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  1. Looks like a bad battery to me. These things do all sorts of weird ****** when they go
  2. Honestly I hear and feel it. Not sure which more. It happens every 3-4 seconds when it does.
  3. Sounds like we have the same problem. Let me know what you figure out! If I end up at the dealer before you I'll update you here.
  4. I have something very similar and thought it was the torque converter. Still under warranty and was going to get it checked out next oil change. You have the 8 or 6sp? I'm only at 30k miles on my 2016
  5. Took six weeks for me to get my suspension from them a year ago. Are you going through a dealer or installer?
  6. I didn't want to lose my sway bar or replace fenders.
  7. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/176030-ac-with-air-recirculation-on/ Came across that. It's on purpose apparently
  8. The new trucks are nice and your truck is still worth something and you're coming up on some pricey maintenance items and repairs. Might not be a bad idea. I would get a new one if I didn't only have 31k miles and put 15k in mods into it
  9. Honestly this is the worst part of the truck. Recirc doesn't work. You can still smell everything. It sucks and my dealer says nothing is wrong. Others have the same complaints.
  10. Have someone call your phone. While it's ringing turn the volume down with the steering wheel controls
  11. Typical. You're going way too fast if you care at all about mpg. Anything over 70 kills it.
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