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  1. Thread needs a bump. Everybody got wet and dirty yesterday. Gibby's first kill is also her first double.
  2. Having bought at the end of April, I just got a letter from the dealer asking to buy it back and they would give me a deal on a new one stating high demand for used. Of, course nothing mentioned about how long is have to wait.
  3. I didn't need a diesel, just a 3/4 ton for pulling the boat which is a bit much for a half ton. Generally an hour each way, sometimes more. Initially I was concerned about the unloaded mileage, but I don't have much of a commute anyway. Was a little jealous of the 6.2 being slightly better, then realized if you add a couple thousand pounds to the half ton to even out their weight, they'd probably be at least the same mileage or the 6.6 slightly better.
  4. I remember years a go when extended cabs became popular, there were some after market vendors that made power window kits for the rear window. I don't think sliders were available for awhile, just like the 3rd door option in 97, finally. Curious what kind of market there would be right now for a power rear window install to alleviate the leak headaches?
  5. There was also a strike into last fall. Then when allowed to open from the covid lockdown, I believe there were supply issues from vendors catching up. Then, recently the American Axle fire, not certain if it affected 2500s directly, but being in Michigan along with the Flint plant for the 2500s, I'd suspect they were effected?
  6. These are variable timing aren't they? The computer sets the timing and torque to your needs. I've run 87 for over 5000 miles without a hiccup. Including some heavier towing in hot weather. Dealer gave me the truck with a full tank and never advised to do anything special with it.
  7. Thinking about a plow for mine as well. Do you have plow prep package? It uses heavier torsion bars. Might put the plow on first to see how much squat you get before you decide on which lift/level kit. Just thinking out loud, but if you go more aggressive like 2-3", the plow weight added to steep ball joint angles might be rough without aftermarket control arms. If you go around 1-2" any squatting from the plow weight might get you back down to original ball joint angles and your control arms might be fine? I'd like to see some pics after your plow is mounted, because I'll be shopping. Also, my truck came with the good years, though I'm also a Cooper fan. I don't plan on throwing these out until wore though, unless they suck this winter. I have Mastercraft ATs on my 05, which are made by Cooper. So are Micky Thompson's. Had Cooper Mudders on a lifted Grand Cherokee previously. Very similar tread to MT Mudders. Great tires, but I think the Mudders would wear fast under plow weight, though.
  8. Thanks for the correction. I meant I had the 220 since mine came with the plow prep.
  9. And threads like this are why search features have become obsolete. OP, have you looked into any salvage listings for chevy parts?
  10. Having read these complaints all summer, though not really experiencing anything myself yet, I just thought of an issue we went through with a ford. I just went out an looked and it looks like both the engine ground and battery ground attached at the firewall, may be attached to a painted surface. We had a new 2011 fiesta and after a couple months at start up, the gauges would go nuts and it wouldn't start. Left her stranded a few times. Having dealt with with weird guage activity with an earlier grand cherokee, I figured it would probably be battery related. I went online and found ignition switch recalls and tech bulletins on the fiesta line for the instrument panel acting up and potential dash fires. The tech bulletin that seemed to cure everything, said to scrape away the excessive paint at the engine bay ground attachment points. I took a look and ours were almost completely painted over. Scraped them off and never had another tissue. Taking a look at mine, without disconnecting yet, the actual screws don't look to be painted, but obviously the surface of the firewall they but against is. I have a custom, so fewer electronics to boot up at start up, so maybe that's why I haven't seen a problem yet. I do plan on adding upfitter switches and some other stuff soon and plan to disconnect the ground straps and clean off the surfaces to prevent problems. I also have a short cmutr, so I'm careful about letting it run a little longer after starting to keep the battery topped off. All the control modules new vehicles have, use a lot of juice when booting up, aside from the starter. And then there's the weird, hit the locks again, then hold the remote start button for 5 seconds for the vehicle to fire and fan blowing full blast, using up additional juice at start up.
  11. Just found a little ding on the truck today. I generally park defensively. It's a 2500, so I have the spare battery compartment. Thinking of installing a group 31, wired to the truck skin.
  12. In additiin to the tuning, unlocking the ecm for some simple add on functions, such as controlling the radio (intentionally not calling it a stereo) at the wheel, avoiding having to lean over while driving, much less take your eyes off the road. A larger body means less room for error in your lane, after all.
  13. Hmmmm... 2500 custom crew cab, 6.6 gas with plow prep and I'm only showing 3411. This 7" info screen must really be super heavy.
  14. An earlier thread advises there is no intent from the dealer to accommodate. Don't know if or when one of the aftermarket companies plan to try unlocking one for us. I'm thinking we're probably out of luck, since 2020 will be a low production year and I don't know how many customers the aftermarketeer's need to tackle this.
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