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  1. just datalog the cfm on the maf sensor, no dyno necessary
  2. too high... you can get the wheels off the new 2021 T1 trucks for that price
  3. keep looking on craigs list, 850 is too high for chips and curbing, $500-650 is a good price. you might be able to get a grey powder coat powder, and heat it with a heat gun to repair the chips for spot repairs
  4. i run mine at 31, in summer heat they pump up to 35 psi after 30 minutes.. energy savers are designed to be run 40 psi for low resistance drag, after awhile they will pump up to 45 psi after a long trip
  5. those are real, i have the same set up , those came off a tahoe cause they wheren't offered on trucks in GUn metal, i paid $600 with 200 miles , sell the dumb 20" rims on your truck for $700 to a ghetto rat and your still making money at $800 sale price,
  6. I've learned my lesson with 2 products i bought , from DOdge, NEVER AGAIN... !!!!! i would of went toyota if i had to choose between Dodge and the rest of the market.. and you know what Dodge makes good stuff but they have lousy support and lame warranttee work, and yes electrical issues..... lease it for 2 years and trash it, everything nowadays is designed to fail
  7. i have the 18" z71 GUn metal wheels, they where from a 2018 Tahoe z71 model, one day when i pull a wheel i'll check the flange for a part number they are the silver wheels powder coated with a shiny reflective metal grey look. i like them because no one has them on thier trucks, and they are factory quality, not some chinese crap they sell at the 4x4 wheel shops
  8. what's the friction pad level on the Pads? i think it's a letter rating , just curious if you know...
  9. when will it end?? i cant take this antisocial society anymore.. first it was smartphones, and social media, then texting, now masks, my peers, nieghbors, friend kids. everyone is so difficult to talk to these days.. WTF 'Merica
  10. check the dealer and see if the zl1 camaro has the 8speed with xtra deep pan, like on the ss camaro 6 speed model
  11. try switching to 5w-30 synth oil from redline or other manufacture. my oil consumption stopped when I stopped using 0-20 oil
  12. after checking on my NPR , i notice these trucks do not have the TCC lock up activated in the trans software. most likely NPR doesnt even have torque converter clutches at all.. this is probably why they are more reliable.. only down side of doing this in our trucks is a loss of 2-3 mpg..
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