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  1. How about a final engine option of the LT4 supercharged 650hp in the higher trim trucks (Denali & AT4). Also build a Silverado SS and GMC sport truck with this motor. No truck brand is offering a true performance sport truck any longer. I would never own a 2wd lowered truck but I am sure there would be a market for it.
  2. Its odd that GMC is offering the 6.2 and Diesel in the AT4 which is their version of the Chevy Trailboss. I bet Chevy will eventually offer the same trim engine configurations as GMC by 2020 model year along with the multipro tailgate. When the 2014s were announced GM said they were differentiating the 2 brands more with different trims etc but then Chevy got the High Country trim because they needed a trim like Denali. Then by the 2016 refresh you could get all the same features trim packages and engine options in either brand.
  3. The video on TFL truck confirms the V8s have same power #s as 2018. GM showed all power#s except the diesel.
  4. Dam just watched the video and the GM screen in background confirms the same power #s and 2018 on the V8s that is disappointing but if the 10 speed trans programming is better than the current truck I would be happy. I have always hated how GM has their trans' programmed for the last 20 years. I hope the 10 speed shifts and functions similar to how well it does in the camaro.
  5. Now they need to announce the 6.2 power #s. I would like to see 450hp and 475+ft tq
  6. I am not certain the GM parts Corsa system is touring or not. I only know if you buy a Corsa system not from GM the 6.2 system is only available in the Sport. I believe the GM Corsa system was used on the Sierra AllTerrain X and it isn't as loud as my Sport. Also if you are going with a NON GM parts Corsa or Borla make sure your AFM is disabled or you will have horrible drone in 4cyl mode. The GM borla systems have a small pipe that is looped in the head pipe to eliminate the drone and the GM Corsa system looks like any other Corsa System but they don't drone in 4 cyl mode. I have been told the Corsa Touring muffler doesn't have a drone issue in 4cyl mode for the 5.3 or 6.2. The Sport muffler will have drone in 4cyl mode which is likely why the GM Corsa systems are touring mufflers. GM lists their Borla system as touring and GM doesn't offer an S type or Attack system.
  7. Corsa only makes the sport for the 6.2. The touring and sport are both available for the 5.3. Since the GP perf parts Borla is the touring muffler from Borla I assume the GP perf part Corsa system is the Corsa Touring muffler also.
  8. I noticed the same creaking sound if I am stopped but put more pressure on brakes I hear a ticking or creaking sound. If I reduce pressure on the brake pedal enough to were the truck still doesn't move it creaks as I reduce pressure but then creaking stops when I hold the brake at a constant pressure. I am thinking its the calipers or slide pins. Otherwise Brake are working fine. I also here it moving slowly with brakes applied.
  9. 2014+ 1500 BDS 6in lift spindles

    $200 or best offer
  10. 2014+ 1500 BDS 6in lift spindles

    It is the lift spindle for a BDS 6inch lift with Aluminum or Stamped steel upper control arms .
  11. I have 6inch lift spindles for the BDS 6in lift 1500 GM trucks 2014+. When my lift was installed 3 years ago BDS sent me 2 sets and said to keep the extra pair. They are new never used and been in the garage for 3 years. I am in Chicago suburbs Crystal Lake IL. It wouldn't be worth shipping these. Anyone local interested?
  12. The stuff is junk more than 50% of it peeled off my frame after 6 months and continues to flake off 4 years later. The current gen trucks have an issue of it adhearing to the frame. Every spring I have to chip off the loose coating and remove the rust and repaint. My 2000 and 2005 truck the wax coating held up for about 3-4 years before it started coming off. The frames need to be painted or atleast primed before the wax coat them to prevent the rust from forming at the welds, seams and edges were the rust always starts. I t looks horrible when you see rust on the frames through the wheel wells on a 6 month old truck.
  13. Anyone know if the new 2019 trucks still have the garbage wax coating or will they be painted?
  14. Did you have an alignment done recently? I had a tie rod end replaced and alignment and right after had had steering wheel vibration over 45 and after hitting bumps. It ended up being the electric power steering module was reflashed and steering positon sensor reset to 0 cured the vibration.
  15. No spacers. Ride is great. It will be a little firmer due to d rated 10 ply tires

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