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  1. I had zero issues getting hung up on anything, they rear diff was quite a bit lower than the bars. That truck also did plenty of offroading at the sand dunes, cresting peaked hills. I do understand if youre worried about looks though.
  2. I dont think he needs to do either. It sounds fine. edit: im an idiot i just realized the video posted wasnt from the OP. A mechanics stethoscope is only a few bucks from the parts store. But i would try running premium fuel for a few tanks first to see if that quiets it down.
  3. I made a set for my last truck 1.75" DOM, stainless heims with high misalignment spacers. Rear mount utilized the the stock ubolts (there was enough extra thread not being used). Front mount could either be welded on the frame, or bolted if you drilled one 1/2" hole. Been thinking about trying to design a set for this truck but wouldnt mind grabbing something off the shelf if it meets my expectations lol.
  4. I would be interested if there was a part number that was a direct fit, no dremel needed. But in the mean time, its really easy to use a 2 dollar funnel from the parts store.
  5. ... And for context OP, your truck sounds 100% normal. Honestly quieter than most 14-18 trucks edit: just realized the video posted wasnt from OP
  6. Can i make a non amsoil suggestion? Pop the valve covers off, if everything looks ok and theres nothing loose/broken, just drive it. I had a horrible tick develop that I was sure was a lifter on my 6.2 . Took it to the dealer, they told me it was normal (even though I've owned the truck since new and it had 47,000 miles at the time). I pulled the valve covers and everything checked out. A full day of some pretty aggressive driving, and its been fine since.
  7. Get genuine gm oem wheels, sell the scratched ones for a few hundred. Fuels arent a terrible wheel, they just have a cheap look because of no exposed lugs.
  8. I have never thought this hard about washer fluid
  9. I have a 2 inch level on my 17. 20x10 -19mm and 305/50/20 tires. No issues or rubbing
  10. Labor cost is high because in order to change the filter the pan must be dropped. To do that, the book states that the exhaust (y pipe) needs to be removed. This isnt necessarily true. I dropped my pan, changed the filter and added a pan with a welded in drain plug all without removing any exhaust components.
  11. I installed a dipstick tube on my 8 speed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/8L90-8-Speed-Auto-Transmission-Dipstick-and-Tube-Assembly-fits-camaro/293227394733?hash=item4445b6f6ad:g:TK4AAOSwux5YUbzR Install was a bit of a pain, and I ended up modifying the mounting tab slightly. But you also have this option from B&M that should install easily. https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-M-22173-Locking-Transmission-Dipstick-GM-8L90E/133136674289?epid=10026997878&hash=item1eff906df1:g:aeQAAOSwjvxdS1Zs
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