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  1. This is part of the reason these trucks cost $65,000 ... defending such claims BTW I agree it should have a lock for the retracted position.
  2. Like most here I also feel it's virtually seamless. I would say that if you didn't know that there was this function, it would never cross your mind that anything was happening.
  3. I will agree that the product thickness seems less than my previous LINEX but it doesn't appear inferior to me. Coverage is adequate to provide protection and the adhesion seems fine. Personally, I installed a BedRug on my last truck as well as this one and for me, that's the way to go.
  4. I love mine. Spent yesterday moving items to storage and used the stair function about 30 times. Those over 50 will wonder how you lived without it. I don't see any problem with the trailer hitch, I'm standing right there when I release the tailgate and should recognize there is a hitch at my shin.
  5. Mine is the REV Industries Hard Rolling Cover part# 19416967 from the GM accessories catalog. Same as the REV Revolver but rebadged for the OEM. Works great. Dealer threw this in for being a long time customer. Very secure.
  6. When I was test driving I was in both the SLT and Denali. I honestly couldn't tell much difference. I went with the Denali but if I had to pick I would say the SLT was a touch smoother, probably due to the 20" vs 22" wheels. I find this generation far superior to my 2008 and 2013 Denalis but muck closer to this last generation.
  7. My Denali ultimate is exceptionally smooth and quiet. Very hard to tell when DFM is activated, every so often I can faintly notice something but nearly imperceptible. Drove 1300 miles last weekend both in town and highway with zero complaints except for the stock Bridgestone tires in snow. BTW this has 22" wheels, 6.2L / 10sp with stock exhaust.
  8. Corsa exhaust

    Scratching my head as to why Corsa and Borla seem to be dragging their feet getting their product out there. One would think they would have an offering as these trucks hit the showroom floor. In Borla's case they should have a leg up because they make the GM Performance exhaust.
  9. I just got mine installed today. I got the one listed in the GMC accessory catalog which is made by BAK. Liked it better than the 3 panel BAK cover for how I typically use it.
  10. Chrome molding

    Thanks. Looks nice BTW
  11. Chrome molding

    Please tell me more about the chrome molding.
  12. GM Floor Liners

    I watched the dealer install mine. The back of the mat has indicator lines where to cut and fit with the storage box.
  13. I think those views on the HUD are available on the Yukon Denali, not the Sierra. Just like adaptive cruise control...

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