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  1. optima's are also junk and vibrations destroys them, if you want corrosion resistance , buy an AGM from Autozone....
  2. its a shitty gov lock diff, not worth the trouble!!! better off having a shop install a real locker or posi unit in a peg legger
  3. I want to see him hack the ABS system so we can tune in a simulated electronic positraction using the rear brake calipers to grab the spinning wheel, just enough to maintain traction and not cut the throttle or spark... Good Luck.
  4. well it's been about 200 miles on my centrafugal oil separator. so far so good. it's working great.. all i need to add is drain petcock and it's perfect, i also retained the stock valve cover breather connection, as i wasn't seeing much oil blowing thru the valve covers..
  5. just had a brain fart, wondering if any tech gurus swapped in the smaller Tahoe side mirrors onto your Silverado? I really like the smaller size and it seems to be less of a blind spot compared to the huge factory mirrors on the truck. they look like they have the same base mounting area as the truck.. I've almost took out a pedestrian at a crosswalk, due to the super large A-pillars and giant mirrors this seems like a perfect fix..
  6. the best rims are on the Z71 18" alloys, orthe Police PPV tahoe (steelies) in 17x9
  7. if you want power , in a truck, why not go with a turbo diesel truck instead, built stronger for higher power output and tons more torque
  8. to build it right , you need to install L83 S/C cam, AFM delete and about 4 hours on a dyno.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ CTS-V way cheaper
  9. I wouldn't touch it unless you like wasting precious weekends, sitting in the at the service departments waiting room, who cares if it's warranteed , i have better shit to do with my weekends.... there's a reason "it's for sale..." this truck really isn't all that fast compared to a tuned stock 6.2 truck. I believe it's 1 second quicker , nothing to write home about! its still a heavy pig, stock or boosted , MPG will be worse than factory , like 10mpg... buy an old F-body or used CTS-V if you want supercharged adrenaline
  10. i wasn't talking about towing in v4 not gonna happen, just mentioning v4 and towhaul improve the MPG while on 4 cylinders
  11. Silverado 1500 towing number

    yes, a friend. he has a Reese 5th wheel hitch in his v6 silverado standard transmission pulls a small 5thwheel trailer, fully loaded with camping gear etc.... well into 8-9000 lbs.
  12. i'm able to enter v4, and tow haul will also operate in v4 , it increases the rpm in v4, thus more power on 4 cylinders..
  13. I have a ZF9 speed in my ram van, and it's a total POS.. stay away from all foreign transmission, ( FCV or German stuff from BMW , land rover, Ford, mazda and Daimler ), with more that 6 gears, it's all going down hill. they want to make driving miserable so we buy the next generation electric garbage cars they will be foisting on us!
  14. Silverado 1500 towing number

    you can easilyy tow with a 5th wheel, i seen a guy using the v6 truck and 4.11 rear gears pulling a 8000 lbs 5th wheel trailer

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