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  1. Nope, The torque converter is set up to handle running with no issues. When the engine is idling and the trans is in park the internals of the trans are not moving other than the trans oil pump which cools the clutch and torus in the converter... I may have inside Information on this...
  2. I'm glad to see this topic brought up. I just found this out this past weekend in the cold and snow... It is very frustrating that it shuts off after 30 minutes with out the fob and after an hour with the keys inside. I was working outside and left the truck running so I could duck in and worm up. I was shocked that it was off after a few times of warming up. If the keys are in the car it should allow you to keep it running. Crazy way to keep us from "killing" ourselves...
  3. I hate to hear this... I think this is not normal. I use mine almost everyday and have had -0- issues?
  4. There's a button on the end of the arm that also controls the windshield wipers. Just press the button on the end and you will see the dash symbol at the top left disappear and you know Intelibeam is disabled.
  5. Well little update, The dealer was not really any help. The only thing coming from GM is some type of noise from the PCV that engineering is working on. I swear that this sound is coming from the ANC system. It is very annoying and would like a fix if anyone has one. It makes me not want to drive the vehicle.
  6. Is it possibly the electric parking brake?
  7. EGR window vents

    Finally got these and put them on. One thing to note. The auto up windows freak out and open automatically at first give it time to seat in the track.
  8. How to permanently turn off auto shutoff?

    Am i missing something with this? I dont even notice the truck shut off or turn back on? Also you can double pump the brake qhen you stop which also bypasses the start stop every time.
  9. BAK MX4 Installed.

    $830 with free install and $75 rebate. Tape measure is the easiest way. Most of the silverados ive seen to date are the 5'8" bed.
  10. BAK MX4 Installed.

    They are the gm accessories ones.
  11. BAK MX4 Installed.

    Flap picture
  12. I can say im happy. Good black friday deal. Auto up and down tailgate works perfectly with thd cover and it folds and lets the rearview camera still work... happy with the addition. Also added the rear mud flaps because i cant figure out why it came with every other flap except the rear ones...
  13. 2019 license plate lights

    Yes and yes... thats what i installed.

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