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  1. Why not just strip the rotating assembly out of your 6.2 and install into a 6.6 block? https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2021/01/gms-6-6l-lt-iron-block/
  2. Maybe they mean, built 6 months ago and Saturn until they got a chip in it last week and only now consider it built.
  3. It was reading about the 6.2 having a second batch of bad lifters and valve springs. Some of the 6.6 were affected the first time around. Take it to the dealer for a check. They should be able to detect misfires that you wouldn't be able to on your own.
  4. Aside from graphics, what specific features will the high country cluster add over the lesser cluster? Anybody making headway on getting a heated wheel to work at all? Don't really care about it, just that the heated wheel seems more available.
  5. Sounds promising. I was researching this last year and kind of wrote it off for awhile. Nothing about it I. The HD forum yet. Just stumbled on the other thread here and a YouTube video and was surprised how long they've been offering this, this year. Planning on the mod pretty soon, just on the fence on whether I want to pay extra for the high country cluster over the LT cluster. My main concern is getting the wheel controls. It's idiotic that they don't offer the wheel controls on all models. It's so much safer than leaning over to tune the stereo or turn it down. Even worse, reaching around
  6. Guy I work with wants an HD to replace his 19 trail boss. Went down by Flint last week. Said there are fields of trucks sitting stagnant right now. I wouldn't be hovering over one dealer if I needed a truck. But if I didn't need one right away, I'd probably wait for the sell off, with the redesign coming for 23 they'll be pushing.
  7. Before you do anything, hook the boat up and see how much rake you have to work with. My old 25' inboard with two axle trailer sits level and about 3/4" of rake to spare on the stock truck. Of course, the engine is right over the axles. Fuel tank under the stern and gear stowed forward in the cabin.
  8. Yeah, maybe Im wrong, but it just stands to reason. Fine for so long, then when it's bad, the replacement doesn't fix it. Only real test would be to put a "bad" one on a different truck and see if it lights correctly. Maybe the blue is a resistance issue (to much, or to little), causing the light to run in the blue spectrum? I haven't heard of the Silverado sharing this problem. The GMC light seems to be a longer wrap around the headlight bezel and maybe has more LED's to power than the Silverado DRL?
  9. Interior looks nice, but the lighting, 4x4and climate control don't really look very user friendly if the truck is moving.
  10. Wonder if there's a resistor problem for that circuit? Maybe the led itself isn't bad since replacements are so quick to fail?
  11. Now we're talking! Now just waiting on my longevity check next month.
  12. How long have you been driving the truck? I don't think the truck comes into its own until at least 5000 miles. MPG/Shifting/Handling, etc. There's no way my father in laws 2019 long bed cc f350 diesel rides better than my 20 gas cc 2500 with plow prep. My tires are between 55 and 60 depending on temp. Bad Michigan roads will raise your awareness level of what your driving (well, except maybe not Subaru drivers). Expansion joints are bearable in this truck. Same with pot holes and patches, though 20" wheels also help with the potholes compared to 17". Been down the same washboard dirt roads i
  13. All black here please When you're ready to go.
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