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  1. 2019 coilovers

    So then I would guess a stock AT4 or Trailboss will fit a 35x12.5 tire with the correct offset since they are 2in higher than stock trucks. Anyone seen a trailboss with bigger tires yet?
  2. Companies are already working on inline performance modules that plugs inline with the ecu and doesn't change anything in the ecu it just changes the signal coming from the ecu. The Ram has the Pulsar available and I am sure the GM's will be available soon https://www.diablosport.com/shop/pulsar-2019-ram-1500-5-7l-hemi.html
  3. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    The window switches sold but I still have the door handle with memory buttons
  4. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    Yes it is the top trim piece with the plugs and removable cop holders
  5. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    Sorry switch was sold
  6. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    I have someone else local from the forum that also want to purchase the window switches. I would have to get part# when I get home.
  7. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    It looks like $10-13 for shipping but I will check the sizes and double check when I get home.
  8. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    $20 plus what ever shipping is
  9. Random interior parts for sale 2014-2018

    $20 plus what ever shipping is
  10. I have drivers door power window switch panel(sold) door handle with memory buttons and the harness available. Also top part of center console with USB. 12volt and 120Volt plugs. Finally faux dark brown wood trim for a crew cab. (Sold) Everything is in excellent condition all switches work. If interested make an offer.
  11. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    It looks like a 35 will fit a leveled truck with stock offset wheels based on the Icon set up. So I also assume an AT4 and Trailboss will fit 35s on stock wheels without any suspension mods
  12. I believe this is satin steel on a GMC Elevation
  13. I really don't like the new 2019 Blue they had a nice cobalt like blue 2015-17 I think and got rid of it they also seem to have gotten rid of the dark graphite grey. Satin steel lools like a light blue grey I have seen on colorados and yukon and looks odd. I guess I am waiting to see if a mid cylce refresh adds better colors and redoes the interior.
  14. Satin Steel is available on the AT4
  15. Just saw the AT4 trim is now online to configure unfortunately the colors suck. No silver offered and the blue just sucks. Wish they still had stone blue metallic. I dont understand why the trailboss is available in all colors and the AT4 appears to be limited to the same colors as a Denali. Shouldn't you have more color options with the higher priced trims.

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