a Q-tip. Fixed idle.
  8. I have never had Michelin's. But I do replace tires whenever I feel they need to be. Tires are a wear item that your life may depend on.
  9. Need a good scan tool and know how to read the info IMO.
  10. Well said. They analyze everything. I say again, a warranty is only as good as the shop, tech doing the work. Plenty of bad warranty work being done.
  11. Crap shoot. Good luck. I would also stay away from rims over 18 inches.
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