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  1. Congrats on new truck ! Deals are out there for those wanting to upgrade. I just picked up a 18 GMC Sierra SLT Preminm Plus CC last month and traded a 14 in. Enjoy !
  2. GM Smart Phone Apps

    What year is your truck ? I was told my 18 comes with one month of Onstar free and the Onstar ,GMC ,Chevy app will only work during the trail month . So waiting till after 1/8/19 when my one month trail expire to see if the app remote start, lock , unlock work after 1/8/19 My 14 was under the old free 5 year app usage and will miss it if it’s true about 18 app time frame.
  3. Bought a new LT Z71

    Congrats on new truck !
  4. Congrats on a beautiful Truck. Glad to see you were able to find one with the options and price that you where looking for ! Glad the info on Costco helped save some $. You are right about the amount of help that is offered on this forum. It seems every time I come on this forum I learn something new about GM trucks. Enjoy that new truck ! Dave
  5. Employee rebates

    I receive GM Employee discount thru my wife's father. The employee can give out a certain amount of GM Employee discounts per year to spouse mother ,father, son, daughter, brother ,sister. Employee can also give out a friend/ family discount to other which is less of a discount than the earlier mentioned Employee Discount. Friends and Family is closer to GM Supplier Discount. Some times these discounts are NOT stackable with some rebates or bonus tag money. A few times I was able to negotiate a better deal not using the Employee Discount and better off taking large dealer discount , rebates and large bonus tag money. This doesn't happen often but on rare occasions it has worked out that way.
  6. Collision detection .

    Might try setting on screen Vehicle then climate / air control , then scroll down I thought I saw on off for that when I was looking for auto rear defog.
  7. I recently bought 18 Sierra Crew Cab SLT with Premium Plus and was surprised that it didn't have Blind Spot Detection. I would have liked the Push Button Start also . I have gotten use to them both in my wife's 17 Acadia. But it didn't stop me from buying truck. I guess it gives me some thing to look forward too in next GMC.
  8. Outrag1, Maybe there is away to work this upgrade into your purchasing deal ? If they can't do upgrade maybe they can include parts needed ? Just thinking of ways to save some $ I don't no what is needed just going by above posts. Dave
  9. JimCost2014, Thanks for posting. I was looking for that Auto Defog. Thanks Dave
  10. Sorry but it was only transferrable to someone else in house hold.
  11. I think the 19 Chevy grill looks much better and the over look of the new body style looks better than the old body style. When I was recently looking at a new truck I did check out the Chevy . But I bought a 18 GMC Sierra. I have bought GMC in the past because I liked the grill , front end and body lines better. Too me in the past GMC seemed to have a more aggressive look to the front end. The one thing on the new Chevy that I did not like was the body line that ran from top of front fender under mirror on too front doors. It would not have stop me from buying but I didn't like that look. I went into dealer to price and order 19 Chevy or GMC and bought a 18. The deal was the better way to go on a 18 over a 19 and I will trade in 2020 and get rebates on new body style then. It was the smarter way this time.
  12. I always liked the GMC grills better my self . When I went into dealer that sells GMC and Chevy to see about getting a new truck I did check out the 19 Chevy and really liked the grill ( front end ) much more than older body Chevy style. New front end with narrower headlight seems to give it a nasty more aggressive look. I also liked the vents that where added to 19 front end. I ended up buying 18 GMC Sierra. I really like the wheels on the 19 in third picture.
  13. Extended Warranties really is a peace of mind thing . I can turn a wrench but I'm not a mechanic and with all the electronics I buy Extended Warranties. I have made out good in the past with warranties. I had the old GM warranty now Ally on my 14 Sierra that I just traded in on 12 / 8 and received a check (300.00) for the balance on warranty and used warranty on the 14. I had a warranty on my old 04 Corvette and it covered Fuel Tank Crossover Replacement Cost of warranty was 1400.00 repair cost was 2300.00 and another repair for 500.00 and got back 600 when I traded in that car . So I feel good about extended warranty. Regarding Dennis Fichtner at Menholt Chevy , Dennis is great with communication both on phone or e-mail. I will be calling him to get price on my 18 GMC Sierra when the BTB is about three months from expiring. I have always bought the most miles and years that I can and either get cash value of balance of warranty at trade in,or value when doing private sale or using it as a selling tool if selling private.
  14. iPhone XR Wireless Charge

    I just picked up a 18 GMC Crew Cab SLT bucket seats and floor console with the Wireless Charging and my iPhone 10r is too large for charging pad. I think I will just use charging cable thru the cut out by console handle .

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