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  1. I have a very large boat parked in a tight. Spot in my back yard. I have to back up a couple times with my standard bed crew cab to be at the right angle to get the boat out through a right alley way. If I go past the tongue a little, then come forward, I have a better chance of getting my line the first time. But the clock is ticking on the camera when you shift from reverse. I know. First world problems. This is just temporary though. I plan ro build myself a new front bumper down the road and it will get a built in receiver so I can hook the boat up in the front and push it back into it's spot.
  2. Main thing I miss is being able to control the volume or scroll the radio without looking away from the road. Stereo is crappy for FM, but the phone calls sound good thought the wifi. Music played off my cell sounds pretty good too. I also prefer the blacked out look. I hate plastic chrome. Plastic wood and chrome make me think of an 84 Delta 88. I have an upfitter switch kit to add and will be getting fog lights to power off that. Overall, I bought it for the mechanical options over creature comforts. Plow prep package, spray in bed liner, tow package and locking rear, powder coated stainless side steps/nerf bars. Tint, remote start, bed lights, folding mirrors with added lighting, remote tailgate lowering, windows lowering with fob if needed. Also, I didn't need the nav radio. Waze works just fine. I haven't seen any of the electronic issues in many of the complaint threads on here or in the 1500 section. I miss the sliding rear for the dogs, but sounds like I dodged a bullet be getting a solid rear window. Im happy to be back into a split bench aside from the lack of console storage. Front and rear AC plugs could be handy down the road. Looks like 2021 still keeps the HDMI cable necessary to run you nav apps from the phone. Pretty chincey.
  3. A new stimulus bill might reduce inventory again.
  4. Appreciate it. 4x4 coming off soon. Looks pretty nice.
  5. Can you take a straight on side shot. Been thinking about removing the 4x4. Maybe the tail gate. Thanks.
  6. I feal it sometimes when turning a corner. Also the decel-accel lag described above. So far just chalked it up to normal mediocrity at a premium price.
  7. He plays as hard as so.e of US have, he'll want an elevator, too.
  8. This ar half the price, but look very similar to the one of that style. BUT, own are powder coated stainless and the step plane runs the length of the tube. Keep your eyes open and watch for a take-off for sale.
  9. It does look good, but if you were to have a need to visit Michigan, keep them on the down low. If they see them up here, they will enforce vigorously. Red is for emergency vehicles only. If they did come across them, an off switch won't be accepted. They have to be inop. Same with blue, which is for leo only up here. Can't remember if it's Indiana or Ohio that allows blue for their fire responders, which they won't like even with the out of state plates. Planning on amber auxillary myself, for towing. Also want rock lights, which would need to be hidden. Mostly for getting guns and gear in and out of the truck when it's dark. Don't want tired hunting partners stumbling around and tripping.
  10. Are you asking for suggestions? Look at MasterCraft. Made by Cooper. Made in USA.
  11. Not only Mn and Wi. Most likely that all states will follow USDOT, which says, uh-uh.
  12. Back out of this 6.6 gas section to the main 2020 2500 HD section and scroll down. There is both an HD picture thread and a thread for the lifted/ leveled trucks. Lots of good shots in there. I ended up with black again, but the blue was my other choice.
  13. Wish gm wouldn't least make it stay on the screen while in first gear. Having the camera is nice. But hooking up in a congested area and you have to keep looking up for obstacles or somebody walking by and the screen changing on you is a pain.
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