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  1. Were you driving in 4wd auto? If so that would indicate why your front diffs kept blowing up on you. These trucks have 12 bolt ifs front diffs from aam that are one of the best front ends you can get, period, but if you are driving in 4wd auto and the front tires go from spinning to hooking up, youll easily destroy that front diff, especially at freeway speeds. Other than that, they are disengaged if driving in 2wd so no way they could randomly blow up in 2wd unless physics are being defied here?
  2. Interesting that 35's rubbed for you. Im on stock height and 35's fit with only minor trimming of the front wheel well liner needed at full lock, no level kit. +18mm offset on my wheels. 12.5 wides and no level kit either. I feel like 37's would fit with some bumper mods/trimming with how much extra space these wheel wells have. Maybe your wheels are giving you trouble? Stock wheels would not work at all with this tire size.
  3. What was this regarding? 6.6 engines dont have afm/dfm but i saw the 6.2 engines had a bulletin for faulty afm/dfm lifters.
  4. Im hoping i hear something by today as we are going into the weekend and they are closed on weekends. This is annoying and BS. Truck doesnt even have 3k miles!!! And already without it.
  5. Heard nothing from the dealer so far. Dont know whats taking them so long honestly. But it is annoying.
  6. Chevy's accessory website tells me part # 84991144 but when i put it in part sites it tells me it does not fit 2023 trucks. What is the correct part # if anyone has it? Thank you
  7. Dealer has truck. Will update this thread when i hear back.
  8. Nah mines more comparable to lifter noise or a rod bearing preparing to spin itself or a bent rod tapping the heads hard to describe but it isn't normal.
  9. Would be nice to have a correctly functioning gauge. Makes me wonder if it will even tell you correctly if the engines overheating or not since it sounds like its a dummy gauge.
  10. Great trans temp on the chevy. Anyone else notice how the temp gauge for the engine doesnt look like it was getting to 210 degrees? Wonder if its not supposed to and if my trucks been overheating from other problems.
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