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  1. Damn...how many lights do you need on that thing?
  2. Look at the pictures and the AFE web link I provided. They have a side by side picture comparison of the two different RPO covers.
  3. Well the cover is listed as 9.5/9.76 for the AAM 12 bolt. I stated the wrong measurement in my last post off the top of my head. For the price I bought it for I was able to purchase the site glass and deep magnetic fill plug and still be less than the street series cover new. https://afepower.com/afe-power-46-71120a-street-series-differential-cover-raw-w-machined-fins
  4. I didn't originally look at the bolt count. You have the 4.3 and it has a 10 bolt instead of the AAM 9.5/9.6" 12 bolt that I have with my 6.2. The only cover I've found is the AFE, which I bought a used one that had been painted a metallic pink LOL. I stripped it and am going to paint it red.
  5. It's GM's designation for the new 2019+ truck platform. T1. The older 2014-19 LD trucks were K platform.
  6. No, all T1 trucks use the same calipers regardless of trims. The only different brake calipers are the dealer optional Brembo 6 piston upgrades.
  7. Newer vehicles have a computer directed alternator. They don't constantly charge. The voltage will fluctuate and the alternator kicks on or off as needed. This is done for fuel mileage savings. Gotta love the EPA! The alternator NEVER fully charges the battery in any vehicle. Throw in all the security system stuff and whatever else uses battery power while sitting, and short trips are asking for a dead battery at some point. Randomly putting it on a charger to get a full charge is a good idea and prolongs battery life. This comedian describes it perfectly!
  8. You only need a 1/4"(5mm) spacer to clear the calipers to fit 2018 and older wheels on a 2019+ T1 truck. I test fit an old set I had for my Avalanche on my Trail Boss for someone else on this forum last week. I have to run the 1/4" spacer on my truck to clear the summer aftermarket wheels I have that were on my Avalanche also. There's plenty of thread for the lugnuts to grab on to and the studs are 14mm so there's no reason to be scared of a tiny spacer.
  9. No. Everything runs through the body control module. It's not a normal on off switch. It runs a pulse to the BCM and then triggers a relay to operate whatever the factory designated it for.
  10. Get ready to drop $2K for the upgrade: https://infotainment.com/shop/interior-accessories/infotainment-radio-upgrades/2019-2022-silverado-sierra-ior-to-iou-gps-navigation-wireless-carplay-auto-upgrade/
  11. Are you trying to remove the factory roof antenna? You'll have a hole in the roof if you remove it. If you want to add an aftermarket one and leave the factory one in place, you can remove the driver's side A pillar trim and about half way up you can find the OnStar and XM antenna connections.
  12. How deep is your garage for that beast to fit in and have room to drop the tailgate?
  13. Stock wheels are +24mm offset so going with a +18 offset is only 1/4"(6mm) difference. Whoever told you that crap doesn't know what they're talking about. I run 20x10's with a -12 offset and have to run a 6mm spacer to clear the caliper so it's technically a -18mm offset with 275/60/20 tires for my summer setup. In the winter I run the stock 20" Trail Boss wheels with 2" spacers and no issues.
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