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  1. I feel like I should have asked for more haha. People even bought my old suspension for $500.
  2. Sold mine at $500 on offer up. 20k miles no sensors. Sold in 1 day.
  3. I'm having the same exact issue right now. After sitting all night, ambient was 69F. I started my truck this morning before the sun came up and the trans read 39F. I also notice that it won't shift into 8th(or maybe lock up) on the highway until the sensor reads ~75ish. I'm also concerned about the trans thermostat. Is that controlled by this sensor or is it mechanical? I guess I need to get this fixed either way. No codes yet....
  4. Burning oil creates a blue smoke. It sounds like condensation burning off to me.
  5. You'll need the newest HMI found in the new trucks. Not sure if it's possible.
  6. It'll pull your trailer fine. Look for one with the max tow package. Not many issues after 2018. The major issues with these trucks are the trans and the condenser and both have had been mostly addressed by 2018.
  7. Looks like someone lowered it by putting the axle above the leaf instead of below. Here's mine
  8. I love my roll n lock. Had it for almost 4 years sitting in the California sun. Still looks brand new.
  9. What year truck? These are the ones I have. https://www.amazon.com/2016-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado-Emblems-84346557/dp/B079K8P71J
  10. I only run 91 in my '16 6.2. It's only 20-30 cents more per gallon here so why even chance it? If we had 93 I would even pay more to run that.
  11. That's what happens when the battery dies with these trucks. The trailer brake system gets low voltage and shuts down.
  12. Sounds like your battery died coincidentally right around the time of the brake job.
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