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  1. just think of it as an opportunity to install a bigger cam, 6.2 manifold and a 6.2 throttle body! : ) its all fun
  2. i'de say your doing alright if thats your only issues, most wonky stuff on these trucks can be fixed with HPtuners
  3. i would have just refurbed an old tahoe my self instead of spending $32k on my new silverado... the older pre-direct injecion cars and trucks is the way to go!
  4. THe l86 cam is very cheap and offers .053 more lift and a smiggin more duration vs the stock l83 cam, this alone might pull 10hp i would guess they run $50-100
  5. http://www.prestonmoore.com/2018_Sierra_L83/ This guy has some cool info for perf mods and info.. is this guy a member on our forum? he's bad ass.
  6. found this little gem, on throttle clean function in HPTuners after you swap to larger TB
  7. there is a failsafe function that forces the fans on all the time. this occurs when your thermostat fails open..
  8. would be cool if you guys could make a Denali/tahoe side mirror adapter mount for our Silverado doors.. I think the smaller mirrors would look nice on the trucks
  9. good info thank you! the tcc on these Torque converters might have issues being locked up all the time. premature wear on the clutch , i would like to install a zl1 converter, hopefully those are built tougher
  10. what do you mean tweak upshift? can i see your file?
  11. are you guys using any special greases on the; bolts, washers, plastic moving parts? So2 moly grease?
  12. i need to tinker with my HPT today ,,, where do I go in the software to adjust the kick down? anyone make a video on this?
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