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  1. Nice! Keep the pics flowing. Maybe turn this into a build thread?
  2. Thanks! I was totally unsure of the offset. Took me weeks to find a set that I liked and with the proper backspacing to fit my lift.
  3. I know this is old but I saw another fix for ground issues where insulation got between the grounding cables under the top of each corner of the dashboard. Found the thread:
  4. Thanks man! As you can tell the color changes a lot depending on lighting. Really love deep ocean blue!
  5. I honestly can barely even notice the extra width up front. I don't fully trust spacers so I just left the front 1.5" wider.
  6. Small world! How long did you let it go for before you figured it out?
  7. That sounds insane man . Is everyone ok?
  8. You can get away with a 4" and the right backspacing but you'll have a bad time haha.
  9. Mine had 3 miles on it when I took delivery. Short answer is that they don't. They assume the factory values will work from day 1 and that eventually you will drive enough for the trans to learn...this isn't the case bacause I never drove in M6 or M7 mode. I think they hope people won't notice.
  10. Not possible because you don't have a torsion bar.
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