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  1. Hmm. Wonder if they did something different with the refresh trucks. The tool worked with my ex wife's 2013 GMC Acadia, my 08 Avalanche and my 21 Trail Boss. Not sure what the PNs were for the sensors I have. I just ordered some off ebay that said they were OEM.
  2. Any 433mhz sensors will work. Previous gen trucks were 315mhz. Annoyed me because the stupid tire shop destroyed my tires when I took new sensors to them to put in the aftermarket wheels and tires I had on my 08 Avalanche. Not to mention they scraped my new wheels all up. You can purchase dual frequency sensors that will pair with either. A cheap $10 tool from ebay or Amazon will work to pair them to your truck once you put it in pairing mode as described in the owners manual.
  3. Highly doubt it's plug and play since it requires a different headlight switch with the task light button. For adding fog lights on my Custom you have to have the BCM programmed to enable them. I'm guessing the same would be required of the task lights.
  4. Have you checked Ride Tech or Air Lift? They're big players in the air suspension game.
  5. I don't even like my Trail Boss shocks from new. It was kind of bouncy with the stock 20" wheels and I put on 20x10 wheels with -19 offset and 275/60/20 OEM Bridgestone ATs and it's even more bouncy now. I really think a rear sway bar would greatly improve the ride and handling. It would hinder it offroad but I'm going to look into sway bar disconnects and see if there's any that would work for an aftermarket rear bar.
  6. There is a ridge on the T1 calipers in front that cause clearance issues. You can fit older style wheels with a 5mm/1/4" spacer on the front. The aftermarket wheels I had on my Avalanche hit the ridge on the caliper and once I put the spacer on, it clears fine. They're small enough you still get plenty of thread on the lugs so no worries about it breaking the studs or lugs. Refresh has nothing to do with fitment. They've been the same since the T1's were introduced in 2019 as stated above.
  7. Check the owner's manual because it specifies in there how many miles you should have on it before any towing occurs. I still can't get past the 4 banger in a full size truck. My sales lady said her boyfriend had one and all his friends made fun of him for how it sounded when he got stuck in snow towing a snowmobile trailer. My 6.2 sounds mean with a muffler delete and I like it that way!. Best I've gotten is 20.8 and I average around 15.8.
  8. I had seen some fitment info on ebay that the handles fit 2014-2020, but I don't trust how accurate ebay descriptions are.
  9. There were news articles when the T1's came out that they were supposed to be lighter than the previous gen but got worse fuel economy. I didn't pay much attention at the time because I didn't have plans to buy a new truck back then.
  10. No complaints with mine. They were great in the snow this winter, but still had to use 4x4 to get up my bit of a hill driveway when it was frozen/packed snow and ice. They have been fine on the highway and took a trip from Michigan to Iowa with no issues. I picked up a set of Bridgestone AT's that were takeoffs from a guy with an AT4. I put them on the aftermarket set of wheels I had from my Avalanche. They look like a highway tire and not at all like an offroad tire. I even had a guy comment on having "car tires" on when I stopped at a dealer looking at the few 22 refreshes they had on the lot. Much rather have the aggressive look of the Territory's. I'll put them back on for winter.
  11. The expensive route would be buying RST color matched factory handles. The cheap route is stick on covers. I bought gloss black ones to match the rest of the gloss black bits on my Custom Trail Boss. I hate the textured black plastic so I replaced the mirror caps and covered the door handles. Up close you can see some spots where it doesn't quite cover it all, but it was about $25 vs hundreds for OEM handles.
  12. These are what I purchased for the round hole and oblong hole. LINK
  13. Mine pulls hard all the way till the 112mph cutoff. Wish it didn't have that so I could see where it tops out at. I'm not paying $500+ for a pulsar to get rid of it. Too many oddities with the Pulsar for me to want to spend the money. Still hoping for a good tune option. The HP Tuners hack isn't for me either.
  14. Looks pretty good for just being in gel coat. What wheels are those and what size are they?
  15. Part of the Custom Trail Boss package is LED tail lights. All other Custom trucks get regular halogen tail lights.
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