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  1. Same with me. We will see if this time fixes anything.
  2. I escalated this issue to GM and they have done nothing in two months time saying this is something they are investigating. Ok, I am not a brake designer but…I bet Midas can figure this out in about an hour. GM? Hello GM? My brakes have been replaced already and they went from bad to even worse. How difficult is it to diagnose why brakes squeal and make an $80k truck sound like a dump truck?
  3. I have been to a GMC dealer before and they were the ones who replaced the brakes initially, at 4K miles or so.
  4. Bump for updates. GM made the dealer take another look at my truck, still squealing badly and is an embarrassment to drive. The dealer got back to me today and said sorry, there is no fix and we made no changes. Maybe I can get GM to buy a used truck.
  5. Any updates? My Chevrolet dealer said your truck is a GMC maybe their dealer has a fix, take it there! We are done trying. Can you believe that nonsense? I called GM corporate. I’m ticked.
  6. There is also another post on this forum for dead battery and it was caused by a bad part under the hood. There is a bulletin or recall for it. I don’t have the link anymore but I found it here.
  7. It seems to me the GMC Brake guys are the same ones who designed this camera system as well. That is a shame because I am about to purchase the same camera for my new hauler.
  8. My “dump truck” is worse now than when they did the TSB brake pad replacement! I took it back to them and they told me, there is no fix apparently and I get to live with it until GM comes up with something else to try. I am over 12k now, none of it was hauling a trailer but I am about to put a 36’ toy hauler on it so here we go...Thanks GM.
  9. The steering wheel has a cant to it so it isn’t installed straight or something. Are yours straight?
  10. They replaced my truck’s brakes because since we bought it in Sept 2019 (It’s a 2020 2500HD), it has squealed coming to stops. Well now it sounds like a DUMP TRUCK when coming to a stop. I took it back in and they said sorry, no fix no change so just live with it now.
  11. Another thing with this truck...mine is never accurate. They did the update a few months back. I feel like I bought a beta tester vehicle.
  12. Any of you have a situation where you are going to stop and just before it stops something goes thunk in a way that feels like you have been slightly rear-ended? No unusual lights or other behavior but is it the drive shaft or tranny? No idea. Clunk, thunk or Cathunk then full stop and it’s RIGHT before the full stop and not every time but seems to be when coming from speed to a stop not just light to light drive n stop.
  13. Mine was squealing since the day we bought it in SEPT 2019. Glad this is out but the dealer said don’t bring it up, just let them find the TSB. Whaaaaat? I have an in-warranty issue I have reported since day 2.
  14. Thanks brother, I got that link and found the others as well.
  15. I’ll look around here for it but that service bulletin was for Clunking Noise from Rear of Vehicle (Re-torque Leaf Spring Bolts)
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