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  1. Racist douche-bag

  2. dont waste time buying an exhaust if you dont tune for it, why bother freeing up the flow if your gonna run cats? doug thorly uses thick flanges on his stuff. is made in USA unlike the cheapo headers this kit has the tri y long tubes with connection to muff http://www.dougthorleyheaders.com/thy-352y-l-c--2014-2019-chevy-silverado--gmc-sierra-5.3l-v8-long-tube-tri-y-headers_15752
  3. i'm trying to find a vin number for a max tow truck 2014-19 , wanted to see what type of trans cooling it runs on the GM parts catalog
  4. its all based around satisfying the feds EPA mandates. GM could make good sh*t but big Gov is involved now, they own GM
  5. you cant say SUGAR is the problem, the issue is with "Processed sugars" do not attack organic natrual Sugars.. One can live strictly off oranges or watermellon for a year straight without serious issues. in fact you will experience many health benefits that will blow your mind. TRY IT!!!!! i've done it before if you want to experience the natrual steroids created by your body and become extremly in tune with your enviroment, i suggest you try fasting for 1-4 weeks. theres a point when your internal organs click, are start the natrual process, truely something to experience. i guarantee to will have the hormones drive you had when you where 18 years old! try it!
  6. Sugar is not the problem, manufactuered sugars are the problem , sugar is the basic fuel for humans anatomy. the problem is in the form its fed to the human is whats causing the damage . We really thrive on fruits, berries, and melons. this is ideal diet for us. pizza, and corn based feed is not our diet. we should be living closer to the equator , and running nekid with the apes. but. not everyone can.do this..
  7. we do have a few 100 pumps at my local station, but price is $10/gal. but your gas milage is like 18mpg in the city and 40 mpg highway on that stuff. still not worth it. but dense hydrocarbons sure do put legs on these motors. the 210 thermostat and 87 octane on a 12:1 CR motor = sounds a bit dumb, 91 octane gives you a 2mpg gain over the cheap stuff. do the math you'll see your paying more for 87 fuel /mile
  8. i wonder if there is any connection to the quality and low nutrient density of our modern foods, i swear these farmers have no idea what they're doing, has anyone tasted a fruits or veggie grown by US farmers, the stuff is awful tasting.
  9. yeah the trucks headlamps are aimed too high from the factory and the HIDs are too intense for drivers at night. get them re-aimed by your dealer. it's very annoying for your fellow drivers! the worse offenders are the guys who do level lifts or lift kits
  10. i remmember back in my 90's suburban the manual suggested to reverse the vehicle for 20 feet after disabling the 4x4. iknow its a different system but maybe doing this take the loading off the shifter mechagnism so it can shift to 2wd
  11. for some reason the K5 blazer just had a preceived roominess the doors openings are more upright and not slanted back as much from the A pillar as modern trucks. not having an extra cab just bothers me now.
  12. z71 has better gearing than stock silverados, not sure is the z71 came with aux coolers for motor and trans? was the for the MAX tow model? black out edition is probably the ugliest trim they offer
  13. the 8 speeds are designed well. The transmissions software is designed to be flawed because our Gov. and EPA forces GM to meet federal emmisions mandates for higher MPG ratings.... thus why the lock up converters fail. they are over using the TCC to gain MPG by reducing torque converter slippage, the shudder is the TCC lugging the engine to maintain lower rpm's while driving. when i shut off my TCC lock up from 1-4th gear i lost 2-3 MPG city driving. yet the truck runs so much better. it feels like a hot rod now. I did activate the power enrichment tables on the stock software. so i am sucking more fuel because of this
  14. no way, the old standard cab was cramped compared to the K2 with extra cab, but not overly so, both have good headroom. my 2000 silverado's emergency pedal was always hitting my shin when released. dumb design.. but neither is as roomy as my old trusty K5. built like a box inside. good ergonomics, everything was just perfect in the old days. didnt GM run the old square body for like 20 years, my 91 was the last and the best.
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