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  1. if you replaced all ignition components , you might want to data log your fuel system before throwing money at it in parts... there is a filter on the high pressure side that I've heard can get dirty and might lean you out if it's plugged
  2. just get the airaid Jr kit, it has everything you need for $170
  3. can you tell me if you know of a forum that is more focused on trans tuning these trucks
  4. $7 elm327 on amazon, cheap android tablet running Torque app Torque app works really well with chevy's
  5. you can purchase the Tech2 clone tool from amazon, this will allow you to delete old keys and renumber the new keys, $140 for the tool, do a forum search on here and on YT..for more tecnical spec
  6. you dont want a rear swaybar on a pick up truck, it's already light in the back wheels , and if you use the truck like a truck should be , by driving up dirt roads and rutted driveways the rear bar will cause a loss of rear wheel traction. if you want sway control buy the heavy duty front swaybar, this is all you need. if you want a rear bar for flatter street driving they sell the upgrade, which i have installed on mine, but it does cause traction issues , i amm able to work around by having the rear locking diff, but its not perfect
  7. i'de really be curious as to see how a new torque converter would act if your truck suffers from bad vibes. keep us posted. like I said the Torque converters on the 8 speed trucks seem to fail at a high rate , so I would be leaning towards this as a rotational component that's largely overlooked due to difficulty in accessibility
  8. try switch to a 5w-30 oil first and see if this stops the oil consumption. after this go the cheap route on the catch can and see if it works for you. after the engine broke in on my truck I switched to 5-30 oil at 35000 miles and the catch can has stopped picking up oil from the pcv line. everything looks good now
  9. how about using thier 2 piece components and then have QA1 make the shafts
  10. i've heard guys where installing Denali axles into thier Silverados, is there a difference in metalurgy , like forged parts or more splines on those axles?
  11. circle D trans sells a larger clutch pack piston for more grip if your pushing past 600hp. i'm still trying to get the trans tune from the Camaro. still researching
  12. gotta data-log the trans PIDs during a run to proove the theory is correct,
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