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  1. * Update #12* Truck is back in the shop to finish up repair orders. New development though. Now I have a metallic grinding noise at 2000rpm. They are supposed to investigate it. I'm hoping that it's something stupid like a loose heat shield but with my luck it's probably a broken transmission component. We will see this afternoon what they tell me. I do hope I get my truck back today as we are supposed to get a BUNCH of snow the next 24 hours.
  2. *Update #11* I got the truck back last Thursday. I drove to work on Friday morning and the radio and dash gages wouldn't shut off. I'm not going to lie that I lost my ever loving mind. So far the brakes work... so fingers crossed. They are still waiting on more parts to fix my truck as not everything is 100% yet. I'm so upset by this entire process... For now the truck is in my garage I guess but yeah. This has not been a good journey with GM at all.
  3. You're exactly right. That's exactly what they are for and how they function.
  4. *Update #10* Well....... great....... all this time of waiting around and the parts I need for my truck are on backorder with no expected date to when they can be shipped.... I guess that the saga continues and I wait...
  5. So I'll chime in my 2c worth of experience... I own a 2019 HC with the 5.3L and the 8 speed... Yes, on cold starts I notice a hard shift or two but no shaking or any issue trans wise. My truck has been at the dealer for almost 2 months and the past month I've been driving a 2020 trail boss with the 5.3L and 10 Speed. The 10speed is very smooth compared to the miles I've driven on mine. Like a noticeable difference when I go to launch the vehicle. The MPG is a little less but it's also a few inches taller than my truck and has different wheels and tires. Overall I've been very happy with the performance of the TB with the 10 speed...
  6. November 18th to January 14th seems like a reasonable amount of time? (heavy sarcasm expressed) *Update #10* Well, I got the call from GM this past Saturday that they are going to approve for my truck to be fixed. I was told today that the dealer is now working on it. I don't know what this means exactly as far as my entire list of items that I wanted to have addressed but it's supposedly happening... Fingers crossed that it's all good in the end... *side note* After tooling around in the 2020 trail boss with the 10speed trans... I don't hate it...
  7. unfortunately not really an option in my state given that it took 14 months and 16000 miles to go wrong.
  8. Well, I may be a bit biased but if I were you I would wait until you hear that GM has the brake issue and rear window leaks sorted before you dive into a new truck. There's several threads about the issues and I can tell you that they are not very fun at all. I'm paying for a truck I can't even use... Just my two cents but I also know that I'm not alone. I love the new Silverado's but some of the issues that are now cropping up are really a big deal...
  9. *Update #9* Well, today is the 1 month anniversary of GM allegedly receiving my claim about everything going on with my truck... It's funny because in my mind this all took place well before thanksgiving but I digress... What do I know today verses the previous posts? NOTHING! No information either way from GM or the dealer. I'm just in a holding pattern. I am now driving around a 2020 Trail Boss which is a nice vehicle but I'm pretty sure that I'm paying for a High Country. I know I shouldn't be upset since all my miles and wear and tear are not going onto my vehicle but I mean it's also not my vehicle. It's also difficult to get my 79 year old mother into this loaner truck being a Trail Boss and having no side steps. She's stubborn and does not like the fact that I have a step stool to help her in and out. I'm a very patient person but this is starting to fray my nerves. The more I look at the entire picture and think of the money I'm paying out every month, (Truck payment, insurance, OnStar, Etc.) but not really getting to utilize all that I'm paying for is really frustrating. Buyers remorse I guess really is a thing but unfortunately it took over a year for it to hit me. I really love my truck but this entire experience has really made me rethink my purchase and loyalty to this company...
  10. I can tell you that if the dealer used the truck for a loaner then the like to get 2000 to 2500 miles on them before they switch them. That's my experience locally though. I'd also be surprised if they used a High Country as a loaner. I wish you luck with your issues as I'm over a month in with 0 from GM on what they suggest to fix them.
  11. *Update #8* Well met with the field tech on Wednesday. He went to the dealership first went over the truck then came to my home to meet with me. Seemed like a very nice gentleman. He also now understands why it's a necessity to have 4wd for where I live... Took some pictures and got my information. He was hoping to have his report submitted before Christmas. I'm sure that GM will not respond until the new year however. Hoping that everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season and stay safe. I've been warning other 19 drivers about my issues and making sure that they know about the newest recall on the brakes. I don't know if mine's anyway related to that but it should be enough to get people thinking about it... *side update on the rental truck - I still have it sitting on 2,300 miles at the moment... I will probably clip the 2,500 mark today as I'm out running errands... Called the dealer to see if they had a replacement 4 wheel drive and I was told all they had was a Malibu so I'm keeping the truck... I hope the mileage thing doesn't come back to bite me in anyway cause It's not really anything remotely my fault that they can't get me into another 4wd...
  12. * Update #7* Call from GM first thing this morning and they informed me that they were sending in a 3rd party contractor to tear down my truck and look into the issues I'm having. They didn't give me a whole lot of information but I do know that all of my information was sent to them and the engineering team investigated my issues. I wish I had more news but they told me it would take at least 10 days for the investigators to go over everything and make a report. (ON A SIDE NOTE: I was also called shortly after that phone call from the dealer saying that I need to bring in my loaner vehicle because it has to be turned back in before 2,500 miles are on the truck. I'm at 2,100 miles roughly. They also do not have a replacement for me to take... So that's great... It seems like I'm just out a 4wd vehicle as we are now starting to get sh!ty weather which is the entire reason I bought the truck...) Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. *Update #6* Well, I waited, and waited, annnnddddd waited... no call... So I started making some calls and trying to find my way through GM support. Finally I was able to get an extension number for someone I should talk to and transferred me and it rang and rang but nothing. I was going to call it directly but they didn't give me the beginning part of the number just the extension. So more calling around and explaining and I was able to get ahold of the person that was looking into my case. She promptly told me that she'd called me... Ummmm no. I've had no calls. So I spent 30 to 40 minutes trying to remember everything from 2 weeks ago and what everyone has told me at the dealer and such. My truck is still sitting on the floor no one is supposed to touch it and they tell me that it may take 30 days for GM to make a decision. I even offered for them not to fix the damage on the front because dang it I want MY truck that I am paying for to work like it's supposed to. I'm really getting frustrated by this whole situation. I work for an automotive supplier and I know the hoops we have to go through to get parts approved and I want to know who signed off having electronics between the driver and the brake pads. seems really stupid to me. Sorry for the rant but no progress even through I've now sent several return emails and calls and....... *crickets*..........
  14. *Update #5* Well the dealer has been told ALL STOP on my truck. They informed me yesterday that GM would be reaching out to me yesterday... I'm still waiting to get a phone call today to know what exactly is going on. I have asked to call GM while I'm with the service manager because it shouldn't take a week to be told that they are not going to fix the truck. He informed me that they would call me eventually. Luckily they did swap me out from the Trax I was driving to an older style truck with out all the bells and whistles. I at least fit better in this truck but it sucks bad that you spend 65-70k on a truck and get a years worth of use then be hosed. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm hearing more horror stories now with GM vehicles and I've always been a loyal GM buyer this being my 3rd brand new Chevy I've purchased. I'll keep you guys posted as to what the heck is going on while I act like a teenage girl waiting on the phone to ring...
  15. *Update #4* Well supposedly someone from GM engineering is to look at my truck today. The service advisor took my concerns seriously and made some phone calls while I was there with him. They are to investigate the truck today and figure out what is going on. I'm hopeful for a positive outcome but I'm very leery of this vehicle now. I'm glad that what I ended up hitting was something that I owned. What if it wasn't? It would be an even bigger issue if another persons property was involved... It seems so strange that over a year and 16k miles it's like a switch was flipped and boom all kinds of issues...
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