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  1. I wish mine had more chrome. Taking off the High Country turns it into a base truck look. Don’t get the whole de-badge scene but of course I might be on an island by myself.
  2. Chrome looks outstanding. I wish there was more...
  3. Its extremely frustrating. They replaced it once already then few weeks later it broke again after closing mirrors the 2nd time. I only close them when washing my truck. I’m going to stop by the dealer next week when I’m back from vacation. Thanks for the input.
  4. My passenger mirror won’t close and is stuck facing the opposite direction. I had it replaced 1 month after a bought the truck but 2 weeks later when I pushed the button to close them it screwed up again. I was told by my dealer GM currently doesn’t have a fix and was told to call back 1 month later to follow up. This sounds like BS to me. Has anybody else had issues?
  5. I wouldn’t touch that truck. The stock wheels look much better but some of course would disagree. Personally leveled mine out and added some 33 Nittos and love it. I also wouldn’t debadge, that being said I’m almost 50 years old so maybe that’s the old man in me but that’s one of the things I liked about the truck. Congrats...
  6. How do I turn off the Intellibeam which automatically turns on my high beams.... I’ve looked it up myself with no luck.... It’s bad enough most cars I pass think my high beams are on anyways now my high beams wanna turn on at every turn where it’s temporarily dark... It’s extremely frustrating... Thx
  7. I’ve got 1,300 miles on mine with no issues...
  8. That’s great... I would be glad with 17...
  9. Agreed... I drove a Trail Boss with the 5.3 but soon as I drove the High Country 6.2 it was over...
  10. I just leveled mine and added 33 inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers... What I don’t understand is how some with our same truck are claiming to get 22 and 23 mpg... I am around 15... I don’t drive aggressive either...
  11. That’s a good looking truck...
  12. Bought my 19 High Country 2 weeks ago and have already leveled along with adding 33 inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Paid a lot of money and have ZERO regrets. To me if it’s mostly about the money you either can’t really afford it or your missing what really matters, what matters is “are you happy”... That simple. If your happy with the truck all of the other stuff fades out... Not trying to lecture but shit man enjoy your rides... All of these trucks are bad money investments, just like a mobile home they constantly depreciate... That being said again zero regrets.... The 2018s for sure better bang for your buck with all the discounts but the 2019s look so much better especially the High Country & Trail Boss... My dealer said they can’t give away the 18s once someone sees the 2019s... I was exact same way and so was my menopause crazy ass wife... That my friends is a miracle because currently she hates breathing... Out....
  13. My receipt says Chevy level kit but if I’m not mistaken the tech said Rough Country.

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