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  1. They fixed it and said all they did was realign it and that did not help so they rotated the tires and tada, no more pulling.
  2. I have tested how it is defined by trying different circumstances then checking the feedback in the app. Hard acceleration is you get on the throttle, hard. Braking, the same, defined braking where antilock kicks in.
  3. Today I dropped off my 2020 GMC 2500HD AT4 and they took it out to verify a steering alignment issue. My steering wheel holds left a few degrees and its brand new. The GMC app told me they performed hard acceleration and braking as much as six times over their little test drive. They had no purpose or permission to drive our truck like that during my break-in period. Anyway, I called them on it and they acted dumb, or they are dumb but protect your $70k assets, they surely won’t.
  4. Both of you are describing what I have with less than 1k miles it has been this way since day 1. The dealer said today they are researching the problem further after test driving. By the way I busted them hard. The GMC App records driving habits and my dealer idiots decided to joy ride my brand new truck. They floored the accelerator SIX times and performed hard braking 3 times and idled the truck for 48 minutes to test my reported steering issue. Only drove it 4 miles. They acted like they had no idea I could see how they drove it. I better get some recompense for this BS. This time, technology wins. They owe me now.
  5. My steering requires me to hold the wheel slightly left to drive straight. Verified tires are inflated evenly. I have 852 miles and taking it to the dealer today, hopefully warranty since it’s a new truck.
  6. I got my Retrax Pro and it is really nice. I am going Offroad this weekend in Utah so I will see how much dust actually gets into the bed area. The Retrax seems to have fantastic seals but the tailgate, not so much. The instructions were not totally clear but we got through it. I had to buy a longer bolt for the bed clamps because there was an issue with the aluminum clamp being over-extended when aligning and tightening everything.
  7. 700 miles on our 2020 GMC 2500HD and we got all kinds of warnings pop up that our left rear tire pressure monitoring sensor lost the signal. Tire is fine so anyone else seen this? The sensor started working again a few miles later. Service time with the dealer or let it ride and see what happens?
  8. Your 2019 2500HD has a 14.5k max towing capacity. It isn’t a 2020 and I think some, myself included, assumed yours was a 2020 at first.
  9. I haven’t noticed any in the bed but if they are there, they must be small and I will plug them. It doesn’t rain where I live.
  10. That is cool, I am going to buy one but I am in an extremely dusty environment. Does it have auto-grade type seals running all the way around the perimeter where it installs along the edge of the bed?
  11. Same here, different ones keep coming up every few key cycles plus makes us sign in again.
  12. Ah yes now that would make sense. They didn’t explain its features to us. Thanks!
  13. Does your Heads Up Display show a clock? When I drove off the lot, mine did in the lower left portion of the display, when I got out and restarted it, no more clock. I switched to all of the modes and checked the info center settings, nothing. The oddest part part was the clock on the HUD was incorrect. The truck showed the correct time on all clock indicators except this HUD. For example the truck clock was 9:30PM but the HUD was reporting something like 10:45PM. Any ideas? Thanks, love this forum and glad to be a part of the GMC family. Tundra owner, coming to the other side now.
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