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  1. looks like somone might have hacked his obd port and put the truck into a full throttle situation.. another reason to lock down your OBD2 port and disconnect all sat and cell data interfaces into the truck. our trucks have no security
  2. gov speed is based on your drive shaft length,
  3. i think you really should of got the last model year of the K2xx series, it's more tunable and lots of aftermarket support. governors restrict top speed due to driveshafts reach critical rpm past 100mph
  4. distilled water can have an acidic Ph so you should get a cheap acid test strip and refractometer from chem lab..these are cheap tools to maintain coolant quality.
  5. idle is also controlled mostly by the ignition timing for tighter idle control
  6. also the airdam is part designed to improve cooling to the radiator, for improved airflow
  7. another option is BMW coolant, 82-14-1-467-704
  8. best security known to all governments is secrecy..... at least hide the truck from view in the garage or use a car cover
  9. how much bigger is the new front swaybar? i have the same rear bar, i like mine at the stiffest setting, but this causes the rear end to loose traction under power when turning hard. i would like to go bigger bar up front and soften the rear setting for better traction in town... i do have the locking rear diff so it tends to cover up any wheel spin if i stay on the throttle and keep the axels locked up. but the middle to softest setting doesnt really have much of any improved handling, go to the stiffest ...tell me what you think then
  10. they we're trying to install thier own ECU . , I would install a cheap cable lock around the ECU under the hood for future protection to slow them down.. cut out switch to the fuel pump would be smart too
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