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  1. I installed a banks diff on my 2020 GMC (gas), 28k miles. I expected a little metal in the magnet. May have been a little more than I expected? I bought it used with about 23k, I don’t pull often or heavy, but I think the prior owner had a fishing boat it pulled most of its use from the added airbags and trip log left in the ECU. Any other things I should look at? Makes me want to drain and fill the trans fluid three or four times if not flush if you can do these like the prior body style.
  2. I can't wait until one of my computer gizmo's to go out with no parts availability... - owner, fully loaded 2021 SLT
  3. I like what you did to the newer one. it would be cool to see single cab short bed offered by GM like this older one you had. Cool rigs.
  4. Cool build. Lookin' to do this in the 2020, glad I came across this.
  5. Wish I have, but no definitive info. I haven’t pulled my steering wheel to see if the truck-side harness or plugs even work with a heated wheel. If you do it let us know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks. Well, that sucks. Or, just makes it harder. I'll keep digging around to understand if I can find the dash-side harness separately, etc.
  7. 2020 2500 Custom with remote start. If I’m looking to add heated steering wheel, do I have the harness under the dash or within the column? Is there even a harness on the dash side for steering wheel audio controls with the small WT/Custom trim radio? I’ll just stick with the heated steering wheel controls if no radio harness, but thought I’d ask if anyone knows. And, is anyone else looking to do this? I can work in the wind, cold, rain, no problem but once I get in my rig sure does feel good to warm up. A heated wheel would be nice in the morning for the old paws. Been looking at videos from prior body style that do this (below). If there are pictures of where I would look to confirm, or part numbers for what I’d need that would help. I’ll accumulate parts as I can and pull the trigger when I have everything. Side note, all the www parts places, i.e. GM Parts Direct, gmpartsonline, etc. They’ll all let you select 2020 2500 and even now 2021 2500 although the images are clearly from the prior body style. When I am able to crosswalk NBS part numbers from random posts and other projects, they are on pages in these parts sites that you can’t get to from the lookup - and are different than what the selection tree gets you to from choosing 2020 2500, etc. Hopefully they’ll start to update and locate/display the new body style soon. Parts I think I’d need: 1. Leather heated steering wheel 2. Left steering wheel side controls with the heated steering wheel option. a. Comes with steering wheel side harness? Not sure, but I think that is separate. 3. Clock spring having correct options 4. Remote start? This was a consideration in the videos, looking at prior body style parts on websites looks like remote start had something in either the wheel or the clock spring. Even if I don’t have the dash side harness, seems like I could add it, Right? If that’s the case, any info on part numbers for that too? Also kind of wondering if there are any other GM wheels that would work. if I'm going to have to locate a new wheel, maybe I can go smaller or more sport'ish, like Camaro or something?
  8. Anyone have part numbers handy for the ones with storage, all the different console options? Thinking about biting the bullet and ordering something direct, but www parts places still have 2019 inventory, says its 2020 part but can easily see from images that it is the prior body style. Edit: I found the part number SKU:84756948 (part Number) Description: Center seat-ae7, black. Center seat-az3, cloth, black. Condition:New Replaces:84647286
  9. I had the first Flowmaster dual exhaust kit made, drone was 10/10 unbearable. Swapped Magnaflow muffler - it's there a bit, but no more than 4/10 compared to the Flowmaster. Can't quite get my driver side exhaust from 'dinging' my leaf spring now, but that's a different issue. I drive mine a lot, otherwise I would have left the Flowmaster on there.
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