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  1. Need some advice with tuning

    if you have stock 265/65/18 tires on your winter wheels, the overall tire diameter should only be about an inch different from your 305/45/22's. I wouldnt think that would be enough to matter.
  2. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    what dealer and what kind of work was done?
  3. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    theres no way to conceal an ecm thats been tuned any longer unfortunately.
  4. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    They checked to make sure my calibrations were original before replacing my motor mounts to address a shake at idle. They also made me remove my cold air intake and catch can before they had a gm engineer diagnose it.
  5. 14 no heated seats

    you can also pull up a digital copy of your owners manual on the mychevrolet website/app. I would think if the red indicator lights still functioned fine, there would be a problem with the heating elements.
  6. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    Lmao, no way I would have ever thought in a million years that greasing a steering shaft would cure a throttle/load dependent noise. But I had to try. The ticking has never been more quiet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Taken off of my 2017 Silverado when it had less than 500 miles. Door handles are perfect, one tab broken on each mirror cap, will not affect function, will still hold securely and no one will be able to tell. $100 shipped to lower 48 if sent paypal family/friends Already packaged with bubble wrap and packaged up.
  8. Radio settings

    bose doesnt have all the extra presets. adjust bass mid and treble to your liking and fade to the rear a tad.
  9. EGR in channel. Zero issues
  10. http://subthump.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes/Chevy-Silverado-and-GMC-Sierra-Extended-And-Double-Cab-Sub-Enclosures-by-Subthump/New-20162018-Camaro-With-BOSE-Plug-N-Play-THarness-And-ANC-Defeat-Harness-Kit-clone.html
  11. changed mine at 30k. Still looked bright red, and ive used 4x4 off road quite a bit
  12. Race fuel smell???

    Race fuel? Never. Might catch a rich whiff of 93 once in a great while but thats about it
  13. fix for rough idle at stop lights is updated motor mounts
  14. MyLink Issues

    did you try reading your manual? or have the salesman that sold you your truck give you a demonstration on how to use all the features in your truck.
  15. Pgamboa Trifecta

    I would be interested in more info on the dual footwell lighting system. What lights did you use? I want a soft ambient on at night, and bright footwells that illuminate when you unlock the truck but shut off when the truck is running.

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