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  1. the flush from the coolant port will get rid of 60% fluid , i'm guessing, most sits in the torque converter, you can drill a hole in the torque converter and install 1/4 pipe tap and plug. i've seen a guy flush all fluid out of the trans using the coolant return line but he had to keep adding good fluid until the flush port turned bright red. truth is, it's far cheaper to add a super dense bi-pass filter in line of the trans coolant line port. companies like Amsoil make the whole kit and Frantz or motorguard are other options
  2. damn right , but the investment BAnkers did not like it because they had no way to bill the customer for power consumption, since its transmitted to everyone no wires, means no meter=no profit
  3. there is more variable with the new Direct injection system than the rest of the driveline . axles would be the last part i would replace, atleast mount up the "out or balance" axle on a v-block and dial gauge it
  4. its easy fix, requires a razorblade , to deburr the abs plastic flashing around the sensor, interferes with airflow measurement, not all truck have this issue, just pull it out and inspect it.
  5. buy a set of aftermarket springs from a 4x4 shop, see if this fixes it
  6. try doing an ecu tune and an intake cleaning before wasting money on axles. nutshell media blast the intake. the shake is from the out of calibrated ecu, clean your MAF and check for the plastic flashing burrs in the airflow stream of the maf body housing. this is a TSB fix
  7. do the smaller wheels from the impalla , camaro or colorado fit our splines and connectors on the silverado?
  8. i also use a model called motorgaurd, its used as an air drier for compressed air systems , but they started in the 70's as a bipass oil filter. i get them cheap, probably about $80 vs the pricey Frantz , and toilet paper is so damn efficient at filtering tranny fluid an motor oil. filters are cheap , i use industrial grade 1000 ply hard as a rock TP
  9. whats the part number on the full length rear mat? my dog lives back there so i need as much protection as i can get
  10. i would try and see if the COlorado wheel fits , it's a bit smaller so faster turning and more knee room
  11. you should try a frantz filter= 1/10 micron rating
  12. just get the software and tinker on it. only play with one parameter at a time and data log so you can see your changes. the datalogging skill is the 1st skill to understand , HPT includes this with the software. they have one of the best logging tools out there. and its free with the programmer. otherwise a cheap bluetooth obd and torque 2 tablet software is where i would start.
  13. i use them on most of my heavy duty truck transmission with great success.. when i pull the filter roll after 8000 miles one side is black from super micro fine metal and the otherside is pink and clean. the y are amaizing products. another company is called motorguard... similar style filter
  14. Is it possible to run the OBD2 Torque app on screen via AA for live telemetry view while driving?
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