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  1. It was touted for the 2022 LTD trucks so I assumed it would be there for the refresh trucks. Did you look at the owners manual to see if it mentions it?
  2. Red tab slides back towards the wires, THEN you push down on it and pull on the connector to disconnect.
  3. 22's shouldn't need the tailgate fix as you can hold the midgate button for 3 or 5 seconds to lock it and do the same to unlock it so it doesn't accidentally get dropped when you have a hitch in.
  4. It's on the bottom of the PASSENGER side mirror.
  5. The temperature sensor is in the bottom of the passenger side mirror. If you're parking in the sun it's going to read higher or if it's in the shade it might be closer to actual. Once you start moving then air moves over it and adjust accordingly. All past temperature sensors I've ever seen in factory installed vehicles are in the grill area in front of the radiator. I'm not sure why they moved it to the outside mirror on these trucks.
  6. The radio may still be in "demo" mode. There's numerous threads on here about issues with the sound settings resetting after shutting the truck off. I had the same issue. In the radio menu there is a factory reset or reset to defaults (can't remember which wording it is) that should fix this issue.
  7. I don't know about reward points but I stopped to the local GMC dealer Saturday since they have their new building and lot open now. The pricing for the 3 year Onstar is NOT the same across models. On a Denali it was $905 but on an SLT Plus it was $1500 for the same 3 year Onstar package! What the heck????
  8. It's the trigger wire for the relay. It's the wire used in the auto on fogs mod that you put a Diode between that wire and the fog light trigger wire. Tapping that for an input signal on a relay is what he is looking to do and it is fine in this case. 12V+ would be pulled from the fuse box.
  9. Brown BCM connector, pin 22 is your parking light wire trigger.
  10. Evaporator pump for the fuel system to catch "harmful" vapors in the charcoal canister. Round thing is the pump, rectangular thing is the charcoal canister.
  11. The ZR2 is the only truck with an electronic locker front and rear. So far nobody has been able to figure out if it is possible to retrofit into other trucks.
  12. Not truly a locker. It's a mechanical limited slip. It doesn't work above 35mph.
  13. I used the Magnaflow pipe on my 6.2 and it only had a single flapper whereas some have 2. I'm not sure why. I removed the flapper and there was enough pipe with some wiggling to get the clamps on. I just cut super tight on the back of the stock muffler and right at the edge of the flapper. It's just a pre-bent do it yourselfer kit vs taking it to a shop.
  14. This is the most expensive one I've seen yet. I just ran across it last night. https://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/49-34140/
  15. From what I found all the OEM stuff has a controller box that decides when to turn on and off the power for the heat pad. I can't find a good circuit build to use what exists and make it work. The problem is the factory seat has recessed ribs where the seat cover clips into. I haven't put the aftermarket heater pads on it yet because I have to lay it out and see if I can trim for those clips and not cut into the circuit of the heat pad.
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