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  1. I have tested and it is working. Thank you for taking the time for the write up. I created one master playlist with around 20 movies. I am only able to navigate the playlist from the rear with the rear remote while the Hard Drive is plugged into a rear USB. i can see the menu up front but cannot control it, which is a problem as the kids are to small to operate the remote. When I plug the HDD in a front USB i am able to see the playlist, but it will not play and the playlist show "no content" Another issue i am facing, is the rear USB seems be powered when
  2. I have a 2019 Tahoe with a rear entertainment system. I have a ton of digital movies in various formats on hard drives. When I plug in a drive or USB the video plays no problem. tried NTFS and FAT32 The issue i am having is indexing the files, there is no way to choose which movie you want to play. The system will just play one movie after the next. If you hit the forward or back button it will just skip to the next movie. There is no menu and when I search the folder it is showing "no content". has anybody encountered this? or figured out how to create a menu system. Thanks,
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