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  1. Hey bro, I have visited Silverado/Sierra forums but it’s been a hot minute. Used to look up info back when I had my 08 Silverado. I joined up here before I got my 2019 Silverado to learn about it and see what people enjoyed about the different trims before I pre-Ordered mine. This post I remember was right before I pre-ordered, I did not know if I wanted to go Trail Boss or LTZ and go 6” lift. I ended up going LTZ, then added a 6” BDS lift when they went on sale after SEMA which was late December 2018.
  2. I removed my front 2 mud flaps and like @DanHc I only rub when I crank it all the way left while reversing.
  3. @FirstAscent The height of the rear block is 5” and the height of the front strut spacer is 6”
  4. NUGG you did end up getting it lifted! I was wondering if you did or not. Tell me about your Vapors, how did you get them to fit? Do you have spacers? I remember when we were chatting before the lift kits ever came out and we found out we both had Black LTZ Z71’s, we both wanted to get the Vapors but they did not end up fitting for me. They were hitting the brake caliper so had to go a different route, but I see you did end up going with them which I want to know how you did it.
  5. I am wanting to pull the trigger on some Amp Research power steps, but all of my local shops with installation are wanting just shy of $2,000 and that is rediculous to me. The best price I have found is 4 Wheel Parts is $1774 Installed out the door. I have been looking online since December 20th and just not finding any great deals except Discount Bandit and I really don’t trust them. I am hoping that maybe someone has a good place to point me to get a damn good deal that is less than $1399? Also I am in Texas so if any other fellow Texans know of a local sh
  6. Bulldog, to piggy back off of what Mizzou said, go the 5.3 route. These new GM trucks with the 5.3 have some zip to them. I was screwing around with a ram before I got my lift on and chirped the tires real nice going into 2nd gear. GM did a weight reduction in this body style so the 5.3L performs way better than in the previous years.
  7. Well this is a problem due to the new big brake calipers on our 2019’s. I tried to fit the Fuel Vapors (D560) and they are a no go. I had a very lengthy conversation with A fuel representative and he explained that GM did not even provide them measurements, they had to get a test truck which they did not get until October to start figuring out they had to re do a ton of their wheels to work with the 2019. When will that happen? They don’t know exactly when these “2019 friendly” wheels will be available for sale but assured me they are in the works. I had a wheel distributor make me
  8. Good for you installing yourself. Everywhere I call say installation is a solid 4 hours so they are adding $250 to the price and charge you tax on the install which jacks the price up too high. Just gives me the case of the red ass because I want them so bad, but not willing to pay $1900 for them.
  9. Oh no I did not attemp to install myself. In order to protect your power train warranty a dealership has to install. As far as the offset question I am not sure.
  10. What type of Fuel rims? They told me the Mavericks would fit and just a small selection of 3 others, but they did not appeal to me.
  11. I appreciate the compliment. you know that is a great question, IF I didn’t have an agenda for the stock wheels & tires and not wanted to do a black wheel then yes, I do believe that I could have wrapped the stock wheels with 35’s and rolled like that.
  12. No the kit does not give a wider stance. With stock tires & rims on, they were still sitting in the same place as stock.
  13. I know this isn’t a T1, however the T1 wheels sure do look good on my Hoe
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