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  1. Tpms relearn

    Sometimes it can take some finesse to get the sensors to learn especially if you have wide/negative offset wheels. The dealer couldn't get mine to learn, so I asked my adviser if I could try the tool. Worked like a charm, you just have to know where to hold the tool and give it a few seconds to register.
  2. what are my exhausts?

    Is the exhaust all clamped together? or welded? There should be a brand on the muffler.
  3. AVS Aeroskin Bug deflector

    Yes, just a color matched aeroskin, it blends into the front end very well.
  4. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    how do you like the icons? I know someone else on this forum had issues with them and ended up switching to kings or fox... cant remember which
  5. 6.2 tune out AFM and shiftpoints

    There is only a handful of shops/companies in the country that are claiming to be able to tune 17+ tcm's in vehicle. Everyone else is sending them out to be unlocked by HPT.
  6. 6.2 tune out AFM and shiftpoints

    programmed converter slip lol
  7. How to wire a second Engine Brake switch

    Its not hard to press the switch without taking your eyes off the road.
  8. Need some advice with tuning

    if you have stock 265/65/18 tires on your winter wheels, the overall tire diameter should only be about an inch different from your 305/45/22's. I wouldnt think that would be enough to matter.
  9. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    what dealer and what kind of work was done?
  10. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    theres no way to conceal an ecm thats been tuned any longer unfortunately.
  11. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    They checked to make sure my calibrations were original before replacing my motor mounts to address a shake at idle. They also made me remove my cold air intake and catch can before they had a gm engineer diagnose it.
  12. 14 no heated seats

    you can also pull up a digital copy of your owners manual on the mychevrolet website/app. I would think if the red indicator lights still functioned fine, there would be a problem with the heating elements.
  13. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    Lmao, no way I would have ever thought in a million years that greasing a steering shaft would cure a throttle/load dependent noise. But I had to try. The ticking has never been more quiet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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