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  1. What type of Fuel rims? They told me the Mavericks would fit and just a small selection of 3 others, but they did not appeal to me.
  2. I appreciate the compliment. you know that is a great question, IF I didn’t have an agenda for the stock wheels & tires and not wanted to do a black wheel then yes, I do believe that I could have wrapped the stock wheels with 35’s and rolled like that.
  3. No the kit does not give a wider stance. With stock tires & rims on, they were still sitting in the same place as stock.
  4. I know this isn’t a T1, however the T1 wheels sure do look good on my Hoe
  5. Yes I am sticking out about an inch more than I wanted. I wanted to do the 20X9 wheels but it doesn’t look bad. I took a picture for you for you to show
  6. Yeah it was a tad frustrating. I made the comment to my wife that this is supposed to be fun and it was wearing me out. Question 1- The Fuel Vapors I believe had a +1 offset. The 20X9 and 20X10’s were both attempted. To be honest I have no idea on the offset of these Moto Metals. Question 2- No according to Fuel it is not the offset that was the issue. To make them work I would have had to use a 1/4 inch spacer and when I brought that up to the shops they said they absolutely do not recommend that. Fuel told me that they are aware of the bigger brake issue and plan to redo a lot of their wheels because of it but who knows when they will come out. Question 3- I do rub just a tad in reverse when the wheel is cranked pretty far over. My front splash guards had to be removed. Question 4- Not sure about the length of the strut spacer. Question 5- I only have Fox shocks on the rear I am happy to answer the questions, you are absolutely right, hardly any real world info available, only the show type trucks that don’t do daily driving.
  7. 6” BDS Lift Fox 2.0 Shocks 35 X 12.5 X 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers 20 X 9 Moto Metal Shift
  8. 6” BDS Lift Fox 2.0 Shocks 35 X 12.5 X 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers 20 X 9 Moto Metal Shift
  9. Sierra Dan.... The long wait is over
  10. Amp power steps

    Ain’t this some shit.... Called around to 3 local shops yesterday in my area, I received quotes of... * $1799 Installed out the door * $1700 Installed before Tax * “Those aren’t out yet sir” Damn those prices are INSANE!
  11. WELL....... Just has been a tad bit of an ordeal - Lift took dealership 4 days to install -The Fuel wheels I picked out would not clear the brake caliper, after an hour on the phone with Fuel they gave me 5 options of wheels that would work until they did a wheel design to fit the new Silverados. All of the options did not appeal to me so had to find a different brand. -Back to the drawing board, found some Moto Metals that I liked and confirmed fitment -Installation of first wheel & tire had rubbing against the front splash guard - I had to go to a Christmas party last night so last I heard the front splash guards were removed and I will see how it looks and if anymore rubbing this morning.
  12. FYI, being the guinea pig SUCKS!
  13. Ok Ok still working on it so reason for teaser, but I have a couple more I can share.....

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