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  1. Contact blackbear. They can probably fix your tune.
  2. Tires yes but the bolt pattern is totally different so the wheels would need to be swapped
  3. No but the bottom of the seat folds upwards. I have one of these under mine. https://www.du-ha.com/du-ha-cab-storage/chevrolet-and-gmc.html
  4. I had a very similar sound. Check the bolts that hold the battery down and make sure they're all tight.
  5. They absolutely should cover the fluid swap. They said the software update wasn't covered for me but I used my tuner to discover that even though I didn't pay for it they did it anyway.
  6. Nope. Factory HID>LED on these trucks.
  7. Did you look in the center console? Can you post a pic of the inside of the console?
  8. The cooled seats aren't actually cooled but ventilated using the cabin air. I'm willing to bet you have a leak in your condenser and lost all refrigerant.
  9. I have 40k miles on my 6.2 and the extended warranty has paid for itself already.
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