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  1. I'm not sure this same thing op posted about for about the last month I was hearing a clunky / creeking sound from under my front end of my 18 Sierra with 7000 miles. I made appointment with dealer and took in last week . The mechanic heard sound and found that my frame cross over member and lower control arm bolts needed to be re-torque. Problem solved !
  2. I had a similar thing happen today to my 18 Sierra. Filled up truck pump clicked off but I was sure it should of taken more going by reading of gauge before filling. After filling I checked gauge and it showed 3/4 full. I filled 25 cents more gas into tank neck showed fuel so I know it was full now! Gauge still showed 3/4 after ride home and fuel in neck. I will add a bottle of Techron fuel system cleaner to tank. I had a similar situation with a car I store for winter and the Techron cleaned up sensor of carbon and solved problem. If that doesn't work will call dealer. My Sierra only has abou
  3. Update for anyone that's interested , I took truck to dealer and they re - torque both frame cross member and lower control arm bolts. No more clunking / scaping sounds or vibration ! .
  4. I haven't noticed rpm's fluctuating . I will check out next time driving truck. Thanks for replying. Is clunking sound part of symptoms of shudder / tranny problem ? All I have read about Shudder is vibration, feeling of driving over rumble strip , rpm's fluctuating nothing about clunking sound. Hoping clunking / vibration is a less server problem such as bad ujoint / driveshaft etc. Thought ?
  5. Hello everyone ! Looking for some advise or thought on my problem . I have a 18 Sierra Crew cab with about 6000 miles on truck. I'm getting a slight vibration on wheel and fell vibration in seat. I also get a scaping / clunking sound coming from under truck. I'm aware of tbs for Triple Flush I had Triple Flush done to truck when I was only feeling vibration no clunking sound and about 800 miles ago. Vibration was even less then than now .I just wanted new / correct fluid in tranny . Question is could this be just a bad universal or some thing else besides tranny. Clunking noise is bugging me m
  6. Thanks for replying. I checked out link and took a screen shot of service bulletin to take with me to dealer. Hard to tell for sure location of noise . Thanks again Dave
  7. Hello , I just started hearing a clunking sound coming from under my 2018 GMC Crew Cab with 3700 miles. I notice sound when going slowly turning and going straight either forward or reverse. I seem to hear it more when driving slow not as much when traveling faster. When I say slower I mean under 15 mph. I had wife drive truck next to me in driveway the sounds seems to be coming more from the front of truck but really hard to locate. Sound was more louder/consistent when I was driving in parking lot than test in my smooth driveway. There is NO vibration , shimmy when driving. Truck is great
  8. I have a 18 GMC Sierra with rear defroster and power rear window . I have not received recall in mail or did dealer mention anything when they checked for recalls when I was in middle of last month for inspection. My Sierra was built Last week of November 18 if that matters. Is this limited to certain VIN or all vehicles with rear window defroster and power window? Or only in Canada ? Strange if in Canada and not USA !
  9. Going by my last experience with a GM warranty. In my case my last GM warranty I paid around 1500 for 7 year plan and had a claim for 2300 plus another for 500. When I cashed out plan at trade in time and got 575 cash (check) back with 1 3/4 - 2 years remaining. The warranty Worked out good for me but buying any extended warranty is rolling the dice. For me it’s a peace of mind thing. I agree with comments about electrics best to trade in before BTB warranty ends in you can. I usually keep mine for 4 - 4 1/2 years. I can turn a wrench but I’m not a mechanic so I go extended warranty speciall
  10. Give Todd Sutherland a call . Todd works for MacMulkin Chevy Corvette (603) 888-1121, They are in NH. I’m on the Corvette forum a lot and he is highly recommend . I just purchased the newer GMEPP Platinum Plan 5 year 40,000 mile 0 deductible from him for my wife’s 17 Acadia. I have also purchased same plan from Todd Sutherland but with more years and miles for my 17 Corvette. I received quotes from local dealers by me and another vendor on Corvette Forum Todd beat everyone by a lot I mean hundreds cheaper. Before calling google GMEPP to get a idea which plan you want. Platinum, Silver etc . E
  11. I have a 18 Sierra Crew Cab I notice a vibration when deceleration. I also own a 2017 Corvette and on the Corvette Forum C7 section there is a lot of info with vibration when in or entering V4 mode. There is mention of Range Device / AFM Disabler that keeps vehicle from entering V4 mode. My Corvette didn’t have any problems with V 4 mode.But I bought Range Device back in 17 to keep Corvette from entering V4 mode as a preventative / peace of mind thing. In November after putting car in winter storage I pulled device out of car and installed in 18 Sierra. I thought lets see if this will help wi
  12. Congrats on new truck ! Deals are out there for those wanting to upgrade. I just picked up a 18 GMC Sierra SLT Preminm Plus CC last month and traded a 14 in. Enjoy !
  13. What year is your truck ? I was told my 18 comes with one month of Onstar free and the Onstar ,GMC ,Chevy app will only work during the trail month . So waiting till after 1/8/19 when my one month trail expire to see if the app remote start, lock , unlock work after 1/8/19 My 14 was under the old free 5 year app usage and will miss it if it’s true about 18 app time frame.
  14. Congrats on a beautiful Truck. Glad to see you were able to find one with the options and price that you where looking for ! Glad the info on Costco helped save some $. You are right about the amount of help that is offered on this forum. It seems every time I come on this forum I learn something new about GM trucks. Enjoy that new truck ! Dave
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