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  1. Im going to tell them to replace the vlom it’s cheap so no big deal but I turned off the afm with my turner when I got home from it being fixed so the vlom wouldn’t have been doing anything when cylinder 1 lifter failed 4 days later right. I would think cyl 1 didn’t fail as a result of a bad vlom out of sync. If my afm was active when it failed then possibly
  2. So it was a defective lifter at cylinder 1. They are replacing it under gm warranty and the shops labor warranty is 2 years so thankfully I don’t have to pay anymore. They said they see brand new lifters that are defective all the time some go bad before they pull the truck out of the bay and the Chevy dealer they get their parts from always has a ton of lifters in stock with how many they replace and how many are defective. What garbage. I really have a bad taste for GM after this. Possibly my last GM truck and I have always bought GM trucks
  3. Which Delete kit did you use? I am trying to figure out how much more labor will cost for the cam swap and find a place to reprogram ecu. They determined one of the new lifters failed again after 50 miles of driving with afm turned off on my diablo tuner.
  4. That is my thought but how much more should I put into it. The shop has a warranty on their work but I guess if they determine its another collapsed lifter I will ask how much more labor is to change the cam. I was only planning to keep it for about another year.
  5. So they had it all day and are saying it has random misfire code and drives fine unless it is floored which triggers misfire. I went there before they closed and retuned to stock so afm isn’t disabled to see if it helps them figure it out also gave them a bulletin I printed from melling about replacing trays and checking or replacing vlom. They said they checked the vlom solenoids and the the trays didn’t need replacing?
  6. To say I am livid is an understatement. I went to a very reputable popular shop near me that has done dozens of afm lifter repairs. They found cyl 7 lifter in 2 pieces and cyl 4 had bent pushrods but the lifter wasnt bad in Cyl 4. It may have been locked and released IDK. $3700 later all fixed and drove it this past weekend no issues and today on a faster acceleration cyl 7 misfire and lost power. I cannot believe the exact same cyl 7 would go bad again in under 100 miles. I had normal oil pressue so I didnt think it was a lack of oil. They cleaned out the VLOM oil pressure screen and all the oil passages when they did the work.
  7. I have an Intune I3 and afm has been turned off since 6000miles but now at 55k miles I am having cyl 7 backfire code. I changed plugs/wires and swapped coil packs but still randomly occurring. I am down to either bad gas, sticking valve spring or lifter beginning to fail. The code doesn't come on as much since new plugs and wires but if I floor it sometimes it comes on.
  8. Any place recommended to install a DODO delete kit, cam and lifters and tune. Nothing fancy or performance mods? Anyone know what labor usually runs for the install?
  9. If I pull off my valve cover to check rockers do I need a new gasket to put cover back on and anyone no torque spec on valve cover?
  10. Truck is 2014 1500 6.2 with 55,000miles had afm turned off with tuner since 6000miles So did a full throttle acceleration and had a CEL misfire cyl 7 and traction control light on couple weeks ago and lost power and truck was chugging. Next day swapped coil packs with another and cleared code. It ran fine for a couple days than CEL for cyl 7 and tract control light again when accelerated hard. I was at half tank so filled up with BP 93 and added octane booster and changed plugs/wires and drove fine for 4 days and even with hard full throttle acceleration no issues. Then after 4 days accelerated hard and CEL came on but only flashing but it didn't drive any different and no loss of power. CEL flashed for about 20-30 sec and went off. It was Cyl 7 misfire again. I brought it in to shop 5 days later and he tested Fuel injectors with scan tool and drove it reading data for misfires and fuel pressure. He floored it a bunch of times and had no CEL and injectors were all ok. He said he has had failed lifters before with Cyl 7 but he said mine is not driving or sounding like any of the ones he has seen. He said there is a bulletin for upper fuel system cleaning with cyl misfires but the dealer would have to do it as he didn't have the machine. He thinks it is bad gas or a gummed up intake valve and it is coaked up with carbon. All of my issues started a day or 2 after I put in Sams club 87 octane for the first time. I have always ran 93 from top tier then about 3 months ago started getting sams 93 gas and then for first time filled up with Sams 87. Would a bad tank of gas cause these issues I am having. Anymore suggestions?
  11. I do not plan to keep the truck much longer. I want to get a new one next spring hopefully. I am not sure if I should have shop do the extra labor of a new cam with the dod delete lifter kit or just replace with afm lifters. The parts price is about the same except the new cam price and then extra labor of a cam install. I don't think as a trade in it will matter to a dealer if its deleted or stock but maybe if I sell privately it could be more desirable with afm deleted. I am at 55,000 miles now on a 2014 and really surprised the lifter failed since I had a tune and turned off afm since 8k miles. If I replace with AFM lifters I would keep the afm turned off with my tuner till I sell it.
  12. O well 4 days after new plugs and wires misfire cyl 7 is back but odly it didn’t bog down and the check engine light went off after a minute of flashing.
  13. So I tried changing plugs and wires before I jumped into full dod delete and drove around floored it up to redline through gears and no misfire or check engine light. Could my misfire code really just have been bad plug or wire. Whole time changing them I really wasn’t too confident. Cyl 7 plug was a little black and greasy oily looking.
  14. Thanks all.... I talked to Texas speed and he recommended the Delphi LS7 lifters for just a stock engine. They also said the High Pressure fuel lines don't need to be replaced but I will ask the shop that is going to do the work. Texas speed also said he has heard of people being able to just use the Diablo Intune for the ECU turning off AFM but wasn't sure. I called Diablo they said it will turn off all the AFM parameters for the new cam and lifters so hopefully it works. The nearest place to tune it is 1 1/2 hrs away if I need to go there. Between the Texas Speed cam spec and BTR cam specs they are slightly different so I am nervous which would be closest to make it run like stock. Does anyone know members on here that have done a Dod delete from Texas Speed or Brian Tooley? BTR cam Specs: 200/206 .549"/.522" 116.5+4.5 Texas Speed cam - TSP OEM-Style Non-DOD L86 Camshaft w/ VVT: 200/208 .541"/.529" 116.5+2.5 (25-tspL86stockcam)
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