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  1. I've noticed something very similar the other morning. My trans temp was 45 and ambient was 65. This was at 4AM before the sun came up. It never dropped below 60 that night. I don't think these sensors are accurate at all.
  2. I believe it's per problem. Say your AC stops working. It's both the condenser and the compressor. They would charge you the $100 total since they're both part of the same problem. If your door locks stopped working then you would have to pay $100 for that too since it's an unrelated problem.
  3. No reset. It just leaned on it's own.
  4. I put 35s on mine expecting a huge loss in accelleration and was pretty damn surprised how quick the truck still is on stock 3.23 gearing. The 8 speed took a few days to learn but works pretty well now. Avg MPG is down about 15% after lift/tires.
  5. Worst day ever

    Man, you've had an easy life if this is the "worst day ever."
  6. Nah man, I said fuk it and got a 6" w 35s and park outside.
  7. WOT

    I WOT every car I ever had each time I drive. As soon as it comes to temp it's perfectly safe as long as it's maintained properly.
  8. Use cruise control whenever you can. My 6.2 would get anywhere from 25-30 flat hwy at 65-70 using cruise... when it was stock
  9. No level, no noise before. Was stock.
  10. Had my 6 inch bds coilover kit for about a month now and it's been silent.
  11. The perfect truck?

    I have a 2016 and don't have any qualms with the tranny at this point.
  12. Mine is the same way. Unless it's raining.....then it's on 100% of the time.
  13. Eh....it's blue enough. Don't sweat it.
  14. Winter Returned

    Truth. Get me out of here.
  15. Lift kit height


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