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    2017 1500 Silverado 4x4 DC
  1. Had this TSB performed on my 17' 1500 today huge improvement!!! Thanks for posting this almost 18 months ago now. Had asked the dealer earlier about the backup camera being too bright at night, and you get this blank stare followed by it's what? The search function is a wonderful thing. LOL
  2. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    So a question on the double cab. I was thinking that production on the double cab's wasn't starting until Dec. or possibly early 2019 is that correct?
  3. 19' Startup Noise?

    Although my truck is a 17' it makes the exact same noise on a cold start first thing in the morning. I know your truck has a all new motor for the 19's , but I have read where it is normal for the 14-18 model truck's. Yeah I don't really like it either but they say it is normal.
  4. 3.08 to 3.73

    Wish I could find some 3.73's for 600 bucks I would be changing my 3.42's out first chance I got. IMO you will be alot happier with 3.73 gears verse the 3.08's. .
  5. For Sale Range AFM Disable

    Yes sent you a PM
  6. For Sale Range AFM Disable

    Reason for selling this, I traded for a 2015 Silverado 2500.
  7. I have a Range V8 AFM Disable. Used on a 2012 Chevy Silverado. $100 with Free Shipping
  8. Range AFM disable update?

    If you have a problem with it go to the Range website and contact them,pretty sure all it will cost you is the shipping to get it upgraded to the lastest firmware. Using it on a 2013 you shouldn't have any problems. 2014 and up need the upgraded firmware at least that is how it worked on my 2015.
  9. New Colorado

    Thanks, my 2012 does about 14.5 mpg in winter and 16 mpg in summer around town. Been thinking about trading for a Colorado if I can work out a decent trade.
  10. New Colorado

    steig, what is the difference in gas mileage between the Silverado and the Colorado? Nice looking truck.
  11. Good deal thanks for all your help.
  12. Ok thanks I just checked and my truck has the AP8 code. Next time I am near the dealer I'll stop and check what it would cost to add.
  13. What does it cost and what has to be added to the truck to get it to remote start? My sister and BIL's truck has it and I was like what the heck mine don't same trucks I thought. Funny thing she didn't know her truck had it until her 3 yr. old grandson started it one morning.LOL f
  14. Rear Ended Today

    If a dealer body shop does the repairs it will probably show on a Carfax or Auto-check type report. If a independent body shop fixes it chances are pretty good nothing will ever show.

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