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  1. I actually wanted the Denali but my local GMC dealers 1# could only tell me that they are professional grade. ( thats it thats all they could say). And 2# didnt take me serious that i wanted to buy a new truck. I did visit the one dealer with the new Silverado and he made some story that he called and this and that. So if he'd taken me serious I would be driving a GMC but im happy this far with my Silverado.
  2. Got Red a little dirty today..
  3. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    This is interesting... Is it something with the 6.2L? I have the 5.3 in mine and have -0- issues so far (knock on wood) ?
  4. Yes... why do we even have this antena? My cruze has them combined in the fin... kind of a let down
  5. Yeah i know its for the last 25 miles but this was on my return trip...
  6. I love this Truck! Two trips and boat is unloaded... and even averaged 23mpg fully loaded down... no i dont try to pull this boat...
  7. I dont see any of these items? I dont see a message app available? I tried calling onstar and tech support but they were 0 help.
  8. WOW looks sweet! What did you go with for the leveling kit?
  9. Greetings ALL, So wanted to share my experience so far with the new 19 Silverado with the Infotainment 3 with nav. I'm not sure if they've done away with the feature but I can not get text messages through the truck. Not sure if this is something new and the dealer didn't know either. The other strange thing is every time I get in the truck it tells me that I have to sign into the radio to have service. I thought we were also supposed to have a bunch of apps to use but I only have Spotify and TWC. Nothing else is available. Am I alone or this really something not right with the truck? thanks, Pyro
  10. Looks like we have twins... Love this picture I took of mine in the garage... Anyone want to guess my favorite color?
  11. Thanks for the info everyone. Got the matts laid down under the rear bin with no issue. I did notice under the matts there are cut marks that show to trim them around the starage bin.
  12. Well I'll Join the Club... just picked Red up on Wednesday...
  13. Greetings Everyone, I picked up my new 19 Silverado on Wednesday and I just can't simply figure out how the factory floor mats with the factory storage piece doesn't work. It's not even close. What has anyone else done about this issue. I don't really want to cut the rubber mat and don't know how accurately I can cut the rear storage piece. Seems like a pretty obvious issue. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks, Pyro

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