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  1. I noticed this at 2 AM while camping and promptly unplugged that stupid thing.
  2. Dealer told me there is no fix, come pick up the truck. I would rather ditch it on them and say if you cannot even guarantee that my fuel level is accurate....I swear. GM.
  3. My 2020 GMC 2500HD fuel gauge suddenly dropped to zero the other day and the range indicator had - - - displayed. I took it to the stealership and it fixed itself along the way with no error codes. The stealer says there is an ECM update that *may* also fix this. Anyone heard of that? I think they are BSing me here. They are also replacing the rear Bose speakers and fixing the seatbelt retractor which is broken and falls off and a few other stupid things.
  4. No I hear ya brother, my new 2020 2500HD has been at the dealership more times in the last 3 months than my Tundra has for its entire 7 years of existence. By double. Guess what? My 2500HD is back at the dealer AGAIN. I will NEVER buy another GM product.
  5. So I have this issue with not knowing when my truck, a 2020 2500HD is undergoing regen because I drive short distances, long distance and everywhere in between. Given the EPA requirements here, a regen is necessary or we end up with costly problems. Now why GM decided that I do not need to know when the process is occurring is a mystery not only to me but every diesel owner. Sure I can pay $800 for an iBank but has anyone here reported this to their dealer? I have and they are clueless to what a regen is or what. GM should fix this or have cash on hand to pay for our repairs since we didn’t know we were harming our trucks LOL. Really though, how do we know?
  6. I kept pushing gallons of DEF down the tube then siphoning from as deep as I could send the tube until it was nearly clear. So far its running fine.
  7. My problem: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/234417-help-how-does-one-drain-the-def-tank-need-to-empty-it/
  8. So my son and I were doing little maintenance items like adding DEF and Stanadyne and he inadvertently put about 1oz of Stanadyne in the friggin DEF tank before he caught it. I looked underneath and see sensors plugged into what I am pretty sure is the DEF tank (I followed the tubing down to it from the filler) and one towards the front (FIRST pic) looks like you can unplug the sensor and put a large wrench on it and open it but anyone know for sure? Thanks. Sigh...
  9. I am not sure but it really doesn’t do much anyway. If I knew that before, I would not have wanted it. For instance there are no turn signal icons on it just speed, direction, a distance-based car spacing “safety” view and navigational turns if you use the internal NAV only, not CarPlay nav. It also shows music selection but only for a second then the name of the song and artist disappears. I would give it 1 star out of 5.
  10. I tried that and nothing. It is going back to the dealer again. Trip #6.
  11. Last night I decided to mess with the speaker fade settings because my backseat passenger said the audio wasn’t normal back there. When I faded to the rear speakers it sounded like 2” speakers were installed in the back. As soon as I faded two positions forward, everything sounded great again, up front...
  12. We have 2500 miles on it and it has never gone into that regen mode or notified us that it has. I even had the dealer run the service bulletin update and we cannot get it to do so unless it is doing it silently and does not notify the driver. Any ideas? How can I tell if it has completed any of these cycles or if there is a problem until one happens as a result of no regens?
  13. After 4 trips to the dealer, they finally took the tires off and found TPMS sensors broken in half. Note, this truck has never been off road, yet.
  14. They fixed it and said all they did was realign it and that did not help so they rotated the tires and tada, no more pulling.
  15. I have tested how it is defined by trying different circumstances then checking the feedback in the app. Hard acceleration is you get on the throttle, hard. Braking, the same, defined braking where antilock kicks in.
  16. Today I dropped off my 2020 GMC 2500HD AT4 and they took it out to verify a steering alignment issue. My steering wheel holds left a few degrees and its brand new. The GMC app told me they performed hard acceleration and braking as much as six times over their little test drive. They had no purpose or permission to drive our truck like that during my break-in period. Anyway, I called them on it and they acted dumb, or they are dumb but protect your $70k assets, they surely won’t.
  17. Both of you are describing what I have with less than 1k miles it has been this way since day 1. The dealer said today they are researching the problem further after test driving. By the way I busted them hard. The GMC App records driving habits and my dealer idiots decided to joy ride my brand new truck. They floored the accelerator SIX times and performed hard braking 3 times and idled the truck for 48 minutes to test my reported steering issue. Only drove it 4 miles. They acted like they had no idea I could see how they drove it. I better get some recompense for this BS. This time, technology wins. They owe me now.
  18. My steering requires me to hold the wheel slightly left to drive straight. Verified tires are inflated evenly. I have 852 miles and taking it to the dealer today, hopefully warranty since it’s a new truck.
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