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  1. I didn't find a way in my high country but I did move the camera button to the 1st home screen page. Just long tap and drag to where you want to place it.
  2. OK, I thought it was just me... I'm using my phone's unlimited data hotspot and yes... it takes forever with the Pandora app also...
  3. Here's mine with the Carbon fiber text. I love how it looks!!!
  4. So recently I was in a situation that I needed the truck in a remote part of my property to help unstick another piece of equipment. I will say that I was very thankful for the exterior lighting on this truck between the head lights, the mirror lights, and the bed lights I could easily see the situation and work efficiently. It was really the 1st working use for the lights and I was very thankful. There's lots of talk about these trucks but I must say the exterior work lights are great in pitch dark conditions! Now if I could use the truck bed outlet without having to restart the truck every 15 minutes....
  5. It's the Chevrolet app... It's part of the features available.
  6. Finally tailgate letters (carbon fiber) and auto fogs with high beams... life is good...
  7. Um.... NO. Ford is my key account at work but not my go to brand for automobiles. My dad worked for GM for almost 39.5 years. Since I was able to drive I've driven Chevy vehicles. None of my other GM vehicles have I noticed the wild swings with the voltage. I have tried to wait 30 seconds or so once the pump stops then try and see how much more I can fill her up. Just seems like a strange happening... Thank you all for the replies...
  8. Also, for the voltages. I'm not using the 110 outlets or any other outlets that would draw on the system either.
  9. SO have noticed over the past few months that I never seem to fill my HC according to the gauge. It always shows a tick low unless I fill from over a half tank. If it's over a half tank when I fill up then it will show on the FULL line. If I fill from under half it always shows a tick below the full line? I also started to notice that my voltage swings widely. I can go from almost 15v and it will drop to 13 for awhile then back to 14.5 then back to 13. It's constantly moving which seems strange... Anyone else noticing anything weird with the gauges like this?
  10. Well, I was told they replaced the condenser and I was charged -0- so fingers crossed no more issues...
  11. Well made it into the shop today. Looks like the condenser is leaking. They asked if I'd hit anything with the truck? Um no... Ok, then it should be covered. I hope they don't try to screw me over this. Hopefully I get it back tomorrow...
  12. Well, it was finally warm enough in OHIO to need the AC yesterday. Driving home for 1.5 hours with just the windows down because the AC doesn't work. How was this not caught at the factory? Well... guess I'll be calling the local dealer again but it's not exactly convenient. Wish me luck.
  13. Well, it ended up taking the dealer 4 days to finish replacing this hose and all of the other recalled items. BUT! the whistling noise is gone praise the lord!
  14. I hate that the truck doesn't have a good place for glasses. SO I came up with a solution. I have a sun roof and this works perfectly for me. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JP1XGH/ref=twister_B075JPWJH5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Well, we are on DAY 2 of them trying to replace this stupid hose. I still don't have my truck and now they are waiting on another part to complete the process...
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