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  1. yeah and headwind is not calculated, this is all ground speed. doing 60mph with a 15 mph headwind puts you close to 25% efficiency loss.. holy smokes!
  2. i'de like to see where you get the file from to reprogram it? is it gm OEM file of custom tune?
  3. i've been running the Katec for 2 weeks now at 175 I run 180-185 in the city and hwy, the trans temp dropped 8-10 degrees plus i deleted thermostat in trans so i'm at 135 cool city driving-150 on a hot day doing 85 mph on the highway for 100 miles, no need to reprogram fans, it runs fine without going into the ecu. do it!!! I will be pulling a trailer out to El Mirage this month so i'll let you know if i over heat. i doubt i'll go over 160 on the trans and NO Aux cooler needed on an 18 foot toyhauler with the 1500 silverado
  4. i've read that a major part that fails on the truck which causes the stabilitrac warning to come on, is caused by the steering wheel angle sensor. try replacing this part before going further.
  5. did you get a chance to dyno the system? if not use the OBD2 port as it provides HP and Torque output data to a smart phone via torque app, just curious if it shows any improvement.., also how does the tranny pan clear the y-pipe or the x-pipe, is it easier to drop the trans pan now? what other parts are required to complete it, and is it loud as F***
  6. are you goanna do their long tube headers and y collector ?
  7. dont waste your time getting new gears, get another rear diff and swap it in or out until you find the right combo. you'd be surprised after bolting on speed parts that you'll find out the stock set up was best. People just need to learn to drive slower these days 65mph!!!. when civilians and grandmas can buy a 300hp Toyota Camry, that was the end of calm decent drivers. I miss the old days when hondas only made 90hp , you could blow the doors off of 90% of the drivers on the road. now old ladies leave me in the dust!
  8. my next project after my camber caster gauge arrives
  9. haha, this is in KPH... did you upgrade the driveshaft, they are said to fail above 100mph i would invest in a small 2 seater helicopter , way more fun and safer!
  10. i have they drive just fine..I am talking about the GMT-800-900 what do you dislike compared to a K2xx I do own the 2012 Sierra 2500. i love it, and would never downgrade into a k2xx 2500. too much tech for a truck
  11. what was so bad about the 900 series? i must have got a good one no problems for me. I sometimes think alot of forum members are coming from Japanese, and German luxury vehicles and have high expectations of GM and FOrd trucks
  12. i had those Airlift 5000;s on an old suburban. they work great for towing, and height adjustment, but unloaded the ride is brutal. and they kil articulation offroad, yet on the street they feel like a rear swaybar. just depends what your doing!
  13. gmt-900 are built well, its just the interior seat, plastic door panels are cheap. otherwise the drivetrain is the the same as the new k2xx except for DoD crap, they where easier to maintain and repair hard to say if platforms are junk, I start to think the owners abuse the vehicles so much , thru lack of maintnance or incorrect maintnance, this might be a failure point. Operator Error
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