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  1. Hard to beat the oem bedliner. Planning on a retrax soon myself. Liking my lazfit switch back front turn signals.
  2. Haven't tried it just yet, but I may add a double trumpet marine electric horn like on my boat. Not as big as semi or trian horns, but you hear it. It would just be a back up, probably on my upfitter switch. Available from west marine, eBay, etc
  3. Only trade off it's harder to lift things like 80lb bags of concrete so high into the back
  4. I bought mine and after I paid, it disappeared from stick. Still showed up. Didn't say not available afterwords, stated a longer delivery time so I imagine it's reflecting your order and then they have to restock it.
  5. Heater won't make a difference on the other performance A lot of guys, including me, ordered through Rock Auto.
  6. I'm very content with the Silverado liners. I think is get annoyed with the deep lugs of the Z71 liners in longer drives.
  7. Oil broke $110 a barrel today. Hold my.... (Insert favorite gasoline brand here)!
  8. Who has this now. This is pretty new if doable, so might not be a lot with experience yet. Might ask in the half ton section for more responses. Personally, I'm not so worried about nav, but would be interested if just plugging in the larger screen would work for the ior. You'd figure even the matching size screen would be replaceable without any programming due to possible damage replacement frequency.
  9. They missed the boat with me. I just installed Lasfit LEDs after having checked their website for a housing option. Don't necessarily want smoked anyway. Happy with the Lasfit performance, but if I did a housing swap, it would be for oem now. Recon looks pricey.
  10. Where's the egr valve on these things? They tend to worry a lot of people with their knocking, on various vehicles.
  11. It's not stealing. They didn't I tend to deprive you of anything. It's also not malicious destruction of property. They didn't have malice or intent to damage anything. Had they been made aware of an after market product, maybe thing would've gone differently. It maybe be GM nav but it wasn't added by the dealer or GM. MVI should probably show some good will and help put out this fire, just to save bad publicity against this risk for any new customers. Maybe they're too busy handling similar complaints to get back to you right away? At least show some support for an original customer/owner.
  12. Or ground frost heaving the pad
  13. They get an allowance for all vehicles they make combined and are allowed offset unused credits to other vehicles.
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