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  1. We've all been there man. This is how you learn. If you're interested in doing your own work keep trying and you'll feel great when finally figured it out. If not, just pay someone right from the start.
  2. I just had this fixed at the dealer with new transmission fluid on my 8 speed
  3. I just sent them an email asking about the red panic button Update: They won't do it.
  4. Nice! The only thing preventing me from ordering is I can't pick a scheme lol. Anyway you can order an extra set of buttons in red..I think.
  5. Yeah, I've been on the fence about getting one for a while. Probably going to pull the trigger now! This link is better than the other I posted as it has all the colors. https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/online-store/Chevy-GMC-Truck-2014-2018-c42624008
  6. https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/online-store/Chevy-GMC-Truck-2014-2018-c42624008 Check these out.
  7. Oh, thanks bud. I guess I should have read the whole post huh?
  8. Someone must've beat me to it. Was going to order bumpers. Thanks though!
  9. I did just that. It's part of the piece that connects to the fender well right?
  10. OK it appears to be fixed with the blue fluid at 32k miles. Did a freeway run and didn't experience the vibes. Crossing fingers and knocking on wood.
  11. Thanks gents! I'm going to have black bear tune my truck and saw that they can get an extra 20-30hp from the volant intake but I'm still under warranty. I also want to hear the 6.2 but don't want an obnoxious exhaust. Curious about this and searched but couldn't find anything....can you elaborate? Thanks.
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