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  1. Any of you have a situation where you are going to stop and just before it stops something goes thunk in a way that feels like you have been slightly rear-ended? No unusual lights or other behavior but is it the drive shaft or tranny? No idea. Clunk, thunk or Cathunk then full stop and it’s RIGHT before the full stop and not every time but seems to be when coming from speed to a stop not just light to light drive n stop.
  2. Mine was squealing since the day we bought it in SEPT 2019. Glad this is out but the dealer said don’t bring it up, just let them find the TSB. Whaaaaat? I have an in-warranty issue I have reported since day 2.
  3. Thanks brother, I got that link and found the others as well.
  4. I’ll look around here for it but that service bulletin was for Clunking Noise from Rear of Vehicle (Re-torque Leaf Spring Bolts)
  5. We need to create a new thread on the squealing brakes, mine does it as well and I reported it a few days after I bought the truck last September and the dealers said oh its nothing they all do that. Bull. My Toyota sure doesn’t and neither should this truck that cost double what I paid for a Tundra.
  6. The dealer just called me and said it was a Glow Plug modulator. How many modulators does this thing have stealing power from the batteries?
  7. My steering wheel holds to the right, its never straight and when reported to the dealer(s), they align the wheels and call it good. I said "It is the steering wheel dorks". Not the tires. Still no fix.
  8. Findlay has it, they have done well before. They are telling me it is a module that has to be replaced and they will just charge my batteries, no replacement even though they were completely dead. I would think that would be a replacement item.
  9. OnStar was useless, they had no clue. This worries me that our all electronic rides can be completely disabled like this.
  10. That worked thanks! It has all kind of engine lights on now but was able to drop it at the dealership.
  11. Got it jump started but the emergency electronic brake won’t release and OnStar was zero help and the dealer had no idea. Is there a fuse I can pull?
  12. I tried to jump it off, nothing. Just called for roadside assistance at my house LOL. The truck is parked on the driveway right up against the garage with the electronic e-brake ON. No way to move it if it has to be towed. I also checked the fuse box torque and they are all good. Roadside assistance jumped it off then it died again after a few seconds then the windshield wipers started running for no reason and it would not take any further attempts to jump. Parking brake is still set. UGH. GMC.
  13. Holy cow dude mine just did this tonight! Deader than a doornail. My trickle charger can’t even resurrect it. WTF GMC. It had updates a month or two ago. I’ve owned it since last September. Nothing is plugged in and no mods.
  14. I noticed this at 2 AM while camping and promptly unplugged that stupid thing.
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