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  1. Radio settings

    bose doesnt have all the extra presets. adjust bass mid and treble to your liking and fade to the rear a tad.
  2. EGR in channel. Zero issues
  3. http://subthump.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes/Chevy-Silverado-and-GMC-Sierra-Extended-And-Double-Cab-Sub-Enclosures-by-Subthump/New-20162018-Camaro-With-BOSE-Plug-N-Play-THarness-And-ANC-Defeat-Harness-Kit-clone.html
  4. changed mine at 30k. Still looked bright red, and ive used 4x4 off road quite a bit
  5. Race fuel smell???

    Race fuel? Never. Might catch a rich whiff of 93 once in a great while but thats about it
  6. fix for rough idle at stop lights is updated motor mounts
  7. MyLink Issues

    did you try reading your manual? or have the salesman that sold you your truck give you a demonstration on how to use all the features in your truck.
  8. Pgamboa Trifecta

    I would be interested in more info on the dual footwell lighting system. What lights did you use? I want a soft ambient on at night, and bright footwells that illuminate when you unlock the truck but shut off when the truck is running.
  9. Footwell lighting

    lol its crazy I cant find the wire connectors for cheaper than 18 dollars but the leds are only 13. Does anyone know if there is a location to hook them up in the rear?
  10. Surfnrides 2005 Silverado 1500 5.3 Supercharged & Caged

    awesome build
  11. LTZ Chrome to LT Trim

    I have chrome mirror caps and door handles. Took them off when the truck had less than 500 miles. Send me a pm if youre interested
  12. WANTED: 2017 Silverado upper control arms

  13. Looking for some aftermarket upper control arms for my 2017 (with factory stamped steel arms).
  14. Baja Kits UCA's

    of course my truck has stamped steel arms
  15. Fox 2.5 remote reservoir coil overs and Cognito UCA

    id be interested in price as well

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