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  1. So it's capable of higher power and rpm ratings than the 6.2 and they left room for more bore with thicker cylinder walls. Maybe they wanted to leave their options open in case the hybrid market hits some speed bumps.
  2. Happy with my black, but the blue was my first choice, just wasn't any around last spring when I was shopping. Did that safety package for the steering controls keep you in the 7" display screen? I don't need a bigger screen but would like the controls if that safety package is compatible with the 2020 7" monitors. Now that winter is out of the way, I'm going to pick up where I left of on a couple mods.
  3. Before you cut, there is a thread somewhere on somebody retrofitting a sunglass holder in that spot. There is limited room in depth in that location. I think the thread is in the 1500 forum. The holder was out of another make vehicle and fit nicely, but you might run out of room behind the switch body depending on how the wires are attached.
  4. I have this style and now that the first year is out of the way, I'll probably be replacing them. I don't think their terrible, but have to wonder. Does this designer still work for GM after designing the Chrysler logo into these wheels?
  5. They are powder coated, stainless. 1st northern Michigan winter with mine, out of the way now. No rust seen yet. Including the screw heads. They have been great all winter. No real issues with snow build up on them. If it does, these are easier to knock the snow off than others steps I've used. Hit a lot of muddy roads, hunting last fall and the hose right off at the wash. I don't get a lot of muddy drips after hosing it down at the wash.
  6. Just wondering if the output was competitive or if they just take up real estate.
  7. Wondering if you think the factory fog lights put out $300 worth of light, or would the money be better spent aftermarket? Thanks for the turn signal lead.
  8. Gonna add this under the hood of my 6.6. Thought about replacing the 4x4 stickers with something similar. But may just go with deleting the badges.
  9. If you have a trailer package, do you have two lenses in your tailgate latch? Should be your backup camera and the other will focus on the ball. When you get close.
  10. Huge thread in the 19/20 silverado section. Including a recent mention of GMs avoidance doctrine. I have a sold rear window, not worried about that leaking. Keep my eyes open for the spoiler leak, though.
  11. I'm in a recreation area. A lot of drive through's allow for rv's by bringing your food out to you after you order.
  12. Being in a recreation area, I've been seeing some of the fastfoods advertising to place the order at the speaker and pull off to the side and they will bring it out to you.
  13. Put a winch bumper on it. I have a gas crew cab with plow prep. Rides not as bad as I thought, but plan on bilsteins after a court priority add ons.
  14. Ok, thanks. After I posted that, I forgot about my propane buddy heater that would help too, if needed. But yeah, been going through the wet heavy snow that freezes overnight crap for a couple days this week. Temps should drop enough in a couple weeks to help manage things. Things like having the slush plug up the snow blower chute.
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