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  1. Autostop Eliminator

    Works perfect for me also.
  2. Simple install. Sub is just a stock JL wedge box, plenty of room. Amp was straight forward, especially when using a LLJ Customs adapter harness in to the Bose system.
  3. I think the noise is the electric parking brake. Push the button and see if that is the noise you are hearing.
  4. I use this - https://www.autostopeliminator.com/store/c11/auto-stop-start-disable-gmc-sierra-2019.html Works perfectly.
  5. I thought the user agreements were for the apps like Spotify and Weather channel. I could be wrong though.
  6. Mine is great. Never had any of the issues listed above.
  7. autostop eliminator

    Paid $60 on preorder. For me...just because there is a button close has nothing to do with it. For standard, everyday configuration I don't want to push the button to disable autostop, change seat position, side mirrors, radio power and station, headlights, door locks, temperature, fan speed, 2 or 4 wheel drive. All of those functions have buttons just as close but they don't change their state when I shut the vehicle off. Easily worth the $60 to me but apparently not to others. Started my truck 6 times today and never gave it a thought. If I own this truck as long as my last Denali (2008) I will have saved myself well over 22,000 pushes of that button and probably a starter or two.
  8. I just saw that JL Audio is offering a stealthbox for under the rear seat for the new generation truck.
  9. autostop eliminator

    Just installed mine yesterday. Works perfect
  10. Installed today. No issues with the install. 30 minutes tops. Works perfectly.
  11. Just received mine today.
  12. I preordered mine a few weeks ago and it shipped yesterday. Might install this weekend.

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