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  1. 2019 TrailBoss Rotors & Brake pads

    anytime you add more mass it will be more difficult to slow down the wheel. bigger rotors have more mass and enertia. thus your shocks work harder and the handling sux, as well as braking suffers. I've seen tuner BMW's with stock rotors, while a tuner version includes a special bracket that moves the calipers further out on the swept area of the rotor to increase the stopping power..
  2. 2019 TrailBoss Rotors & Brake pads

    run sticky tires, stock rotors, EBC racing pads, and the 17"x9" police Tahoe rims , all these will improve your stopping power. after that you need to modify the brake bias valve for more rear braking action. the bigger rotors and bigger wheels will kill your stopping power

    unfortunatly big brakes dont stop better, they are just more heat and fade resistant. stock is great. the smaller lighter rotors and calipers have better handling that these porky bits.. where did you source these from an ISUZU NPR 4500 HD? These trucks need better brake bias in the propotioning valves, and more aggressive brake pad compounds... unless your pulling a 14,000lbs boat or trailer this is a waste of money and time IMO
  4. 3.70 gears or 4.11 gears will increase the ability for V4 mode to stay on 4 cylinders at highway speeds and durring slight upward grades. cut out the flapper valve in the exhaust, then you want the 17" steel wheels from the work truck or the police tahoe with the eco tires that run at higher psi. this has a smaller footprint on the road and less mass than the 20-22" wagon wheels. Definatly want to run 91 octane that will yield 2 mpg over low grade 87 octane! next you should lower the truck to reduce turbulance and drag under the body, after that , drop your tailgate so it's not a drag bucket!!
  5. just do the t-stat delete first , one step at a time grasshopper
  6. look it up on youtube many people show the how to vid.
  7. get the base Work truck with a 6.2 and 375 gears and 6 speed, the less technology the better .. I've seen the analog gauges on Saudi trucks look different, you might need a different gauge cluster calibrated in Metric system . lol
  8. take a HP tuners class and do your research, then program your trucks trans, it will be 5X better then GM tune. GM tunes their ecus and trans-puters for different reasons, not for performance or long term reliability...!
  9. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    anyone who tints their front windows so dark you cant see them, are Dbags. oh and young guys who drive dodge Charger/Challengers' they all drive like cunts. lol how about Cops who don't enforce the laws...everyone driving while looking down at thier phone is a D-bag I even see cops doing this shit!
  10. they all have issues, but the older trucks are easier to work on and repair, or modify , the new gens are getting too advanced for thier own good and becoming less reliable with high tech advancments which GM is constantly adding to thier cars and trucks.
  11. just a quick video on our radio service tech function
  12. search youtube, i've seen it done on a vid up there
  13. yes I tell everyone I meet who wants a cchevy truck to buy the pre-Direct injection models before 2014, get a 6.0L 2500 or the trusty 5.3 with fuel injectors.. simple is better,

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