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  1. Get a neoprene yoga mat to sacrifice. Cut out a section to match the seat panel, not including the bolsters. It should negate some of the wefgjn effect of the bolsters, aside from being cushy. Sit on it awhile. If it seems to help, try pulling up the seat cover and slip it underneath permanently. Thinking about trying this when I order some covers soon.
  2. Hmmm, wonder how some hood pins would look to go along with the ram-air appearance hood scoop and vents.
  3. Crawl underneath and examine wire harness's, break lines, look for scum lines, to rule out if it was flooded. Check under the dash and behind the glove box too, in case it was and some did get above the floor boards. If evidence of flooding is found, you could build a fraud case, but it won't be easy. I'm still inclined to think it was used for personal use during the winter before you bought it. If that's the case, with 400 miles on it, and everything functions, itll probably fall under buyer beware. It would likely only be warrantied for rust if it affect structural integrity before the warranty expired. JMHO. As far as your local dealers. They're probably just butthurt that you went out of state to make a purchase. I drove a clue hours to get mine, butt it was the closest Custom to my area, much less a CC. Maybe remind them of their limited stock being the reason you travelled, if that's the case?
  4. Some 1500's seem to post some no start trouble. See where some have been corrected with a battery swap due to suspected old or recharged ( not properly recharged ) after sitting at the dealership indefinitely.
  5. If you go out on a muddy trail, be careful in the bumpy or washboard areas. With these stiff rear springs, the rear end will want to come right around on ya quick. I had.a little pucker factor on a muddy narrow lane in a tunnel of trees when I got on a little washboard and came sideways. It's alright though, I didn't get the truck for a lot of offroading.
  6. None I saw, looking all over Michigan, were nearly that closely priced. Even right now with twice the customer cash and a couple more thousand off employee discount and the closest I'm seeing to want I paid for a CC was about 3-4 more for an LT DC or another 7 for an LT CC. I opted to give up a few creature comforts to get a 2500 with a great towing set up, over a 1500. Figured d have a comfortable payment established and add extras out of pocket (rather than more interest to pay)as budget allowed. Haven't bought new for a few years and wasn't expecting everything to be locked out. Anyway. Just got upfitter switches for fogs and some other lighting. Only thing I really miss is volume control on the steering wheel instead of taking my eyes off the road. Nav is better on the phone.
  7. Are you in the salt belt? With 400 miles, wondering if somebody at the dealership had to use it on the salty roads over the winter.
  8. Barely able to see in the photo, but added some dog slobber for aero dynamics. Worked well getting the new dining room table home quickly. I know, not much of a load, but it's barely broke in. Co pilots liked the ride.
  9. Stand By

    Stand By

    Dogs, boats n things.
  10. I have a similar issue. Similar culprit. I'm contemplating some neoprene type seat covers by cover king. They're made to order, so they might sell you just the center cover if you checked.
  11. Another confirmation that first responders will get supplier pricing. Tht can be combined with the customer cash incentive, but they won't do other discounts. I qualified for that and was able to get an employees discount number, but they will only allow use of one or the other.
  12. So I get an Email today telling me I've barely tapped into my 3GB of data and how much music and on line book listening I could do. Only thing I've been doing was using my older droid TII for the droid connect use of gps. Don't have to tie up my current phone for GPS use. (Custom Package). But guess what ONstar. There is a Pandemic going on. How much driving and testing can I really do? What's going to happen is that I'm not going to miss what I'm not using. Maybe there aughta be an extension to the trial period? Maybe a reduced annual prescription to make up for fewer driving miles? The insurance companies are doing that. Does OnStar monitor these forums? Well, at least the vehicle warranty should have a little life to it for awhile, anyway.
  13. Good shot of the spoiler mounts. That helps, thanks. There's another thread of guys in hot climates complaining of a popping noise there from heat expansion. One listed a fix of adding a piece of electrical tape as a gasket at each screw. Hasn't warmed enough here to see if mine will have that issue, but can definitely have a game plan ready now when the time comes. Should have some switches on the way now, myself.
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